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2-19-14 11:10am Garland: on food stamp fraud

Feb 19, 2014|

Garland talks food stamp fraud with state treasurer John Kennedy.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome America another Irish people don't know a lot of times stripped fraud and food stamps. What can be done about it reduce cut through to -- showed that we don't multiplicity of times and that is. War veterans. But the maybe Vietnam Afghanistan. Rock whatever may be a VA again on able to handle what they have promised and it looks like. Where have a hard time and in March promised in stopping fraud in sent. And recent opinion column written by a drunken state treasure. Was intolerable right in elections played launched in April and in the gives a lot of numbers and explanations. As to books on -- able to talk about cancers John Kennedy is always good. Outlook and comedy programs that we than a hundred people being served -- Yes at the federal level we've got -- in 26 programs promote and conduct our. Neighbors. We spend about 411. Billion dollars a year as a country. Since 1960. Or we spent about twenty point. Seven. Trillion about march on programs like pitched an optional in Louisiana. Six years ago we an 800000. Are 600 pick out Pete Aldridge stamped today. We have -- 100000 spending almost double. The states you wanna. Lousy job of administering the program because we're out. So much the food stamp fraud. And frankly. The effort to stop the fraud is something that both liberals and conservatives although. 850000. In the state that's got a little report million people right. People. Coming -- -- offered Kyrgyzstan at all. Our department of children. Services administers the bridge. Eat eat out actually couldn't check every should be a -- ams but he yet. A statistical sample count for example in Quebec and whale. It was 8750000. Dollars a stroke 300 people bite to eat out year -- Them. In 2000 Quayle and sort of ball or fail state age seven or 8000 dollars in -- 322. People. But made more than picked out a year and it's just a statistical. Obviously into. Com -- on -- on on the in the -- look at. The state 81007. Or six people could expand current. Com. We -- are under 7864. Dollars just shameful. 84 convicted drug but. There are eligible. We -- Sit back to port two point six million dollars. Over 3000 people. -- we don't live that we. It's it's typical double -- And the list goes on and what you're. What point the American taxpayer well we're the most generous people want the world okay are some people criticized. Americans and other countries but in -- And Iraq. And Ukraine neighbors steelmaker Mittal did in America would help. And we put our money where. But the church. And more people would be years. And a lot of our our people would be used it's not on the party -- small party. The money mail -- it undermines the integrity in our program in the middle class taxpayers that are on the I don't want to give our tax dollars -- display is normal people watt cheat and -- Game the system in and it also urged the people who like by the rules in and lots. You know liberals and conservatives buy it ought that this is one thing -- can be a suit to maintain the integrity of the program. So Libya. Auditor does this audit and -- counties. Millions and millions of dollars given -- for no reason what happened to booms have violated the law. Called who's in charge of doing something about it. -- the children and there which services. Do -- -- blog. Has been up there you need me call on an -- they'll say their work at all. All means it there's nothing prevents -- from work -- -- people of the US attorney -- district starts. I mean it it's a corner. To apply and receive their stamps. It here not on its core just like it's -- -- you. Willfully aren't protection currently declaring. Video that led to a break in the long federal law or state law or both. They didn't workers got broad for example can be prosecuted under the under federal -- on this site and it. You're not going to stop he'd be. And -- -- in with too broad brush their meaning people so programs that need to. Okay they need they need and that that it would help we help our number one. But it's expensive bar was -- in -- eleven billion a year in country and warned people cheat and gain the system. That need to be prosecuted to the boat -- ball and that's not just a conservative talk about what -- -- Matt Matt label brands auto group that was. -- Adam and come back with -- drug what I should surely you very naive question but. How somebody dean -- part of somebody says okay. Amount of state -- and get it anyway. How does somebody say that. I -- Ngo with them again and to weigh in it is is is this shows computer or that sends this out in the and a people keep the money. We're coming right back we're talking about a stated audit that says. We're wasting millions of dollars and food stamp too broad. What do you think you've got a question you've got a comment to Sid 0187. He told -- and -- in the country it's six fixated on and zeroed celebrity in particular. Looking for answers. We stop this from happening. Whipping at about food simple all -- state auditor auditor did an audit and found in 2012. Suburb 50000 dollars from food stamps of 322. People made 50000 dollars a year or more. Gave one point one million dollars to 17100. Plus people who are in jail. 107000. Dollars plus and food stamps and report convicted in their report in eligible drug felons. Give food