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Feb 20, 2014|

Dave talks about Edwin Edwards for Congress? What is Wrong with people, and Piggly Wiggly

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition WWL for listeners on this the twentieth of February 2014. And it is. The day before. Friday come just -- -- NC rounding area. Read -- read after Corey and the weather looks pretty darn good for yes you know that cold front coming in tonight. After we hit eighty today. Maybe eighty to go wow. And then the rain cabinet tonight hopefully I'll be gone by the time we on it to work tomorrow morning. And then it'll be cooler with a I'd just in the sixties. Or the next couple thousand darn good parading rather sunny and sixty something it's fantastic. Day ago votes that yet there others fog out there and yeah. It's gonna get ago quarter mile Odyssey airports store's visibility. But the wings seem to be hoping this'll be announcing. Glitzy couple places ten. To fifteen miles an hour -- reforms sit around and went blown out or so ago hold up or indeed to Edwin Edwards says he's made up his mind while he has decided. Whether or not he's gonna run for United States congress now he can run for congress without. A presidential pardon. He could not run for governor again with -- a presidential pardon card he could not run for any office. Serving inside the state of Louisiana because the state for bids convicted felons. From voting. Let alone. Holding office so he would need -- presidential pardon if you want to be governor again but he can run for you know it is -- United States and it Andy says he's made up his mind on running for congress. Not telling us what he's done it yet. Now he knows he dollars that now. -- Thailand will vote. Below -- using go on there Iran Iraq I know there are some. Voters out there that would I think this is kind of a big joke. I know others that would vote for me an amount but as a two year term so it agent what 86 and -- he you're looking at a two year term. You know unite unite wooden you know all of year investments now for the next six years as you would for US senate. Into basic Durham man -- two years so I guess my question her voters. Guy is if Edwin Edwards were to run for congress in New York district. Would you vote for him or -- and I know it depends who else's running fine I would buy it just. To get a feel for whether or not people think he's a viable candidate want the text me at 870 -- -- an Intel. If Edwin Edwards to running for congress in your district would you be willing to vote for. As the governor former governor says the what eighty used and -- sixty. Well at least that's -- very go to other got a brand new baby boy. Is that a reality TV you know. You know -- been married you know what lesson I guess three years and got out of prison gorgeous young wife. So let's consider all of those decisions. When you decide you -- making decisions. In the US capitol. You want a guy who's 86 who has another baby. To be a congressman do you -- guy -- Signed on to of that reality -- horrible horrible ratings is that organized and bomb huge flop. Like -- and do that reality show king here's congressman. Are you just had enough of the whole thing I have a feeling he had very close there with -- decision -- to his -- one to do it and analysts keep his wife happy. -- -- -- -- -- be right up front on my show and they still statement is that mining and other home for the or find somewhere that -- there and then -- done with them. Back on W for now to about fifteen minutes of our -- thank you David like I'm gave -- the early edition. -- WW well AM FM and that count to text messages comment one says Elmo and -- says in a heartbeat. Seventy -- unofficial unscientific. Texting in its 5050 right now. Would you vote for it and accurate as you write your district you may run for congress he's made up his mind but -- that selling it yet what he's got to do we'll tell you the forecast. And give Yahoo! Sports you want coming -- right activists. Well I didn't win the powerball -- and -- neither unless you bought -- convenience store in California. It's now got up to 425 point three million dollars in last night's drawing and it looks like one. Ticket is the winner out in California so get up go to work they're not a multi multi millionaire -- he had great text messages coming in and -- them and eat them and he -- -- about it and Edwards and he's decided whether or not he's gonna run for congress and six congressional district but he's not making an announcement yet either way. Time is as can you just for fun would you vote form if you run in New York congressional district. One person says I would vote for him early and often and so what might dead father and and I says I would rather eat food and good luck of that. A mix of stunning -- today but warm and windy at that cold front high at 82 near records in a few spots at 30% chance for a spotty shower. -- it's up to 80% this evening and overnight tonight though as -- line of storms moves through. That's the cold front and it will bring some drier and cooler air tomorrow Friday's high 65 and mostly sunny. Then Saturday partly cloudy high of seventy. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura box out. We do have some fog out there visibility quarter of a mile the airport in -- a quarter of a mile down along the coast in -- -- -- Just about everywhere else visibility is not too bad so he might find thick patch here there it's 66 degrees. In Metairie 65 degrees in Covington and -- knowing the early edition of WW Alfredsson is the president says they'd rather read. Excrement then vote for at Burnett was again you make me think about when people take something -- -- it tastes like crap. That was one -- how to they now have -- ever tasted crap or is it just tastes like they imagine crap when. I immediately when you spread that sort of you line in Happy Gilmore in treatment gap and felt happy I eat pizza who like -- -- -- Human response unique pieces of who with yet and that. Enough of that sport that here at WWL. And that's if gala that was that as the NBA's trade deadline -- so much talked about what's gonna happen with created the Indiana -- take it away mr. you know. Well good morning everyone in the -- came into the smoothie king senator thirteen games under 500 and playing on the road for the second straight night. But Carmelo Anthony was determined to lead New York to victory. Suitable for. Carmelo drives for the pro life you. Davis I was 42 points Carmelo Anthony. News New York -- 96 -- he -- lead with forty point four seconds left before. -- school would be 98 to 91 knicks over the pelicans Melo had thirteen fourth quarter points and finished with 42 overall. Big college hoops LSU basketball's Altman's powered the tigers past Mississippi State 92 to 81. It's the most points scored by Alicia wouldn't SEC win this year as five players were in the double digits. Well after two nail biting victories in their previous two outings top ranked Syracuse finally lost. The orange fell to 25 and one on the year after losing 62 to 59 to Boston College in overtime. Now over to -- where where LSU beat south eastern seven to two. Connor hale went three for five with an RB I for the tigers while -- forced or not two hits and two RBI. And football -- issue says it's -- reserve quarterback Stephen rivers request to transfer. After he graduates this spring allowing him to play wherever he wants next fall. Rivers had used only two seasons of eligibility after taking a redshirt year into 111. At the Winter Olympics in Sochi the United States is in sole possession of first place in the total medal count with 23. The biggest news at a -- yesterday though was that the Russian men's hockey team. Lost a stunning 321 quarterfinal game the Finland and eliminate the host country from medal contention now tomorrow's men's men's hockey semi final. Will be teen USA vs Canada and Finland vs Sweden Miami Dolphins offensive line coach Jim Turner and longtime head athletic trainer Kevin O'Neill. Have been fired for their roles in the -- bullying scandal. The firings were the first steps taken by the dolphins -- report on the NFL's investigation into the scandal was released last week. F four on sports talk it's -- -- -- -- emerge showing high tempo offenses increase the risk of injury. Would you be in favor overrule the slowdown college football. Plus we'll recap the NBA trade deadline who were the biggest winners and losers. -- Steve -- and that your early morning look at sports. I've played three Steve Geller you Dave on me out on the radio on this day before us. Friday -- Happy Friday. Feeling good -- ready for this week to wrap up its been along yet we had told me yesterday he said man Carmelo Anthony played so well that India. There I hope he's still not -- when he comes in the played the pelicans then. Jesse wise 42 point last night he has some of the things that are for Carmelo Anthony is the -- lose the first human shields. Definitely looked like a man on a mission was tired of losing apparently even -- dropped three in a row and the defense just had no answer for him although. They held the knicks to just twenty points in the fourth quarter unfortunately -- Melo had thirteen of them but he. He's been taking over the game for the -- that's all they've had really of late to -- to propel them. But not a not a very good loss for the pelicans that thought they'd be able to pull this. And out of home it's not a good loss. I hate it when -- describes I was a good loss I'm losing is never good thank you Steve will let you. Give us another winning sportscast in about 25 minutes here on them be WL -- -- -- Diamondbacks outlined a lot to text messages come in and would you vote for Edwin Edwards if you were running for congress in your district he says he may run he's decided if he's going to run and Omega announcement sent. Would you consider voting for the -- secure all convicted felon. To represent you. In the United States represented. On Capitol Hill by what is next morning we got some -- out there be careful all your forecast. Still waiting on that cold front -- ahead of it today very warm and very windy high eighty to possibly close to some records with 830% chance for spotty shower. But there -- real rain and storm activity comes this evening and tonight 80% chance as a line of storms moves through the area. Behind it were a lot drier tomorrow and sky it's clear Friday. Mostly sunny and 65 and Saturday looking nice for the high back up to seventy. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark -- out. We get 66 degrees and some fog at the airport and tanner visibility quarter mile cloudy and 65 at the National Weather Service office in -- right now -- -- -- at the early edition of WWL first as. When present next mediate 7878 at 100 runs process any office. I will vote for him. And I knows is that a bumper -- go any ego. -- -- Edwards you've fourteenth 2014 he's got my vote it's hell yes there's another does -- -- -- I'd vote for Edwards yes I'd vote forum. I see is a lot of people do support but not everybody somebody else's. But Edwards you know what you're getting maybe needing to manage -- fund it. As is narrative art forms at my dead relatives away he hasn't run yet that is -- now once a crook always a growth and poses no no no no no he's -- growth. As is convicted felons should not hold for public office announces that as a way to won't -- it off. More on Edwin Edwards for congress Darren Sharper and car what its people and much more coming up right -- But the early edition of WWL first news on this the twentieth of February 2014. Budgetary before Friday the outcome -- IDC. Says we continue our discussion about. Former Louisiana governor Edwin Edwards on -- made up his mind up whether -- gonna run for congress but he's not telling us his decision just yet ever. Feel that they're allowed an appropriate thought that someone who had some variants in legislative matters to try to help make things to work up there. I think it start not can't make it any worse. Well now there's a ringing endorsement from Jerry York I have had vacated in the regular cars as well put me in there. He say he sounds like a man who's got a run but he has not made that official there and I mean with comments like that. -- talent it sounds to me like he's got to run we've been asking people what they think it until it's right about 5050 now. In non scientific. Discussed the matter with. Of people texting in an 87871. Person's good grief. What does this say about our community when people would electing criminally corrupt politician after they abuse the trust of the people down others say he's served his time. So why not let him run and -- why not quote form everybody else congresses have found that does not convicted it. As a people wonder why Louisiana is like. This -- that yes I would run for Edwin Edwards I would vote for Edwin Edwards to -- -- for any. Elected office this is a classic case years you do your time and then you come -- -- dip back Ian and I can legally run for congress and it's definitely -- well and based on our very non scientific look at the issue with people that sedate them and it's seventy. He's at least got a shot Hampshire he wouldn't he won't run if he doesn't think he can win natives of the polling data. News support of -- just as long as he doesn't bring back that show that the reality are. Name his wife is said that there and done with that outside their producers and then looking for -- for the and he had had enough it but it doesn't mean somebody else couldn't pick it up. This is it was very very bad now it was our stuff on TV. Well that's true it just and they don't care and nasty notice they have a lot of channels and a lot of time -- feels well enough. They have a lot of time to fail Britney Spears is doing and show in Las Vegas -- yes he needed a lot of big. Stars have started doing. John dated. Most recently and many others have done shows in Las Vegas kind of following the old Elvis routine yet counted -- Nice if you wanna see what your favorite stars you could go to Las Vegas. And you could see them now they're performing almost every night. And in lip syncing has become a debate apparently Britney got caught that called Britney now you pay to see what your favorite sinkers in Las Vegas. Do you want them actually singing even yes he laughs I do I just think you deserve especially in Vegas prices for those shows. You know you'd that's what you expect and expect this person to stand around and not -- today. I just I do now on that work for me. You'd be upset if you -- -- -- I want lives well apparently she screwed up and she was -- this thing in the Ron Erickson view whatever lies they were that it was obvious she was -- and that's -- thing and you know for hours and our iron present and you know he had a sore throat to get a couple of performances that day and it's tough. You'd be upset if yeah you know ago I think you'd you'd rather you'd rather -- not perfect performance from Brittany than her lip synching to recorded. What -- what to think about that as well thank you David. Doctor about twenty minutes in the first WWL. Maybe record heat as we go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast and that they get bored and who's ready for low today that -- Really I didn't -- but he and if I am not a thing at outlined -- the eighties the seventies depiction dry. But this humidity fault that it they have met at that it's not my favorite. As meteorologist Laura tell everybody is what god is now and today you're down as we can break records for -- yeah. Every client. Yeah how global peak of low eighty's that -- there will be warm and windy today at a cold front that arrived overnight tonight. And do the early part of tomorrow morning. All right so what's the timing on this web that we hit eighty this afternoon. Eight low eighties that factored in that storm