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Feb 19, 2014|

Dave talks about the huge Powerball, clown shortage, and What is Wrong with People

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ten minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL first news on this the nineteenth of February 2014. Rarely. Yes we've had trouble with ice this February struggling with that. I don't know what it is fifteen -- I do know that it is the -- workweek. -- -- -- You realize that is why -- Zero crystal ball. At all not even know where -- -- none whatsoever I had just that the catcher threw up on her hard nosed about it. Amber mental -- it was volumes West Bank became -- and apparently there's some fog over the lake yeah. -- -- I was going. It's -- plot is a funny thing. You never know where it is now ban will be. But currently out there if you find it don't want to get we are going to -- in 7870. Yes thank you thank you gamble Apple's now. -- At least it's not like it was yesterday. You couldn't see the signs right now Mike obvious it was. Some people -- not an hour and a half to get to work. What is normally a thirty minute trip. -- warrant mentioned the coastal areas and I seat down and way down import food -- on board. Zero visibility problems along the coast here. Plan over the lake atmosphere a little flaw. You know they wouldn't be here in progress there's some thoughts a day ago welcome to witness today. Glad to be here and -- -- -- -- -- were frequent it ain't over which will be 60%. Growth of the way through the week. Man now we have. -- after agree to victory this week just be a good old carnival weekend have we yet and we Drago on. And will be in full swing this weekend in the whether it's going to cooperate. Right. Temperatures mostly in the sixties during the day. Won't -- two times while PT gold. Goldilocks would love it yeah I'm excited -- -- for money pumped up. You know I look forward to it every year and at times the -- -- with the with the other negative things. That it. And on people complain about certain aspects but by and large -- love me some of them deport. Getting excited now there are two more days it was at the middle grades. We've waited it seems like repetitive wait wait for. Not anymore -- it into a week for use it was more -- WL first news about. When he minutes. Well I am FM and account it is like I'm Dave on -- Light on -- slot tennis right now bank in Melrose. And non and I 55. Yesterday. Stick on I 55 today and the others text messages and 87070. T don't know what you're gonna get to you get there. Some areas that had yesterday don't have any day -- didn't have any yesterday have a -- today. -- -- sucked -- for a second straight day though there's a dense fog advisory tilt and I yams is here had not about. You'd expect it binds them here. It's sports with Steve Geller and three day forecast rated the first big party grow weekend leftists. It's 518 games on the early edition WWL first news of attack today 7870. Timing has its -- an anti witnessed an eight of miles visibility. -- him now says there's a crash on the -- well between Holden and Albany. And news Springfield exit east around them making traffic get off. At the Holden exits appeared traveling between. -- in bad owners be aware of that forecast he should be aware of this. With lows around 64. Net tomorrow still windy and warm ahead of the front 79 degrees that that cold front arrives late Thursday night and early Friday morning. Spreading -- of showers and storms of them behind the front during the day Friday stays cloudy and cool with highs in the mid sixties. From the eyewitness -- -- forecast center and meteorologist -- about tell. The only really low visibility is the National Weather Service is telling us about -- right along the coast in port solution on and Booth -- otherwise there is some fog but. Not reducing visibility below half a mile it's mostly cloudy and 64 at the airport in Kenner cloudy and 65 at the National Weather Service office in Slidell they are con going southbound on the causeway. Northbound is just one lane. Toward that now on WW Allan for that we say good morning this -- -- are happy hump day. Happy OK it was they let's foggy day getting in this morning yes for folks right here in the immediate involvement show very little -- -- discussed but. The post -- -- -- they're finding it way up on the north toward them along the -- be careful out there and regardless of your smog conditions Steve Geller Oakley was going on sports. Well good morning everyone the NBA trade deadline is rapidly approaching. And the rumors have been swirling around our pelicans. Eric Gordon's name has come up in a few different scenarios but isn't letting that talk distract him from getting ready to take on the knicks this evening. I'm not saying really -- Thursday. I'm just didn't play basketball and yeah. And do as the student's name. The second ranked LSU baseball team will travel down I twelve tonight to face southeastern the tigers took three you know and then send junior left hander Cody Glenn to demand this evening. Glenn won seven games last year and coach pulmonary hopes to south Paul can give the tigers six strong innings tonight. He pitches well he does his -- and I think that's a very reasonable thing