WWL>Topics>>2-19 10:10pm Scoot: offensive t-shirts

2-19 10:10pm Scoot: offensive t-shirts

Feb 19, 2014|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the Utah mother who bought several hundred dollars worth of t-shirts she found offensive when the store refused to remove the display.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well the crow cause way is that crossing right now north bound on Mardi Gras floats are the causeway I don't know exactly where they are right now if you -- our callers. And if you -- send us text you can as long as you're not the one driving Alyssa exactly where the year the floats or on the causeway. This is again northbound heading to the North Shore for the parade this weekend are numbers 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point seven. In a text -- receipts -- -- have also you might be stuck in some traffic on -- twelve both lanes were closed earlier I don't know if you're still closed now. But there was a very large accidents and apparently. There now involved in vehicle recovery. This was I twelve eastbound. Mile marker 32. Near Albany. Georgia officials have approved a specialty license plates featuring the confederate battle like. Some civil rights activists are outraged. The Sons of Confederate Veterans requested the specialty plates. Now there was specialty plate that did feature a small confederate flag to the left but the new plates have the confederate flag covering the background of the entire plate. A spokesperson for the Sons of Confederate Veterans says. There request for the plate is not intended to offend anybody but simply. Celebrates a southern heritage. Representative for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference at the state of Georgia should not have allowed the new plates and called the confederate flag reprehensible. Now the confederate flag does commemorate southern heritage to many people. But what bothers me is that there are a lot of people who use the the confederate flag to promote their beliefs. That. Whites dominate and that whites and blacks should be separated. They are a lot of people who. Display the confederate flag and they really don't know anything about the south. And it don't really know that much about their southern heritage. So if you're gonna displayed if -- flight that's fine I would just hope that you one of the ones that is actually doing it obviously. On to commemorate the end and two were Specter southern heritage. Which is is fine I got a text I'm a moment ago it's as two blacks the confederate like neighbor present racism. But to some whites it's part of their heritage. So with racism being a touchy subject. Are whites allowed to have a heritage. Is our heritage only or is heritage only reserved for minorities. See you can't really get into somebody's heart and mind. And determine whether or not to putting out the confederate flag for the right reason it's in the back of a pickup truck if it's -- license plate if it's on. T shirts and you can't really tell widely wanna do it. But I'm convinced that there are there are people who really want to just celebrate their southern heritage. There are a lot of proud people in the south. And you can't take that away from those people who do wanna celebrate it's not something I mean I'm from the south. My grandmother's family their fathers -- father's side of the family comes from Donaldson jail. And my mother's -- differently from. Uptown New Orleans. So I'm from here. I'm from the south but I don't feel the need to do that but others others do and if they do and if they do it for the right reason that's okay. But here's -- WWL party -- opinion poll because of the sensitivity of all of this should the confederate flag. Will be available on a state license plate. 38% say no and 62%. Say yes it is your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. -- here's an update on the floats in a convoy. -- units just past mile marker eighteen. Right that's where they are certainly getting close to the nor sure. Also tonight we'll talk about Judy Cox she's a mother in Utah. As she was with her eighteen year old daughter they were shopping at the mall. Win the mother saw a T shirt display in the window of pact signed. It's a clothing stores that it really targets. Young people. The T shirts featured scantily clad models in provocative poses. She complained to the management. But management could not remove the display without the approval of the corporate office. So the mother took matters into her own hands and she bought up the entire stock of T shirts. There in nineteen -- she bought a lofty off the display and she bought him out of the store 567. Dollars worth of these teachers. So another -- the story there's no display. And she plans to return the teachers before the into the stores sixty day return policy period. So she doesn't get stuck with the 567. Dollar bill. However if you -- that store. And and items sold out. Would you just ask for more to be shipped in. I think it's fair to point out that this is a very conservative. City this is not far from salt lake city of which about forty miles south of Salt Lake City. And this is a very very conservative area. Andy even have a city codes to prohibit anybody