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Scoot Show 2-18 10pm Bob Mitchell, Death Row comfort

Feb 18, 2014|

: the state corrections department says the only way it can lower heat levels on Louisiana's death row, to comply with a federal judge's requirements, is by installing air conditioning. Do you want your tax dollars paying to provide AC for death row inmates? How high would you set the death row thermostat?

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No split off tonight filling in for Garland who will be back tomorrow I'm Bob Mitchell -- approach could. Taking your phone calls at WW over those of you -- just tuning in. Let me fill you in on what we are talking about obligates ebony protein drug war opinion poll questioned. Do you want your tax dollars pay and to provide a sleeper death row inmates. Go online at WWL dot com and cast your votes. At this point let's see it looks like 87%. To. 13% in a -- wondering why in the world are you talking about this let me. Let me feel you handled that the state corrections department says the only way it to lower heat levels. -- Louisiana death row. According to a federal -- -- requirement is by stalling air conditioning. You must have for -- Brian Jackson ruled that death row gets so hot that violate -- that's constitutional. Protection against rule. An unusual punishment. He demands a plan to -- the social the heat index never goes above 88 degrees. -- Is 88 degrees really that hot windows and fans are currently the primary -- have been elation on death row. Now a court filing just this past Monday state prison officials submitted a heat remediation plan that would involve boys and AC units in a climate monitoring system for the cells. The correction department is appealing the ruling. And we have been talking mostly -- night of you know do you want your tax dollars paying for air conditioning and I certainly don't. But I would come it would expand how we're looking at this a little bit and I don't know why don't like bald and come on an hour ago. But -- earlier view. Have had to work. Outside. In temperatures much hotter than 88 degrees. I'm I'm sure our our police officers work in the firemen work in that. People are -- people who build homes so people who work outside. I'm sure it was summertime. There are all working in temperatures. A lot hotter than 88 degrees so. Is 88 degree -- really. Really rule. And unusual. We're also talking about about kids up above our kids do you think our kids watch too much TV. According to the American academy of pediatrics toddler to watch three dollars the previous day. Could end up educationally stunned physically weak and paroled and to bully. So when you were growing up. Published -- -- did you watch how to do turn out. And what are some of the all time. Favorite shows -- -- will be real -- liked. Roadrunner was some of my favorite frozen brilliant text message with a double but older like GI Joseph transformers Knight Rider Magnum PI the eight team. I could go walk on and on and that's let's go to the -- to go to a Jolie and Terry town power you Joey. I've been on -- Of the information for those just bear with me for a second. What about the death of -- okay. It's been said that Gupta 172. And 895. Degrees inside death row according to be in the. But wait a minute. What type with the -- other measures that life. I'm not sure -- the human body can only go -- about a hundred -- So I -- they have any adverse effect at all. So what they're saying you know what actually happens obviously doesn't met with. But another thing -- you actually just so I want to try to -- did -- -- understand what you say. It's not an air temperature of eighty degrees it's -- Late -- -- -- 88 which means that the temperature. Plus the humidity combined to what it actually feel what. Light so that Port Authority -- that ball right to due to really be eighty degrees. -- -- If the humidity and I think they'll Italy could feel like -- Why there haven't put in the air conditioning. I did mention that earlier that it that it's the heat index but you know my my point on this is that how -- people in this city go to work. And work outside in conditions where the heat index gets. I mean we we get people working -- I would put heat indexes of the nineties and the hundreds of in this city. Oh absolutely and the thing is as soon as call of support out as you pointed out throughout the night. There are elderly and disabled people who can't afford air conditioning during the summer. So the air force -- be -- -- cooler than usual environment. And they haven't done anything wrong. He goes -- packed audience that he gets dead because these guys filed suit because while they're in jail they're giving to get a lot agree. Because they're there they're turning themselves award with the law actually he has and that's essentially what's happened these guys went to court with its two partners harder to -- and. Yeah how how they measure you know I wrote the first of all if it