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WWL>Topics>>2-19 5:45pm John Deshazier: Pelicans vs. Knicks

2-19 5:45pm John Deshazier: Pelicans vs. Knicks

Feb 19, 2014|

Pelicans color analyst, John DeShazier, joins the Big Chief to talk Pelicans vs. Knicks tonight in the Smoothie King Arena.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Color analyst. How the pelicans network -- to chase it. John just now JD Wayne why all the pelicans -- -- I mean a national media tells us that ended as Andrews away from being in a bit better is is -- to assemble. Well I mean and what do an Arabic -- two years you know who it's probably in the hole. You know of the border problem Q what they are -- -- -- they -- injured knuckle. Or. Know who do you -- And the league authority you know -- really that way. You go to the street and hope to pick but I hope to make a trade. You know what you can add that significantly better you know that's all -- industry you know portray the secondary. You gotta get a guy who going to be more obtuse or a player or it spread to a local Condit got available -- what -- -- track they already know that they're -- battery Utley. Then you'd probably be -- other situation. You know -- times it's gently understand that the coast. You just don't know what you gotta give all the marketed legit I got that feel that it seemed to be looked upon prevent bad. Still it's never really had an opportunity to be together so. Just hope that the -- it would that you will be you know Ers are. John now the New York Knicks in town tonight a ball -- is also struggling their star -- you know they've got did face today franchise but you know. What will limit what the future hold for the Knicks trying to avoid a fifth straight loss a struggling team in this looks like that tonight New Orleans can add to -- Yeah and -- in there and you -- -- they -- what we -- situation to Carmelo everything played out all these long. You look at the end of the speed their opportunity and a walk in and they recede into being -- trade deadline. Don't get it that they can't. I don't know there is I don't know that it's what you intimately but you know it's there or don't look like the the sport that can do -- to want it you know. The comeback all the wanna go back predict -- -- and beyond the cardinal are they going to be a situation where -- intended -- -- -- if he'd already there you know about a backers are what they -- do -- and a regular bat the ball. They are one Nancy basically our Carmelo Anthony. Yeah at that moment and unfortunately for them. The ball treat when -- get it made it. They'll -- -- -- did not a lot of validity to the out at the -- it is not a nuclear energy that you know their ideas are that they're. And the ball Auburn did is it that you got to our volume scores you know they did you know that might get there but my ticket sort of watch it yet they -- -- -- so it. That's exactly what you want you what the ball -- -- the -- hotly all of them were the team they get it all. Early you know going to be a little bit of that would be if you pick all the shots can you went. JD how can folks followed you on Twitter. Righted and obviously it didn't end obviously an area JT thank you so much -- see -- -- -- -- opportunity.

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