from putting up explicit sexual material any kind of public display. That goes too far -- suggesting six or depicting nudity or actual hours simulated. Sexual conduct or even sexual excitement and also -- masochistic abuse -- can certainly understand that. What gets tricky though I think would be -- sexual excitement. I mean you could put it cheerleader at that would be sexual excitement to to some people. But I you know I would perspective. A town and community to be able to. Set the norm spore for their particular. Community. I mean obviously it's not the French Quarter and I think that as long as people or three. Two. To buy what they want indeed do what they wanted to -- somebody could buy those T shirts on line if they wanna do and actually his mother. Inadvertently is going to. Bring a lot of attention to these these T shirts it impacts on stores and guess they have some around here I haven't seen him into the ball while. But I'm assuming they have them around the country -- all their stores. I guess the other question is did the mother to the right thing. If you saw a display of clothing that you thought was in decent. And -- with your teenage daughter or son. How would you react. If she thought these teachers were indecent. And she -- tried to do her part by buying up all the teachers in getting him out of the window getting an out of the store. Whereabouts. What about television what about the Internet what about all the other things that go into that area. I understand what this mother's trying to do and I guess yeah I applaud her actions. But I don't think it's that the right way to handle this year if you're concerned about. Indecency. If you're concerned about things that are provocative. Then you really should sit down and and talked to your teenagers about the kind of like that you want him to lead. Regardless of what they're exposed to because they're gonna see things that will be provocative and indecent in your mind. And no matter where they go now you can cut down on that for example and -- store they can have rules about what canning and Campillo but. You know I guess it's an interesting action that she took to -- the -- she considered indecent. But what would you do if your teenager was with you when you saw something that was indecent. Which you which you have a conversation would you say look I know you can see this and I know you're gonna be exposed to despite. You know this -- Stockton. The right waited to -- in this is not this is not tasteful. If you enjoy pressure with a comic tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. -- over State's 77 here's a Texan read scoot haven't caught any throws from the crew of causeway worst parade ever. I know and there's no -- You know day -- -- just there's no music it's just one float after another. And they just. I guess the only good thing is is they'd they don't break down they don't slowdown is pretty much stays on on schedule. Also tonight let's talk about a state represented in Kansas. Who was proposing a bill that would allow parents care takers and teachers to spank their children hard enough to leave a mark. Kansas representative. Gail Finney a Democrat from Wichita has introduced to deal that would allow up to ten strikes at the hand. -- could even leave redness or bruising. And that would be legal. The deal would also allow parents to give permission to others to spank their children. But the bill would continue the ban on hitting a child with a fist. In the hand in the body with a built. With the switch. And -- and it says that she hopes that this will restore. Parental rights. And improve discipline. So this -- blog two nights. Is titled. Spanking. Leaving a mark for the next generation. Did you spank your kids. Did your parents spank you. Is is that the best way to discipline kids this your blog is about. An alternative to spank -- although I don't criticize those who who wanna -- as long as you know the difference between spanking. And beating your child. If you wanna join our shooter right our numbers 2601872. All free 8668890. A seventy. In a text number disease have VA seventy. This is the -- live from New Orleans on -- Wednesday nights and we'll be right back. Under every WL we're talking about a mother in a very conservative town in Utah who bought up all the T shirts that she considered indecency saw them when they're eighteen year old daughter shopping at the ball. She -- what I'm in the window and she complained they wouldn't take him down because well it's it's a corporate story it's pac sun. And they needed approval from the corporate office so. She decided to buy apple T shirts 567. Dollars worth nineteen different teachers. And these are T shirts with scantily clad models in provocative poses I saw the teachers and -- honestly. For me they're very tastefully done. But I realize that that's not everybody's tasted this is a very conservative area. I did the mother do the right thing was just the right way to react to this. Here's a Texas forest the a woman who bought the shirts educate your kids don't waste your money on a futile attempt. -- to make a point just talked to your kids are also talking about that the Georgia on the Georgia a specialty license plate in Georgia. And