was a 195 degrees that be dead -- -- out. That that they would have been able file suit to be dead okay the human body couldn't take a 195 degrees and I would like to know. What type of the -- there. What type of what type of instrument that they used to measure the temperature getting them line. Yeah well that that it doesn't say here but just the fact that. That the heat index hit a 172 degrees you're you to your body can't withstand that. Because there's no way it was like a 172 degrees for five minutes -- that drop back down a normal temperature. So it got to have built up to that and then come back and -- do it nobody got adverse effects but it was over a hundred. Reasonable room and there's no way. There's absolutely no way. Let them know I don't think we should be spending taxpayers' money for this but I do have a solution of how to mitigate the cost. You know because some of my favorite shows former driver. In Gilligan violent. -- I think what they need to do -- the need to get about ten bicycles together. And make a bank and you know take they've got Colin made the liberal options. And make -- charge the bat refused to worldly air conditioning during the day yeah right right they don't have to they don't have to ride the bike. But I would like to get their exercise and we don't let the people electricity and yet there. But that probably get overheated riding the bike and filed suit on that. I mean this is this is ridiculous. Well actually part of -- also even though the judge didn't rule Largo I was pretty articles from that the world applicant. That's said that they also was talking about the temperature of the water in the shower. And where that rain should be and they want the judge to actually make a rule of all what the temperature of the -- cold water which our needs to be. Maybe they need to install those little instant hot water things where you can eat you don't even have to -- for the hot water. I don't know I -- -- it but I mean he thought that they wanted the judge to tell Angola. What temperature the cold water had to be. -- -- Early on in the show I was very focused on tax dollars paying for this then it it was -- the light bulb goes on start looking at the fact that. This judge's ruling. That the heat index of 88 degrees. It's cruel and inhumane well I don't know about you but I mean. During the summertime here most of us. If anybody does any work outside at all. And you and you can do is go down the list of all the people building homes of people work on on our cable people worked on our electric bill -- guy golden. Reads the electric meter in the gas meter and and the people picked up the garbage they're all working in inhumane conditions then. Well absolutely I completely agree with that and the -- but the judges saying that. Because there are confined to the area that it has to be where it's not who will let people. Get to a heat index of 88 degrees -- much less how to you you know for sure that that that -- that -- convexity. You know to that the temperatures like 7879. And also of the hoopla. -- -- I wonder of wonder if they may be stick their finger in their miles and hold little on the Aronson. That's that 88 turned the AC on. Yeah it is just it it's it's absolutely crazy. It's like he just pulled I don't know if you pull the number of some sort of report but it ain't nothing I can fire accidentally got the number of -- But I agree with one of the other -- I think in Italy just -- that number out of his head went 88 anything about the. -- unbelievable. You you have young kids. You know. What about this this report that says anything more than three hours a day is too much for kids. Well first -- I would be -- that was the case. -- I used to watch a ton of television. He used to used to watch of course Rogers -- Rangers. Of course Saturdays were always. That selflessly and -- 46 went back in the day. The so you know I used to watching a lot of television now hopefully -- Ottawa do. So I mean I was out that cruel and will the weather as well during the summer. But the thing is if my kids who watched TV I mean I try to watch what you know -- -- what -- watching. If sometimes relieved about it and I'm really not that all of you know it's the quality Youkilis has changed today and you've got to make sure that you tell your kids when they're watching this stuff this is not reality this is just the TV -- even if that is the quote unquote reality show. You know because that you want them to know that this is not swindle people live it's not label people act he can't go and do this in public. Here's a great the text message 88 degrees is cooler than the kitchen which I am roughly. Working sixty to seventy hours a week opt to -- to do not think it's inhumane so. -- Jolie appreciated filling in tonight but anything else wanna add to the show. Now I know you're doing a great job keep it up and just glad to -- the radio. All right thank you so much all right we will come by before your calls on and we can take your calls right now we have the lines opened 2601878. 