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2-19 11:10pm Scoot: Confederate Flag

Feb 19, 2014|

Scoot talks to WWL listeners about the confederate flag, is it racist or is it history? Also, a bill is being introduced that allows redness and bruising in discipline, is this abuse?

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Us get a big weekend for Mardi Gras parades center grandstands -- -- in Metairie the grandstands around downtown it earlier tonight they were floats that are going across the -- it was the Croat causeway at. You know I got some complaints from people who said that -- they just don't enjoy that parade because they'd ever. They never catch anything and again they're still bans in between the floats it's really it's it that when they and they just do the parade across the cause actually not that exciting but -- needed to get the floats over their for the parade did this weekend. And it's gonna be a beautiful weekend we may have some rough weather between now and into Friday but by Friday morning. The weather should be really nice publicity. We'll have some. -- a rough weather I think the Toro into tomorrow night. Now we're talking about a a -- -- tonight as always there's a sic represented in Kansas. Who is proposing a bill to allow parents care takers and teachers to spank children hard enough to leave redness or bruising. However the band would continue on hitting a child with a fist in the head or body with a built or were they switch. And has represented just hoping that this restores parental rights. On to improve discipline. Well -- parents do have the right to spank their children -- there has been this hysteria in this country. I and it's been I guess perpetrated by. By those who who. Do things like create hysteria over different things that it's legal to spank your kids. It's not legal to be churches and I get into all of this into -- blog it's our website you can read it -- and share with others you can give us your comments if you like. Spanking least mark -- next generation is that what we need to do start spanking kids. It's our website at WWL dot com also are -- W a pretty -- opinion -- about the confederate flag the state of Georgia and has approved a specialty license. -- will allow the confederate flag to be in the tired background of the license plate that she would request. And our question is should the confederate flag be available. On a state license plate give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com here's a text god bless your grandfather scoot. Southern gentleman. Do exist all I thought -- -- obviously doesn't exist yet my grandfather was indeed a southern gentleman. My grandfather lived uptown. And you can go to his house. Any time of day. And he would be wearing. A sweater. A -- Smoking a cigar. Any time a day. And he was indeed a southern gentleman and he is an example of somebody was very proud of their southern heritage but my grandfather never. Owned slaves. If you'll enjoy pressure with a -- tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86689. Steroids every text numbers 877 it also tonight we've been talking about this mother in a very conservative town and you talked. Who bought up all the T shirts that she saw in display window. Because the shirt she thought were indecent. They featured scantily clad models in provocative pose issue was with 318 year old son I thought it was her daughter but it was her son. They were the shopping mall she saw this T shirt display at pac sun. And she didn't like it teacher she thought they were indecent and they wouldn't take them down because they need approval from the corporate office of tax on. So the mother decided to buy all the T shirts in stock she bought all the teachers on the display. LT shirts and stock a total of nineteen T shirts spent 567. Dollars to do so. So now they are often displayed out of the store I'm wondering if the stories could order more now this is a very conservative area of Utah. And they do have city codes. But apparently these T shirts did not break that the city code but did the mother do the right thing. By trying to eliminate the site of the T shirts. Or is it better to just. To talk to your kids. About morality talk to your kids about what's appropriate and what's not appropriate because you can you could remove those T shirts in that situation. But that's only temporary fix. Because. Somebody's gonna ultimately say something that you're gonna find indecent somewhere else and you're not going to be able to buy that a bit toward your text here in just a moment from Mississippi done a year into the WL. There -- that you're sure. I. Rank it. In our. It. And our. Goal integrate it and got. -- -- -- -- -- -- And it really be cheaper you know. -- -- Completely. It. -- -- and oracle. And coming. At it. In straight on it but -- Being. On K and it. You know I -- I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For -- Out here each and it actually. Try. What you you know -- -- Chapel Hill well here and and work. Out. -- Day. Here at each. I'd be in