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WWL>Topics>>2-20 6:45am Tommy, guns in NFL stadiums?

2-20 6:45am Tommy, guns in NFL stadiums?

Feb 20, 2014|

Tommy talks to Captain Mike Glasser, the President of PANO, about the policies concerning off-duty police officers carrying guns at NFL games

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker debit WL 645. In case you've not knows I'm a man of subtleties and stuff that you got to think of -- here and text comes in. Daughter conversation here in hand -- Minnesota police union the largest in Minnesota. Sunni -- -- -- vikings saying that the new ban on off duty offices carrying guns in the game is illegal. And the thing that. I find specious about this is that Hussein their rationale is that they're worried about blue on blue shootings. I tried anything -- -- -- -- -- -- opposition on another one over any something a dispute when they are on duty and carrying guns. And then it's next comes in and says in his goes that the subtlety it would have thought it could feel safe in a movie theaters Nana. Briefly worded reference to what happened in -- believe it was where retired police captain. Shut that guy in front of -- over texting problem. Captain Mike classic joins right now friend vice president of the police association of new source otherwise known and -- morning -- It is is -- captain -- captain. On a ship I think it's cap and I tell me about the policy in Louisiana. And -- schemes and off duty officers guns and my already concealed carry weapons old is permit holders well. Well you're probably aware of studio is an illusion to. Carry throughout state and which he had a policy places -- now carry. You eat in the Bill Lester actually working the game. How -- said -- -- how was that received and Karzai visited changed. How's -- organization feel about. Really at this day in court were not. -- the senate that the argument. Who on look on his frustrations XS and Hitler. That what it is like you know we're. -- Where we society can experience. People who seem to lose control -- particularly you -- Shooting. -- should -- shopping and some other that you people collected yet. -- -- We'll probably several hundred people who. And carry it could. Prevent something like getting worse -- in. Any only people that. As it stands now -- aren't allowed to carry the guns -- office is working the game and I guess it is pretty hard for somebody getting on into the a football game. Well you know it's as part of -- -- to be you know as always like rules. People follow the rules it would really have probably could follow rules -- people are inclined to. It should buy -- in Japan obstacles. Then I just mean in terms of yeah I had a minute saints game a long time -- honestly are watching on TV but in terms of like which -- go through the inspect and security whatever get in the dome. Been there myself lately but -- -- -- those strict that it would actually stops someone getting it to their attention. I don't see the -- of the reason for this at all what he -- mind with the NFL. I don't know I don't know perhaps it was one particular instance that it cited a liability was. Greater than you that it protections for. I don't see it that way -- depletion and Minneapolis -- feel that way we don't feel that way that we haven't gone so -- finally cut legal action by our. I can understand somebody -- Kevin guns as far as the file any legal action -- file any legal action yet. Well I don't think we have plans to do so that big and yet I think it's been. I think to me it might be able. Hey let me ask you about just from -- patrolman associations perspective because I know you're not speaking for the anal PD at all. But in terms of Mardi Gras coming up and and what you guys are going to be up against is that respect and admire what you do. It gives people the other side of it if you can captain about. You know did might be your first couple of minutes at a parade but. The other officer might have been out there all day. Don't let that so that you know we were out. At first thought that we can't. We're out they'll probably enjoy it -- it -- people out there to have funded themselves. We want it to be Kate's new opera is to make sure that people say well do you know problems making it right. We're out sometimes 10121416. Hours. You know it may be your. Answer about going question and -- -- A lot people who. For whatever reason -- have you Leo go quietly. Let you to do given. During the article in jail in the -- -- -- it tax rule that would keep the perspective. And you know for people who don't understand why union you know I grew up your way in -- crowd Mardi Gras and if there's a dispute and somebody else gets involved in the -- turns around I think this is the -- typical new loans police comment at. At a money growth -- might be other areas of the country I don't know but it's you wanna go to. To explain to people why it has to be that way. -- -- -- You know to settle dispute between two people or people or crumpled to the three people each. The people command and then try to. And -- their two cents and unfortunately most time everybody in so. You're going to keep putting it. -- -- contributing to -- two million. I'd laugh and it's not funny when it happens but to ride in some drunk person's mind -- they're making it very Cogent argument but as -- -- -- guy shouldn't. I'd go to jail woman on the -- they're just excitement -- is what they're doing. I gotta tell you -- and appreciate everything yelled to and I know it's not easy and it amazes me I -- carry this off even. Even. Just had to deal with one -- because if you've ever been at a party where you're of -- -- -- the dog person manner in a different world so thank you so much I appreciate your time. Probably you know amusing wouldn't want. -- -- you're not but that's a funny. I -- like yeah thank you thank you.

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