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2-20 9:10am Tommy, changes to TOPS coming?

Feb 20, 2014|

Tommy talks Dr. Brian Beabout, a UNO Professor of Educational Leadership, and Chuck Kleckley, the Speaker of the Louisiana House of Representatives, about the rising costs of TOPS

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- likely speaker of the house from district's 36 and doctor Brian -- about a you know professor of educational leadership. And later on we'll talk to gusts whales do doesn't think there should be any change in -- program -- likely good morning you Dylan. -- good morning -- Thanks for having me on the. Morning thanks for coming on tell me your take on -- into what Jennifer just said in terms of in who qualifies born there we -- into many people with college that are to be able to cut it. Well Jennifer's comments earlier were were right on target you know -- started back in the 1990s that -- rental cost probably around. And that emit in the but 35 million dollars and today the cost is expected to be over 200 million dollars. And the fact is suspect calls continues to -- and we have to find a way to better managed -- Our goal as legislators from our goal here and batteries just makers is Bible into the future Richards is sustainable park is partnering kids. And for future generations. And it is and it is we have to find better way to manage it in order to do that and there's rot you lasers. Several scenarios out there. Right now the the ACC the requirements of the standards. To receive top. Is. Only -- is that point in the 2.5 GPA. So do we -- does standard what do we do how -- we do it what are the options and it the most important thing in the most critical thing to remember. Is that we don't get their as a freshman hitter in high school this year that's planning known in four years from now. Receiving top that we do not. Do anything. To affect. His ability to receive those cops award and you know so -- there's there's just all different types of scenarios that play out. And we we have to be very careful very methodical that we do this but the ultimate goal was to make sure that tosses sustainable into the future. It's based on the ACT right on the SAT. -- -- The united the requirement as a is -- winning that's just for the original pop Warner board we have performance awards for a little RE CT and then honors award for a little higher basic school. That can Brian be about you know professor educational leadership good morning IU -- or do very well thank you tell me about the when he -- CT 2.5 GPA. As far as these rising cost 35000200. Million is that because. Inflation in the cost of colleges going up the Louisiana is about more people go in the school. Then ever and some people has there been a lowering of standards alias on and Skinner has. Matched the improved the increases. -- said in an ACT scores are -- EPA's. Yeah I mean that the minimum qualifying -- -- creeped up to a little bit. And massive growth. That we've seen in total cost of the program is doable entirely to increase tuition costs and while those in at a national rate going about 50% increase per year. I don't know I don't know authors page going up 50% the year that spoke out which. And -- and so. The question is. Is it that opening word and continue to be able to afford particularly under the Louisiana -- act which. Institutions are increased are eligible for increases in tuition paid -- hitting their performance targets and so interest tuition is. On out the league in -- that 50%. Great growth -- -- you're not going down and talked to. Iso in terms of the 2.5 GPA in any AC -- say Tony what what is an average score nationwide blitz and excellence Norwood supports store. Well it is whether it's a piece that they should look to update daily student who scored a perfect 36. That's where America then average scores about 21. And so there's been I think pretty persuasive calls. To ratchet up the eight -- team minimum and the GPA minimum. While most southern states have a program similar to ours for. College tuition. Our standards of our bit lower -- the other southern states for getting access to. You know individuals are completely different group sometimes they're easy to predict was gonna happen -- likely are we sending. Too many students are paying for too many students to go to college with a 2.5 GPA in its when he ECT. And the well I -- shouldn't be going in and maybe should look at some other type of it is on didn't he chuck and I -- you know it's hard to get past the yeah hurt anybody's feelings here the politics of this but had there been studies done this year OK. These many students when it with a two point time they got a year and a half a college didn't really do him. That much good -- of doing something else I'm -- the efficacy of the program of if I'm not meaning. It's an atomic we talk about that all the mom from Lake Charles southwest Louisiana we have a strong industrial base. You know there's people over there that are thinking that because you have a 2.5 120 on the ACP. You're incentivizing is that maybe didn't really go to college. But they have a scholarship and their parents are saying look go to Mac needs you know you've got a scholarship go to Mac decent if that's what you need which you -- it. Not gonna costs -- much anyway right chuck and ask -- go. Maybe that space and fees and books and -- ago. And then they find out well colleges not from