the confederate flag is across the entire background. -- the confederate flag be available. On the state to a license -- 37% say no 63% say yes that's our -- -- pretty jaguar opinion poll. We'll give you an update on that tonight in just a few minutes from Pascagoula Harold you're on the -- show and every WL. -- -- that is trying to tell you -- there. Sometime -- network you'll Mississippi had to vote on whether or not to keep the so that the rebel flag on now on our state flag videos that you story. And -- -- says how disgusted it would and so many people went to vote against and that really says. As a -- equation. It is always body. Or does some might have deployed out to -- that it bothered -- And he says you know point. Harold that's interesting -- I think that happens quite often to get happens with things like. Like Halloween you know there was a time when nobody thought Halloween was evil until somebody figured out and wait a minute this is an evil holiday. And I think that there were people who were not offended by the confederate flag until somebody decided hey you know this represents slavery. Well I understand that it represents the self. In the past. But I also. Respect the freedom to commemorate. One's heritage. I didn't. I I don't I just I don't like the idea that some people would fly the confederate flag as a badge. Of the year they're racist attitudes. May -- that apartment go blonde as a raging debate. But I all of -- -- And it was certain group of people got together and said they're offended by the -- -- on the growth storefront shop. I've been shot but that win instead of win Dixie. -- it's a good point bicycle assurance such -- over Pascagoula if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seven -- In a -- number. There's 877 also -- we're talking about a state represented David Kansas who has proposed to build it will allow parents care takers and teachers to spank their children hard enough to leave a mark. She's hoping that this will restore parental rights to improve discipline. Here's attacks and asks a very interesting question. Restore parental rights sore -- -- rights have been taken away. No and that's what the -- blog is about tonight it's it's titled spanking at least mark on next generation. Question mark. Should spanking be the form of discipline that that that works -- spanking can work I think mainly -- in younger kids but. You do have a right to spank your kids and this assembly that -- is mentioned in the industry blog tonight again you can read it and share with others it's. You come in -- feel like it's on our website at W real dot com for the West Bank Don -- on the -- -- I don't -- -- good. As via our group but it. Where a mother straight meeting to give permission to move. My short great teachers just great mean our ally. And evolve on the neighborhood now doing some the national employment and neighbors have the right despite. Now it didn't affect me in a bad way. At all the public that it isn't that should not duplicate of the got to be repercussions to. Which you got it would go with your child responds to. Socialism in response to. Barely completed the even if you don't bring. And done I think -- -- -- not a child psychologist but I've I've I've you know I've I've gotten to this point in my life. By noticing a lot of different things and quite often bring up things based on my personal views and personal experiences in life. It seems to me -- -- news and much more effective when a child as much younger. And dead time now for example which is something that takes a lot of time and effort from the parents. It's something that a lot of parents don't wanna take the time to do a spanking is a real quick easy way to administer discipline. But really is that the best way to instill discipline in your kids. Well it. And oh what a child responds to a mobile -- -- my -- cemetery. But at some. Time -- really agree elect okay you. Sold it in -- -- Well the day. Don't -- Iraq. You know all of the levels. Levels of punishment -- -- you know -- -- different levels. Something like one time. The ultimate. Goal. You gonna spank it soared to Justin Bieber is under investigation in California for doing. But. I duke it out well. I think that's I think that's fair. That's good I think it's a good way to instill discipline done a blade goes -- thanks listing. I hear is attacks to school we have seen a black swearing tri colored flags black paint the flags. And other black heritage items but when other groups. Do the same thing. Blacks object. Well you know we're -- senior analyst I generalize and say that all blacks would object and all blacks are not -- wearing. Black panther flags and I haven't seen a black panther flag. Did anybody has born I haven't seen anybody flying. Like pain at the flags New Zealand where confederate flags and a flex like that here's a texted do you know. There are two kinds of confederate flags one with the stars. And -- ax is. For. For fighting wars. The other represents the self. Honestly I didn't know that they were two different kind of confederate flags on the image of the confederate flag demise were percent races into a lot of people but. I think it's also fair to say that it it does for a percent southern