8668. You know it's seventy Johns standing by ready -- is pumped up ready to take your phone calls to let. Let's making work OK 8260. -- 786688908. Somebody. You can text me at age 7878. I'm Bob Mitchell and for -- on WWL blog about the show I'm Bob Mitchell. In -- tonight. It's the final week of -- 1000 dollar nationwide cash contest have you joined guard WWL. Cash club sign up now for WWL. Cash contest alert new reminder fifteen minutes before each code were announced. Just text the word cash now 870 -- -- no the Cold War enter it at WWL. Dot com slash cache and you did -- thousand dollars weekday right for the -- our news at eight. -- Three. And 62 in the WWL cash club today message and data rates apply. All right we're going to get to a couple of text messages and then we'll get back to the polls as for what we're talking about tonight. Majority of these death -- crimes never gave the victim and the option but the taxpayers pace for his discomfort judge guilty. Here's a Bob the temperature and a throw it should be a 108 degrees than maybe. Then horrible murderer is molesters and Harden. Criminals. Could suffer. Well aren't I don't know if we truly want them to suffer in the words suffering. But I'm I'm not concerned about their comfort. And what what what what I'm concerned about here is that a a judge. Says that the cells that they live in death -- A week mentioned it earlier and Joey brought it up and his phone call. That it's not even 88 degrees it's the heat index that goes above 88 greens which the combination. Of temperature and humidity so. You would have to have a a a system that would be able to take in measured this. And at this just sounds ridiculous because how many of -- and one a a just read about a guy called the most works in the kitchen. How many of you on a daily basis. Work in conditions. Where the heat index is greater than 88 degrees let's go to GQ GQ how are you tonight. Under a hundred dollar and you -- -- we're talking about tonight. Sure well first let me start by saying am I agree with that will create 100%. -- I started that way if you're gonna disagree a lot of reps say that. I don't believe that. I changed in the arguable way to think -- and we're looking at that we usually are people working eighty degree temperature and you take in that direction. It's really explain someone expand and add a lot of -- -- console -- York courtroom on this. Actual weeks. That -- published yet. And I'll send your cup if you want unit has to deal to people to actually four armed forces. For the so the result. And a country -- your article or not. The actual enemy to getting more agrees on that sort of fighting this. These that are public interest attorneys are taking these things on a constitutional violations of the sort. And you know I mean that's what people would have a lot of things on their mind obviously because of the horrible crimes tribunal must keep focused on -- -- or. And they are paying a price. You know these things are being -- because they are an issue to them when you're spending -- reality -- solitary arm and orders. And one of the areas to work so the option to Uga. But if you can -- that crime that's part of the penalty. Sure sure but where we were aliens societies are conciliatory do we want to beat. Like those people do regular part of our humanity. Like saying you know seeing these things that toe the line between. Cruel and usual mullet. Is my question -- torture people I agree etc. OK I agree with you but but -- 88 degrees heat index is that torture. I I gotta tell you you can't -- by cancer. Marching. In one of themselves or point three hours a day. And with no air flow in the article diggers to Hollywood that they do if that means they do and that's important to. And if that -- and -- that sufficient truck and I think that I mean that the -- going through state and there's it's about the column which again and I agree with. I think is torture and upn and the bigger -- I think should be something mentioned earlier the fact that and in years on average they -- I this year tax dollars. Are are are being spent way more mutually over that ten to fifteen years you'll end sitting in -- -- -- that it would be on their condition it only kicks on. In the in the middle summer when these people are undergoing -- in the year Putin in my opinion -- -- and sleep. And a point three hours point four today and that. Include so and so -- department and the temperature I don't think a lot of people -- violent and -- 88 degrees. Is is is not the product I can recall that a right after Katrina. That I lived in the halls with no air conditioning I had a fan and I can tell you they don't -- and axles a lot greater. Then that an eighty degrees and -- I'm saying that if you commit the -- on a crime. The use -- you deserve a mean -- both Spain Irish you'd deserve at least some discomfort I just don't see where. I heat index of 88 degrees is cruel and unusual -- just my