because I think music keeps his pitch count down. And -- is a lot of ground balls and hopefully we'll get that haven't been. While the United States has a share of the lead in the overall medal count at the Winter Olympics in Sochi after -- capturing one gold and one bronze on Tuesday. David Wise one gold medal in men's ski half pipe. While Alex evil takes home the bronze medal in men's snowboard cross the US now has twenty metals. Time with the Netherlands for the most at the Winter Olympics broken down team USA. Has six gold four silver. And ten bronze and longtime analyst Dan Marino Shannon Sharpe will not return to the CBS NFL pregame show. Marino leaves after thirteen seasons or sharp join them back in 2004. Giving him a decade on the show. CBS as recently retired star tight end Tony Gonzales will join the network as an analyst analyst for the NFL today as well as other programming. Today have four on sports talk with the NBA trade deadline being tomorrow should the pelicans makes a moves horse -- what they've got. Then at 630 tiger hoops LSU vs Mississippi State at seven you have a choice -- with LSU basketball in the big 87 the or catch the pelicans vs the knicks a 1053 WW LS -- -- Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports. Five to anyone they've gone Steve -- with you on your radius so out of the pelicans current roster who do you think is most likely TB. Traded away in the next two days tomorrow's the trade deadline to -- -- tomorrow right exactly. I would say. Peter Jackson who is a -- the player currently -- development to lead the pelicans still. Hold the draft rights to him to have -- even signed him yet and he's been ripping it up in the nothing nothing really immediately now now now many any -- players on the roster that you think haven't shouted -- gone on there has been the rumors swirling around Anthony Morrow Austin rivers Eric Gordon I just don't know if only Eric Gordon could be I just don't see any team willing to. Absorb that contracts right now -- about rivers. Rivers the problem I don't think that the team really wants to give up on him because he was taken tenth overall just two years ago. And we still haven't seen him develop enough to get in the getting enough minutes as it is so we're we're seeing right now him getting some more playing time. But he still has a lot to approve the shooting percentage hasn't been well and he just hasn't been scoring scored points for us tied them within. No shocker is likely between now and -- to know and as the big one would be. Is it possible. The cavaliers have really been inquiring about. The year Jackson and Eric Gordon they might be able to package something together to ship him out but other than that that contract to too steep for anyone to take -- for Eric Gordon. -- like -- to back and -- five minutes and more sports guy is there anyone the pelicans may be dying to bring in. Attack as we look to the second half traditionally of the NBA season and one of the -- chances of making the playoffs we'll talk Steve about that coming up at about point five minutes. Up next we'll get your forecast we'll take a look at where people are telling us -- it's taken where it's not. And will talk about a shortage of sorts that makes me kind of happy. 5:25 good morning I'm David Jones thanks for being a part of the early edition WWL first news that we take a look at your forecast. Buggy this morning and cloudy this afternoon much like we saw yesterday with highs right around 76 today. And then dropping into the sixties tonight but we know more fault on the wait for early tomorrow morning. Then Thursday ahead of the front still windy and warm with highs in the seventies that late Thursday night early Friday morning. -- showers and storms moved through that's our next cold front and that rain actually wraps up early on Friday to the rest of Friday looking cool in the sixties. And Friday night -- looking nice in the fifties. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura about tell. Grant for the weekend maybe just a little bit cooler but all that rain expected to be out here in time for the Friday -- and then unexpected Saturday -- Sunday we do have a dense fog advisory -- 10 AM but. Very few places are reporting very thick fog down along the coast we have some dense fog and a couple of spots way up on the North Shore some attacks he said no -- from home out of the rose. Those scissors thick fog in race once a company as you can see there's a few pact is out there. Mostly cloudy and 64 the airport in general relative humidity is 100%. Cloudy and 65 with a muggy 97%. Humidity. In -- line gave -- the early edition of WWL first news. -- into the show regularly you know I'm not a big fan of clowns of this didn't upset me too much when I heard this this week did you know there's a shortage of clowns. That. Are there. World -- association says its membership is down by 2000 clowns since 2004. Not a lot of money and. Santa -- and that you wanna make people happy. You don't get -- declined to think how much one even if you make you know as a bit. But New York administrators I -- is still doubles as -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- I can take away get clean or limit -- I feel like I've done my job that's my attitude. Taylor's CBS news and clouds make you happy. We can find what you're like me and you find just moved in that -- why anyone would do that. And he -- so that. -- I -- -- and CBS news' David -- at WWL first news traffic and weathered it gathers take a look at it and forget it and heating your. Ability to get around anywhere. I'm gonna open up the what is wrong with people file and I've got a dumb criminal stories glorious got both of those to look forward you on this -- As we've made it when they feel it's important to them Mardi Gras parades are you. Kind of dreading having to deal with all that mean -- like it I love it and I want some more of it tonight and now way. But this first weekend. I hope you're with me. Here at WW. Am FM and got. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the nineteenth of February 2014. Op. A home. The line you wanna do it Aaron. I was working out. I don't how -- it. I don't know communities. Like I want to visit by nobody is texting me -- was pleased that -- Here's Basra there's some extent patches -- -- -- and another night yesterday okay no places will be very good and -- -- -- you know words people attacked it media. Apparently they put the advisory up as a precaution yes. I share would enjoy a winning that 400 million down on me to. As talk to people about what they would do if they win. And imagining how many people's eyes half my dad. It's okay what would you the other 399. It's. A billion let's let you do with the rest it out and out like that lobster you don't have a million dollars -- and I would hope not now I'll. Note that that the yet but it doesn't hurt people's minds -- You take the cash option. It'd be 227. Million bytes. And 8000 to twenty some point eight in cash if you win tonight's powerball honest there's got to play. If you wanna win but it. I was talk about the clown a shortage earlier. Time now that was a good thing in my opinion that you know like enough knowledge and your novel on the or something I don't know as a bit problem and make some people happy to it was small children -- yell at him and I was a level -- care and I didn't. I don't know I -- -- ascendancy and you know Stephen King movies yet. Hey this rookie on the and I watched any of my just fine clowns now and I don't understand why anyone would do that but that's OK if they make people champion and not breaking any laws and grade beat clown bit. Eighties when present tax rate is it really -- -- -- -- thanks look at congress all the other room. A little too easy -- there it is not a dumb criminal story. -- a teenager who burglarized the Dallas police officers apartment. Taking his service weapon and ammunition of the did it's stupid to begin with you know round. Because you know that the entire weight of the fourth is going to be looking for I was apprehended because he left his wallet. Hate that when -- employees they'd do witnesses chased. The eighteen year old when he was seen carrying a pillowcase full of items I found a suspect dropped the pillowcase. As he jumped defense. His pants ripped and his wallet fell to the crash your dogs at his school ID card with -- the all eyes. So perhaps that no problem identifying him. And arresting him and charging him. The old pillowcase yeah that's been used for. However it seems like you know -- we've had pillow cases yet -- if you don't have anything else to tell your -- gives it up in the area but it in the pillowcase and actually have never heard of that happening before you sort of crooks. Well yeah I don't know maybe and maybe that was for movies or TV or whatever but it seems like a logical thing you know it is kind of -- it's just right at least it one logical thing but that's about it president everything you did put him right in the home. Criminal file thank you David with -- in less than twenty minutes more for us is Chris Miller joins -- he's delving deeper into these new polling numbers dismal for governor Bobby Jindal but good. For fellow Republican US standard David bidders so we'll see -- that's all about coming up. It -- let's go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast -- figured mart and. And a meteorologist Laura but down -- -- fantastic all pumped. Drive we get real this weekend. You're tell me the weather should not be in all of problem no it's working now all league first weekend of. While we have of a -- cold front you know moving through Thursday evening into Thursday night it clears out Friday morning. So by the time parades roll Friday evening you know all the rain as well out of here and we keep that mainly dry skies through Saturday and Sunday and temperatures 6070. Sixty on Friday may be a little bit cooler behind that front but a high of about seventy on Saturday and sent us off how high you make. How happy I Nellis -- going around it. This time that we stressed out here and and the forecast that prices are now. I think it's February and early march and you know we get. Showers and storms in front come through and soaked with carnival season you're really into full swing for like two and a half weeks you know it's gonna rain. Please don't you know out millions of people right. -- hinging their plans on whatever I say is going to end up and nobody laser radar and -- parade -- making that's what you say people -- go to