some. People. Now part. Try. Them and me. He'll tell. Me in court and. No I listen I appreciate you calling editors you bring up a good point I didn't I'm embarrassed that I didn't really think about this until I saw the movie Butler the Butler last year. But it occurred to me. How close. Well not slavery as much as how close blatant discrimination is to even young blacks today. Because they're grandfathers. And their fathers. Got stories firsthand stories of being physically mistreated physically segregated. So while. All of that seems like it's so far -- its -- so conveniently in the past. It really isn't that far in in the past because there there are firsthand stories coming from. Direct relatives it's like that dinosaur he so you know like I do understand that and you know I would think that that somebody who is truly. I'm proud of the south. Could be proud of the south it would also be Smart enough to recognize they have a right to display the confederate flag. But is that the right. Is that the right thing to display when you consider what it has come to mean. To so many people and I believe somebody has the right to do it. As somebody who was born and raised in the south I wouldn't do it and I'm still proud of being from the south. -- -- -- -- I. I don't eat it eat at him for more play. Not only come out and -- keep him being out. Mean. They're equal. And I am. -- -- and a -- That that. The flight eight. You know what it. And if the -- rose again if the south rose again what what does that mean a slavery segregation. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Donna thank you very much for listening thanks for the compliment. As you gonna join us with a comet tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text overstate 7870. Also the FBI is -- helping out in an investigation who tied a news. Around the neck of the statue of James Meredith on the campus of Ole miss James Meredith was the first black student admitted to -- all southern white college in 1962. And police found. A past Georgia State flag. With a confederate flag on it and also are a -- Around the neck of the statue of James -- the Ole miss campus. The Mississippi NAACP president said it's a racial hate crime as long as we tolerate hate we will continue to revisit history. And the past of this state at some point we must move forward. I would agree that. You can express. You can express hate. But that does it mean to you should you might have a right to do that but it it it doesn't mean you should it's really it's really a shame. That. Somebody. Would have the mentality. To put a noose around the neck of the statue of James Meredith on the on this campus. -- you what else is going on in that person's mind. And -- it's totally unacceptable. And I I guess when you're talking about a statue you really don't have a right to do whatever you want to a statue you have a right to freedom of speech but I guess you shouldn't mess with with statues on campuses. Opera man to fill in your under the WL. -- is I had a good. A couple of quick -- -- and make. You know one. -- o'clock back here caller he's famous Jack earlier in Doherty says you know it just whatever but the not a -- that the other. -- that's -- that is up at it and you know just give -- a quick story from you know my early years. You know I was for the girl I was agent you know which -- but it temple in -- in the just. Kind of a little weird it out by Mike what -- oh crap and I dug into it. And found that simply you know it and you grew longer more Asian. You know. Ethnic groups didn't -- a leaps and -- I would rather not. You know moving on to confederate spies it was a much shorter period of time whether that language used. You know -- I think it's good things -- fly. -- you know for any particular reason not a good idea because of what associated. I am very much proud. Seven settlement and and very very proud of my heritage and but -- Mike Haley who has. -- agent that we didn't. That we were or what people yeah. In my mind whole lineage and never conflict here tonight. A competitor like absolutely not and it's just because of what it comes. Yeah and and and I would either. Against -- I guess the argument that I make he and his while I wouldn't do it I don't wanna take a waste somebody's right to do it if the if they display it or or wondered display it for the right reasons you know there's a couple of things that happened with communication. One he's intent the other his reception. It is unfortunate that there are ignorant. Bigots that display the confederate flag. 20. Pro claim. That their racist hands that they feel that they're superior. To other races. Somebody might actually wanted to display the confederate flag as soon as representative of their their heritage. And if I understand that completely and you know if it. It it didn't have such a negative connotation sure it it truly just met him outside and then sure. Maybe. That's not what the you know the flag represented our modern day in times Q. I thought I agree he and that's why then that's why -- wouldn't you wouldn't fly