opinion. I and that and and and -- again I can't I can't come I don't know what other discomforts there during being -- -- you know seeking that. The -- chasing that you know that on to bigger puncher offered them. I like you are saying like people who worked at Saturday I'm sure they'll love the network outside. That's part of the penalty -- -- the bread but then again and that's where I'm getting a gray -- comes in at what point. Two weeks saying OK well you deserve. A little more discomfort. I disagree they're they're being they're prepared to bury tendered and they have to do but at what point. Has won a judgment when and when temperatures. And when people britney's position. When everyone agrees and the courts as an angry at. Okay that might be going will -- 41 kick that thing on just when it becomes a point because let's not forget the present Norton there. Or to report as well. Well I don't I might be able to you might be able to sell late. That at that may be 98 degrees or 99 degrees kicked on port for a couple of minutes but. I know that that there are people there there are hard working people that -- hard working. Construction people in public servants that work out of Iran that worked out on this -- maybe twelve hours a day. And that's not considered. In humane. I'm I'm just one of these people that I don't believe that especially for these type of proposals and I'm not talking about the guys that go win. War because they catch him smoking or so that'll pop -- I don't -- pitcher even put people in jail for them -- on the market mother would talk about these these hardened criminals. Who are on death row waiting execution. If if they have to suffer a little mental torment that's OK with me because the people but they killed. That they don't have a right to even. Be in halls or Rome where it's 88 degrees they have no choice. Well -- and well so would have person in jail for sale on robbery attempted murder. I'm with baby would you feel that they should be allowed some air conditioning over someone and a -- in the event. Yes I do it I've -- I think depending on the severity of your crime and and listen I have to be honest with you okay I know very little about how. Prison is segregated I don't know if if if they have the hardened criminals in one section in the the polite criminals and another. That -- I don't have a problem for I think that the penalty. Should meet the crime and if if you are on death row that means you'd told at least one person's life and you deserve to have worst conditions. Then let's say some guy that cheated on his income tax or some guys that that. That that committed while a robbery. All right but so. And an end and and throw -- and what we're talking about and what keeps them all stemming. It is the it is we're in factory -- -- to actually met that guy and he called a while ago and shook. Announced an understanding. He's he's unique guitar player that -- needs to tell -- he's he's he's he's yeah he's equal -- by and let. I just had actually met him -- think the league. Funny random but restored but. He's whether they're in retreat it is theories and beaten Hillary rehabilitation. And one that -- -- that's relatives retribution because you're being put Tibet the marchers. Well there's an end run there's nothing in the us and our society that says that you should. Take and reform stumble on death row. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Parked across the pension reform to rehabilitate more rather it is a. Listen it. I I appreciate your calling. You made some good plays -- we take some more calls okay arbiter of our rights go to Brian Brian how are you tonight. -- Public television and kids today. We just dug into each any -- like -- it needs to remember the end of that ratio court too when -- that it edit 32 PSA at the and don't be rude you know right -- people. And will help. And I are good you can add. An -- you look at television and kids -- is -- -- that's not there anymore. And the reality TV. On net is the fact that. We had a big television and strike in 2008. Are active in Austria right. The network got Smart. And that well. Not an eighty active on the money. It crapshoot Tibetan don't strike. Over and do a good crowd market which seat you know entertainment. -- not gonna go party big actors in Adam all decide to strike. And about 2008 that's when you big explaining the reality people. I'm no use for reality TV. And I think you know what happened to me that's part to put -- history tea. So. Its future and think 2008. And they got rid of World War II educational up. I didn't go to -- on -- I used to enjoy all the stuff. Now let me keep it on and he's now at hour forty minute documentary. And just don't think television. Is -- eating anymore now what about you growing a -- your favorite shows. Think. Exactly that young sound though phrase here. Stuff like two years. Sonnenfeld is still well my favorite shows I can my wife goes crazy -- and watched the reruns. Over and over again