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WWL>Topics>>2-19 7:15am Tommy, AC for death row inmates?

2-19 7:15am Tommy, AC for death row inmates?

Feb 19, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ron McAndrews, a prison & jail consultant and former warden of Florida State Prison, about whether death row inmates deserve air conditioning

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ron making Andrew joins us right now prison -- consulted a former. Florida prison warden -- I know -- -- familiar with this and welcome this young good morning. Good morning -- let you know lightly I don't care what the temperature is he got the best food in the world the best place to go and be yourself and have a good time. Living in -- beyond Iran if I can allies say an 008 W -- enhance. -- Aides say in -- new. Now that you knew. -- are. -- movement with him and are now saying all liberals. Eight ULINNSA. Collins. Now aren't you all -- New -- Raleigh and they tell you that it. Let me to when we talk about these death row. Inmate conditions. Heat index of mediate and we get the chart in front of this year from -- Weather service and if if the temperature outside the ambient temperature is 82. Or even eighty. And the humidity goes up to around 7580 degrees technically they would say that it's cruel and unusual punishment according news. Well. Have to agree with the all without question and let them Judy you know I -- like she's 52. I have children older than beauty. It was the play I grew up without air conditioning to. I had the liberty to go down to the woman now. I had the liberty goes on Saturday that China Berry tree. I had the liberty began playing them had the liberty -- do a lot of things that people around at Roosevelt. But first -- I think we have to look at the mentality of our nation. You know and ask ourselves. What kind of barbarians are you know are we radiant with Chinese are we Iraqis afghanis. Even north Koreans and the idea that Kim -- With his followers. That we turned loose on people that we're going to execute. You know just which -- where we -- do we enjoy. The misery and suffering -- somebody that we enjoy watching you know. That -- not a movie. It's a place where they're real human being and surprisingly you know. We're finding out every day it's some of these people. You know -- exonerating. People on a regular basis. From from from different. And under that's up from the villages in Indian run. As a former warden of a prison in Florida. I'm a former award in the Florida state prison. Home of the these the execution chamber in their approach so I have some familiarity with what I'm talking about. I give me a couple of minutes here for traffic when we come back. Com or talk about the overall theory of what it's like in other parts of a prison besides death row. Andy the whole theory of is it about the confinement. Or is it about. Punishment and and as you alluded to before how house party go when it comes a punishment and it is. I heat index of 88 and really the same as torturing anybody or the other -- is that you referred to so continue our conversation with Ron making Andrew right now. Seven -- three time -- it. Hi Tommy Tucker talking about load death row inmates and air conditioning in and what is cruel and unusual punishment and an 88 degrees was a limit set by the judge that's not temperature that's heat index so if it's 82 with a 75% humidity. -- it's the heat index is 88. Above ninety everything above that has a heat index aviator higher but if it's 84 for example with 60% humidity. Which by our standards is relatively low and the heat index is 88 degrees as well I guess is a former warden. At the Florida State penitentiary in and that's who are some serious criminals are. House run making Andrew -- a -- consulted as well and for prisons and he says. Then -- you know what the date -- it is cruel and unusual punishment. And -- real -- waiting I get a text you'd say gee you could go sit under the China very treat go to -- take a dip in this woman hole. But you had that right -- do anything wrong which brings us to the next question of his. Jail about punishment or of as much as you can mete out or about confinement and keep in the prisoners comfortable. And in terms of the administration of principle of say a prison. How do you draw the line and what's better for everybody. Call me that's rather simple we go straight back to the judge again. Our constitution. Says that. That it's the -- the court's responsibility. To punish. In other words people are sent to prison as punishment. And not -- up on the president and gobble up the punish people. Unless of course you're living in not -- or someplace like that. You know and I know your listeners off saying how about the victims you know that they suffered. You know about the heat index for the poor victims you know victims brittle both sides of the that he the victim of course the person who may have been murder and then. Feel horrible crime -- apparently. It is tortured forever. But I look at the the court has. Let's just imagine for a minute that -- that your daughter. That you did your best to raise with what are means you. But they grew up in -- wound up on -- for a you've got that definitely they have families as well but I have friends they have people that suffer every day. Knowing that there won't be sitting on death -- And that -- as a nation. That that found that only great values with a wonderful constitution. We have a responsibility. To -- are definitely make as well as the -- are treated -- You know in the Texas department of criminal justice. They raised about twenty point -- now -- every year war for the -- meet. And not solved. Get air conditioning. But the prisoners on death for a down in Texas with the outlook unit at the wall units do not get air conditioning. Not that that's something to think about the good. And what kind of mentality that we are right to also we've got to realize the cost you know a conditioning that cost more money. We all know that one week but just -- well spent but. You can also get people. So enraged when you locked in the -- is indeed treat them like. Not like the paid the taxes that treat them like got straight doll but that it created twice. And one quiet and one prison. Can result. And not them that would pay for the electricity. To air conditioner every death -- in the thirty remaining stake in this country that still. Run and you have to go but he did the death throw aside prisons air conditioned generally in a way keep the temperature at. No they're not. And and that's that's the problem that country that's what I disagree we do not have ended in honor their pros and they're very little conditioning especially in the south what it would be needed. They have American if they got -- In some of the prison in New Hampshire places like that. But they don't have any air conditioning. Down down here in the south. -- rock who run I appreciate your time I really do we got a good news and I know you gotta go as well we'll talk TN RA. Okay great thank you said.

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