WWL>Topics>>2-19-14 10:10am Garland: on mistreatment of veterans

2-19-14 10:10am Garland: on mistreatment of veterans

Feb 19, 2014|

Garland talks about our country's mistreatment of veterans with Vietnam vet Charles Skipper and his wife Kat Gates-Skipper, a Desert Storm veteran.

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I'm sure have to -- a twelve noon show what will find it. My in my even asking this question is probably so. But having your background in the wall and I'm curious after watching them they can trial a number of other trials have proceeded and I would get that -- so why do we allow pretrial. Publicity. And ripping the mortars we're gonna -- on Goldberg. Not condescending. Warburg simply says -- -- we have our First Amendment right to know. And my questions can be -- we have such amendments was supposed to to a fair trial. And when I looked. And what were beginning to see is getting into the media before pronto. I think it's valid as. Subdued him regarding background. To get educated as to why this is -- wild birds some of the clean it seems to me. Edit the publicity for profiles was low -- both foreign during the trial when pro October would have told French group. We have the results from whenever -- Tinto and satisfied. And at the same time. The ability to get a fair trial. Would be a little bit better. Option. So we can talk about that at twelve noon. Let's talk we're gonna talk about the Louisiana legislative auditor. Auditing the department of children and family services at the department that it ministers this state food stamp program. According to a recent numbers in 2012750000. Dollars in food stamps to 322. People. Who made more. Then 50000 dollars -- one board one million proves their camps to 1706. Won't people who are in -- So try to figure out how to solve the brawl on how big is that in exactly what blue skinned and should be implement. This -- talk about something that we have minimum news Chicago. How were creating their belt. Always make fun of the phrase -- -- -- shirts. That seems to be our major pain that that seems to be what you yet. If you go to war for this country. Reviewer and extreme minority. Who go to war that this country. Get sick and wounded in the middle and -- physical vote. Thank you for your service and good luck and getting thank cute with a dollar sign. And I think once again we have an abundance of that we have two people with the kept gates skipper. True marine -- remove marine and doesn't stone combat operations. Involvement of an organization called concerned veterans for America is dictator cat. It can't -- morning and thank you for having the. Think you are pretty huge criminal world to a Charles skipper Vietnam -- earned two purple heart bronze star. Ford's service in Vietnam offers both physical injuries and post traumatic stress disorder troll to welcome to the Chicago. -- Well lit led to -- starts to blue with cat. Who is his wife as Tuesday marine board of what UNC. Well me -- talk about it it's far it's been my combat as far as but the but the EPA now. I know -- -- into one gives some idea board went through in combat in -- let's talk about we're interceding in relation. Your husband and others. Yet they well. In the audio Internet based on common operation now in charge about the personal effects of the casting on the link port side. So. I thought I would when I went and that's that these things are changing for female marine that was right here at the right time out the first -- -- -- ship nine. And China are technically soda and get a lot of lot of things in my twenty year career I was active duty reserve. And I do with it the right place the right time but that they. The -- and challenged that. Is the trying to get mine has been taking care in the VA system. It -- he can't -- -- these things take many many years to show up at the my husband came. Armed -- showed up after thirty plus years and you know -- and he was involved in the tech defense there at the in the first calvary. So we have been on the impact on for six years and counting. We went to the that local gay minister and a lot accountability programs for him. And what that affect what that is visit them and you don't once -- to go through all these things procedure portable. Well I'm after and is that the one day -- month. We planned every month and after that day the target -- They accepted the supervisor. Put into the computer system like they're finding what result of that -- After a month we get a letter from the local big day. The fact -- senate there saying nothing has happened and I era cap that I think your record Tuesday. That the board in Washington DC. Well when we went pack for the night -- -- for the eight months and found that about that he was just let it. Of course even talk about portable we have that letter to go in and up to the medical board wants -- city. Six years and counting so at that and national. They aren't and take our first break won't get a little bit of that background -- com about come back with Charles skipper. We're we're thinking about to view table thinking about