WWL>Topics>>2-19 8:10am Tommy, should death row inmates get AC?

2-19 8:10am Tommy, should death row inmates get AC?

Feb 19, 2014|

Tommy talks to listeners about a judicial order to provide air conditioning to death row inmates

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I did a lot of people have some very strong opinions about. Mother -- and prayers are prisoners should be entitled to air conditioning and just to be clear the gas the former -- warden of the Florida State penitentiaries said that the pigs in taxes. Had air conditioning and that people didn't act. -- has to cleared up factually. Texas doesn't have air conditioning bids is it would Timmy always comes down to the united -- have air conditioning. And you don't have windows you gotta do something. Because you gotta have air coming in and out -- kind yachts like sitting inside a hot car on a summer's day you can't do that. But taxes as a situation where the air moves in and out. With -- with air exchanger is but it doesn't cool the air and in terms of the pig. The pigs rather they spent 750000. Dollars to buy Barnes of the exhaust fans and ministers to cool gigs. Raised three -- consumption so it's not exactly. Air conditioning I will tell you this and Texas some guards have joined in with the prisoners. The file suits they in the heat index is often as high as a 132 great well yeah I enter your guard that's not close and I guess it comes down to do we need do you think. Not having air conditioning is torturing people do you think it says. Again said it's the same as being a barbarian like it in countries like Iraq or Iran or even North Korea they were talking about earlier. Anything it's a luxury that. They don't need or dessert that's. Wouldn't bothered to spend the money dot caller he had earlier which you mentioned. That though the body gets used to you used to it you know -- of adjusts to the heat. I am I didn't adjust well during eyes are not taken longer than that I guarantee it. -- then again you don't do anything wrong you urges all you know in your Roman expecting the power to come on because you pay electric bills etc. and you still Mahan. Money forward you know I guess -- of the Katrina damages exactly but the warden had to say when it comes to pigs and taxes. And that we as a nation. That that -- founded -- great values with a wonderful constitution. We have a responsibility. To treat are definitely make as well as the -- our treaty didn't -- So I guess that would mean technically speaking ministers and and exhaust fans you know ministers like you. Go through it amusement parks and so forth. -- Simon Baton Rouge hi good morning thanks for calling your aren't evidently well. We don't well you. Go and work -- -- initial. I think -- into the show and I'm glad you did. I don't agree with the war. And reasonable short. -- you rub it in full blown air conditioning. Then good mediocre. I served in Iraq. Within human error in the luxury. -- that we trying to body to be accustomed to collector callers stated earlier it -- you know we have training in the heat. Be content -- you know. For people don't know. Explain if you will they -- of the country the heat of what you're wearing and what kind of conditions where you've gone through. Well. I came out of respect for all veterans out there are pleased though they'll put me in that category are we -- a lot of transportation partners. What you didn't fool aren't your -- Europe. Help me and I broke you're broke out in the full nine yards long sleeves and -- high socks. I mean it got but the humidity difference I would say would be the biggest. Difference between being -- home here in Louisiana. And you know -- like Iraq or Kuwait other large substantial it'd be different. -- that that big that played into it. So bottom line where do you come down on -- air conditioning things for prisoners you're saying maybe something now. The -- the error round fans but no full fledged air conditioning and that would be because. Because I mean your guard gamers of all are obviously. But you don't opinion should you should note when you -- and -- that does it a couple of are the -- you know they're they're not finalized -- -- -- the -- oh bottom line you'd say no. I would say a mediocre. Air circulates through maybe if you look forward to -- a sports arena all the time. People and on the comment that just missed the air out you know Clinton you know couple plans for the ball or something like Brett. -- in -- -- -- your life NAFTA after being in the military it's gonna -- founded work and everything. I don't quite a work in everything. I mean it's going great I'm actually gonna be -- horrible -- everybody at work -- go. While helping get a 100000 because I hope I get the big jackpot although we could split it they got planning thank you so much for call. It's taken a time I'd Simon more conversation when we come back -- 2601878. -- 3866889087. Is air conditioning something to which. Prisoners are entitled in here in the brutal heat of south Louisiana and we don't remember what it was like after -- Do prisoners deserve -- they entailed. To air conditioning is a cruel and unusual punishment not to give it to them back in flash under the W I Tommy Tucker talking about a judge's order that death row and an angle was. Basically meeting held cruel and unusual punishment and he set the threshold. At that heat index of 88 degrees now of course he gets a lot hotter than that now. And and brutal days of summer we all learned that after Isaak. And if you can remember what it was like in your house and allies equally and for the electricity to come on he to have some air conditioning. Put yourself in that position and let me know if inmates should. Be entitled to or have the right to air conditioning. 