it. You know I'm I'm I'm I'm guess I'm proud of my heritage I'm proud of being from the south but I'm not proud of everything about the self. -- mile limit people under fire at saint flag and the that are. Local and green. I'm and be happy about that. Our idea and I appreciate you calling -- and WWL. I get -- more vehicles here in just a moment here's a Texan read so what do you say about the kids who took a baseball bat a to a few bikers. Do they get a pass. Why would you think that I would give them a pass. They're looking for police are looking for two African American teenagers. Who. Took a baseball bats and attacked two. Two bicycles. On esplanade. Now the race of the victims has not to mention that I found out today. That one of the victims. Is African American. So maybe this was just about rage. And not something about race. But why would anybody think that I would excuse that behavior or or give them a pass of course net. Here's a Texan Reid says god bless donning an Iran sisters scoot I believe. That we all agree that the representation of the confederate flag has to be. Represented in a respectful way agreement that if your -- stay what is your calls your comments are next on to be WL. Keller miles they are wild they are fine I especially in a morning draw environment. And they'll be part of family draw this weekend in -- I've afforded next year calls an update you on a couple of a traffic situations it was a really bad accident earlier on I it will be spent on all lanes are now open -- twelve eastbound. On this accident was -- around mile marker 32 near Albany. And there is no congestion however now there are -- restrictions. In effect on the causeway southbound. Right lane only 45 miles per hour. And your lights must be working I'd like to think that your lights should be working to get on the cause we even if it's not thought to. And here's -- W of your project opinion poll tonight should the confederate flag be available. On a state license plate and which you would have to get a but should that be available as. A specialty plates. It is now in Georgia. 39% say no it should not be available and 61% say yes it should that sort of be giving you a pretty general opinion poll here's attacks done. I hear people defending the confederate flag. -- -- They seemed to not understand that the flag. Has scars and open wounds heal the flag denouncing hate troops here's a text. -- just to clarify. I think putting a noose around the statue. Is no comparison to hitting people with bats you have not addressed it. We don't even talking about both of these subjects together and no there is no comparison. With symbolically putting a noose around the statue of James Meredith on the Ole miss campus. And hitting somebody in the head on a bike with a baseball bat there is no comparison. However if somebody is trying to say that I think one's wrong and the other is okay obviously they're not actually listening. To the show and I wanted to get with her I wanna get with a company. That makes hearing aids. That we could give out to some of our our listeners because they obviously can't really hear. But we're saying. -- from Texas -- here under the WL. -- -- It was away it just. Well. Your vote for people. Right break. It will. Our shot away and think it was right. Monopoly. You're right now I'm -- earlier you know. Our respect I respect the other. Coast proper respect of world. The way to eat is from -- wrong respect your elders respect. You know. In the world. I got a girl for a very wonderful. What. Else. You know outlook. At all what will -- -- -- title at the world -- continued. Yet but -- one week to many. That bit nugget like are you so sweet and mark yeah I agree with the public it's okay. There is. -- good impression on remember that more. You know -- divorce from my mom but I haven't needed beyond that. Which human -- it is that you never say it's respectful but very besides is it off. There were involved more one day workshop rail market out there. -- a -- -- at the start. They're a lot more or outlook for all -- -- all of which are crimes are not -- opening. And -- -- that they can -- -- you better not. And what market. Authorities say that. That is you -- -- you know. I think that it -- We've been together and you know -- Established or what they -- just a I remember that -- In -- remember. You know they'll -- -- though he let you know. But you do understand I mean you understand the difference between a spanking and beating your kids. Oh yeah I mean that they're there for -- deliberate. Patent is coming under their belt they're important -- it's in. -- people -- -- whether you're. But don't for a reason -- Throw out -- that is -- -- out of. Now when your girls get older. -- the spanking is not gonna work anymore you'll have to do something else. Don't agree with that -- you know. You know most -- merchant bank that ever happened to me not Ali probably about seventy years ago. Are in charge of my grandma. -- -- In our apartment she outlook not -- correct that the church -- with much you know very because our government