what happens in particular. One doesn't happen with better and once they come home given column and you have a question we've got to. Highly respected people on the phone to -- 01878. Told pre anywhere in the country 866 in Vietnam and you ruin itself but it. -- up now. Are once dude you re done -- good time more mature were thinking about the treatment or lack. Of treatment for veterans. When the beer Vietnam whether but he and assume would be brought in -- and believe -- and there -- a number of World War II veterans. That are still alive and a couple of them having trouble getting. Response from the via. We have black candidate skipper. Marine first female marine in desert storm combat operations. She is the white patrolled skipper. Vietnam veteran trooper -- bronze star. All of this of course and Vietnam all salute the bin visit to buy -- PT of state Charles welcome -- appreciate your time. What what do mussina on your side and beating the Vietnam veteran have you just brought up to Oakland enters -- something you've been fighting per quarter. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's probably. It. It and nothing so far. -- everything you've tried to do no results. Well. Well within the system -- What did you -- -- me you know evaluate you know that there. And that was slightly with the biggest state it has. Some back issues and quote. But -- I was seeing there. -- -- Who has. And that you know out stops -- in the past has still -- problems. Has to note that it works against. And that's what separately about another claim in 2008. And we have a part one wasn't -- from the period so it's not. You can't have -- that -- you know so. That's. That's the issue and -- is the backlog. Excitement lastly -- -- valuation. -- ballots that employable. And development unemployable it to the right system. The -- sit there in Munich told me that it's bad luck in the cap tap into the system results about this. And things went through within the DA told today. Maybe it having these new results Iranian news actions are not part says they set about abortion and that's what this city. And but it seemed that -- -- -- -- Chad we wouldn't you say they were checking news to view it -- of -- Charles's employable. Once it had to do with my naive. Bob and Beverly came back. Wounds what -- reduce psychological physical. There was set amount there were helped depending on how badly they were hurt I had no idea -- was based on employment. It's been. Things and calm and campaign. It you know what in the cab of that in the department benefit arming and in -- will we went to doubt the -- to -- the plot for its kids. The EPA. Is that where it is likely -- that -- yet it. That there you know now if guys were -- plate or seven that whatever issue of the in the system long time ago. There's different you have to go to -- like you know if you do what -- here back impact probably got to go through the year. -- that if you apply for something else it's it's one thing after another but but. Now. I'm -- at this thing is that. He's probably with on the program that -- local VA and into that local DA. And that's program -- paid employee is being document and make computer system and everything the right there. So accountability that the problem is that there accountability might have been fired obviously nobody paid attention. Beckett didn't follow up there and that happened. That's happened all the time -- that day. I mean -- the world if you're not gonna get fired obviously. Or reprimanded or not in now and in the world. Has. A little problem with that. Went back to 2012. -- the U -- secretary of veterans affairs and Eric coach and sexy. When. Queried about the fact that so many more Iraqi and Afghanistan veterans from filing -- disability. And it's almost double the rate of the previous wars and how would they gonna handle it. He said what we're not gaining any ground around your abilities and I got a picks in this -- 2012. News quote. He called that the transformation. Plan. Which called for your trading. Improved speed accuracy. Processing clarion. Corporation of special teams and of complex Clinton's. New digital technology. That would replace the current paper -- system. All in this in place by 2015. Which every play. Would be process in pure than a 125. Days when almost no terrorist have you seen any indication. Note that not about that it's getting worse what's happening is and where there much involved with. Let's hit association. And we know these troops that are going overseas and coming back and we know the commander. And no respect for our younger generation that would have a young son -- been in the military now for six years so. So we represent every service but what happened and make comeback from United States they're going into the VA system the topic and about a clients. What's happening here pushing back. Our Vietnam -- world ward sale or what have you and I know that for a fact that had simply count up there. I wish we could probably got fired and got back kept you know I'm in I can't I can't pick an important person -- And out -- -- so you know lucky