WWL>Topics>>2-20 7:15am Tommy, Vitter for governor? Edwards for Congress?

2-20 7:15am Tommy, Vitter for governor? Edwards for Congress?

Feb 20, 2014|

Tommy talks to John Maginnis, the Publisher of La Politics, about new approval numbers for Gov. Jindal and Sen. Vitter and the possibility of Edwin Edwards running for Congress

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I surreal like going on politically you got Edwin Edwards is the -- -- -- college hints -- -- it. May be running for office again he -- 86. Weeks ladies and an 82. 86 years old and we all know his history got David -- Amassing a ton of money already for his run for governor and any got Bobby general's numbers falling. I could give you my uninformed. Ill conceived opinions but I think it's better to have John Maginnis join us right now who knows what he. Talking about what you know. Now now now that's why isn't he knows what he's talking about public hoopla about it. I got soundly but you know I give me fired Tommy John -- -- what you would jump in on Bobby Jindal Edwin Edwards. Life is a new thing which you know it's -- he said that -- or -- they've -- got the news story it was a the Bloomberg forum whether. Edmonds. Will let -- do believe or or awaiting it is. -- it sounds like it was more definite than than what Edwards says later celebrities stick into the story. Which used -- before that he's thinking about it and hey you know what. -- -- What is expected -- and let the look at another chapter of reality TV -- drama here you know wouldn't that make for a and a better story line. But running for congress and then of course Katrina being the candidates like. And so that you maybe they waited for the right time to two to make that announcement if he's not -- elected to congress and the sixteenth -- Decisions because for one thing it's it's a lot more Republican district after reapportionment now only 20% of it is African American voters. But he -- -- McGraw and vote more to the point it probably it'll blast. Just go on out there more action parade going to -- in -- a candidate forums to be the most interesting character there. And have reporters following -- more out. And so is that -- -- -- ago but he he has any intentional desire. To get on the airplane every week lot of Washington and come home. So. But so and maybe maybe just been part of keeping that the members in the public. Created to. Which is that. EU and the guy from done dynasty industry better -- -- -- it would well for the national media as well Lou do our reputation any good but Edwin Edwards. Handicapped Allen for me John in Edwin Edwards we're running against the duct -- a guy can register at who wins. Well would be dumb bastard you know and audio both depend on this. Of course. It yet. Depends on -- industry -- eight in the when members futures elected officials IP and even. Well we didn't have a prison record eagle on these cities picture at all. And that is not what voters are look people -- both want to you don't offer why he. It has to duplicate -- the EP range you'd wind energy to be Bobby Jindal which you couldn't. Though is that. He is he offers up and has been missing for a long time and -- you know politics and that's personalities. You know that and a dash of it would have been used to politicians and cut seems like. They you know you look at leading politicians in the state Bobby Jindal David -- you know it's. Has been there. Whatever else who has sent there it is they're not the most simple way to much. You talk about them we come back begets more time to hear this guess with the politics and the David. I don't know anything about the guy. But it you know this and I don't think it. Like they'll play around the belt with -- anything else penalty would be as usage I don't. Know. And and Bobby Jindal Rican legal and he never shot up. -- -- -- seventh -- -- to back in flash right now. Hundred evidently well. I think it hurt not can't make it in the course. Edwin Edwards talking about a possible run for congress and and Antonia. His only in Louisiana only in America but. Edwin Edwards if he were to run couldn't vote for himself because the law prohibits convicted felons from voting. But federal law allows him to run for congress. America John -- I was about David -- in his rising. I campaign chest rapidly filling his owners and get a text that says I would vote for anybody. Before David -- even you -- -- talk about it. And probably a more skeletons in my closet and does David -- but tell me why so many people are contributing in and -- against the odds on well. Bush you know years sitting US senator. And the run for governor even if he loses he's still sitting US senator. That gets so a lot of people attention when. When he calls hours on reserve -- so he's just he's in perfect position. Wait he gets a lot of attention so I guess. They just wanna help -- or could there be some influence involved here. It could be some influence of quality -- -- in the right side of the US senators so. You know -- just -- -- position. -- ready to raise money no doubt about it and and he goes about things in a very methodical way these. So there everyone knew he'd be good -- on. Senator Clinton's. A great front fund raiser to issues and those like either. So that today he I came over -- the US senator running for governors that we. We. It does change the ball game is as far as. Raising money and an antique at this simple fact that. Support Obama elm is supposed to be independent you know but -- the -- as some of the same fundraising people and its. And he would raise the money and built his activity could probably raised more money -- he can't because it doesn't. Nearly the same kind of limitations on published