bubble here. That we -- to the brunt of the view and what is that seniors so you know not that I expected specialist works and in just part. Well I would agree with that that would be a very humiliating thing to rest to endure and that this situation. Look I'm not gonna tell you how to raise your kids and and obviously you're doing what you think you need to do. I would just suggest it when kids get to a certain age there are other things. That you can do to accomplish the same thing and end to the point is that every parent needs to do something. Whether it's spanking or timeout or some consequence. For negative behavior and the parents need to follow through and quite often parents don't take the time to follow through and the kids know what and that's why they don't listen to your commands. You're absolutely right outlet he got all of their -- are you -- it got to stick with. That is on that or do you can't ever get a little get the blood on. I look I'm glad you shared your story with a sensationalist and I John year under the W -- evening. There's. And in bulked. Out from all the here and I would joke about it and called it called fuel. -- back up flag people fly in fly and I would like it. About ten years -- My dad that Burkle. And Edmund Cutler brought about these people -- little bit flat. And helped cut grass -- a war. And though. So I'll. A couple weeks they'll grow. You found out that there was an -- And my mom and -- dribble just on. And we will opt out there are. Urgently. Called out house. When I would go there are more from -- -- Campbell not only in -- -- and you know we've got to bring the ball. The government -- Not -- Never -- my mom in. That was it paid out -- -- to over two. Until my -- got back on his feet to go back to work. So John you would agree with me that there are some people who might fly the confederate flag -- display it in in some way and they're just simply proud of their heritage and they're not racist. Yes but to a group. Everybody -- Just because this -- flat. This is a great story and it makes me think of us have again mentioned the other night on the show you know we we see movies like the Butler and two obviously even there there's so many movies that it. They bring -- spend extra time win and as it if they're they're honest movies about something that really did exist. -- slavery and total discrimination. But I'd like to see movies I wish Hollywood would find. Value in movies that would also show. How white people helped blacks. Become integrated into our society. Blacks couldn't do it just a loan that there were so many whites in this country that it's -- -- with blacks and insulting injustice. And I'd like to see a movie that would. That we show that part as well. Yet our group. Because a lot of black -- get that in it like it died. For. Help blacks will. Help world who aren't. You know a lot like. That all. You know and a lot of blacks to forget that issue. John I really appreciate you sharing that story -- and win this topic comes up going to the show that I do I'm I'm gonna remember your story and -- I'll tell this again on the year. To excellent. And you have a good night. From New Orleans David drugs to children. -- -- -- -- -- You know David Willis here I'm good I agree. That. -- -- You do what you -- oh yeah. Precarious. Our. -- Mercury Cougar and -- And our policy. Locate the -- -- The democratic. Senator Craig review. Okay you hear about. An inability. To -- reorder. Everyday. -- Open up a bit here. Great it's been it's Portugal here it'll be abusive deceptive. Don't get appropriate department and it'll stop. Go big -- go to -- Opportunities out there are Totenberg so it. -- and -- got pulled out. What is the people -- -- Google. You know. All but. They don't -- David it was your sense that they had the confederate flag memorabilia to commemorate their southern heritage -- or racist. -- get there the rhetoric see. Like it is you know you know you don't want -- pain and and I think politically. You know and I'm you know so that they -- Lehman or if it was -- You know but I believe in. Monaco not interpret. Them. No. Matter. Ago the military that they -- -- to a vote your term in the league. You know they are are precious things is based on our experience with things in her experience was racist. Showing the confederate flag your experience is. Hey look these are really grates these are really great people and so they of the confederate flag. So what we need to do is this year more stories like this so people do understand that some people actually do. Commemorate. Their southern heritage and are not racist. I don't get to trigger for you -- that Jessica remember that you -- forms. -- -- you know predicted that there is stupid it yeah you know. About it and part of that number number. Number not that I don't wanna -- such great street Louis. Like got the -- right now and I'm here for limited government. These street -- is not black men compared to put me. Argument although you talk a little on -- you know I'm sure are our enemy. About you know -- you know you