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2-19 5-6p Sports Talk: Pelicans Trade

Feb 19, 2014|

The Big Chief talks to "YOU" about who the Pelicans should trade.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our number 20 sports talk on Deke Bellavia indicates again and Bobby -- is on vacation -- be that would us. On Friday coming up that's -- first break we'll continue talking about the NBA trade deadline Steve Tyler editor and publisher of hoops world. Whose world dot com -- that you NBA and for USA today sports will be -- -- to talk about the NBA trade deadline and the New Orleans pelicans. Are you heading out to be a -- -- tonight to take out the pelicans and the New York Knicks. -- -- Text estimate 7870. You can email us BT to -- did you order account where are you pelicans -- John decision. The color analyst at the pelicans -- Jonas at the bottom of the out this a format here on the trade deadline and I think we awful ball driven town but I think about in the -- the numbers at the arena there are some Buick about basketball on day. Lewis in the yes they would come by Jimmy Graham nets you know football's what. Eight miles away fallout that they're not -- one thing about basketball Ryan -- Do. Line. Lou. It's a sport. And they -- dale who we need a shot beat well is not. I mean I'll last week -- of people talk about onto all of has got dissident Pete they get a in the days. So and your take on the trade deadline the stand pat her Coach Williams their idea that his biggest frustration was the injuries. Now some guys started to come back. He feels like -- see in the growth. Are -- to seeing the growth ought not. 504260. Point 7803866. 889087. And basketball tonight we -- college basketball commodity as well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- LSU takes on Mississippi State. At the Pete Maravich assembly center and the Tigers let's face the at three road games that two of the three against ranked teams Florida. And Kentucky -- at the wind both of those games and he shot. At the -- -- of course in the is automatically about winning the ACC. Tournament. So you take it chip memo will preview that for us as well and the trade deadline is tomorrow what's the pelicans do. Should they stand pat would you try to move Eric Gordon wouldn't try to move Austin reports. Give us should take in what your thoughts on the pelicans tonight they take on the New York Knicks. A team that is clearly bad. You know and I don't know if I -- in New York almost like Florida football. Is the Florida Gators before and eighteen. There we saw this year. Audio at the eleven and one regular season team was sodium before. The answer probably lies somewhere between but I don't think -- never -- while they did for Nate. Meaning -- knew -- all the team that right now completely at a race. In the Eastern Conference I mean they can make a push -- -- leaving him in Brooklyn may make a big run down the stretch. When you look at New -- -- and 32. -- four games ahead of them we're a better Austin. Part of somewhere between -- to seeded they were last year are. All they just dead vein and I mean are they just a few shots away -- -- bad defense in this system from Vietnam it's better. You know the two seed in the east last year in just behind Miami. So they should take. And that's the night at some who became Senna -- event the numbers New Orleans is a four point favorite. Over the Knicks total in that one. Manufacture or expect a lot of scored nine at Sacramento Golden State game and used in the -- things went -- Dwight Howard makes his return trip to LA. Back cut to the phones we go to the phone would go but it got some Miami got -- smoke on a -- drew -- slide dale drew thank you for calling WW yeah. Andrew thank you -- I was beginning to think nobody in my basket -- all. The man I think now we can all do that now thanks to -- yeah and then being. Yeah a lot of soccer got value where that -- that. I didn't I think it is their daughter went at all a problem but it is an exciting -- you know in the -- -- yeah -- -- Yeah I beat it is yeah I probably enjoy eating -- we've Dickey did it help you get somebody -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well you know drew I think we all have our own semen and then sometimes -- well liked the sound off but in the and we we think I think we hear of people announcing you know. I'm all look at it from my standpoint I have an opinion just like you guys on different you talk and meet. On the phone from -- on microphone we have an opinion and he would talk to the national Bieber in the national B basically say in that. It's hard detail because these guys -- so is and not make any excuse me just tell them like it is. And they get everybody we don't do a majority they think that they've gotten. You know a lot of pieces in place. And just about coming together and you know