disliked -- any Star Trek episode that ever ran I can watch it every time it's on. Its -- They beat the great thing about on and you don't -- it's a lot television. Carrick does just senate so loudly and secondary -- act like you and human body. The fifth at the let me. Senator Dodd who like you partake in its light you never see that anymore go out there isn't. So what are you what are your thoughts on this judge that is ruling. That we have got two on death row. Keep these cells where the heat index never goes above 88 was actually sued. In one and the judge ruled. That anything over 88 degrees heat index now not just the temperature is cruel and unusual punishment you agree with that. Well I thank my. I'm saying is that's it's more reason they audited. -- -- -- I'll put itself in that situation I mean yeah I mean. That's a row that's pretty serious -- great. That don't pay you to put itself. And that situation don't go to jail and the law the bill it. -- and it and if you put yourself in that position where -- you take someone's life I mean one of the things up -- made appointment I was talked into one of the other callers. Is there saying all of these these poor guys there there were in this cell toll free on a toll for hours and you know if it it gets up the heat index gets up to 88 degrees that coral unusual world of people. But they murdered. And that's why there on death row because they murdered people. Those people they do not have a chance to be in a room where the heat index is 88 degrees I just don't see 88 degrees. Heat index is being cruel and unusual not certainly certainly know wanna spend my tax dollars to provide air conditioning for these people. Are you. You know like to go out walk and a lot and especially you know summer is not bank. Probably can unify itself there quickly -- don't go. I can walk and a 110 agreed with just a little pot -- UP inmates being that this thing. You know Bryan you and I are are a lot alike I can walk outside my mom wife -- go crazy sometime we inaugural -- Mumbai -- I'll -- -- and shall say. The heat indexes over a hundred and I'm very comfortable but. The wintertime. You let -- get 35 but 38 degrees -- that winds blowing now ain't no way you get me outside walking I'll I'll I'll ride the bike inside. I hate the way Internet -- I don't know how people up north can live like. I mean I don't know. Our idol and so we had a guy call in from a Chicago and -- know where that they have they have in his great snowstorms and the the the lake is frozen over and Pete that he said it was warm tonight it was 42 degrees. -- Qaeda I got caught the -- from Canada you'll be appetite up a storm here. A look at pretty weeks ago and that and -- people agree and -- Columbia ever thanks dale because -- We look weak spot at the equipment like people normally. Gotten candidate that well it's negative 42 -- soccer big in the BP Indy but that's it you know living in -- That's a that's all right Brian appreciate your call in okay. All right reflect break we allowed -- before you text messages more of your phone calls. Charles and Chris and Janice -- Lola. Hang on. I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit in this for the big day it's seventy WWL and disposals could show I'm Bob Mitchell filling in for its duty -- about this. New restaurant Los Angeles. Is doing so -- mini restaurants don't do provide health care for their employees. Right now you're going. -- -- Well here's how they're finding the funds to do it ending a 3% charge. On your tab to compensate. For medical insurance. 15% -- 3%. For medical insurance. Would you buy that. I'm I think I'm. Gonna play hold on there no no no no. Picketed if you did add 3% I might have to drop down to a 12%. Welcome back the show were talking about the ruling of US district George Bryan Jackson. He ruled that death row gets so hot it violates shoe that's constitutional. Protections against cruel and unusual punishment now. Here's the here's the thing that just make -- while ago. He demanded a plan to pool will sell sold heat index never goes above. 88 degrees. And the only way to do that according. To the prison officials is to put an air conditioning. Which gets us to the big 870 pretty drag -- opinion poll question do you want your tax dollars pay and avoid a -- death row inmates. And at this point. 