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WWL>Topics>>2-20 8:45am Tommy, Who Dat casket trouble?

2-20 8:45am Tommy, Who Dat casket trouble?

Feb 20, 2014|

Tommy talks to Jonathan Lahatte, the owner of Til We Meet Again, about a cease and desist order he received from the NFL because of his Saints Who Dat caskets

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Connie Tyree for 812 point nine joined now by John at Atlanta -- owner of till we meet again in the morning Jonathan. Wanna come election has to be clear. Yours as the casket shop in the mall which ones. -- -- -- I got to legislature at the right one they tell me what's going on with it with the caskets with those who dad and instincts not the saints the NF LETC. All are we so called. It is a black and gold casket. Which -- like -- interior and as orderly. The situation. Or go all the way around. So what's it do what happened with the NFL they sent you and I guess something you used to dealing with cease and desist. A lot of Pargo and -- earlier you know. Outlook the outlook contacted back in October. Before my -- about the use of the affordably in the elements. -- get rid of it or change so redesigned it. Prepare. What we agreed to it and we displayed marketed it. Did the war in October. -- in that initial until we get ago we received or monetary received a decent. And it's not saints -- and its NFL right. For the note that -- So what was the objection is it's a scene on -- -- No well maybe -- -- -- -- I'd sell it but it casket I call either their goal called. But -- it's not that. And it did their beef is with the design of the flu are police saying that the -- -- uses their proprietary one and and you copy NN. Variety of art and that. Therefore believe is federally tree -- -- delete. And that is. If not the same in order to the road they're on they're helmet and uniform. What is your response -- what are your plans. -- we responded saying we re design a broker required and we felt we were in comports with a report. She wasn't happy with that response told. Get rid of the gold. -- -- Come up so it up in it pulled commercials. That come FaceBook page. And not do it. And pardon did a bad choice of words but you'll buried and only some -- and it. Yeah -- well. Jonathan I'll tell you this get ready. Because you know but at least I can assure you this story is going to be national news in a matter of dollars you realize it. -- I think it's good thing it -- -- -- that -- publicity that it got so that they because they felt the same. A limited amount on just smoke before. Well I can tell -- there's an addition and I'm just predicting this because I've got a pretty good feel -- For what the national media like saying guarantee this is gonna go -- it's gonna go ballistic you have. More requests -- in her views and you know what to do with an out of that you'll probably get an attorney willing to take -- -- All the equipment right now. He's my brother so and -- at parties and you know. Know what I mean may be somebody some big New York attorney that's looking for have been no disrespect to your brother but some -- for a a big fight as a -- -- you know and don't really does I don't know. -- needed vehicle called ego into work. They go tell me about some. That your business in general because it's always. It it's always. Amazed and amused me both at the same time that you and openness in a mall. And disorder how's business spending a lot of people just coming in and looking around. Yeah actually everyday people all. Walk and take pictures are and ask questions -- Have a -- in a ball setting where people walk by it if he gets people thinking about. Oprah played in -- what they're gonna do it that I'm more -- -- -- remember that harmony in. Where there could be some different celebrate life -- And it -- you'd court. You do not rent these things ranked. Jacket. Let me ask you this about. Was this your original idea or is this something that they've done in other places. And how did you get that business in the first place. What they would like it was idea and excited about it store but and other company itself started Wichita Kansas. -- I think in across article bought last year and it was a great idea -- that wouldn't -- store edit -- can't get in the door which -- mine probably in Turkey kolbe. Call music kept it. On the -- Nokia brought up on it com. Meeting notes on the fraud in and -- in the capital like on the music notes. Column that's the kind of we'll meet to debate and I try to go out here. DD you'd take this home with UF do you get it. The collaborated on a series. Now you. -- they'll want now are so you need or someone who's. Maybe not to scare or about the past. We can turn around most of our it's within three days. It's a -- that we can overnight ethnically but. How would like to do that it's it's been hurt the -- with prices. -- and I appreciate you coming on in and I hope. I hope you win with this deal the NFL they are non profit organization technically so on and on non -- to be concerned with. The -- -- -- in and it shortly that resembles Ayers thank you server criminal talk Keegan -- Get ready John I think is -- talent yet it's headed your way the media --

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