it's it's an ace is too early to judge no -- body -- work is judged and took that into the season. But I would like to think though that right now. If they weren't healthy. They'd be you know the goals I take notice they -- -- to want to win -- -- states at 31 wins that's the eight spot. I'm proud to say be about you know 46 point seven maybe twenty wins -- closer than eight spot. Are greatly he had. The injury I watched the game. And play hard -- -- every game. At that moment of it being accurately don't know the reason another good. Even the injury mean -- you know they liked lot to me. I got Jews are you you've got to take him out tonight on. -- guys it would drew says if you move somebody move Austin rim and drew thank you so much for -- -- all -- and I appreciated back. To the phones we go Guss Scott in sliding out thank you for calling WW ago. You know decent. Bob and and I about the trade that the world economy and they would be I don't -- -- dollars never. -- guys that do -- -- Lou would be you'd probably get Eric Gordon. You can't -- get the -- blue get anything yet again soon able. -- -- -- and doing so well I think it is that I'll look at what. In fact I'll -- I mean it's a good player all of a little -- And you write about gone the main you know fought back about 44 million dollars for a foot three years and has a lot of money. All the monetary gambling -- -- -- and that allowed twelve point I could -- right you know than play great defense like the -- there. I know I don't think that you know all of the people speak -- -- go. Trade for. I'd say the ligament a little you know and you know we -- all enlightenment. Like usually Italian bell. I you don't bank in Abu -- and that would be you can get around really well. Yeah I AM I am IQ let's it's fiscally and I mean you know a financial like you say Scott but he did. I think that you know it's -- I don't know says -- Mulligan or pass but it is it's hard detail I mean if all these gas when healthy right now if everybody healthy and let's say. You know 2.3 two point man of that amount the majority of people have played. 8080 fat 9% of those games did you could say did you have a better feel of may be who. Who you would like you know who's who did -- them or who's getting more in unique chemistry. But this is just so hard detail -- -- that we always say you know I Andy Davis is off all star shall we know it went ORI Anderson into -- -- Jason Smith can do those guys. Those guys -- banged up I think you've got to have those type of players and we all get fast they were like OK we'll move to stop but it on every team in his league. I mean you've got is the old role players. Data about that Emeka getting used to it's it's play eight mad TN eleven. Did they come off the -- those that those teams has teams that to -- of the most completely. Think he's an accurate anymore and you feel you let -- -- quicker than an -- -- of -- Utley and everybody -- -- I'm going to -- and Billy -- who will be able. I'm bad. And I can't really good players salary is not -- I think people would be well at all and try to let you know. Air by the Eagles -- -- can knock down shot for sure. Yeah Montreal -- and I -- No limits they say he's. He's the dad he's big daddy when year -- when you do get into that playoff series a seven game series. And you and you got a set of a play for somebody is gonna knock down a shot at best the guy he's the guy fits that role -- those teams you see in the playoffs. Was got good stuff man thank you so much the -- they -- lousy. I knew we had some good basketball folks out there I guess -- had to hit the right button has had a right thing -- both fan morning -- in and that is some pain in the being whipped. But as -- so she police. Over in Russia from my cup to this whole thing on the you know I'm wondering what it people who affinity being with them. Anyway and we keep TV and then. Studio misses a CNN most the time. Back to the phone weeks we go and getting your take. Who would you move him why. And would you move some more. Let's go to who do we and a pump up upon. This go to see mr. green mr. green thank you for calling WW -- They -- by -- 8:1 o'clock one -- you have. -- appreciate -- argument that action but appellate. You'd -- all in all week but days like. While I do cloudy and the -- in the first day we talk and I'm thinking like -- who wants to talk about basketball. We save a four days the MBA all star game and nobody on the top. Yet but I think -- -- a little bit. I am always blown leads and you give me an idea how Lee are right it get the update you look at all or appellate but they've. -- Okay. They're not. That are. In particular or would look at that they've been. Back on it you are so -- -- out the they are but if Arnold -- -- you Nicky being July. There keep fortunately developed -- should -- -- right now you don't chair until Joba. Let people