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2-20 8:15am Tommy, would you change Saints uniforms?

Feb 20, 2014|

Tommy talks to Paul Lukas, a uniform and logo columnist for ESPN & Editor of uni-watch.com, about recent uniform changes around the NFL

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All Lucas joins us right now uniform and logo columnist for ESPN and editor of -- watch. Dot com morning Paul -- Peter thanks for taking the time tell me about beauty watched dot com. That you want to applaud daily fall where I cover all aspect of the sports uniform world. It's supplement the work I do for espn.com. Where the columnist for ten years and it's great -- to cover. Especially nowadays is bill much nonstop uniformed news. And of course that it did because it NFL. If -- forty's tonight when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers unveiled their new logo and -- Arm when it comes to yours is a unique dot com is doing and see the evolution of all helmets. We do have some of that other other sites that are more like database driven where you can see the progression. What the gridiron -- that it played some horror. The helmet project. But the good web site we we try to comfort -- you're providing news and analysis and refused to that it happened but we don't have a much of -- peaceful that. But if you ever notice with a lot of NFL teams that -- helmets rarely stay the same there is a lot of revisions sometimes subtle so people don't really notice it correct. Yes especially nowadays that there's so many different helmet models out there that the players that we're different brands the different model than. That actually -- the look at the moment but they have different reaches -- and ban on the little that so to put on the thinking can actually have vertical almost. OZNFL have to say about this because -- we have a casket sewer here in in in a suburban area of new long ones where they had a hooted casket with a cooler to lead any NFL. I guess with caskets filed the ultimate cease and desist still. It's well the other goes very aggressive about policing its trademarks. Yeah idea that it probably will be associated. The debt scares mysteries of the. Tom tell me about what's expected to Tampa Bay tonight is anything leaked on this -- don't. -- and it. I would not even aware that they were planning to change it caught everybody by surprise that totally didn't -- one coming government sources inside sources. It didn't in on the one. All the is that it could be in new logo so we -- local health. And new helmet that in and Warren -- former -- -- going to be taking part in bailing. I think that on Twitter that it what he described at equaled. Rule which presumably means but -- But that apple we know there hadn't been the the other details that we. You know one thing I found. And maybe I'm making this up in my head but a couple of college teams I think -- Oregon State Beavers. Had that little white concern on the face mask data and gas and is supposed to be beaver teeth their in my Megan and a. Now that's exactly what it's -- collected at that one of several college team without -- multicolored they mapped. There's a lot more leaving the and change in the NCA. -- uniforms and helmets there's no limit on how many different uniforms or how you can have. -- also do with how often you can change them so many college teams change uniforms literally every season. In the NFL as a rule limit teams to making one change it by years the most and most recently this past the -- imposed -- -- law. Saying bad I think do we use one helmet shell. Meeting that you can't be swapping out different helped Covert involvement. That was supposedly because they're concerned about. Player safety they want where where they've called cold feet and longer don't want have to break in a different helmet. And then that is widely interpreted -- the week sort of covering it but it's permissible the recent concussion litigation. And so the Buccaneers to her umbilical -- -- their new home. They actually at the scrapped their planned throwback game let -- in the windows cream typical uniform from there earlier critical -- And they couldn't do it because that would have necessitated. A different which will it be hypocritical uniform -- quite help that -- -- pewter. So does that mean no more thrilled -- Well you can -- -- under the current NFL rule to compute throwback if you if you're using that -- called -- an awful lot on. The throwback that might be the same color but it just has different DL lead -- the -- the current -- alcohol. And put on the throwback. Will go to the count that the there are several teams that were able to do that. But it does limit the ability. A -- dispute throwback that that there is some speculation that the -- might be unveiling a new -- help it tonight at their -- little bit. So that they can also use that with different. Yet is so leg when uses the I think was a jets where those hideous blue uniforms or even Denver and so no more of that as far as a Helmand got to be the same exact helmet. The same typical shell right and that's that you could either repainted but that's part to do with a one week at the -- expert try and cure. Or you can read the ballot at -- yet that at the current NFL rule that would put into effect last talk. While an -- an agreement that. Armed quickly before we go to did the commercial break here do you want the Steelers logo is only on one side of the Helmand. Yup that was something when they started going to -- heading -- logo in the 1960s. It was sort of an experiment and he management will be equipment that. Just put the logos on one side because -- Russell and keep it. You know you at the stadium on one side thinks in the first quarter and a second and the other side -- flipping around -- if they change your opinion on. That basically that it didn't want commit fully to its -- but it sort of half way that the political thought you know look -- it would -- if we liked the look. Will add it to the other side but it turned out that they liked it and it became sort of the viewers tradition and they kept it that way so they're the only team below normal one article. In terms of -- the is saints uniforms I was suggesting that maybe day. Some would Wear black helmets occasionally with goal -- Italy's would you -- shut that down -- you can't do it. You can't have a second cartilage so under the current NFL rule that's right. -- -- of course did have black helmets of the 1969 pre season I know there was an article about that in your local media. And that was supposed to -- their new album -- helmet for the for the securities and and I get the team ownership forgot to tell the NFL and didn't register properly -- something like that that they were able beware after the -- -- and so when the boat at the back into the sort of rare photos of the the black helmet from. -- -- is there any thumb. Scientific. Data behind use and new helmet or are you different -- Evans say it was a one year -- is just the NFL going crazy trying to cover its rear ended she says. Actually talked to a lot of equipment managers on the college level because that mentioned -- many college teams have 345 beaten six different helmets. And I put -- that what do you think of the NFL rule and -- comparable. Having your players swap out -- -- different helmet in the course of the season. They all told me to a mandate that I'm very comfortable I would never -- -- play with something that I feel what they thought would never would be part Apollo Theater and you'll say. I think the NFL -- over port here they're over compensating. Through these concoctions lawsuits and so forth. But you know necessarily indicate that there that you know that -- assessment of the situation. But it is interesting to see how different the approach -- are at the college level on the pro level. It seems like comes on a physics and engineering on anything about that but you would think the -- would be newer and newer helmets -- -- Paul let me tell you I thought I had the best job in the world but upon reflection I think you do. Backup not yeah at the very good gig while covering -- beat this Thursday at the very excited be to cover the bit to -- so much uniform -- always coming down. -- hope we get to talk to again thank you Paul. Thank you have a great --

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