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2-19 4:20pm Deke, Pelicans trade moves

Feb 19, 2014|

Deke was joined by Kurt Helin, Blogger in Chief for ProBasketballTalk.com, to talk New Orleans Pelicans trade options.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A lot of basketball -- 7 o'clock. New York New Orleans 1053. Have been the pelicans and the Knicks. 7 o'clock LSU Mississippi State 87 the AME SEC basketball. -- challenge on this blog in -- for pro basketball talk dot com -- interesting night last night -- season high for LeBron 42 big wins for the heat they get number 38. And then of course entertaining between Phoenix -- continue to do well and the Spurs trying to rest players and that logic worked out they picked up a big one on the road. 113 103 over the Clippers so we're back in action. And then we're approaching the trade Dan -- job writing and what the big news you're hearing right now what are some of the rumblings out there on the trade deadline day. Yeah lot of talking going on whether -- keep hearing it in the was bounced around a lot was well -- who you know Cleveland picked up earlier this year to try to kind of try to look like. Playoff run and that at work out. Realized thing isn't gonna stay with and the -- thought. So they've been trying to shopped him around a little bit the last it's going to be all want to give them something for him and get something out of that. They're what their finding out now we want to because being just want to be free agent market or he wants and where the money takes him this summer. Nobody wants to have been offered for -- if you really want and like white giveaway something you can rent and now we can just hate somebody you know this summer and keep your -- Eric as far as -- on Rondo was the latest on him. You know he's certainly -- -- out and the last few deadline but the heat it's the same chaser the last you don't like. While walker racing Anthony's lead eight point guard in the league and they are not going to just give him away -- gonna have to give them something you lead back. Nobody really doing actually can get -- again he's another guy. Free agent on sixteen. Except that he wants to Q how important it can be not -- and before that well. Imagine what it for you know renting him for a year children. Not gonna give up what -- what the Celtics are out and especially and that they that they didn't execute like the next. Current now as far as the New Orleans up pelicans are concerned -- Austin Rivers is a young player that Pierre Jackson is Eric Gordon any -- kodi in on a New Orleans for a. I guess definitely. Austin Rivers had -- a little more interest certainly did like eager go to fox or have emerged as a team that got an interest in him. That would be interesting that at some point guard like. Luke Ridnour that are a little more -- that they might be able sent back but you know picture and and other stats and their public trying to work out there are no she goes anywhere. There has a lawyer Courtney Cox but it spent. Dearly slow that that's not -- a big thing what makes the pelicans -- players to judge came down the afternoon -- -- player exception they haven't actually four point one million to stand on based on the injury to. Ryan Anderson and catch him out for the season they have a little more money a little more shall -- that can absorb without Kevin and stuck out. Which makes them a potentially attractive trade partner. And that's something that can develop over the next couple days in which are coming to them and future that will throw an equitable -- open the value. Just this year. Yeah it certainly it's only good until marched. -- -- -- the trade deadline article trying to get free agent -- -- it's what it's march 10. But mostly I think they got it out just cheap ticket. If they can get something at the trade them like they are willing to take on -- contracts per year to get a bit picked up at that might work -- On the pelicans just injuries a way a car from being a bit better is it a little more and that. You know it's hard to tell -- -- would mesh together I mean I think there's something recently when you look at look like. Memphis street look at teams like Indiana we got a nice core players it's there's -- good -- letting them play together for a couple years and see how it goes together and making your tweaks and and letting guys. -- -- And and that's part of what it what happened but when we really got -- negated an injured. Policy now right now they just haven't been able to get Anderson obviously I'd be. If they can get healthy that we could really start to see that can gel and -- -- -- not really backed by. From them like. Maybe that come together and making up something in the injury but to just get them too much and so. It's really hard to get too much or read I think -- -- -- move Tyreke Evans right now if you could but I don't know that anybody wants that contract. And -- -- let me answer it is as far as. The rest of the league right now -- is that it is in those are the names included could it be -- may be a