2601878. Toll free 866. 889087. -- and Harvey good morning thanks for calling. -- -- -- And a couple point. One -- the staff that worked there objective so -- indeed same condition that image objected to. Number two UK policy image that started me on crime had been committed are ready. So by you subjecting them to -- conditions about eighty -- like you punishment. It's serving time. So you didn't need to -- job on them again and you know what are. More important supportive bat. At one point absolutely. Not retaliate because of the conditions that. -- to put a lot. In jeopardy. If you don't just pick and roll out and don't grow. -- -- No program should have a mechanism to about lol. -- -- the Dunlop he spent the different doubles stroll. Where com. -- all power on the governor. Let amid or. They can't totally genetic condition. Want -- she should -- -- -- If you're gonna make -- -- mechanism. Amy you've got all the bowl Aldrich. In the. Interesting to the set of circumstances you set up their jacked in in terms of so if you maybe of the deal hole is still somebody's car that's worth 101000 dollars and you go to. Jail ninjas that they were though. Air conditioning but if you move you know white collar manners -- 120 million. And lending into ghosts in the country club prison and tight -- type prison and have air conditioner. Exactly back of years ago oh -- present why -- the enemy of the though there were being treated fairly. Well a couple of guards killed. -- is what happened after -- in families on their families because there. -- It's time -- Jack -- everybody's opinions welcome Charley in new -- Wednesday on them WL. Yeah. Yeah yeah. All right man. I -- and it is all the deed. It won't be parties and the apartment -- -- It is human beings you know -- -- apparently Charlie you get many calls so. Good intent of that we'll take a look at traffic don't get you when we come back as every other word would you saying his. Being cut out there that's why he'd call waiting eight when he 3COM. Traffic apparently had a prison theme this morning as we talk about Korea later on and onions and text about it already with -- on this UN report says there are abuses in LA times articles says. Dozens. Maybe hundreds and and -- rhetoric against kind of quickly escalated chooses another. Nazi Germany and went as the world get involved and and and a couple of taxiing away. Now we will win the UN told us there were weapons of mass destruction is remember in Iraq was that not a UN report. It wasn't something we'll check on that something internally generated by the the Bush Administration I thought here they were it was the UN saying something about yellow cake uranium whatever we'll find out. And at what point -- to believe the conditions are severe enough or. Our. Were accurate enough to push US intervention in Atlanta in taxes say you're on -- WL thanks for calling. I have lived here for months ago left -- one lead. Accidentally started moving it one at a time thirty years ago and now on the old -- set up etiquette. -- in taxes are well. Okay I'm not that got you what do you think about all of this stuff. I think what all of the people who are living out in the world paying taxes. Supporting -- president in jail in -- City then they should get. Acute -- people all over the country that cannot afford air conditioning and they don't think the presentation at. I don't know what they can do about the poor guard. I didn't think that would out yet. So you're saying their should be air conditioning and a prison. That not everyone in the country get the recognition and allied agencies use the -- you can get people out there looking -- air conditioning. Are they Iran a couple of dollars -- that night to cool them ridiculously. But the print that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Using prisons more about it. Punishment or about confinement or -- Punishment confinement equal weight from not in -- rehabilitation if it. Two record to nine of marvel at nine. And what he didn't. Why not get there and win woody -- and again and then as pretty cheap ticket which I would or you die. The first thing I'd do it and help my children help my church in and put the -- in the bank of on the -- model -- Only enough to last year. And -- tell you this lawless -- Yeah but with the family here. It -- better it was the Hamlet. Is it in his nose. Isn't. -- I want lady call in and we initiate comeback. Even have a did excel when he 7203866. 