that rise overnight and I know you're out of it after everyone gets home from work at school and everything. Well we're going to -- -- -- OK so when I get rain done. In less Wear out overnight in comments and we go back to work tomorrow. A slight chance for a shower today at the -- you wanna say that there at 830% chance -- light rain today. But the thunderstorms will comment overnight tonight and then tomorrow. We actually -- sunshine and we try out we cool down a little bit the -- the looking great for Friday night at least -- clear guide the debt. Well that's the bottom perfect forecast as you can give us if it's got a rain at least it happens and most people are. Sound -- Yet they could be strong storm that we may not be down to -- that he and I. Our rights you may hear the the wind howling and the thunder rumbling in the lightning light is flashing in the windows. As you try to sleep tonight but then perfect weather for Friday and what about this big weekend -- weekend. Right now we're looking at a high seventy. And then Sunday at the 75 that it looked great but they're maybe a few showers around on Sunday. Why -- the timing and the rain for Sunday during the day on. Okay it's Saturday look -- -- yeah that are -- a little drier but they really are going to be fairly warm. Now hey bring it on it's carnival time in the Crescent City and mother nature's mostly playing along we'd like it was love that we want tomorrow. And got one here from the one talk with people from -- land. Police have arrested a man who was caught shoplifting. Nearly 100 dollars worth of ribs taken from the weekly weekly yeah yeah I guess -- put them. Out of line now in his pants here's my question is Philip pick -- week. Yet as I go -- across the state I don't know of -- here locally no one of the West Bank is one on the area. I don't know maybe a Google has bank and a big -- it's the best bank on the. Area of the weekly weekly in my had been around town and pot pot Mississippi which at UConn at all. Pot to -- yet at a very small town in north east Mississippi and I'm glad that I a lot of their depict real quickly captured at another point to and from is one my wife's hometown and they'll lose yeah. I -- the other thought they were also partly wildly. No we don't -- -- there's really historical hall bluntly I I don't know they're not wind on that I know what that that they had kind of competition or at the F I get ugly. I guess Wrigley -- we -- that that debate anyway Eugene John did not win his battle because the police say after he stuffed. The ribs in his pants you try to get out of the store but it was easily detectable. So. When police arrived two men had him held down on the ground. And cops and called for more racks of ribs out of his hands in addition to two -- -- foul apparently fallen out. That's crazy. Yeah that's not normal. For racks of Rick yeah bell bottom pants that's weird and those rip your fancy just tepid -- -- -- a -- that -- just look at couple -- here there are more racks and that's impressive -- Atlantans have been a lot of people fly -- Thank you have a good morning about now alive and direct from the news forecasts. Here sports next -- the size 49 we've been talking about at an average he says he's decided whether that is gonna vote run for congress. And have been he's not made his decision yet at the age of 86 the convicted -- former governor of Louisiana with the failed. Reality show now looking for the next challenge doesn't get a brand new baby boy one person Texan not only no but hell no way I'd vote for him to an analysis Edwards was the best Louisiana ever add when he was in office so well yes I'd vote for him knows that he's got my vote another hell yeah thank -- go -- win. He is running against an inexperienced candidate yes is another one that there's this one. Which -- let a convicted rapists date your daughter after he was released its pure foolishness. If anyone votes for a Edwin Edwards. I vote for sports here at WWL and for that on this. Friday eve we say happy date before Friday to Steve -- good morning yes indeed happy day before Friday with a pelicans. We're back in action for the first time since the all star break and welcome the New York Knicks to town. Unfortunately for New Orleans Carmelo Anthony liked to shoot in the smoothie king senator. He scored thirty in the all star game on Sunday and dropped 42 on the -- last night. Williams revealed -- you'll know that can still fires over medium and Carmelo Anthony. New York which snapped a three game losing skid beating New Orleans 98 to 91. Well Alicia basketball used a fourteen you know star and then held off every possible rally from Mississippi State the tigers 92 to 81 win. LSU's record improved to sixteen and nine overall they're seven and six in league play. Syracuse is undefeated season ended last night aren't lost a son started 6259. At home to Boston College. Boston College came into the game riding a five game losing streak and just six victories all season long. And College Baseball Southport Cody Glenn limits SE -- to one earned run in five innings of work. And -- baseball posted a 73 win seven to three win over the tigers over the lions the tigers are in their 32 straight win against a Louisiana school. Stephen rivers request to transfer after he graduates this spring