surprise that -- a team pulls. Pull some off at the last to maybe make the good that extra little push to maybe get them all and it's what they think can help them go make a deep playoff run. You know. Fairly quiet trade deadline -- How is it's still a sailboat the Lakers are shopping a little bit but that's another deal -- nobody's really taking on fox some are dead. And the other conversations -- really slow until we're seeing a lot of tinkering -- you know sub market for moved to date and that hurt her -- and -- the contract Jason Terry the play that much more regular. -- -- In almost hurt your deal is -- more organist he's and it and it's really Kershaw and I think. The greens are contenders you know -- Miami sure Indiana -- That this precept the one -- the one difference maker -- moved. Is that. That you're young from the Sixers back at the plate he can fit in really well. Really Constantin on the wing to use it and I know the Spurs were taught in -- topic that you're close with Ilya. And I keep saying now when you flip on some sites at the the Houston Rockets a seem to be interested in and Rajon Rondo -- questionnaire. Well what would that do for somebody on the team ami would be keeping an income that -- -- who would they move. It would happen somebody in this deal when Mike goes simply because of its salary that's something you could do but I'm I was told -- that. Deal isn't anywhere near happy that they don't like in Houston that really kept the kind of -- -- -- and we built in the young players and picked. That's not what cute and link it up right now so it's kind of -- -- describe. Dot. And ask tiger that he'll get that they talk but it's always a long ways and that might be there's a lot -- like Rondo deal. Are more and more likely to happen during the summer when a little. Yeah little more slow paced and there's not and that deadline pressure to try to cram something him. Now -- as far as this summer. Carmelo Anthony's name is out -- -- LeBron James and as far as LeBron. If if he wins another title on not does that does that factor in what is decision might be. I can't imagine all that much I mean if he actually -- obviously. You know I don't think he could possibly going to -- pretty creepy. Even a limb though and he's. He takes a step back -- you know what you gonna do all free agent all of them kind of realize that they may need to make. Some sacrifice if they watch it and redo this thing and they all take a little bit of a pay cut out all their current salary -- all bought. Wade and LeBron all free agent they're all different but the talk about the together and come up with something. You know I don't think he goes anywhere honestly I think at the end of the day. If he's got to make a decision cheats you know what I do like trust Pat Riley to be able to recruit guys to come play in Miami where there's no state tax. I think you feel that they can keep building around and Anthony is a different story Carmelo Anthony. It starts and much more serious decision. -- coordinates carried an -- they they keep him in east they're gonna pay Amare Stoudemire Florida five million -- Perez -- and -- in that -- That's a player had to play a DO -- hey I'm I'm not give -- not all blaming but. Well what could look -- New York possibly do use this season I mean this summer mean nothing I don't have no money. That it felt you know people clear that up and even fake we want is much -- and he's not in the -- you. Really all that much and there was some talk between. The nets and Clippers and in the Knicks and Clippers about a month Shumpert for Darren Collison that. You know that extra small -- what the Knicks need now but it's not not. And you know it's not making the change they are law in the the roster they're gonna be back next here as well maybe slightly better they can stay healthy and not much better how I'm number two seed here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They stayed a little healthier but America Asia guys really hitting their street and they stayed within their system a lot better on -- -- it would -- -- -- have a big -- at them and I traded goalie Steve Novak. Just a lot of things went wrong -- and Chandler. What healthy for a stretch and that really -- and they can't attended an -- and what -- in -- horrible out and so. Also they just got them on the wrong cap this year. They can be a little bit to meet Saturday to make the play out accurate but they're targeting 2013. And saying that's when we're gonna -- cap space. Pretty much everybody Bargnani. Stoudemire Tyson Chandler all my books nick and completely everybody but the Carmelo. If they resign him and their stats argument that we can completely rebuild like fifteen from the ground up. Heard telling Kurt tell them what's available at the site. Well we're that if you -- -- -- it and double agent and trade rumors galore and and everything we can find on -- Going on out they're keeping you up to date on on the latest that. Eric Allen blogging chief of pro basketball talk dot com -- always a pleasure thank you so much -- the time. --