out. They hear this out -- and it gets around -- -- -- what you -- your. Salary. And made it -- -- you can double B sure they know. Our ball. Zdeno these these dances his -- Yeah correct correct. And an -- it it -- edit your peak is being out it would they've. Are you glad I gave him an idea because an issue package some on the final take all 45 million dollars in three years and you know. And out and I agree with -- it well I don't wanna they are -- Austin Rivers say. It didn't -- look around at the turn. He was gonna fully -- Yeah he was that that was accused point to what would you get another front court makes -- Davis. All would you get a backcourt mate and they day you know we would never know because -- went off the board the Pistons a nine. Oh okay -- Thought there were no no he he was he was right before -- on the okay it's our bracket by oh. OK okay agreed. Look -- we thank you so much for Colin obvious changes thank you so much. Historic Jennifer Tommy Tommy thank you for calling WW -- A pair. Heritage night and all of -- if you at all -- a lot in common Utley at right. If you if you talk about trade from the palace entry in Korea Erica out archery to eager on its own -- -- -- in the -- correct. I don't I don't -- since I've been hit Tommy I haven't heard anybody talk about trade Drew Brees. Don't know last week you talked about three -- Field beyond all talking about it right. Okay. Look at the a look at -- doubt you've got a good upper hand. You've got a good player and all that hurt that got the hit. Eighteen if not. Betray no but I'll keep because it -- -- make -- mistake the people in. And if you're not. What you -- all year. Mean when a pick in the draft this year pitcher who won a good number one draft pick he'd pick. Our. Somebody's got -- -- repeat and not like them yet there. Are like the culture I like to hold out and how it started. So you you don't you you don't have a probably anybody on our roster like everybody no doubt about. No no no I don't -- probably about a round. Do you think Gordon do you think Eric Gordon is giving you value. It really -- He's given me -- He -- -- -- it well it -- but it would affect it. Yeah I take it it takes time Tom have been passed the -- for veterans been league that long. Well -- know we understand how to you know I don't understand. And yeah usually with him he went from the Clippers -- was too many years ago. Are the. Okay what let me answer sometime what what are you asking me to understand man because every -- make them I'm trying to get -- to help me understand what point two trying to make. You say first of all he's given you bang for your book IS UK a lot. You say what he switching to -- he can move from team to team he's been on two teams in the -- But he can keep it easy. Feat given -- people now. Easy. What we all know he plans are. I -- know what I'm O do how much do atomic Khatami to go to go to go to new -- as everyone a -- cholera and you know I'd like like an election validity of this out a -- ever won a mock almost. If they think -- Goran is giving. -- What they won't all easy produce. Well some people considered in the top ten worst contract in the NBA he's one of and me but I mean almost it and -- you tell you what's on the national media says right. You're not giving bang for your buck right now what you say entry it is and all that it's one thing. Some you are texting and -- the coach is a problem. Not a national media. Don't believe that. The give me your take is it takes a team lacks leadership MIT's inability to inspire constantly leads to an inability to close out games. The national media don't watch every game every night coach makes bad. Game decisions that cost them -- -- no not nobody don't know Gordon is a crybaby Eric Gordon gave me absolutely no -- For my book. Gordon isn't worth 110 of the money -- -- I wish we could cut bait with him he's not leaving him there will be tickled to the prop. And you know. That's someone you guys take 260187866. 8890878. In the last ten games played for Eric Gordon is averaging 33 minutes a game. And third in Memphis and you feel growth this three point eight assists a game to have rebounds a game. A steal per game and fifteen point two points. A game he's been in the now -- six seasons. To the phone so we go and let's go to canned canned good evening thank you for calling WW. Not a victory would -- Will look for the perfect segue -- That's accurate. I hope that your Gordon plate you know. I watch. Couldn't finish in the game -- their leadership role or retain control game and -- in the fourth quarter. And get where -- I think he -- the game in the fourth quarter I coached basketball and not actually that coaching bad management. And players who unbelievable particularly an art to get too caught the potential that -- -- think that that pitcher -- but we are art. And you know that you play