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2-19 6:10p Sports Talk: Pelicans Trade

Feb 19, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to the final few stages of sports talk I'm Deke Bellavia coming up pelicans basketball and LSU. Fight and tiger basketball. And I appreciate those hanging on and -- gonna get straight to you the NBA trade deadline is tomorrow what should the New Orleans pelicans do we contention vote on line. -- WW though that kind to the phone to go to go to Robert in BO TH round thank you for calling -- WTO. Eight he this and we just about every night and George show up. But but I watched the game just about -- on the play on TV and you know it's on sit back and played the general manager approach you know man you don't it is. Yeah you know so but you know just watching watching Pete play I think they would go -- to tell who's got a young coaching young GM and young team. You know in those three things. Or giving us what we got you know but I think there are some personnel moves that are kind of questionable to lump. You know Eric Gordon sure he is now worth what he's being paid. I don't think it's an attitude thing with him respect he's trying to orders to produce. And -- a lot of yet to do with the offense and want to cheap play the not a lot of continuity on all you know you got -- -- -- scoring. So placed her at new status for the -- and Aminu at the three really good scores not produce offensively. They got -- -- a good thing in the nose in the game -- we would recount all we went and got being Smart. Replaced Robin Lopez and it hasn't worked out. Because he can't score can't rate it will begin at -- only. He's not a big rebounder. And he gets the most submit to the pot spot spot. You know -- at least -- ticket people. You know he can rebound he's got out. And you know what when I get beat Davis. -- -- trouble and let it would break the -- to -- sixty dinar. He knows what he's in the player that has the ability. That -- to develop into a decent set. And that's something we need desperately. Always say are you saying development of some of these young -- is it hard detail. -- without everybody being -- damning because to me I look at it and understand with some of people come in their frustration by the time the opinion. But if -- Jackson were here he would be facing with not having his whole roster you know. Absolutely you know and look I don't wanna say that -- we can't coach and I -- -- -- you know I would look I would love to see what. What this team would be don't even it even Tyreke I -- not -- -- it was still hurt. But right handers would bring to this team right now if you -- You know the cotton -- okay. He got though Robert just played decently. It's great this -- Rivers developed this year and it -- people let you. -- -- and the fact it Jrue Holiday got hurt you in an opportunity to play as it -- respond play in -- years right now that will go hard every. You know we need to worry. Look at any school and it's not a it's it's it's not the -- It's. Everybody knows that when you play it out to see more seasoned team recruit coach. It comes down. To the end of the game generally -- to -- going to be a team like the belt. You know right spirit is going to be a team like the pelicans. Seven out of ten times it gets close it's in the will -- And netcom com -- -- -- sprints and I mean night like you said I -- they got it. They got to expand to across the board and and that's why -- -- when we felt of people on the outside looking man and I realize that some people and in their their correctness -- what they don't follow a team on David based on same but they talk to the people. They tell to what people thought of and of everybody has got a reputation and he would -- you do lawyers doctors everybody and and in the -- decide it is it eight. They've been injured but. -- so I asked him boy if you're telling me that this was a year that unity they want to give bumps and bruises. And learn in that she would be the year to be a playoff. Team loses does that mean -- -- a year behind now and that's that's pretty much a question and -- you know and nobody really has advanced to could you just don't know. Right it'll at a big time tickets so whether or not. The coaches can develop into a coach -- can develop a team into seasoned team that can actually do it when it counts. We nobody knows yet you know I I really think it would. It helped the cause a few times when now with this group when -- when it stops second on the shot clock and we an inbound the ball. And if it played at it you got scratchy in in the that was back. -- -- -- -- and over again the estate project so I wonder. Yeah TP CC and -- experienced -- experience coaching at all the pieces in place with players that have experience and watching Houston play you know forced -- you know San Antonio. Are on level teams that don't make mistakes like. You know and so but it's you know like I right to expect we got an NB AT and -- -- moment I must hit. Now I don't hate -- hate any of Robin around and I appreciate it Tanya -- ghost of the table and you know. I think it's enjoyable in on -- not I don't I had to take it before but now there's so many games you can kids. You don't win tonight he has been a double double -- And and as one of two only NB ATV. So he just had a united ticket you privy to about four game tonight in nineteen these guys did doubleheader Tuesday and -- in the we can and so. -- maybe didn't have the ticket and you can you can really -- tomorrow but it it. Illinois the -- and purchased the team I think that's that was one of the biggest things here and it's it's really helped the fan base. State wide. Especially down here is that. Everybody can watch. I mean you know you can watch -- going on fox sports out and you concede pelicans and at the media it's huge it's huge to me to my -- a team we Tim McGraw on the fan base. Even better as well Everett and diamond hit thank you for calling WW well. The actual to army and I'm mom I'm here working on -- -- you going to be a decent value. -- -- -- like to say that. -- call partner turns around but I am not Barnes to the third. Mountain Dew in the excuse to -- or not I can't it is okay you know this is a very young team. Well on the problem with the team has been in the -- -- you don't want. A small forward. You don't have a small forward. Become you know it's it's not capable -- in your your small forward. If you try and quiet on the people probably. Player and opposition with their -- right in the rotation. And operate their. You know Marvin Williams he's a coach like -- Scott wore. -- got and so far I think -- got the coach in Macon is going to be -- and then it just so. You know do Belichick -- succeed on these do -- with confidence and in the and his in the grand. You know we all. You know he's he was down here. You know it is you don't -- on the field Barry you know intimidated -- the Marvin Williams. Thought that the fact that the culture and what other teams with MB finals you. They jumped into the arms. He's already rational honest he -- So what. It is I think there -- -- -- -- is not Martin's not experience -- not. I'm still young developing called you to beat the at some articles you that the article all the supreme. Bare hand out there probably -- not dependable deep -- support it wouldn't put that finger while similar in their disposed. And we don't have the poor on the threat like that the defense but the principal is. And be like this for me up the -- well you know open -- temple star purple basketball. And we job in great tool. Whether you know it's wondered if he'd get very similar to Wear -- Dave. Man every good stuff thank you so much of the time let's go to court Corey thank you for calling WWL. Yeah I did you know and B I. Yeah and oh yeah yeah they're out there and be right. You have to. Go to Italy. He's saying he's sick he's sent a lot out saying you know -- idea really their guy he laid it out right he really the. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I get into a bonus or is what you look monitoring my back. The effort in about as excited because you had in the pollen you -- the lake is pretty -- you know. Why. Do people you know -- -- Ultimate -- and Beckett in your -- know. No would be. Huge circle and that you know Cardinals and they saw it -- that there -- a good change. I'll be in the situation where in beat. Call -- -- why it happened. And it would be a game. -- Stretch -- and Eric are all so my. -- ball and particular -- or. We know what. They did a pretty. Well. -- -- And day out what changed. -- got -- -- -- look good from a man thank you so much for the time the LSU Tigers taking on Mississippi State coming up here. And just a few moments in and did basically alleged use and they don't run the table and got to be real close to doing some good stuff and ought to be in the tournament. Yeah looked like you know late winter finally made. Or at least both the club you know obviously two big challenges one of them come up. Saturday against Kentucky. They have another big challenger coming up later on on March 1 against Florida they probably got away and won those two games there really. Get the attention of the NCAA tournament selection committee in and out -- play well. In the SEC tournament which will be held in the land of the -- -- -- -- dug themselves a hole right here 66 in the Southeastern Conference but it. It's unlikely that you'll be more than three teams from the league get into the NCAA tournament. Just. What is Johnny Jones kind of job has he done. Well in it and then a bit of a disappointment I think a lot of people start. At that could the an NCAA tournament team you know I was one -- -- open. I would tell you that probably coach Johnny Jones is not happy with where it even that right now at Atlanta and green get away earlier that he'd been. There's nobody an excellent recruiter he brought -- good players. He's got some guys that are committed. And I never that are pretty good players as well but I don't think. It's gonna take a while for the team to. Picture of this program mature enough to where they can win somebody's game that they lost Egypt can't. What the switch in and all the sudden become a consistent winner on the road in the top Eastern Conference even other than our league it's just. But I don't -- what character to play it and it's very typical. To win on an opposing -- court and program. That have been there before it got some history and know that they can dwindle game they have more success than Ellis he's just not there yet. And I think -- skilled with at some trouble trying to match. Some of the talent you know you got one guy and real mark who's playing out of the division I really haven't been able to get the best out of him. That's been an issue robbed eight they'll think you know coach Johnny Jones has the right guy for the job but you know at that point. You know that he -- This year's team it has been a disappointment no doubt about it I think have seen the coaches will work prominent. Hopefully maybe you know things can change and can only finish strong and they'll get in the united he would -- Is this am excited about basketball is still at -- if like it was one when -- was tired. Allen -- baseball -- slippery you know that we get a you know I. You know I -- -- know -- TB rate Libya. You know you got me on television but I yeah basketball on television and I that. I would imagine mortality fans are suited to what they've -- been -- against -- Trimboli Deanna. I think a lot of fans -- disappointed. You know he only got such a short time. After football season and really after recruiting season is over at LSU basketball program to grab the attention of the band and you know two losses last week. In games where you know meat yet can't win against Texas band and our he -- -- -- where you lose both of them made it. You know that that obviously is gonna you know frustrate the fans that. You know I'll be opiates and at the comedies -- particular that they were able and that here they come back again next season. But again it's all part of trying to grow program it. He just can't apartment to focus switch and expecting to be much better than they were a year ago a year ago. Can they be better than maybe weren't there right now I am sure that they could have a couple more wins than they probably. Don't have at this point but. It is it that it's gonna have to take a couple more years for the program really grow you're would be at the point that a lot of people open will be one. -- limo columnist at WWI dot com Jeff how can folks follow you onto it. -- -- -- Jeff thank you so much for the time we appreciate. -- right coming up next the elation networking you said the Mississippi State in 7 o'clock the night Tigers and bulldogs. And the pelicans and the New York Knicks thanks so -- to big shield in. Also Dave -- on the news I'll be back with you tomorrow on sports talk recap the NBA trade -- and also. What do an awesome music on the on. And what about. This rule in college football should they slow things down. But the defense is to catch up -- -- have our offense is an attic and a profit some of the we'll talk about that tomorrow from four to 8 PM here on WW.