889087. Anymore calls prisoners and air conditioning and is it cruel and unusual punishment. And I think classic example you know after Katrina most of this are a lot of people were on but after Isaak. Nobody went anywhere for the most heartening to deal with that heat and humidity. And wait for the power to come on Seoul put yourself back in those days. And let me know -- a prisoner deserves any better than that war. You know when it's summertime is to be hot -- get to enjoy the nice weather winner might be Olympic gold senator right now time for -- WL first news and for that. Got to discipline and it's a great thing net benefit to help the mounted police unit and I think it's riveting it's your picture taken with the -- salesman. I mean basis -- that they won't sign autographs. It's. -- -- -- I don't know but AA you'd think declines as being able you know -- you know hotline and other famous and Nagin you know. And is something when it was that night and it would ground rumbling of the animals for -- thank you David were talking about. Prisoners and an air conditioning in Natchez death row and angle but. Am the judge city 88 degrees. Heat index heat index of eighty degrees not the temperatures the line at which he becomes cruel and unusual punishment. Accounting -- to a larger discussion of should. Prisoners even be entitled to -- have. Air conditioning. And a lot of people are seeing it both ways I'd like to know what you think it's music so when late 7203866. 8890870. Attacks and is absolutely not. No -- prison as a deterrent not only for the convicted but for the potential criminals. We do not negotiate with terrorists. And Reagan Metairie tanks and yes people on death row should have air conditioning for herself there's still people. And have human rights second there have been and are people on death row who have been falsely accused of their crime. If we do we want these people in jail to suffer in the if we want them to -- there XEQ Sheehan. T 60878203866. 889087. If you get involved Jimmy on cellphones as you're retired police -- morning -- Yeah once I mean. Her track all police -- -- -- late sixties -- except. Law wanted to defend it all petrol LP ball. It -- -- it was thirteen years though he was important criminal was -- in people with guns hi -- courts. God knows what I'll see you got away with that we be catching all week. Catching and sent off to Scotland bill lucky to escape from there it would appear to be treated you beat back in the wall. We kept him around. He projects even -- that belt would be projects. By your girlfriend in the heat project so that -- we actually there could be this -- -- -- -- tradition in the third air conditioning. -- Apple will regret don't go chase away in one that'll just in the curtain walked in on executed -- me. For no reason at all. -- -- -- He can sit and Pro Bowl forty years. You know if it is right to be a -- -- and he needs to really aren't in hell that. E-book and -- -- old. It's strictly used bill. Protect being in hiding from the police that it was when they probably profited from the money steal it. So I am absolutely innocent people people like him. I find interesting about this Jimmy is that you did this sounds personal to you because this was. Oh army and he and it won't. Work say. You know yesterday. At the it is -- Or we keep this -- It -- -- -- so in terms 1213 years ago. The you know it's open source Jack right here and -- even -- It get off the interstate go to current quarter GE did get to a three time being there's just this guy. Didn't hit -- -- aggressive. Crimes this corporate you know shoplifting or anything like yet. These -- reps -- partly using weapons not a pretty time thirteen fourteen years well this -- yeah he equality and human being. I we got to go to -- -- Jimmy in terms of the whole world prison population and you say air conditioning and a I mean thank -- I'm glad Britain. And ladies take the time the collar run in -- more calls we come back. Hang on one line open if you wanna gravity it's music so when he 720386. X. 89087. He Tommy Tucker back in a flash on -- BW. Tommy Tucker get a hot conversation -- literally about air conditioning prison and death row in light of what. A federal judge said he could cost the taxpayers opted to million dollars air conditioned. Death row. And that brings is the topic of the air conditioning prisoners entitled to air conditioning. -- -- says I guess I had cruel and unusual punishment thirty years ago my high school school bus and NL issued college dorm. Had no lazy kids that they do not know that you can live without air conditioning of the prisoners. Fans. And then there's another announces air conditioning in prison should depend on the area it's located I think in the -- They needed for sanitary reasons. But our prisoners the one who makes alcohol and toilets so I don't know if sanitary reasons. I don't know thank you for texting -- Baton Rouge thank you for calling. -- DiMarco. I don't