contributors give. That -- applied to individual. Politicians. Sell it to erase it right a lot of money that's well understood and probably will put him that's what he starts -- in. Front runner because he has support a lot of Republicans but like the the person texted duties he's got a built in opposition to unity he he stirs emotions the. Ortiz but that didn't seem -- -- senatorial race and well any baggage -- time. Well it is and in effect but not as saved as a built in opposition to and no it didn't affect human and it is Saturday that we CNET re election that. Put behind him to a degree. Earliest sex scandal he gets faced. And and so me even though it really wasn't that in 2010 race seat. In the trouble also on the Democrats really -- make an issue of it won't say what does not that rated issues there's -- voters. Or concerned. And so and that tend to think that that's not going to be that big a deal and a in the 2015 election people could be -- and -- laconic -- -- and they accept what I was but he was you know ten years. Even you've been very genders at the time can ask for a little morbid after the news that we do out. I'm about democratic. Opposition David -- and fund raising ability is there anybody can really not a I challenged him and also about the degree of redness of Louisiana. And while some want to about Bobby Jindal to name is -- lame duck or not he says. He's not we welcome your phone calls a T six 187 Neitzel freak. 8668890. Waits at any John -- nice -- spent some time with a publisher of politics right now time for -- WL first news. -- couple minutes left thank immediately a couple of minutes left with John -- publisher of politics and we already determined at least John Steele as -- Edwin Edwards. Probably won't run but. Yeah I'd say that'll save. Against the detention they will only really. -- OK can't win and it lets put it that way he won't win the sixth district as good when you said he wouldn't take to the flying every weekend and so forth. He had no idea. Bullock that he and president of is realizing that this is not the courts you -- To -- get elected. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is -- all about him in the arm behind your name and some of the stances that you've taken whether it had anything to do with Louisiana. Yet that's spent a trend lately. Would have liked Louisiana politics have been solid more national politics. And city and as -- conservative state in. That forces to Democrats the religious all of a lot in this state president of concerned. That a little Andrew. But wouldn't say that it's. You know all -- cheaper for Democrats in the future outlook think. Good democratic -- -- could be viable and they statewide election but. -- our politics that it shifted somewhat to where it was kind of more followed. On national trends and a instead -- just been insular and you know what's what would counsel Louisiana. And so that makes its order for someone. Something to talk about what you or mine went. Although financial Google book wouldn't vote please continue. -- the the Republicans should certainly has the upper hand these days -- -- -- it's parliament. Well based on what you just said I'm confused about the governor's numbers because nobody could be more involved. With a national conservative agenda I don't think -- film but here is numbers are way down. Yeah right by Communists outward up would head to head against a Democrat but. Ebitda you know you've been dumped her for six years you pick up close call ours along the way and and it shows you right as. Some of these local issues that people distort the pay attention to that -- while strike catching up with these areas. -- taken on that the teachers unions in and teachers is they would say teachers in general. Made all these cuts -- higher education over the years. On and it changed the the public hospital system and the jury's still out on that and so the locals say is we've -- -- erred more on the local level. You know especially in areas in north Louisiana where men and that's where the jobs already -- in government even rent a hospital system more of the school's system. And so that's that's. Jungle. In the doll then. General abilities as he's been over reacting to a really bad economy and he's insistent on not raising taxes so that means -- just had to cut cut cut. And that's take general had people all on him. Does it does again under his wing ideology and reality where you thank you for one there until it affects you that your son got. Theater. It's they. Ideology of -- -- great potential associates on you and your pocketbook. And so that's. That and when you governor you'd -- -- the rubber meets the road there you'll instantly it would hurt US senator boats for legislation such. The -- and have a direct impact on people -- when you're governor of things you do. As a direct impact on people and go over the course of two terms. Especially. George really tough economy like with and doing that time. It's unique governor is gonna is gonna have problems. Idol formula to go -- shortly -- three names of Democrats that could mount a the day. Certainly go mayor -- -- if he decides as he wants to do it when it came. Could be dead. Reverend John bella Edward semi people -- -- dismissed him but he is or campaign I think you would go really to a raise money but. It is topic in the state represented -- for governor and it still have a lot -- out there like. JM Bernhard a former of the -- road show group have been a lot of money when he sold. We still don't know what that was sent -- political future if he has. John appreciate -- entity alone and I'm pledged at the time thank you sir are did you bet.

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