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WWL>Topics>>2-19 6:20pm Deke: LSU Basketball

2-19 6:20pm Deke: LSU Basketball

Feb 19, 2014|

Deke was joined by Jeff Palermo to talk LSU Basketball.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

LSU Tigers taking on Mississippi State coming up here. And just a few moments in and did basically alleged use and and it all run the table and got to be real close to doing some good stuff and ought to be in the tournament. Yeah I'll look like you know -- -- their final remaining. Or at least most beloved you know obviously two big challenges one of them come up. Saturday against Kentucky. And I'm not a big challenger coming up later. On March 1 against Florida they probably got to win one of those two games there really. Get the attention of the NCAA tournament selection committee in and out of play well. In the SEC -- which will be held in the land of the season they've dug themselves holes right -- 66 in the Southeastern Conference but it. It's unlikely that he'll be one of the great teams from the league get into the NCAA tournament. Just. What -- Johnny Jones kind of job has he done. Well in it and then a bit of a disappointment I think a lot of people thought. At that could the an NCAA tournament team you know I was one of those that. I would tell you that probably coach Johnny Jones is not happy with where -- -- that right now -- they let some games get away earlier than he's been. There's no doubt he's an excellent recruiter he's brought in good players. He's got some guys that are committed. And I never that are pretty good players as well but I I don't think. It's gonna take a while for the team to. Richer this program mature enough to where they can win some of these games they've lost that Egypt can't. What the -- in and all the sudden becoming a consistent winner on the road in the Eastern Conference even other than our league it's just. I don't care what conference -- play it and it's very typical. To win on an opposing -- court and program. That have been there before it got some history -- know that they can dwindle that game they have more success -- but he's just not there yet. I think host joked that at some trouble trying to match. Some of the talent you know you got one guy and real mark who's playing out of position they really haven't been able to get the best out of him. That's been an issue -- -- I still think you know coast got Angels at the right guy for the job but you know at that point. You know -- eat eat -- This year's team it has been a disappointment no doubt about it. I think that the team the coaches will work for it and hopefully maybe you know things can change and it can only finish up strong and they'll get -- -- tonight he would see. Is this am excited about basketball is still at age death like it was when when Johnny was tired. Melanie LU baseball -- pretty you know that we get an era. Of outlaw but -- what -- B -- Libya. You know you got me on Elvis and that I yeah basketball on television but I that. -- I would imagine mortality fans are suited to what baseball -- -- do it against the remotely Deanna. I think a lot of fans are disappointed. You know he only got such a short time. After football season and really after recruiting season is duper and LSU basketball program to grab the attention of the band and you know two losses last week. In games where you know meat yet can't win against Texas band and -- he was -- -- -- -- -- where you would both of them made it. You know let that obviously is gonna you know frustrate the fans that. You know I'll be LB interest in -- see how many of these these particular color that they were able and that here they come back again next season. But again it's all part of trying to -- program that. He just can't departments and focus switch in expecting to be much better than they were a year ago a year ago. Can it be better than maybe -- that right now pressure that they can have a couple more wins than they probably don't have at this point but. It is it that it's gonna have to take a couple more years for the program really grow and you're would be at the point and a lot of people open will be one. -- limo columnist at WWI dot com Jeff how can folks -- you on -- Palermo well aren't just thank you so most of the time we appreciate. I think.

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