83% say no 17%. Say yes. And I wanna focus on this 88 degrees heat index is debt relief crew rule. And unusual. Let me read -- look like a couple of text messages. Oh one's doesn't it Joey had the right idea using. Bicycles to produce the energy around the plans to cool down to death row is the that the perfect solution. Another good one word and I have a what a ball you know what about the people like the -- man. In the air conditioning god mystical opened your attic when it's a 150 degrees. Maybe should maybe we should start required everyone to air conditioners attic so that we don't. Well all those people to. Suffer cruel and unusual what's yet to. It's getting crushed in Memphis or -- Chris. Mr. Mitchell. UV. We are bought metal mystery to it is such a great pleasure to talk either yeah it is because. You're sure oh years and years ago when -- on and I'm -- gonna say this we were right. As a prisoner. And a expenses when they're -- prisoner. -- -- You waved you right. You waive your rights to all civility. He anything whatever player okay. I'm sick and tired of hearing about people in prison boot -- Right so wait let me ask you this -- Cindy -- point 202. Children in the Carolinas to crank and it -- Man running. The -- one -- running order to. Achieve perpetrated. Why. A panic. And eight and taxes okay put into -- children in the okay. And -- One in the world did this happen. Let me tell -- -- In. Individuals. Peace and take someone else's life gets way. You -- when you entered into. You mean -- admit that you are. Or you're not guilty but either way. You know when you say. That again green and you know you're right. OK you know right. And. Good thing that people need to do in America they need to get rid of. This whole thing that she writes in this and that -- -- grants and still lot. A lot of them don't fully get it is still but it didn't look like. When yeah. You know the end -- the -- And when you have been to get a crime where it. Indisputable. Evidence I'm not talking about people that might might be -- -- could be indisputable. But the people mentioned. Indisputable. And here's here's a question I'd like to ask that you brought up some good points you know so one of these guys is on death row. And he is feeling the discomfort Libyan and hot so I gotta tell you one thing the people's family. That the the loved ones it took away from those family they're suffering a lot more than someone sweating a little bit too much of a prison cell. And and -- appointment meant. -- Why do you. You -- again. We will keep you out. As a prisoner because you get so you have -- it into your life. You had been. Found guilty. You cry. Because of the indisputable. That I'm not talking about people. And -- in this country where people began convicted of crimes and Colombian exonerated. In there. -- -- With the criminal justice system in this country. Saying. But you sound like it and I were Cindy and I got injured two you know. -- got a -- I'm what do Chris I appreciate your -- -- we come back way of Michael and Janice and throw. And we. Have room for your phone calls at 260187. -- that's 26 year old -- 78 or 8668890870. I'm Bob Mitchell and Briscoe who has been a WW LA -- mouth -- dot com. Welcome back the show I'm Bob Mitchell in pursuit tonight we're talking about a US district judge. Decision. That says. If it gets above 88 degrees the heat index. On death row that's cruel and unusual punishment. And they're demanding that Louisiana take care of this and at this point looks like president of personal officials are saying the only way that's gonna work. As if we spend money for air conditioning. All right let's go to Joseph Joseph do you think 88 degrees especially when you're talking about the heat index. Is that too hot. But baker -- more curiouser -- about. The kitchen -- several years ago. Three inmates mangled that when you really. Both vehicles -- they're compliant and -- medical conditions. -- in -- when by him have a medical condition about the -- determine what we need to get the condition that they've -- what they'll. We have -- you know like it. But there are about the -- that they need -- the and a -- couple positions it. What element that there there for me that one McCain is -- art or an end and they don't central. Right so if if you have a sick. -- -- you can move them to but the hospital there at the prison I'm I'm just I'm I'm against slain. That 88 degrees heat index is cruel and unusual week when we have people everyday working interpret reflect it. But he beyond that robot. Right but she -- couldn't couldn't they moved them into. -- hospital. For a while. It appears in. Compliance with. They're not that it has about. Look back on rent a bit -- And I got a dog -- and that's what he would do what procurement good guys. Well I I think I think when you do that win what one new kill someone I've I think you'll make a -- Q you lose. Certain rights you know that that's not justice in my opinion I mean. If if you if you take someone's life. Then you have to suffer whatever consequences that come your way and I'm I've I've just don't have a lot of sympathy for saying. 88 degrees heat index. Is is is just too but now I believe they should get medical treatment if they need that. But that that state that that -- heat cannot go above 88 degrees with a heat index. I'm I'm I'm just not Portland but I think I if you wanna sort of up to 98 or something like that may be. But a trust don't have much sympathy for people who are uncomfortable. On death row. All right I'm gonna ask everybody on hold a whole bunch of people who all want to weigh in on this get to your right after the popular news on WWL.