stamps of 15100 plus people who were double dipping by receiving food stamp. In Louisiana and another state. And gave food stamps with 3000 plus people who's spent most of the money and others states adjusting. They do not him in Louisiana we have. John Kennedy's story treasurer withers who wrote an opinion column on this. -- we got some pretty interesting tax though one and says effective audited caught these people meeting this system is working. Not they're not -- skewed. The only the only way to stop there is to prosecute. And do it for example -- to look at careers. On nobody taxes lotteries and they're having -- -- of tax. Rate nobody at. The reach. Because note you'll be prosecute. It won't happen in America. The F all the sudden the IRS and adults are there actions indicated. Bet they would not all people and that if he didn't. He didn't pay it right in complexity cheater didn't clear incumbent not -- -- Some people would do it because for like a lot of people would act. And that's the only real one stop this is to prosecute. And where and when I look at what order apparently goes back to. 2011. If you know I'm -- march 2010. Is this something that's been going for years and years and every time somebody the via. When as -- children's warts -- department Barbara. And every time over the years of people at the department children them with services. Or to prosecute as a board working on. Or is this just the last few years. I've not seen an -- like this book or you hear anecdotal evidence. About people who are gaming the system. But in terms of something statistically. This is the first that actually. I suspected I hope I'm wrong but I suspect this is contributions go crawl trap but it's expensive and the people were -- The middle class taxpayers of America. He you know ordered her straight and they don't go on the way in prison that night will open a surrogate -- -- But you know what's so important signal that more people Clinton wagon and put -- blanket. And -- people who aren't -- it should be some -- Tropic Apple's Koppel on the way. A worm problem operations act and -- real -- it would stop. And and -- situation we went out here and frankly it's a position. That debt that everybody across the political spectrum are great if you believe. That the right thing to do is apartheid when they're down there. And I -- You you all believe that ought to be temporary ought to be targeted -- -- -- the game just the ought to be. Solely on our. -- looks -- home and talked with Matt bureau with John Kennedy and appreciated. -- and calling it -- The water delivery. Cut. Whenever I thought -- were there when they realized. She bought. Him and I mean. Dug deeper questions. About. -- -- -- players -- and -- so old. There and and then what you guys. You know whatever it in cash and this is another example. Of -- All of crawl all over -- -- -- thereabouts in it and no immediate. Executed. And I. -- -- -- -- -- All night. But -- -- music and Britain's. Armed. Supposedly you need them. And not much that you need some more I mean -- it there's. Like. -- You hear about arms. Whenever one real life. -- I mean you know how to respond to -- -- -- my head and walked away the only thing. A warning that they. You know that. Problem with all the the old saying that people abuse it you used. To kill. -- -- or all of you. Who people who use it to be prosecuted now. I don't paint with too broad broad brush in my opinion. And I believe the statistics shall demonstrate just the bare majority of people on pitched at -- and they do need. And as Americans or action we dealt partner it. If they're a system. They ought to be prostitute. No exceptions. Because if you don't deal with then -- it and then you're in the room under our entire system. Teenager all I'm loving more than life itself well it got its number in Iraq. On the -- and the rest that is natural law and it will hurt me to do but I got out there. I mean you've got -- the rule. To maintain the system. And we are forcing includes ample rule. No not that ever happens people. Mean they were ordered -- because people and it's small statistical sample. In one year. Aaron who might walk out a year and and great they're coached. Ever world people -- street prosecute -- need to be referred to US attorney for the district attorney eager to stop. How did I don't -- how did they get food stands from the make American money hundreds somebody. Precipitate broad is that. For one of a better phrase -- -- fraud with the money do skits and -- and they keep it or do they. Our own purpose school looking to commit the broad. Although every single case this is what I would suspect. The -- that these are people -- actually gaining access but -- application. Nobody checks when I do get called. Nothing happened -- So the work goes for -- it's so that it didn't. And -- -- group called forward take our first regular -- Linda Linder Euro mood John can. Well good morning. -- -- -- 100%. Agree with the food stamps. Brought in I'm gonna explain market. In 2000. Four -- -- single parents with street children. And what aren't getting any kind of help from the accents and well I applied for food stamps and that at that point kind 98 -- -- weeks and it which. I would end -- about 48 hours elapsed after an immediate bills. You're not sure. Well applied for their stance and -- turned down I was told me twenty per hour along too much. And that I should get rid -- -- cheap cavalier call. Don't go out here that -- hours and that there aren't