don't know -- -- -- RLP. Noble eagle. The market profitable until culpable is not about civil. No regrets about it actually that was duty that they put them back. -- would want to get into black was illegal to give him look at -- until -- let you know. That they're they're it's clear it. David I appreciate you sharing there was socialist and here's text -- to the help of the movie to help showed -- whites helping blacks. From -- to Lusa Audrey Euro on the -- shown to -- WL. -- I don't screw it. I'll shorten the side the big problem. That you want equality. And you. Black teacher association. If anybody. Border straight up then. Why -- now we're being gracious. -- not a case com. This template that you know. You gotta have equality while -- well. What -- the point of a white association -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty much just cataract. Fact that. We're trying to have a quality. Low -- -- to have war and not. Yeah because there there was that there was -- there was a time when it was necessary to have black associations because blacks were knocked. I treated equally and so these things to building remain today. Are in some ways -- not as important as the as they once were but it there was in this like America there was some sort of. -- so important that -- all those cute but I. I I agree with that Audrey but it. Missed like America for example which comes up quite awful like that as well there was a need for that because blacks were not seen. In the same light that whites war and it at a certain time and so that was in need for that. And it does scan it if it does continue today like other black associate ads are different from it differently and Audrey it's I understand what you're saying but it's different to start a white organization. Just to. Just to get back at those who have a black organization -- that the amount. So you that's not so I announced I give. Okay you black Brad -- we have any kind of why bill or race but we're not. I'm just like I am not on actual. -- Rabin binge. It's OK at the end. Gay pride. You can you can try to start to have straight pride if you wanna start an organization Bogle -- straight pride and to see how it works. I don't wanna do that I want everybody to be equal waters. The deal or even play until. Well what's that. When you say even playing field -- -- do you think you're at a disadvantage because you're white. You know adult book and I was trying to -- an -- ought to be able. To not two. Did what are earning a what is it that you have it and it's an honor. -- but if it's a black associate what is it that you have to deal with with the black association I'm not I'm not clear about disconnection. Okay what comes -- -- as an inconvenience. Why do we interest in page why -- we have to. But association. So you're just you're just you're just one that I have Alba. What can we just not being equal. Well while we have to keep Gordon with the black teachers associations. Like our association's. And if anybody were ever start the other side I mean what are -- equal. -- you know I agree with you we should all be equal but I detective. I detect a little resentment that these black organization still exist when there was a -- form at one point and yes they they they still exist and they're still unfortunately. Resentment resentment tactic that day and age we have. Either -- war let's just all these people. Audrey it's a beautiful thought and alleged cult show priceless tonight. Last night Jimmy Fallon was on last night I did it by Bob it was in last night's they've done a -- GO earlier in the day. Can -- -- had a great line last night he said there Ryan Seacrest has a new line of clothing coming out the problem is you can't get it out of the closet. If you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines nearly 72 -- numbers -- and -- seventy. If a black organization. Doesn't affect your life then. Politico what I mean what difference does it make why are people so caught up when that unless -- trying to keep score but they have this that we can have this. Really is is that -- the what you think. I've -- ever coming back and every WL. The fog restrictions are in effect on the -- south bounds. Right lane only 45 miles per hour lights must be working to get on the cause -- here's a quick update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll. Should the confederate flag be available on the state license plates. -- is in Georgia. 