braids visibility today right so. That's why we're -- you know it looks it looks great for the first week in a parade will tackle mid week next week and next week it will lead to. How can -- it's but the good news is at least for now. This first big weekend operates no problem really not a lot of fog this morning. Well you know we still are under dense fog advisory and -- and there are few spots around our coastal areas the filled Gulfport. Where it's a bit thicker but really in an Aries 234 even five mile visibility so hopefully it's a little easier for you on that can meet today than it was yesterday. Only in the few reports of little blog a couple of dead spot but not very bad -- that they do it. Have you heard about this woman from you to didn't like the T -- hanging in the Paxton story window. What teachers that they have -- apparently today included images. Women scantily clad or in -- or they'll come at Berkeley and an outline the mother was upset about what you thought was indecent and pornographic aha so she goes to the mall and you -- -- of people on this thing now. And we understand Europe's that will talk to our corporate offices have -- -- -- it and right. So her solution was Dubai every one of the teachers in stock for 567. Dollars. -- now I think she goes in the wrong with people file. Because all she did. Was help those who produce the teacher to so the teachers mechanized profit. It could be used to think that I mean. You know I kind. I can't enjoy her her spunk about that in -- she didn't take -- -- -- was predicted on the issue like. -- drove her car into the store you know to the smaller -- -- you know it's something awful you know but I mean that's kind of likened. Interesting way of handling the situation now now she. Has said that she may return them all later. Toward the end of the stores sixty -- returned here at our policy so you may end up working out for -- -- it. She's thinking outside the box is that to sneak in I mean she she. I had a beat him up there around and I future saints who helped you know but it means she returned -- out it -- though and she's not out any money she got the T shirts out the window. I don't I. -- highlight actually -- you know. I am predator in the file for an out yeah she returns them in the store gives her all her money back who knows she won't have the disposable income means she may be a millionaire for all right -- 500 dollars is not let her you know I don't know. But it can get their money back and the start of -- put them back in the window into returns them. Then I'll take her out of the what wrong with people file very -- -- now maybe -- eleven of myself and her -- like. You tell -- you know there's nothing you can do. Figure out a way to get around it -- Take it in and out of the file before we put him all the time. We know we need him maybe we need in between. Look at pentagon -- them on the -- cuts. The -- -- an idea thank you oh by the way no no doubt about the fact you're wearing black and white today right -- valor. That. And acts probably stick with black and white right and there's no real way to it's that -- not black and white television that -- -- wary about him that it. Yeah black and white TV anymore they probably don't make them but I'm sure people. Popular advocate more like now lavandera from Wednesday's forecast Steve dollars in with news sports and activists. -- -- 7870 about tax on the story in Utah where this one bought all of its teachers that have which she considers indecent images on them and all the dues were more have more in the store window tomorrow yet that happened she definitely belong in the -- people file. And meanwhile I think every. Teacher tap in the French quarters to open this woman come to New Orleans and visit. He's gonna buy every indecent T -- she'd be doing at a shopping and in the French Quarter. Sports time now on WW well. What was on the -- people -- -- She described it as indecent I've heard it also described as images of women in -- Okay. You've got the ball so no one knows. That is what. Yeah you would think then. With making business sense that hey we sold that all of these teachers now we have to order double the American tax -- or -- Had -- pictures that I've got on the story and every WL I come all the teachers are folded. And she's showing off how many are expected to. But again as -- made him feel they -- -- different -- sports time the voice hearing is Steve Geller. Good morning everyone and as we get closer to tomorrow's NBA trade deadline a few pelicans players' names have been rumored to be on the move. Guard Eric Gordon says he doesn't get wrapped up in the chatter though his concerns remain solely on the hardwood. I'm not a really good about it you know on in his stuff for years now go to. You know I think -- -- and I'll be fine. But three you know LSU baseball team travel to southeastern this evening the tigers send lefty Cody go into the hill. While the lions will start short Kendall who was six and three a season ago. This is LSU's first trip to payments since 2009. And coach pulmonary looking forward to playing and what should be an electric atmosphere. Because that would feel like you're just a lot of people. Like this when we come to this ballpark and that's a great responsibility it's also true. At these Sochi Winter Olympics team USA has a share of the lead in the overall medal count with twenty to tie with the Netherlands. United States captured one gold and one bronze on Tuesday David Wise of California won the gold medal in the men's ski half pipe. Meanwhile Alex Diebold the Vermont won the bronze medal in men's snowboard cross under slushy soggy conditions. Gold medal favorite Nate Holland of the US. Didn't make it out of the opening round of elimination after missed finding a jump. And DeAngelo Hall has agreed to a four year deal to stay with the Washington Redskins. The deal keeps the thirty year old quarterback in Washington where he's played the last six seasons he had four receptions last year including two returned for touchdowns. -- on sports talk with the NBA trade led deadline being tomorrow should pelicans make some moves or stick with what they've got. And at 630 tiger -- LSU vs Mississippi State. At seven you have a choice that with LSU basketball in the big 870 or -- the pelicans vs the knicks 1053 WWL left them. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports and. I executed on Steve get on with you on your radio so would you like to see the pelicans make any moves unload anybody or bring anybody in. To help them maybe. Make a run for the playoffs the most interest being rumored trade I've seen so far was sending Eric Gordon to the New York Knicks and bringing back. Big man Tyson's handlers who. You know that that Tyson Chandler that was a very unpopular deal when -- off loaded Chandler and he. Where is then. Part of that knicks team. And will -- actually -- he won a couple of championships and had it -- it was the league's defensive player of the year -- he was the key piece in helping to Dallas Mavericks Medicare Medicare Basra. So bringing him back is it still got them out of the tank he's still pretty -- He's the or 31 years old and he's had. Issues with new York and the head coach over there but. How would really love to see him. Paired up with Anthony Davis came at the center position and then have being. Davis at power forward that's a lethal combo right there that he read Eric Gordon whose whose hand on the ball with regard. I guess you're gonna have. Hope in Austin rivers being number one and he's not gonna end up going anyway that. -- also have drew holiday eventually coming back as well to play the position but at that we would give Austin rivers of time to get his minutes. -- Jim obviously not the same player he once was but still I think where the asset Christine brings a veteran defensive presence. I know you'll keep us posted a message today and all the way up to tomorrow's 2 PM trade deadline if the pelicans make any -- Steve Geller will let us thank you sir what -- entertainment -- sports here at WW well. It's funny thing. No more on the Internet anywhere and I find the pictures of these teachers of -- -- mom bought claiming they were indecent. We don't know exactly what they depicted but. Gotta thank pacts signed. And a store in Utah I don't know how -- they could've been good anyway here's your forecast. Mainly cloudy skies today with some bald around especially this morning and afternoon Temps in the mid seventies. And tonight only in the sixties -- -- camp and humid again with some -- for early Thursday morning now Thursday a front arrives bringing their chance of thunderstorms late Thursday night and early Friday morning. So that rain Friday doesn't clear out and we'll see mid sixties behind the front on Friday. From the Eyewitness News forecast thinner I'm meteorologist -- cell. Right now we do have some fog reported at the airport in -- but not very low visibility is mostly cloudy and sixty formed Slidell cloudy. And 65 degrees and gave -- the early edition of WWL first news they are ongoing southbound on the causeway. One line north sound that was set up because they expected dance songs. So far no one Thomas -- defining at one president just Texans that -- pretty bad in river ridge in Canada. They may find a dead spot here or there of and -- -- today 7870 it says trade Monty Williams the coach not any of the players. Andy get them wonder how intense the pressure is getting on Williams. To. Produced. After this team man look look and -- mark another year where the united gonna make the play out. 558 tummy -- -- next with a very interesting discussion. -- read this thread off of his tees as we call in the business -- this today on WWL first news with Tommy Tucker. Ever worried that people thought you were gay. When -- straight. Now says it gave people an openly expressed their preference. -- straight people express theirs without offending anybody. You come out -- straight. This go around town people. I'm straight. Where teachers -- that not gay. That offensive system and with teachers proclaiming that there gay and proud. Is that any different -- -- talk about that coming up. John WWL am FM and that dumb I'm gonna go dream about winning the 400 million dollar powerball prize now I know my there. In consistently small I have better odds of being struck by lightning -- and crashing plane. But. It would be nice to win that one million dollar prize for a two dollar investment. Isn't that right.

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