and they keep that unit that you couldn't care you know like Ottawa -- I'm gonna go you know. And that's what it was like meat but he's got to go I would trade -- furcal which I mean -- Battaglia is -- likely insiders. And that the coach. In Atlanta and agreeing when -- in the next year. But -- that we keep paying you know money you know pop can -- Popovich over it and still in. The end because it. -- -- to take over and it. Went. Well you hear people -- you don't. Agree. I easy is it my heart is in mall man's man. Can't aggravate says that get you know some -- say game day coach Aggies in game coaching. And how do you how do you may be had at the end of two to preparation weekly average. I know what you mean if -- early in games incessantly in the fourth quarter which you only that they don't like it just looks like in another direction. Olympic sport and you don't got time. You know important -- -- go on. And it sport -- six point and we were just not get stronger than -- He noted thing is I think the frustration ninety and you cannot go back a couple years ago. This team they would then a full quota and they couldn't close out and the deal was what we had Gordon healthy well he's another man. That is partly I think that -- coach it period. Mr. Gary Gordon where you want to play. Acutely ballplayer you can eventually get their. Emotions that I like -- -- -- -- like you know I look at our corporate like that he. Michael Gordon -- lack -- of that. Leadership action and get it grow it. You know. I'll be like. I mean it and you know I think -- -- probably I -- look -- -- he can hurt you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think that -- look at is. Players ready. And you've got to look bad at -- game itself and you gotta go there are -- recall all I can do whatever I can go up. He gave you guys like you know not -- not exactly. Well breaks that well. You know and alternate teach you NF. Then that breaks out. When we in particular the into the game. And who who. -- -- -- money. The game and. I don't and I I got to nominal try to get somebody as a a victory in Hampton -- some more in pizza and we got a full -- -- the calls and thank you so much. And on line six and thank you for calling WW. It'd. Be a home. Absorb the court and would. Should have been great for the traditional green. And also I agree with that some but at the moment for me. Thank -- money well. -- -- -- -- Ever Gary put you up extremely well in the first quarter of the second quarter the ability most of arm for. -- oracle did double B movie give it. What -- purple or maybe. Pay him one up particularly good in that. -- they are that are prospects Marvin Williams bit mute the changed teams the team room you person. -- -- who arraign him it -- -- it would girls but yeah he's hurt. But currently we're open to them. Then you fail -- going to be he has animals well. I mean who these people are looking to be but and the young into social. Utley or Gordon and trot thank you they trail between. Look at -- well I -- my equipment from -- going to beat him on the field for a period that you were beaten her effort so you need to get a better coaching him up. Growing would be younger and currently underway in the heat are Bedard. -- you you -- -- -- in a coach and not and I got -- -- Okay and thank you so much for the time some of your disappointment. Let's go low grade another great mark Robert Everett Paul main. Don't know I excited I am. Talking about do you folks a fired up about it new young -- New Orleans pelicans -- -- the and I asked -- -- -- coming back -- -- -- -- color analyst. How the pelicans network -- to chase it. John just now JD went well -- -- -- -- in the mean a national media tells us that -- -- -- injuries away from being in a bit better is is a dissembled. Well me and what do and -- made billionaire you know who it's probably in the -- -- The problem at Q what they are -- -- -- and they are injured or the or. You know who do you. And the league are born leader -- you know they've really that way. You go to the street and hope to pick up and I hope to make a trade. You know what you -- and -- bench on that it was better you know -- don't think about chemistry you know -- secondary. You gotta get our line will going to be more obtuse or player or strategy a local Condit got available at the Knicks are on track they already know that they battery Utley. And then -- probably deal with a real situation. You know other times it's GMT -- that because you know you just don't know what you -- get out on the market legit I got -- feel that this seemed to be looked upon prevent bad. Speed -- never really an opportunity to be together so. Just hope that the -- -- would that you will be you know curse or. John now the New York Knicks in town tonight a ball club is also struggling their star is you know they've got did face today franchise