heritage. Now you can have you could have racist around you that don't fly confederate flags. And you don't know that their racist in some cases people or displaying the confederate flag for the wrong recent. We're talking about this tonight on our show because it Georgia officials have approved a specialty license plate. Featuring the confederate battle flag. It's on civil rights advocates are outraged. The Sons of Confederate Veterans requested the specialty plates now there -- specialty plates available before they had a small confederate flag to the left of the letters and numbers. But -- the new flag is the new license plate as the confederate flag now covering the entire background. Of the plate in a spokesperson for the group the sons of -- confederate veterans. Says that the request for the plate is not intended to offend anybody but it celebrates southern heritage a from Mississippi shot every year and a VW well. Well. I can't count Obama architecture huge. About an injured -- my -- to know better -- to get a -- to. And it's for the -- That the problem. Is that by net working retail. Exactly and now apparently Tehran to stop stop the Eagles. We can get these gentlemen thank. And as Sharon got that is that is the key no matter what you do you've got to follow through and I see that in public all the time and got bullish because I'm sure you see that and have to deal with that a lot. You can't tell your kids. I'm gonna spank you if you don't really spank him. Ethnic academic that the -- -- it was -- -- but it shouldn't third now. -- -- in the bag with mountains that border. Not want more power to -- -- -- Country. Without a beaten for. I'll an adult. Novels and that would pick up with a dire but not a. What we see this we see this all the time and there have been times when I've actually. Time confronted parents about their kids. The other day however I was ago best -- And I received a standing in line and I saw this this young girl start to to mess with the you know the denial lawn. -- dialogue and and bands that are between two poles that are used to I'd like to control the router or start the line it customer service. Well she started playing with that. The mother came over immediately she said do you work here she's at the -- child do you work here. It shows that she's at that you leave them alone. And -- -- over the right way to handle. Sharapova and. That will -- Torture you know -- And I am sure that -- in -- right. And the way. That that rebel -- -- and he hit it they're more contrite about it. Every day. For Oprah thing. It's it is unfortunate. That there are racist. Who probably displayed the confederate flag to express. Here. Desire I guess to have black slaves again. But there are people who do just what -- commemorate their. Their southern heritage -- you you can't take that away from them because they're a few bad people we ought to be Smart enough to realize that. Not everybody -- displace a confederate flag does it for the wrong reasons. Our Chara I appreciate the call on thanks for listing if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text of receipts have creativity. Here's a text that I agree with that right to spank. But like every other taboo topic. It has become a problem when it -- taken to the extreme. When parents start beating their children. Black and blue that it becomes a major issue and will lead to severe child abuse. That's true and I would hope that every parent. Understands the difference between spanking your child. And beating your child. But I thought it was interesting that there is now a proposal. -- Kansas. That would allow parents and caretakers and -- teachers to spank kids and they define it this way. To spank kids to the point where it can this spanking can leave redness or even leave. -- Now it seems to be read this would be one thing but if you if you if you think about the the texture. And the the make up of the -- Maximus. You think that that have to be a pretty hard hit to Bruce and I would I I am not not a doctor but I think it redness okay guys it's quite understandable to Bruce and I don't know. But which you give it a teacher or somebody else permission to spank your child. You know whether spanking or something else and this is what I've negated to -- and to -- blog tonight with the respecting or something else. There is no question that that too many parents don't take the time to discipline their kids. They. They don't wanna be -- it. And I love what caller from Mississippi said it works in retail she sees. Kids in stores all the time. And their parents say don't do that again if you do that again Hispanic. What happens the kid does it again. Because the kid knows the -- not gonna follow through or the dazzling if all throw. You have to follow through but see that takes time and effort. And you know I I hear these parents and it's it's as if these kids just don't even here because they know the parents are gonna follow through. That's not the -- -- It's actually the parents' fault. The -- blog tonight is titled spanking leads mark on next generation. Question mark is that would we need to do. Did you spank your kids did you -- spank you or it was or anything else you tried to do that worked. I know -- -- people who totally. Totally reject the idea of timeout. But time out if you do it right and if you actually follow through would do it it does work. It is legal to spank your kids but their other things you can do. As a matter what you do as long -- you do something and you have to understand the difference between spanking and beating. If you would join our show tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688908. Saturday. And a text number is 87070. This is dispute show -- from New Orleans on Wednesday nights and we're coming right back on -- -- the confederate flag be available on a state license plate that's -- WWL pretty -- my opinion -- not changing very much in terms of percentages. Is -- a date 38% say no and 62% say. Yes it should be available not forced -- and everybody would have to drive around with a confederate flag on their license plate but it's a specialty license plate it would be available. Is that okay. We're talking about -- so you can give your opinion on the -- by going to our web site WWL dot com. And we're talking about this says state representative in Kansas who is proposing a bill that would allow parents. Care takers and teachers to spank children hard enough to actually leave redness or bruising. Is that a good idea. If you enjoy pressure with your comment tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text number is. 877. A Mort you're texts are coming up let's go to a Jack in New Orleans Jackie on the -- your good evening. In the Indian school element is on the court the issue that you ought to wait strategy and eyes and to -- object. But I think you can political correctness a little bit -- for so as not -- -- -- -- commemorate the and if -- the white -- and that to play you know again it. Well this isn't -- no -- Jack Jack Jack this is in Germany. I don't know that the defense claims -- it was involved. Nobody said this is I can't Jack I can't speak for a country that is not a America. But in America we allow that kind of freedom of speech that I may not like it but you can fly Nazi flag in America. But I'm saying he shouldn't they get on the go. That's my point I'm saying he's in light in one memory in there and -- mean that. But this. -- to tell -- it would command. Well Jack I I agree with you I'd like them to know what are -- but since we can't. Give them the test that I under I understand what you're saying and look I'm not trying to be politically correct Jack I know I don't know I never tried to be politically correct. I charted the -- to -- fair. What is it that's where commemorating about the felt. The -- played we will commemorate. We'll check that not everybody was a slave owner. It. You are an agenda I mean is if somebody else wants to contribute to this by calling a show you you certainly can't. There is a lot to be proud of and itself. Not I don't think slavery is anything to be proud of I think. That's not what does sound that's not all of the south that's not everything and -- southern cooking their southern way of life now I'm. But Qaddafi rebel flags about that -- to what I'm saying you need to -- way it's an animal in regard to -- -- entry. And that's because I am against him immediately was -- we don't wanna go a -- -- I agree with that but I disagree that everybody wants to display the confederate flag for for racism although I Alam and I've mentioned as a lot of people do. Well my point is what you need anything explain what it is they want memory because I don't believe he's not going to be does not only to be racist and an. OK -- if -- is just a young African American is wearing. An African prints should we stop him or her and asked them to explain their their African heritage. The liquidity -- it was you know blacks to eat. Okay and I think that lead -- are. Inherently American way it is not way you know apple -- in and. Jack there are a lot of people agree with you. You know luckily I just that that you pretty decent. What you like dealing with people who actually. About -- -- -- recognizing I've I recognize that I just don't know how to weed out those people from others who. Who who wanted -- who want to just express pride in being from the deep south. And and went. From. I district. He. Represents. Racism -- Portland to maintain. But -- but it. But if there are people who -- telling -- -- -- it's not racist to them why don't you believe them. Because no -- leave him at -- -- while. The only double containment. Whoever it is that it. The white vote but you know. And I yen and -- -- and the humans in every. Not an outlet that they can -- him. We know we actually like them. Jack a lot of people agree with you -- you express your opinion. Thank you all right here is a text that -- I would do skewed if they won't fly the confederate flag let them. Jack is very biased I'm -- Georgia passed that law. I'm not a fan of the confederate flag. I'm not. I'm not ashamed of being from the south side as you know I'm I'm from the south -- I've lived all over the country. And there are some things about the south that I'm not proud of I don't have is that. Southern pride feeling to the point where I feel like I need to display my my southern pride. It is somebody wants to use the confederate flag to do that. I don't