those good. Recurring may -- -- 1000 dollars here at the time. While in Katrina and yet we were in the hours and I literally listen actually each tell their story and -- in the next summer. Now you have to learn how to work the system in New Orleans. You can go Yucatan. Is there any children -- you want you to put their children me and you know fathers. As I know normal birth certificate. And you apply for food stamps you can get a thousand dollars a month in food stamps. And then when those children's fathers give them money for the children to claim. -- they live you know with everything. Under the sun that they want Orton. And then -- there really do need it that are sitting in the hall leading up a peanut butter into position -- -- eat whatever they can. -- Beijing again you know if you're really early release that. Because I mean not only myself back and you know it will help -- know many people even elderly that -- it. And it didn't -- You know if you there were Elliott and I want to Amber's angry when an obligation as presented. His -- I feel that it ball within the person and that's speaking on the application. Because if I call acted catchy beat that person job to do background chuck. Linda pretty -- called get it close in news -- won't comment -- England. Well you know and the sounds like the count on the -- it. We as Americans we tell them you're welcome him back to eat but when people in the system are out there were doing it intentionally and willfully. There'll be prosecuted in the pool and ball -- -- affect actual and ever and our record ever -- -- And every liberal ought to be able to agree on if you care about America so well. All right camera and actually it's actually go look at -- what is the excuse people for doing this kind of two rounds -- and usual. But it is on the regular base. Governor bill bigger celebrity -- 53. We're thinking about the exemption or 126. Social programs for low income Americans. 72. Would provide care pressuring current benefits and maps just by the government. A state and local governments have hundreds more the federal government old news with. Twenty point seven trillion dollar trillion dollars in current dollars cents. 96 report. -- John Kennedy answered -- -- opinion column in the column it says both the blight and should buy food stamp brawl and John. We have a number of callers who -- talk. -- -- -- And wondered if you if you caught some body -- from Cameron we've from the media. And you said. -- do that. This one -- Quirks. And -- says in 2008. -- -- Almost a trillion dollars to bankers and Wall Street crew. Who swindled millions of people -- poll numbers and -- But we're -- moves them prologue which has -- -- than 1% broad cultural and banks that recently submitted for major. Two. Laundering billions. Of dollars not only in drug cartel money. But in terrorism. I know it's not a good excuse but does that have some -- And with you to start as -- agree. This simple thing is is as part of what's wrong America and consider myself that I'm on the request taxpayer -- in my upper taxpayers here's what's. -- American -- you know middle class taxpayers -- program actually people at the top UI. -- people at the bottom and and I see them they'll get in the big. Andy's on the people the middle class taxpayers league once you run our country goal. They get up every day war they'll -- all. Try to do the right thing about it yet. Try to save little money for retirement -- quite -- I think the people who don't bail out and they don't. -- -- -- like to be -- bottom. Who -- purchase brought no. No exceptions. And the truth is both summit that -- and some at the bottom are being in the system -- -- And if you believe in the system and -- -- Then to maintain integrity consistently got caught in Boca and where are. All right when we go to Denny Denny you're rumored John Kennedy. And you with the yellow and I can't. Yeah OK I want to calm. I don't and that there in the retailer but it was a lot and then let me tablet too -- it's all the cultures. And actor -- as a quarterback. -- at almost 12100 not out. An -- -- -- You used the card and then in the month. It you know date. You know reactivated and structural way you -- would it do -- agree that -- think they will -- her. It is that possible job. It -- sound like is it possible because the policy sought. We issued debit cards we don't -- Dexter did it stroke we issued debit cards and an exposed to be repeated every month and struck out. On the -- -- -- Here's another one at Texas. A little beyond a slip of the low come low income or elegant food stamps almost everyone I know when. Go to the -- with someone that lets that. Person get their groceries -- with the cart gets fifty cents on the dollar. Lot of people drug that drug addicts and and use the cash for draw. In any validity to that. -- it happens a lot of people participating in the including the scroll. The -- They're participating. Including a medal. There are taken some -- in turning that but that -- the money for food and drugs. They all we -- -- and it's not going to stop until you. On getting cute -- for a couple more minutes. All right -- -- -- -- would John Kennedy. -- and on a jail and on board and try to connect -- John Kennedy brighten -- predicts. All right with fingered by Edwards -- oops hello leaders audit shows in 2012. In the -- you know -- seven and 50000 dollars boots stamped. To 322. People made more than 50000 dollars a year 2011. One point one million food stamps to 17100. Plus