has been great to -- LSU. Allowing him to play wherever he wants next fall the tigers reserve quarterback has been. Only two seasons of eligibility after taking a redshirt year at -- you in twenty -- And at the Winter Olympics in Sochi the United States brings -- -- the others other countries in total medal count with 23. The breakdown of seven gold five silver and eleven bronze. Russia and the Netherlands that in second with 22 overall medals Norway leads the gold medal count now with nine the women's hockey team. Will now play Canada in the gold medal game today it's the fourth time in five Olympics to North American powers will meet for women's hockey championship. That they have more on sports talk of study emerge showing high tempo offenses increased the risk of injury which could be in favor of a rule to slow down college football. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning look at sports night. You gave him on Steve Geller with you on your radio rights it just recapping the LSU news what the basketball team there. Then they -- the beating Mississippi State. Alicia baseball one -- -- them right to LSU basketball wins right so there's slim chances of some sort of post season stay alive yet the problem is it just -- on the road at at home is fine. It baseball they won again they're undefeated -- foreground now. And they beats south the southeast in the line next up is Virginia on Friday all right and has. Yes Stephen rivers. You wonder what happened again here's a guy he's the younger brother. Philip right Philip Rivers and very good NFL quarterback with the San Diego Chargers game in Dallas you. And a lot of people that at a shoddy could make a difference but I don't remember ever seeing him. None at all moats I thought to he would be able in in the discussion this year heading in the springtime with. -- -- there's still question mark now this year who's going to be leading the the tigers a quarterback a member of regard and figured he would at least be in the conversation. Apparently feels that he will have better luck somewhere else. He's gonna graduate. This year and then he he -- somewhere else. I guess as a post graduate student. Maybe Oregon as a masters. And placed somewhere else but he is not gonna play again -- -- right exactly thank you see we appreciate you'll play again for us in about fifteen minutes more sports here at WW well. -- talking to Laura about this piggy wiggly and banners for the guy was arrested with -- rack of ribs and his -- There's -- is all over the place apparently people Texan has really quickly in Madison bill both feet Hammond west we go. Factory. Sitting out there is so funny -- legalese around here. And he called me while -- ever even heard of that people. We do have some -- out there this morning but it's not as bad as it was even yesterday and definitely not as bad as the day before otherwise can be really warm today before the practice here. Very warm today ahead of that cold front strong southerly winds bumping this up into the low eighties this afternoon and it's spotty shower or two around today although the real rain chance will come in this evening and overnight tonight. As a line of strong storms roars through the area that's the cold front. And behind it will bring some cooler and drier air on Friday -- tomorrow mostly sunny. -- back up to 65 and Saturday looks nice partly cloudy high of seventy. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark tell. 555. And yeah a little bit of fog reported the airport quarter mile visibility otherwise 66 degrees cloudy and 65 in Slidell with some -- reports. Servant -- -- all our all our about the fact that Edwin Edwards says he's decided whether or not he's gonna run for congress but he is not yet made an official decision all points. Are looking like he's going to run and that will be announcing his candidacy soon. For the sixth congressional district in the Louisiana people and texting is now -- our about it whether or not they'd vote for Edwards and about half of the people say they -- and -- say they wouldn't. One person just accidents as you know Edwards is gonna steal -- -- to look at is the performance bonus and he's a crook buddies are croc man. Whatever will find out this poll doesn't matter it's non scientific and it's just interesting to disguise but. Presuming he does run the poll that matters the one that the people cast. On election. And you know -- the addition of that VW well first it's. Funny story out of Rome in Italy where cleaning woman. Unwittingly throw away artwork that was supposed to be part of an exhibition it. That quickly implement that division they had of the company says the woman with just doing their job. What you thought to artworks work trash left behind by the people setting up for the show. Organizers say one of the works. That he tossed out. Included pieces of cookies scattered on the floor as a part of an artistic arrangement. Cleaning company says it's gonna file a claim on its insurance giant pay back the artists. Is it to pieces of artwork the broken cookies and one other. Estimated value of about thirteen thousand now. Broken pieces of cookie on the floor. PA if you had to pick that up if I would have been angry with -- -- as part of the arts.

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