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2-19 4:35pm Deke, "the brow a strong foundation"

Feb 19, 2014|

Sean Deveney of Sporting News says, "Anthony Davis is a good foundation to build a championship team for the New Orleans Pelicans."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

NBA trade deadline is tomorrow what's the New Orleans pelicans through. Would you trying to trade -- Gordon Austin Rivers all do nothing. Casts a vote online at WWL dot com we have now -- smooth pickings in and night to take out the New York Knicks. And the New Orleans pelicans eat too much -- that's against the NCAA. That's coming up. And your game well you double dribble -- -- -- BAG. Will hit there in the mix in just a moment to -- they have any sporting news NBA writer -- -- now Sean thank you so much all the time and after. Is it going to be any nor does this come become like the middle -- not much of a splash in the trade deadline. -- -- a lot of noise today on on on Twitter and touched -- definitely -- the the the rumors about people not England. You know luckily I thought he got it cut. And you know it becomes stopped really a lot to deal. When you went down to it -- yeah you know. Purely -- a lot of -- out there. I'll probably none of that really big games he's not here I like Carmelo Anthony and Kevin -- Lump -- each other's teams really aren't aren't aren't legitimate termed them. Who might actually get traded. I'll let you know certainly a lot of names out there. I I didn't expect we'll see if you would be -- time yet the deadline come tomorrow. Is there a team that they they can get a lot better ours is a Tina may beacon and those sultan and might help -- Yeah I think that's what you're looking at you in eighteen. You're the sort of a couple category one and nineteen got to look to political acts a team like the Lakers you know they've had got beat by Jordan -- Trading him away again and really get it up in the point being that they wanna you know I'll actually get close to that they can't that limit their -- -- -- -- -- -- Like the Philadelphia. Learn that you might not want to give away yeah like Evan Turner -- I spent on like that -- young. I'm in the water chi -- except themselves. For the future you know get a draft pick in return -- name ultimately -- -- down. -- -- there are probably in the category. As well and you got a handful contenders that I look at you know legitimate veteran guys who can help them Kyle Busch. Maybe it deeper into the -- So let this isn't a game and see what whether pelicans are and we look at now moving forward to to the draft an old lot was made about mr. wigand's. As the east east the Ohio on some draft boards but everybody -- you know give him a lot of early -- -- -- -- accolades in good college basketball about I don't know if he's at the level we've that the hype there was around -- to the college season. Jabari Parker. A handful of guys had to be a top of the list and is there is that you're the number one pick the best play in the issues draft easy easy on the level of LaDainian their little rant today. Yeah you know I think that and that that certainly -- had the potential would be and and I think what's intriguing about the -- -- You know it there isn't that one guy number one and -- what what what the differences that you pictures -- Who a lot of GM. NBA scouts consider potential -- you know who would -- and then number one pick in action trapped in the that your record. You know a guy like not not not a million but the Jabari Parker -- and he'd. The senate for a opera can't move on dot -- them. And the guard from from Australia -- market Smart from Oklahoma State you -- -- right on the line. You're gonna have 67 I. Who I'll -- considered to be close to number one next if not number one picks up. You know that -- the -- that even at the top -- be naive to the top by the Internet and the inaudible -- intimate -- he didn't -- Really at our players and don't even if you don't get that problem -- we'll get -- not. New Orleans. Is a ballclub that would need to -- 180% of their games David it's on the rest of the way in the end some other teams at the win you know less than 80% of their games maybe 56% of their games and all of them in the make him much -- what is what is your take on whether pelicans -- and what is the national consensus. All far all the moves coaching and ST. Yeah you know I mean that -- to say because there's sentiment injury. Double not effective at the bit to each other guys I'm not. Because we haven't seen thirteen play together. The whole. You know they -- at the real successes in terms of not. Some of the -- -- -- But you know they're there and some of them -- one that means that attracting -- and Rivers aware of what was one that a lot of people question that the the time. And then and -- -- he just really haven't panned out so far. You know signing Tyreke Evans to the big contract that they bottom do. While he's still or non roster didn't know what you would do -- -- record idea that questionable move but you know getting you know obviously be forty -- Eric. You know he's such a big part of what what they can do offensively and and that -- good. Good I for them off the bench you know that that that's obviously in the in the good category except you know really not that important and it then I have to Jack and I and I'd be reluctant that. Just say that there. And that you know other GMs really know what to make them at this point this because it had been out. One thing that not a course that you gain it's -- and that's a pretty good foundation they're going to be a good cheap. I eventually want they find the right mix of guys to go around and I'm at that he would dominant quiet and and -- just scratching the -- he would expect in year out. -- -- Again you know that it how to stop at that some of the -- that made but there's no question that the that the right foundation. Because they've got you know legitimate potential star in the. Sean d'antoni -- how can folks volume on Twitter. I get my name at yeah. The easy see any -- -- on them. John is the best team in college basketball right now. And college basketball. Well what I have to say here he's I mean when they went to the plate -- -- and they played -- and at that meet the real differences is that bad enough guys the clutch scheme that they can. If they even cannot play like -- -- courts are indeed an and the data not that it didn't make that shot so many people. I know that that sort of beat beat -- but. There's lots of them and I didn't prep. Man but -- Then going into the ACC -- and -- and gone if they were they were on -- beyond defeat an ACC -- almost be like a second your team named Missouri. Wanted ACC championship in football -- are. They could get up. -- Expected that but yet at the toilet -- and at that they're pretty impressive. Jogged to the way this is deep from top to bottom but it eases -- can anybody really challenged. Miami Indiana are an update the fans on stall for because it's going to be another good series but. Sammy is any thing could mean. Three through eight. There might be some decent series in those broken up but I mean I wanted to did you see an idea several steps ahead of everybody -- in the east may may be even more than they've had dozens there. Yeah exactly did it target today because. -- -- I think if anybody can do it Brooklyn had been broken at the talent to do it. And they started to play better -- return -- the calendar and become 2014. I hit a bad couple -- -- that year and it had to make up for that. That you've that -- injuries. As well but you know they've got the count on the lobster be a much much better team that was directed it. Now you know -- it -- either Miami or Indian but what team that I worry about in the -- that -- that you know. Wanna see them early on because they are cup team in terms of not haven't got the experience. Who had talent and does he know yet the job done it hasn't happened yet what. -- -- shot always a pleasure thank you so much for the time. All right in this and want to violate for making NBA trade deadline -- thoughts on what the -- and they've done what we talked to the national media. All last week in this week and I know a lot of -- people calling for a street frustrated. But the consensus folks the consensus is and is not excuses payments and it would -- is this the people who -- outside -- in the in. -- been a lot of injuries it's hard to say but they feel that they have the foundation in place. And in everybody's talked about coach now they talk about the draft but I mean you go back and look at 2000 will. In BA draft night -- -- Austin Rivers. There there are some guys in there that you could say you'd like to hand but I mean if you could have like Harrison bonds. A chance -- in the big drama and if Detroit and the picking before us Damien little but we want it -- we will lawn in we will team. In my manage the game and land Kendall Marshall via. -- on Spain in -- Zeller but. You would have to say well from what the outside looking in years. People a pretty much think that -- the of the of the teams that I'm not going to the playoff right now. If -- -- of fame. What roster do you like better how about debt the united Lakewood roster on a delicate drop. To -- -- O'Brien. Kobe didn't Kobe like he was folks when they came from eighteen and a fall quarter and people get their first championship that's not the same Kolb as be real. And he Bellamy a lot of basketball might Knicks in New Orleans 7 PM 1053. LSU Mississippi State 8:7 AM this is Debbie did yeah.