that they were as much and expect that the bank debt. They hit the figure out being pushed back wouldn't want -- you know -- then why don't see that again once you make. But we have a department for the Vietnam the world community are back -- you know -- the department has hire people whether it's temporary. A lot -- people need jobs coming. What do they say when asked him. -- there we're working on you'll work. -- you know that it and so that I think it cute -- that now. Sky rocketing one more anyone think -- I am in the trying to protect yourself obviously you know it's just. It -- that -- it really had a policy you know went and our mark rubio and Jeff Miller out of Florida jets are armed. It is it is accountability accountability. Completely HR HR number on that is some. 404 straight one they just that they need accountability projects so calm. I'm coming -- things well but I mean we are billion now. And I think I got this from military. Times. BA playing a numbers game try to make it appear there doing a good job abuse in the evidence of that. That is exactly right quote on quote you are absolutely right. In the -- what evidence do you see that. What evidence. They might happen I mean nothing's happened it's been six years. There's no amount of people who've been waiting a long time. They have not only here in Florida but I know people from across the country. That experience in the same thing. Charles. I have a question if you -- cups and -- from if you actually. For the the young kids. That war. Going. To sign up go to recruiters and sign up. Shouldn't. A potential she soldier. Being formed. Of what veterans are going through and trying to get their benefits in other words thank you offers service we appreciate your being here. Hopefully we're going to be changed a lot of things but right now if you would come back at this moment. This -- drew be facing in getting compensation. Yes or not doesn't really feel bad. About the master question did violate bank goes silent he joined. -- country to be put in harm's slate when that would become all of quickly pushed up the -- I have a -- that demand. So what would -- assists and one Marine Corps. Elect Barack picked up to came back now he's on the step. And he can't by the good job. The DA has really just put much you know just let the -- decide what you're by the outs -- a little bit satisfied you know that's what they did. They did suggest that the fact that the concept. Of the -- -- without when he and out restricted. I went ahead and get the job -- -- and Canada had -- -- island it let us Thursday. I went through the worst part of the war. Dead this -- In Kuwait City -- outburst by the choppers land take on. Angela -- but shoppers can go and anxious about which we lost thirteen -- that -- Did the job. Came out I don't loaded policy at all. The Hulk got -- spent almost that year but for any. You get out basically. Out of pro bout with us -- About three couple weeks I can't protect this'll count goes before. I was to get out the -- about the fiscal. And the doctor that they -- up a lot -- sound good about it. Do that -- that they would do it later so -- now the army. About capital Michael and the -- And that he told me. That your -- Is it time and you know it would get better and you'll have a problem with what -- had public outlast. Charles and Ted can you -- would be a little bit longer we're gonna take a break for news load talked to a little bit more. Come right back Steven Latvia. Will put -- on the -- and anybody they're concerned about veterans other than thank you for your service. It was call questions comments to Sid 0170. Told -- In the country it's six dictated 90. -- -- Once again we're done many many many times reviewed were talking about veterans. -- there's sacrifice to rug over bears so weakened have warily over here. But it come back -- don't get the benefits or problems that come back with injuries physical metal commemorations to have trouble getting. In any kind or or all become so -- deserved for them with well on -- get a couple of years ago we Marino appear. Where -- one who is also in the marine choose doctor. And he had this human show me huge loan on its moral -- Jones. -- the sleek looking disfigurement. And I eskimo on the what is them. And these two women that they -- -- all most of -- for oral and so big wrapped in a piece of my booked on -- And I -- when do the due to plastic surgery for that at least over the don't give those plans excerpt. And people ask you wanna get throwing your pupils thank you for servers that these people. Thank you -- -- doesn't mean I think we ought to be Jews calling our. Congressmen senators. Represented the descendant and selling today if we got to pay for we got a report. Because we're the ones that said. We wanted to go to Vietnam. And Gordon were -- wanted to -- to Afghanistan and and week. As they say when they come back abandoned. Or not -- -- don't -- acquired to get that. -- elected uplift the picture I was right there there isn't sacred tradition in the military. Leave no one behind on the battlefield. Now. Veterans that are