but you know. What will live bullet future -- for the Knicks trying to avoid a fifth straight loss a struggling team in this looks like that tonight New Orleans can add that -- -- Yeah and if you go -- -- what we call situation to Carmelo everything played out all along. You look at the end of the speed -- an opportunity and a walk in they -- anything -- -- booed at the trade deadline. Don't get at what they can't. I don't know there is I don't know that it's what you intimately but you know there -- those look like the the horse that can do it don't want it you know. The comeback although he wanted to go back predict -- and and beyond the cardinal are they going to be at the closure order intended not so owner he'd already there you know I'm not exactly sure what they -- to the league and a -- at bat the ball. They are one man -- basically Carmelo Anthony. -- that moment and unfortunately for them. The ball treat when I get it made it. They'll -- there's not a lot of validity to the upset -- then it is not a nuclear energy that you know and it might be in our lives at. And the ball Auburn did is it that you got to our volume scores you know they did you know that might get dirty but might they -- -- watch it yet they aren't you were so it. That's exactly what you want you -- the ball and it and put you hotly all of a particularly big at all. Early you know going to be a little bit of that with you if you pick a shot you went. JD how -- folks followed you on Twitter. -- did and got it straight at the end obviously an area JD thank you so much was seeded Irina. They opportunity all right let's go to green -- -- great thank you for calling WW Mayo. -- -- Believe believe that the Gordon should go. He shouldn't have agree with your earlier caller -- -- the -- -- at the plate. He shouldn't have been. Brought back I mean he flat out said that he went he wanted to be somewhere else up. But you know money and felt like Kiki did changes attitude about it or I -- I think you've got talent but he has never -- not. I don't either or does -- -- is doing. So many. And I also think that -- -- coach and general manager they've had their chances they've been here long enough I don't think you want bad guys. In terrible about them they're not in the job done on getting people -- here and coaching lot. -- to develop the younger guys or. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've got two grade Craig so you take it's Gordon and a. -- Gordon or player and my epic music -- hole. Going without coach and general manager partially. Greg thank you so much of the time on and I appreciate. Greg thank you for calling WW yeah. Yeah on one leg is quite common. They pick it over from the -- And -- that moderately that the mediocre coach and it you know. And and at court I have to agree with you there that you go I think he's dropped out. He's a good play. But not that much money and outlook that the that the doubt and -- that Mark Cuban on the for a while early season. And mark pointed out on them. That the Mavericks coach. Every play he he he don't play that they're there yet in this you know my -- with that -- -- -- You know and you don't see that communication. Between him by. If you'll also -- on -- bank you'd think he'd be don't and they are definitely two. Right exactly yeah. -- you know -- minute question and I'm not. So they got nothing -- also -- on -- bench Coach Williams. And that other coaches will push the right quietly. And helped out -- I didn't. No I said Miller right will be its side though I got -- -- what does he got Milan. Well I am but -- -- simulations you know course Smart pointed out you know but as the courts you know -- -- being on the chin up and not so we have an interest -- conversations. Well Manny you sound like I need to come which into the game you sit next to mark QU IRO. Well I was certain that from my agent got out eight before Portland back to back -- violence but yeah. -- -- -- Now you can confuse my main. Odd man I'm glad you guys did -- to be at -- close those and recognize seats this no doubt about it. I -- that Robin. Corey Everett and the rest of you called us. Would take a look Ellis who gets it to take on a Mississippi State as a tiger's chances at postseason tournament. Off fading quickly they need to do some quote I it's time now for the 1000 dollar -- contests. And Nicole ward does now is Brokaw. The co where there's now is broke BE RO KEE take it -- word injury at WW dot com slash -- Octagon a contest link on our website for your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide. It's just that simple and -- will be at the office computer serving at home. On your Smartphone or tablet. You can win anywhere. Listen for the next code word right before the top Woody Allen who's at 8 AM tomorrow during Tommy -- show. Good luck from a small radio into comment all of us here at WW yeah.