39% say no and 61%. Say yes. From New Orleans Debbie you're on WWL good evening. -- -- -- At the story to tell you. -- -- the old well with year ago outlook working for a particular content it hit ball. And -- sign that there would get -- I am. Even lower at one of those people and it would you read it out yet -- -- as well there he had the -- -- lit bit. You know and protect -- accurately you know. And I like old card -- reaches to pull. And it. And and technical work relationship. And and public light green and -- should not coming to work in Peru stop being -- -- one in mind not much earlier than -- -- people in Israel today. And you need to ask me out. And I and I -- when I went back to work. He will it Lakshmi -- in my car and -- a security. People in my car and -- -- and what he was in October. And it didn't. You know like. Now you know keeping -- calm here on Q and you cut and everything. And I'd feel they is going to remember it hit me. Like you -- -- -- -- that it happened. And and it can tell them and -- -- -- Which can all cut rhetoric let me. And all what standard and -- it. Company and we -- it took it took a look at my act. Hurt in meat looks like confederate. You know what it means you're right. But feel people at what we stupidly. I don't know if it is gone and or greens are back out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right now and me. Actually. There I -- actually actually hit me I don't remember him well but I used. -- don't Debbie it's agree it's a great story had -- I've heard stories tonight did really warmed my heart and and and make me feel justified in having his point of view that. Like I'm not gonna fly the confederate flag and everybody that flies the confederate flag or displays confederate flag memorabilia. Is not a racist some people know are truly proud of their southern heritage. He -- it one at the end probable and I would like old Michael in his apartment. -- -- you know African air and in the apartment like old -- -- They did we know we -- African Americans also. At least Syria might also like oh yeah cool app I'm not that goes out. He end up being -- sector -- at halftime and -- You know it is contacting or keep you think you will call. Me like he was sticking. -- -- it's a really great story and I appreciate you sharing -- with us in those socialist into the VW Illinois and screw. All right so I'm giving you policy Collison time. That a testimony go from. As somebody who says that. Nobody should worry about slavery because at one point or another every group has been enslaved. I would suggest there it's. The last time a group was it's believed in more modern history. Was blacks. In this country. And I don't think we should diminish the impact that that's still has on a black population. That doesn't exist today. But I don't think we should underestimate the impact that that still has on people I'm scoot him will be right back on every WL. It's just about Saudi -- well I know I know the carnival season is already underway -- about to get into full time parading this weekend in this weekend is Stanley rock. In Jefferson Parish. Right nearby lakeside shopping center and among the bands reforming this year Wilson Phillips. I hate to admitted that aren't alike. I'm looking forward to see him over it hits you need. -- tonight even talking about state representative in Kansas are proposing a bill that would allow parents to. Spank their kids in and even allow caretakers and teachers to spank children with the parents' permission. On hard enough that it would leave a mark up to ten strikes with a hand it would leave redness or bruising. But you can't hit the child with a fist. In the head body or with the belt or with the switch this -- blog tonight is titled spanking leads mark on next generation is that what we're gonna do. And is that the right thing to do is also a bit of discussion our FaceBook page at WWL radio and a comment from a guy named Richard. Is. That timeout is for the downfall of society. Well assembly true that timeout is a lot. A lot harder to teach. And I think it's some ways the effects of time out -- a lot more lasting. That a quick spanky from mobile David you're under the WL. -- -- -- real quickly talk about that mothers that are about the future of packs front -- and -- talked. Especially. With the Soviet ought to be repealed or on -- call. The current average yes you certain that door. But she said in the article that government talk in the accident oh yeah -- you know I'm like so what. -- -- -- -- But she -- she temporarily took the display down by buying all the shirts idea I would think that they might wanna. Order more shirts. And the the ability to search page you. Are sort of me. I don't think he can do that mean you have to go along with company policy. They -- also. -- about the confederate by the Arkansas but the that of the that it now. I personally would that would despite the conductor that the the best of my old book that in the required because. I like to engage in discussion and debate and look to their opinion and actually engaged in the discussion. And a lot of people especially black people. Automatically -- now make judgments about you when you have. Display web. About it -- That in the judgment but my opinion but -- Not about weather and out the gate at the much. Younger but look at it. David I appreciate listing over mobile thanks for calling if you -- contact me through email my email address is -- at two WWL. FaceBook Jesus scoot on the air and it you'll join me on Twitter it's at school at WWL. -- ransom has been a studio producer Jack Harris also in the at -- studio tonight have a great evening we're back tomorrow night's bloody New Orleans.