whom have another mall and the mic in the round is called delay deny and hope that I -- Meaning to be treatment. It's is just something to me he did seem totally hypocritical. From what we've been told all rural. Gordon worked to open your country pig -- ruled out of content and we're gonna do whatever it takes them we promise -- We've got Wear this right now all kind of gauge skipper. True and -- first remove -- doesn't storm combat operations. She is involved with a group called concerned veterans for America and her husband Charles Cooper. Vietnam the trooper award bronze star. Right in the workers for the worst fighting. Has physical problems that have been exacerbated over the years and also posttraumatic stress disorder. But some -- -- bring before I get to account intro we go to Steve and Latvians behavior and governor bill appreciated ago. Thank you caller -- -- percent. Get this storm ever combat action. -- -- -- And the -- is a joke. At all concerned about it just mention the fact -- stall they'll -- I kept up with the guy in my unit collapsed in years and in some of the issues it add. And everybody seems to run into the same thing with the PA. You go through the quagmire. Paperwork chapels from apartment to apartment. Doctors changed you lost in the -- here and there. In between the local media here and pushing you -- to. Watching and pitched just it's amazing to me that anybody. Any service member get anything out of the DNA and it did its years in com. Our program and what they've -- -- Steve -- appreciative caller in and cat and trolls apologize it would room against the clock have taken on the break. When we come back Erica on the left both via. Both -- and Charles. I've been to vehicles that are minimum time. Find the people who just to be as nice as can be and an accommodating. As they possibly can be but I get the deal and they just don't happen to people to do and what had been told to do it. Let's talk about album compact over -- big -- 78 -- -- 53. We're talking to two veterans one was -- first female marine. In the desert -- combat operations the long ball within organization concerned veterans for America or her husband. Charles your pro who has earned two purple heart bronze star. Armies or lose in the worst of words and Vietnam now fighting PP as the -- so the -- god. Garland whose prime example of what our tax dollars should be spent on or getting cheaper programs figure he rose -- pollutants. Are unknown. Obviously in the lack of efficiency in the view is -- to block of money and patent trolls that form when talking about. When we're not been rumored to be -- to admit personal in my head ago. I kind of moved to chip -- children because I've done a lot our show were the VA hospitals get away. And -- on their very clean very nice facility in very nice people. But the paperwork in the speed of getting things done -- was -- decrepit. And what I -- from the Frontline workers themselves what -- today that this action news. Stemming from inadequate training -- management excessively complicated process. Assembly line like performance standards and require them to be production quotas under threat of demotion or Byron. Lifted the solution is very very clear and very -- more money more people. Also you can outburst do you -- group that group that. Also I totally agree with and now I do have decided on local VA we have a primary care doctors there very very. And at a trading hasn't taken care of it. It is however to -- to especially clinic within an hour on the way we do have to wait months and that that's that's a negative there. The local VA goes with our primary care is doing that it that best. They are under the gun and you know obviously they're you know out there it's it's the cattle call is coming in a big crowd going in there -- You know that -- -- in India now. Lot of times I don't think they are as efficient as they should be CNET first hand waiting and then taken my hat and then get to -- -- for instance. Onetime -- he has a lot of -- Agent Orange. Of course he's not. Eight and impact of that you know. That he's always getting things cut off -- arm and things. And so what time it wanted to get it done this widget here recently and his blood pressure with high so they would do what they -- into the hospital. We our democracy when we accept there -- six and a half hours. The -- to come out they only had one doctor there I -- can you believe that by doctor. Wait -- it took five minutes obligated him to Madison. At a court it is it is but actually down -- of -- and buy tickets yet not tax console. That's ridiculous on its policy ridiculous. I'll but there again there there on -- wanna make any comment that. Well we have. A primary care is maybe. Over the next how likely. But we definitely -- that go out and -- at -- At the the VA hospital registered actually you know that's. Believe that's. Not right pathology that looked it looked about opposite departments have extreme machines in their office. And you know outside they would stay united with the -- -- I don't agree with him because we. We've done he's done. Popular better -- -- average is still the same thing he was talking about you know it's it's it's. I agree what you said it seemed like this it's false front and I think they particularly nasty in this news is that the there on the bottom -- They're not staff believe that together the problems. Good numbers I assume we got this news again this is all the way back 2012. 270000. VA employees who maintain you know 131 cemeteries operate a 152. Hospitals. The first benefits Mort they -- for more than four million veterans. And the nation as is total of about 23 million and so the there of the requirements what they have to do growing all the time Ted you've blown concerned veterans for America you have lobbyists in the organization. We are a -- concern patents for America. As -- nonprofit. Nonpartisan. Group what we it's strictly in an order -- -- There is trying to preserve the benefits. And rights of our veterans and their families so it -- it was subtle. No we don't have lobbyists so we've got to really be careful what we're doing out there could obviously. You know what followed the nonprofits. They're always -- and -- dope you know I mean everybody's attack in the tea parties in. This and that and what have you. So are strictly strictly a strict though it's too it's too you know try to preserve. The veterans and -- and and that's what we've been doing excellent jackpot got involved with the concerned veterans for America. Because I I believe that what they're doing with that issue and course we did beat the back. In August -- -- -- last year we did the VA. Back competition -- visit to the White House I was involved with that but very honored to be part of that. Where we went to Washington DC to deliver that petitions. So that's how I became involved you know with the with the concern. When you -- to deliver that petition did you deliberate to. You're -- congressmen or senators are both. Note that we do that we were on the -- we have permission we will on the White House -- went to the west state. And like most things when you go out there. You still stick it in the mailbox are mail that would -- -- drove them. But we went there on the lawn and when he. There was a small group of it and and we we went there making as little speeches nonstop without a small gathering in. And so that was that's where we started out with that issue. Do you ever say you -- anybody in organization. Ever say truce amateur org congressman. Look. You can if you got 23 million -- out there. And still more coming in every day -- from the aftermath of Afghanistan. We need a whole lot bigger budget a whole lot more people -- of -- said that -- represented. We've set a lot of things to our wreck our congressman represented. Well they're gonna tell you what you want it here obviously a lot of times. We have found it. You know that's. On -- side and some mark you know that's just I guess you know feast or famine there -- you know. So we're actually not only yourself. Now you know that. That. For their actions I can give you. And I've got to be politically correct what -- that's what I'm not for being angry at them out but that's why they're delivering to them very. But I gotta be careful but. Com we have a congressman here in Florida to. They made some statements regarding any video that might have denied it. And that would -- -- about it because it's different. Father and daughter. That's important that -- I've specifically that might have been shop skipper. So. Yeah we have elected officials do we elected officials to represent and take care of it obviously didn't repeated that the city. Video watch it. Or are they just couldn't hear what anti. -- believe that that. Two worlds. Or you're still. Patriotic. Yes secretary mentioned. 0150%. In March we have four children. Two. -- and what it currently serving in the air force I was six years our middle into the navy after 9/11 he was entity years. I'm being an agreement an army -- cover -- topic -- orders from our. How does uncle Robert about that and it we're confident that it was unpatriotic. And he did it's it's kind of amazing to hear you say that. After you witness and and suffered virtually in the words of the words -- didn't dive which you saw and experienced virtually everything else. And when you come back and we tell yeah and I don't know what we promise you -- I'm sorry Kate and. I don't remember coming back in -- -- right here at home count you know what I hear that. It breaks my heart of the problem -- -- time to break out tears. I couldn't do you know. And there of the very people that are quote having it done to them still backed the country still backed the system and vendors who. -- for boarding back in the country -- and Charles I appreciate it's called very much hopefully. We're -- followers show where you actually get what we promised you and thank you for your service. Have a good day of the real big news W immortal pod to review at. Talking about wrongdoing in the poems that department here in the museum coming up next. But now we've been called to thank the governor of the L big age seventy in -- moment of the --