people. We're now Ngo and the list goes on and on we have John Kennedy with a should treasure or wrote a column called both right and it should buy food stamp brought. John the last time I did I did the show are we were looking for answers and I said something -- the -- Well how in the heck are you gonna. Restrict people improves on the you know what proved it should have been shouldn't have are you gonna have something card that says. You can't get junk food you can get help to boot. And a lot of people -- in talking about the wind. Program and once again against Texas. Why not make food stamps like the wick program it would make them less attractive. And still provide help to those in the only allowed certain. Boots. And all of their carts are you familiar with the -- program. Am. Is -- record amounts aren't you. Think what which fans will be anything you're right which is great program -- export pregnant mothers. And and children. And it's limited to certain -- And you could do that with food stamps. That would would solve part of the problem. But it would solve the total problem but it is a big -- it's not -- You know reference -- -- but calm a wedge issue between the right now the people on the right. The keys being our party network LP anybody in the people out on currently used to. Warning did you know where -- -- well -- you'll -- -- her ears bit. Rational people Ryder -- If you look at the system and saying well okay were compassionate Americans -- more real people but we don't know people game in the and those in the group or persistent -- Koppel is about -- equipment he. Now let me it's not the right -- can agree and are extra which and then. One port the only year we all he got on the if -- can't per cent brawl. -- 150 million box. And you know at the -- advocates aggregate you know 150 million dollar right at you and -- -- out what they would -- So this is for a month. And we're going to happen because we're tolerating. If somebody and example somebody at the pop. A bail out -- from the system that they legally and correctly out. There. All right let's go to -- Holbrooke Joseph you're Rome would junction. Good morning. First up call so that if I get this right OK. This whole industry William Gross line. People getting to 300 though the groceries. And then when he finished that -- -- -- the -- are they have a case that you appeared a couple of court distinguished and cares. And it's kind of upsetting that we didn't pay for their actions. But do this. In the system -- food stamps is there an active deport a bit. That. All other robots work that that opportunist. Here. It's so important children which services. Needed ministers to put -- stamp program will be -- Obviously taking a -- people around yet it shook but when I did. All need to chip in -- legislative barker there are but when -- did check -- at somebody they're supposed to crush. And you know what will you stop that is a -- in the program as best you can. During periodical. And -- when you -- somebody brightened all prosecute. Prosecute no sex. Marriages that it will stop. -- you were right wick is women in putting children. Let's talk about. Technology. Abuse you -- a bit wary cope with studio audience and remind him as so often. Is -- technology that would keep people from moderate buying beer and chips from one member of restricted to certain proves more healthy. Their poor. Pure health cost. If it's ever there's another special recognition technology. Already employed by men who read tilts towards the spot in toward shoplifters. And now being used to identify and -- the Prius spenders in their stores. Says when a person in Europe pace -- database that's in the in the technologies. Stepped into one your stores. You're sending email text or estimates alert that includes their picture. All their biological information of the -- individual. So that you can make an immediate and appropriate decision or more action you make it. With the all the technology we have today and and you're admitting that wick might be a part of the answer. Or those on the conservative side conservative politicians. Who would like to be seen is doing something about this. They've been in the congressional or legislative. Action to use technology to stop the for. You are cute it's appear in court brought actually -- that'll sure which supported. I mean you've got a way to culture and the benefits that. I don't know how much facial recognition technology called they achieved it -- more more developed to cheaper although their bibles. But it's -- number one was recognizing you have a problem. And admitting she did it when we do -- we thought about it but you'll be you know I would aren't fortunate coached at. Its start. We've got and they try to do something about using technology and third people that the system. And the -- -- the system up somebody parliament's riding bikes spec. Apartments about aiming this system. Data and the political courage in the -- criticism so -- -- props. There will be prosecuted and we're going to prosecute every single war and that the district attorney -- US attorney that would like to say we're gonna demand more. Giuliani. We're -- run out of time but I think -- -- our -- once the payouts on some information all of -- So hang on if you -- but thank you so much forgiveness and time is all. Governor bill -- celebrity get him more than five the -- Oh and don't forget. Coming up right to top the hour. A reviewed the code word for -- 1000 dollar cash content touched.