any song will go back to trade school work and welding steel pipe -- school -- tech because -- operator come electrician. So there's been -- cost to the state for those two semesters and I think that's the general filling. Throughout just not in southwest Louisiana but all over Louisiana there's there's kids that. You know that may -- should go to the -- cooler maybe do some -- -- do something different but because we've been -- about system. With this -- award that they collect political given a shot in the app that's assigned -- around there's a crosses state and that as happens so. I think that that is an issue that is the challenge but let me go back the -- school. I had a pair -- the other day. Tell me that there caller will take the eight PT test for the fourth. The goal is to get to the twenty. But he did you know Turkey it'd be ready EE CP requirements to 22 you can put commentary were my daughter's gonna do it. Twenty will be your new goal. And I think you'll get there so you know I think you know they're but they're -- -- several scenarios -- -- we accomplish a lot of things we will rates will raise the bar. But we'll also have a chip students achieving that our species these -- I write this so. Did -- be -- doctor Brian -- about you know professor education leadership. Again individuals are all different but groups. Are predictable. It generally speaking some ideas college with a with a twenties -- any CT at 2.5 cumulative GPA. And you know I guess -- back to. A good foundation Lincoln's Matt good foundation when it comes sciences Saturn and -- English writing skills and critical. Reading and thinking skills. Isn't the anomaly for somebody with a 2.5 GPA they wrap -- up in four years and get a job. Based on what they majored in in college or do you think maybe the standards are way too low as well. I think we get ourselves into little bit trouble -- and public policy decisions. On. These sort of -- by the 2.5 what motivated and then. Let skilled then. In the mean the local media but a product. Report came out. Showing the com. The drop Draper talked to print up biting column level. And in there there's some prodding number of higher level of folks drop in on -- bank. At the artwork at university and the governor's emphasis on increasing graduation rate is actually put an incredible amount of emphasis. Mean retention of students. That's really ramp up in the last couple of years so. If we universities can really step up with a plea in when we admit somebody we. Owned their success. That I think the top investments are really continue to reap the benefits of that. I get a text is pretty interesting what -- child has a 3.4 GPA only stores seventeen on the ACT because. Some people test better than others on standardized tests like that -- is either or DS they have both in my heavens and a case like that. And certificate to vote. -- on what you said Brian. About you know the people dropping out with higher income levels on the he would tied in in the grade point averages of the but at some point you gotta decide. I mean a metric right grades count grade point averages count and an even standardized tests count in terms of who gets scholarships in Dutton and and is it time to review that money comes tops you know and Libyan national merit scholar with a 2.5. Yeah exactly highly unlikely and where do you draw that line. Yeah and I think. You you've used in public in Avalon and I think part of what we're doing is. That emphasis on workforce development -- the -- tonight thank you very important can we get our high schools to take a broader look at. What a local economic needs what are the students interest and operations to trying to move. The college for all mentality that that I think that at -- twelve indicated -- -- all the people working article what that and so people want. Make them make their students into that image but I think if we get our high schools to take a really good look at counseling and and figure out if people really do have. For your college interest sort of window. I -- clinically politically before religion both going into the collars. In Elliot seems as though a what are the chances of anything tops being affected at all politically here in Louisiana and B how was it funded -- -- we go back with the pat Taylor now who's -- board and finally. Giving you an answer before we go to break and we'll be right back is. It is a political message out of Washington kind of hurt in his effort where everybody should have a chance to go to college but. Chances one saying. But what about it looking -- it is a goal oriented thing we'll give you the best chance to succeed in life. Well first ball you know this has put a lot of pressure on our state journal but. Our state general fund our budget. I think if you go look at other states Georgia came the end last year or the year before last and just cap -- they have some some work to -- -- up like the hope award. And they came and they are just -- capped. I don't think. My fear is that this thing of school continue to grow our controller were not doing anything here and that bridge. And a full week coming in and do something as radical as captain it that's why I'm I wanna get out front of it and and that's let's find a better way to manage. And and how we do that again is there's I don't think there's any clear answer the last thing we wanted to do -- impact our kids here honestly believe in the participate. