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2-19 6:10am Tommy, AC for death row?

Feb 19, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about whether you should have to apologize for being straight and if death row inmates deserves air conditioning

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-- -- -- -- In London times. -- does -- -- lighters and yes and in the there's got her -- -- it is happening. On his lighter you tell -- In -- With the gas. Comment on him the bullet a foghorn -- vision dental work dealer -- honest and had. He knows it's springtime approaching. Money. I got there when you certainly couldn't even see the river anything yesterday. I'm saying and slider but then you tell me the big airport -- down -- -- -- a mile visibility at the reporting station and a case. Mom how I think guy open day I injected myself into the vortex of the controversy when I talked about on valentines I know it. That I Hannah. And appointments in made a business associate both of whom are somewhat known around town and on Valentine's Day and rising Allen is to be crowded plus the other thing is that. People could get the wrong idea. And some people took me to task then other people to see namely your absolutely right and it all comes down -- this. -- -- -- The infamous Steinfeld episode and I don't know if you have to. Necessarily explain. To somebody that. You're years -- you're straight or if you if you if somebody thinks you're gay I explanation not necessarily correct him. Does that necessarily make your home phone book or think less of gay people I got plenty gay friends some of whom you'd never know you have no idea according. But in other words are there you are if you had gone to launch and you're sitting out there eating and then somebody gets that idea. And then you stand up and saying I'm not very. Is that necessary -- I don't think I'd do that -- but maybe afterwards it's. There was indicate why don't -- and I'm making a speech -- public declaration I'm saying is if I don't wanna put myself in the position -- -- perceived to be gay or if you say for example here the infamous sign -- and they all the -- include the not that there's anything wrong with that because I don't think. Maybe it's perception when I got a call on this and we're talking about on somebody's enter into it. And somebody said well you know I think straight people are losing their rights and I don't think anybody's lives and writes I think. It's more along the lines of you almost feel like you have to apologize for being straight and I don't think. Let me clear this up to I don't think you need to apologize for being gay economy I think possibly your -- and personally I and I don't care. I also don't think you're gonna turn anybody gay because you're gay or mom is somebody's gonna decide you know one. What was once completely reprehensible to me and it goes both lazy and if -- straighter gave what was once reprehensible timing. I'm gonna go and adopt because somebody converted me I think he convert anybody isn't the way you born just like. We didn't used to be straight I don't think gay people chose to be gay insult I don't care all I'm saying is I wanna be perceived. Properly for what I am and I don't think I have to apologize for being straight or four professing. That and street do you feel as though you have to apologize now real. If you say -- on straight. You always would disclaim would you not you know is a lot not a guy and -- -- that -- out that not necessarily thing from the signs though that keeps ringing in my book because everybody does it and I just think in a moment it's double standard if if you're allowed to be -- and I know no problem with that. And maybe were allowed to be straight without. Or be concerned about being perceived the wrong way you know I mean so we'll take some calls on this 260187. Neitzel -- 86 exit 890874. Though record. I don't care if gay people get married I have gay friends that other people would think. No way that person's day yeah they ours but I just don't think there's anything necessarily politically incorrect. With me saying knowing -- gay and straight. And that's not to imply that anybody that's gay would be interested in me or anything like that I just wanna be. Perceived. As what I am is there anything wrong with that phone lines are open it's music so late 7203866889087. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We'll talk in a moment right now time for a break on that it'd be well Tommy Tucker at 618 a dense Audrey advisory in effect until 10 AM today it was nine yesterday entire area an area until noon. Wednesday lakes and coast to watch out reduce -- visibility is less than a quarter mile and it seems like it is getting worse than it was earlier because of visibility. Is down to an eighth of a mile of the Armstrong airport and it wasn't like that before otherwise. Mostly cloudy -- 10% chance for an isolated shower today highs in the mid seventy's there's so. Rather spring like. Then tomorrow more flawed cloudy breezy and almost warm with a 30% chance -- afternoon showers and thunderstorms. 60% the evening some could be strong I'm left and here because. Wasn't long ago at all we were closed and roads and bridges because of the -- now tomorrow's gonna go up to eighty. Friday 30% chance for showers highs around 66 cools off a little bit and for the weekend. First week in -- parades. Pretty good cloudy and sunny mixed on Saturday highs around seventy so ideal weather and -- Sunday 20% chance for isolated showers highs around seven months on all. RT good up ready jaguar opinion poll asking you do death row inmates deserve air conditioning. 86%. Are saying no 14% are saying yes and I -- details on that. We're talking about. Being perceived as gay if you are not being perceived as straight if your day. And I think a lot of people would have a problem with that but I think in this politically correct day and age we're too afraid to say none and now I'm not gay without having to apologize or not -- is and -- -- that. That is got to thinking about it this Valentine's Day once that it planned with a business associations. You know maybe there's nothing wrong with. With -- and straight you know -- -- see it's hard to express what I'm feeling but. I know a lot of people -- and it attacks that comes in straight guilt. And it's almost like that it's as if you gotta you gotta apologize for being straight and -- you shut but I got nothing against gay people. Texans and Tommy been married now eighteen years -- four children I don't care if somebody thinks some day. At this point I'm pretty secure -- who I -- no matter how anybody perceives me but I do disagree with that lifestyle. Well you know every now holds next year and I appreciate you taking the time the -- if you disagree with the lifestyle I would think. That if other people thought you were engaging in that. Then you would disapprove of them thinking that you're engaging in -- lifestyle. Tommy I would be angry if somebody thought it was homosexual it is an unnatural life -- nothing. Wrong why do you homosexuals get offended being called homosexual homosexual was scientific -- term. I had a sticker on my car straight is great. I'm not pro active about it in terms of straight is better gay is better I just don't wanna be perceived as something that I'm not. Notes next says -- to repay my insurance company for -- might live in girlfriend on policy would have been OK if it was a guy this is true. My guess she could -- the operation but on up though have been worth it. One other text that comes in and says. I can understand fully what you're saying. I've been out before with a male friend where others have looked in pointed and I felt uncomfortable even though we're straight nine inning against gay people. So we'll continue the conversation and I'm ready jaguar paying people 86% saying death row inmates do not deserve air conditioning. And on a more details when we come back on as the federal judge said that they heat index can't exceed 88 degrees on death row. And we printed the chart with heat indices when it actually feels like it relative humidity. And believe it or not. You could it. The temperature could be eighty degrees with 95% humidity and the judges basically saying that's cruel and unusual punishment. So continued talk about them when we come back six when he two time related traffic. -- go to -- Robinson I Tommy Tucker on this Wednesday morning February the nineteenth then. What time a couple of different things if you're gay do you mind being perceived as straight -- straight do you mind being perceived as gay. And it's extends and lifestyles of what you call yourself if you're straight lifestyle as well. Government says. Mom. I consider myself a southern gentlemen once and I did not hit on a woman she later told me it was because she thought I was day to be honest that hurt a little. -- -- 56 and straight whispers bully and called gay at fifteen in the seventies and I've been asked if I was gay by relatives. And recently after a funeral. Just because I'm single again no kids not a girly girl kind of a loner. Tired of being judged most of my life from being what I am not and that's when I'm getting -- -- I just don't think -- year. If you're gay -- -- -- straight I don't think you necessarily have to apologize for wanting to proclaim its greatness. The other thing we're talking about this morning's top and it could cost the taxpayers the estimates are running between half a million and two million dollars and it involves. Heat and humidity on death row angle. Now the judge said that after touring a place that if the heat index exceeded 88 degrees. That that was cruel and unusual punishment. But we found a chart in. If for example the temperature Horry is 82 degrees. -- on up to eighty on Thursday I think in the relative humidity is 60%. Well and you could 75% beg your pardon and you could be 88 degrees. Now I don't think 82 degrees. With 75% relative humidity is cruel and unusual punishment. And I think the other thing you have to look at is. What are prisoners entitled to exactly. As taxpayers get the pay for. Are they entitled to air conditioning and entitled TV. They are entitled to all the comforts of home because I know a lot of people that. Don't have the resources. That live with that every day. They live with 82 degrees and 75%. Humidity and they can't afford attorney air conditioner on so. It just bothers me that we would be so concerned with the worst of the worst prisoners on death row. And a lot of people can't afford that so it is suck it up and lives throw it 82 degrees. With the relative humidity. -- I guess around 75%. Is that cruel and unusual punishment and do you think really we need to change anything on death row is is the punishment of prison being in there are locked up. And having your freedom severely limited or should the conditions be part of it. I just think it's crazy heat index of 88 degrees. When you look at where it falls and I could see if the actual temperature gets a 10002. Where it becomes a health hazard perhaps it. They're talking about air conditioning. Cold water showers and over the prisoners want them. And each inmate would receive an ice chest fields and replenished by prison staff with clean -- is needed during their regular security rounds. Through each tier. And and that makes me think that the more those guards go into the sell more dangerous areas of mishap. Seats -- -- announcement talk about guns and I David Blake 639 Cadillac going on already talking about do you care if you perceived as straight or gay and if you. Proudly proclaim your -- he had to apologize for the other thing we're talking about is air conditioning on death row. Judge said that the conditions and angle are cruel and unusual in the estimates range from 500002. Million dollars. Air conditioned death row and he says it's they say of the -- says it's the only way they can really meet the judges guidelines which are. Any thing of a heat index above 88 degrees is considered cruel and unusual punishment. -- -- a lot of taxi from people saying. I work in temperatures that a 105 degrees during the summertime every day. It would these prisoners on death are concerned about 88 I think not. -- says considering we have innocent people on death row now suffering before we execute them. Five million dollars -- to keep that one guy comfortable. Yet the guilty will benefit so what. And I think that goes to. You know your feelings on prisons and is a punishment designed to be just confinement and is a theory that you keep people as comfortable as you can orders part of the confinement. -- you get to do without cable TV again have to do without air conditioning and have to do with -- a lot of the comforts of home because you've been convicted. Of doing a crime some innocent people do get convicted but. Yeah yeah it seems like her body in jail claims that there are innocent and I don't think that could be the case you tell me it's 601878. Toll free 8668890870. If you stuck in. Some heavy fog we'd love to hear from me when it comes the powerball. -- David Blake tell -- 400 million dollar jackpot. Are you play -- and what's the threshold for you actually buy a ticket. Because I do that sometimes. Everything quite understand it maybe comes as. -- rationing money because Malia I'd like 220 million dollar prize but it won't buy a ticket until it goes up to -- And maybe a 150 million something like that. -- of attacks pops up they are criminals they deserve it. Talking about the inmates on death row get a call pick up the phone 2601878. -- 38668890870. Tommy Tucker coming back on -- WL. Tommy Tucker talking about a judge's order that air conditioning. Be installed. Or some measures be taken to keep the heat index low 88 degrees on death row and Manning a lot of people the working conditions much worse than that in gonna cost taxpayers about two million and I think -- the bigger question of com. What exactly is prison about the isn't about the confinement only in yeah give them prisoners. Air conditioning and you give them cable TV and everything else they neither. Isn't about. Punishment where -- -- -- to be comfortable in hand not gonna have this -- -- -- that has to be hot at night and cold and a winner and this is the way it is. You tell me is that really cruel and unusual punishment any thing with a heat index above 88 degrees were also talking about having to explain to somebody and and feel almost ashamed of being straight I got nothing against people that are gay and gave gay people get married but I just don't wanna be perceived that way. And from some of that hateful messages on -- it's amazing how. I think we're so politically correct in this country that no matter what you say people get their feelings -- I think we. We all need to tough problem that Donald and hold an iron got a W -- good morning. More. Well title or leave it there beer straight. Yeah -- -- there were a cute. One at the political -- may. And where we're all. It'll stop me. Well it's. I got to disagree with you there I'm glad you called which is I don't care about any of that I just don't -- be perceived as gay I don't want it. Have to apologize if I tell somebody won't straighten I'm not gay. I would. I agree with it is well. It did you -- You know it they'll be a bit ago I should be tolerant of the street -- oil. I -- about -- inmates on death row kitten. Aircraft. With a heat of 88 being the national. Say 88. It -- condition there that it. It they are all. -- -- The other the other. Cable TV all others Hillary attack -- eighty. More money on the court -- -- around you can order the other. And I think it goes to. You know would would -- think part of prison as is -- punishment errors had just taken -- somebody in every inning and fine and -- Jamaican. As comfortable as they should you buy a powerball tickets and I. -- -- -- I would say I would say it prison you know that vote -- be rehabilitation. Goes around grow. Then yeah it's it's it's so it's -- this. Provoke that are into that you know it's the crime against their. Got to thank you and lady took the time they called you -- -- on the road hey Joseph what rodeo on. He thought he -- not. I tell me to think. -- church. That of course but I agree with and -- -- there's a -- -- When the went. -- A -- it was an. Example conditions. And that that the record and well we agree. There it. And had a situation so that's -- candidate that it -- despite the who on average. It would April and a -- at all. -- -- Like that in secret ordered a cup and portable. So we look at temple and -- -- so. That. -- got on their vision that augment law. The book that perpetuate. Agree that in some. Popcorn. What the copilot. But he set the threshold and a heat index of 88 degrees and if you look at the chart. And -- B 82 degrees ambient temperature that's with a thermometer says but then as the humidity is at 75%. Which is not. For new Rawlins is south Louisiana now that high though I mean okay that's dangerous and he shouldn't be -- do you seems. More about comfort bouncy. But you know we could talk about degree temperature. -- you know put on the book will collect great. Albeit you know about the victory -- this in a war where they vote. It down. I just I thank him that he took the time the colleges remember after. Isaak I think it was -- you know heat indices and houses to war bunch higher than that and everybody lived and it wasn't comfortable. Way to really do anything that caused that -- the idea of prison is the punish somebody and maybe that's a good frame of reference booted. Is it cruel and unusual punishment for somebody to stay in a house like it was after Isaak would no power. Because I was about as hot as it gets around here and and then nobody had -- air conditioning and it didn't kill him when -- did killed anybody see tell me. T 6018780386. Exit 89087. He quickly to big game Jermaine way NBA game. It looked at them and you know -- has been an ivy he you know. -- -- -- -- -- It medical problems. -- Could see a problem. Wind. Took it from -- camp out. -- -- -- -- They gave me buying a lottery ticket tonight about powerball ticket. You know powerball ticket tickets are about big games about giving you -- whole. It probably figured I'd get a win but that too but she get the dream for a day. Did you know you get good treatment but we'll build the Vietnam the I would do it also -- well -- -- spirit of the Obama and on and not let -- -- but that only hear what you and it doesn't blow it. Exits -- it always runs if you did get will be the first thing you do. -- how. Much Collison BT. -- -- has got a big game Jermaine they had big game I didn't BG. Yeah. How many people. Like. You to have family didn't know you get a chance -- look like come out they -- big game. Have a good day 653 more calls and we come back seven before seven. -- is all about opinion in united -- leaders are right or wrong it's all about what you think and I'd love to hear what you think. Seven before seven now time alluded Traficant for them Terrell Robinson. I Tommy Tucker -- WL Louisiana could be looking at spending between 500002. Million dollars. These tight budgetary times air conditioning and condition rather death -- a judge -- a heat index. And 88 and a lot of people and he believe in these indexes is too high and cruel and unusual punishment to round it all -- a couple of seconds. They Jerome. -- good -- thank. Our. As we -- Were you don't know don't choke themselves in the position. Also. This about him so what -- So what he's done. Let me ask you this real quick to over run out of time where you -- without power after Isaac and -- -- -- Was a cruel and unusual punishment or was it just is uncomfortable -- could do. It was terrible for him we don't stop me in jail comparable wouldn't that's why it -- You know not a big -- to go back. And I don't know corporal. We're out of time I appreciate you taking the time to call more calls we and then.

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