look at it crawlers. And they get the commission. -- Not want him. It was my family member what I think twice about it because it last week. Mean what they offer -- give it to you right he'd done it personal. Last week -- -- -- Ricky -- -- necessarily mean that. In a negative way I think he was intimately involved doing and clear this up and in terms of professionally involved. With this person and he saw. All of the up and just and he gave us the other side of what you're about to get us in that yeah. Whoever it was saga about adding get the name. Killed his understanding of Budweiser. Deliveryman and -- heinous. As I was saying Jimmy was saying you know what I know this guy throughout his whole life he's a bad -- any needs to go and he's not entitled to anything. -- you're gonna say is even that guy that killed the Budweiser repairman. Is related to somebody is -- -- in right. He correct but not only not only just last week they. Don't look at it it just got reinstated pecking order because what it. Usually so that they like it's. Being. Sure thing it would be much more different. But ultimately to an. Announcement a year. We don't need it can interpret but to also remembered that were imprisoned but also arts. One happy person. That you can it get there and you know like that morning. Before the war. In issue. And danger and -- connect any one of these guards that protect any of these president didn't want that. -- want it to get it and -- no problem. Like you make me think -- something else streaky which is you know you gotta you gotta thank law enforcement -- for everything they do and when it comes to being a prison guard. I wouldn't do that for a 150000. Dollars a year would you. No -- you're already. In -- and some people they'll force. Do want from telling -- once at the academy to time in the prison. So little bag at one that you know credit to connect and leaking in the print and it's the process. It's crazy witty man you do see on TV if you ever want to show lock. Lock up whatever is on MSNBC. -- answer many channels the reality is it. It's on Friday night you know they don't -- the prisons and you know not to mention that the fear for the life -- sometimes get prisoners and aren't. In either the nicest people are right now head thrown on kind of different things that they themselves produced and I think it's all need to say adamant. God bless of people do it because I wouldn't thank you Ricky I'm glad you cult. Now you bad and if you disagree with -- -- in the Collins well only 528 before nine time related traffic. That -- -- -- Robinson some of the text that are coming in one tongue planted firmly in cheek wanted to discuss having cocktails form at 5 PM. Whoever Texas and I think you may have drips and sarcasm and yourself and you meanwhile wipe it off there before it -- another one says I say no air conditioning clearly. There in the -- because they violated someone else's constitutional rights. There's a place in Arizona where they still use the chain gang I do believe they live outside in Tanzania only peanut butter and jelly. And in case she used joining us first off welcome thanks for tuning in and we're talking about. Ruling a federal judge said that. It's something as cool if you will or less time as an 88 degree heat index. Not temperature and means that real temperatures to be as low as 82. Consists of cruel and unusual punishment as a result after he walked through the judge. He says that death row needs -- conditions and retirement that and also prison in general and I guess it's. The right of air conditioning is that -- right that somebody is entitled to -- luxury that prisoners. Don't deserve to get one more tax before we go back to the lines that says. From I'm not be able have air conditioning until I pay off my Entergy bill because of the cold snap. Lately again it mystery man thanks for calling your aren't out WL. -- -- thank you to have armed quickly. The don't don't people I mean he would -- on. Optics of Armitage and -- problem biology bill they'd build upon it got people very little thing. Our money the thick of it as -- in America bill day. Secondly. These people on the equity for the that the reported it would meet the everybody in with a lifelong criminals these people. Complete its fortieth each vehicle it worked all the light -- -- -- as well. And the -- north -- this state funded war and he called me. We have is that everyone else what we even know if this speech is actually gonna have to pay for it may be a private institute where they -- up -- pay out of pocket and that's why they're quite. Like -- of somebody if somebody would do that but the estimates I've seen is that it would cost taxpayers between half a million in two million I don't catch up to only about Tony seconds mr. mayor -- Well to get elected if it's -- -- come out of our pocket -- -- -- -- poverty but it's. Two way at no additional cost father spoke with did little commodity -- saying that become the most lucrative business -- -- -- now. -- --

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