think I can stop them. However I do denounce all of those. Court too ignorant to understand anything about southern heritage and the confederate flag is -- -- -- of racism. I'm from Baton Rouge Patrick -- WL. We are very good. Load. Alexander -- are OK -- and the board of education was always -- school or than my mother's straight up what do you. I but the one thing that bothers is something that you -- are ordered to -- it could be here. I -- the year of parents. You know and -- elders you know I regret it takes a community to raise -- -- Yeah apparent that something that you know when when Hillary Clinton said it takes a village to raise a child conservatives in the country misunderstood that and thought oh you mean the government raises our kids. Now it takes a community to raise it Charlie if your parents aren't they hear the neighbors parents held you accountable for your behavior and that was okay this. -- -- -- -- -- we're not -- my grandmother. Actually dating game to mark Graham that I daughter like that at all my grandmother who come here -- start my -- And my mother would -- our the ball out of the pitcher. But you know thing about this it was there it was installed in true me. Actually -- the right way you know new York and. Some literally write about dentists that it's there had a healthy fear. Other sporting an end and when you say healthy fear of authority I would translate that in to respect for authority. There -- year and the one thing. You know you. Want to you know -- didn't and wouldn't want to -- -- the -- gear or any time. You were walking works you know what -- suites. Know -- Russian Chinese something like. Well if you don't -- if you don't feel if you don't fear the police then what what inspiration do you have what motivation do you have to be it to be civil. The year I I totally agree with it. Patrick I'm going to call. Oh 11 thing banks -- if you don't Marblehead. Okay everybody who goes on post -- Carter -- Cooper wearing the one thing about it is that a medical -- on freedom of be better burst of them. And nobody anybody can understand it -- a public man are among black -- And everybody understand that you can -- it can Wear whatever you want we can do you want you can say what you want to only history can now watch a lot of a lot of history that goes on sure -- Klan rallies have liked it there. People outside India are going on of voicing your own opinion the police are protecting your black and white -- It you know an advocate either way all the way Obama. Stop the stop being installed it. It not been. And -- and be real is so. Patrick I I I agree with you and I'm I'm glad you made -- point thanks for a ritualistic here's a text sir I'm a minority and and I believe in their right to have the confederate flag on their license plates if they want. Here is another text again this is why there are two confederate flags people need to understand the difference between the two flights. My grandfather was a southern gentleman. For out of his southern heritage. He would probably display the American flogging the confederate flag. But my grandfather wasn't racist. I'm studio we'll be right back on every WL. Stanley draws this Friday Saturday and Sunday it's free it's in -- right there at their core of veterans in causeway. Among the groups performing this year Cowboy Mouth. And Wilson Phillips. Here now. I'd like to meet them. I had such a Russia soaring. On them like a -- I tomorrow night early show American Idol contestant John Martin Davis for the mobile area. Live in our studio between nine intent. He'll take us behind the scenes of American Idol. He'll talk about the experience of being selected to go to Hollywood and then going to -- what was it like there what's it like behind the scenes from the says contestants standpoint. American Idol talk about that with the John Morton Davis torn -- from the mobile are very very talented young guy. After nine to ten on the -- show tomorrow night Liz you're on -- -- -- of the evening. -- -- -- -- -- I'm absolutely proud a lot about how -- apparent change one of my -- faster and actually instrumental and boring believe approaches to. To the United States. And that was actually light and block late Egypt style here about the -- -- as much here about the black slaves. Shall we need to get. A guy Egypt's popular but I try. -- Bliss I appreciate column to show I I do agree and and and -- I guess my main reference is mired my grandfather who is a very very proud. And New Orleans the end who I was very proud of his southern heritage I mean. He he named his kids one of his children is named bull regardless my uncle. It's so this was a man who was very proud of this is southern heritage so you can't take the rights. Away from somebody who's proud of their heritage just because some people are ignorant racist who display the confederate flag. On as a badge of racism. And the story would probably. Start on the outside the mopping up. Reward. Stirring the -- And we think -- one trying to talent and try. Extra extra problem appetite. I'm going to call the show thanks for listening all right I got a number of text to get to and more vehicles are coming up this is the -- show. Like her New Orleans on a Wednesday night.