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WWL>Topics>>2-20 6:15am Tommy, Ukraine riots

2-20 6:15am Tommy, Ukraine riots

Feb 20, 2014|

Tommy talks to CBS Correspondent Larry Miller about the rioting and deaths in Ukraine

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

There are some -- on on in the Ukraine and not very happy Larry Miller's devious correspondent in London. Joins us right now and update this morning Larry. Thanks to take in the time I think we should start with a little. In the background here I think there's some people who believe that the Ukraine might still be part of -- shield or wonder will wait a minute. If if the Soviet Union broke down years ago in the Ukraine. Went -- apart from that why is there any discord because I thought democracy was an all the areas. Aware of the Soviet Union news today. Well you geopolitical realities there Russia. Still wants to assert. Its influence. In Ukraine. The -- kicked off. Land the Ukraine's. Government Ukraine which had already committed. Verbally and going down maligned pre order on line to become part of the European Union. At this site in other words look west. But Russia wasn't happy -- that and Russia made an offer financial offer the bankrupt government of Ukraine. Couldn't turn down and so. The people many many people in Ukraine want to be part of Europe not part of Russia and that's where all kicked off. Now that also -- also another issue with the time. Grown deep frustration with the chronic mismanagement of Ukraine economy by the government. People were angry about that. And then what happened then you then had the protest and taking over independence. Square in the center Kia have. And that you had heavy handed response by the government police and military cracking down on the protesters. But it is another force here now and this is something that. The protesters themselves cannot control. There's an increasingly blaming group of protesters. From far right wing elements and there intent on. Apparently not resolving the situation and actually seizing power. And it's believe this. This. Group of violent protesters. A well armed and this is where a lot of problems are now coming from -- Cease fires the truth so to speak that was negotiated yesterday broke down right away. The Associated Press that. Reporters there on the ground count eighteen bodies today. That's. At least 28 dead since Tuesday hundreds of injured. And running. Street battles clashes live ammunition Molotov cocktails rocks -- you name it. Armed you know ever hear about vacuum of -- Collar between government demonstrators seems like that's a ripe opportunity for some type of extremist terrorist organization. To move men and and I know it's a big part of the world but I think has Pakistan in this Narnia Brothers is there any. Hint of any type of terrorist activity going on here. Well it depends of the popular -- -- Russia would look and the government in Ukraine would call those terrorist activity. What we're. Hearing more and more now is a split in Ukraine talk of the civil war. And wouldn't you know we now World War I started and this is something that. So would. Involved the EU it would involved in some -- the United States. President put in the Kremlin have made really clear. That they're not giving up Ukraine -- that flight and at that some analysts here reminded that even suggest the crackdown on the protesters as -- Orchestrated by the Kremlin and President Putin of Russia. Tell me why this matters to the United States is this a first step toward her reuniting. Of the old Soviet Union. Well he's he's he's got a struggle for power. That the geopolitical struggle for power between the east and the west here. And it is. Can a country independent countries make it independent decision. With -- having one of its neighbors. Makes threats. And the bribes and that sort of thing and why does that matter. It matters to Americans because. Ukraine is an independent countries in Europe and Europe is now connected. State in many many -- 28 countries in the European Union with Ukraine would between nine. Many of those half of them shared the same currency. Much of that was done to prevent another world war breaking out in Europe. So -- we going back to the Cold War days. We've seen. Some of that and the various other elements. That Russia taking notice and the Russian view of losing the getting kicked out of the Olympics in there -- parties hockey team. So you know it it it goes from one spectrum to the other. And his Latin at a hockey game even figured that is Larry Brody of the picture -- -- On hand. It. Those critical criteria is you would make and he had based a lot of the success of the Olympics on that is stand. Larry I appreciate your time I really do and -- -- will talk to you again thanks --

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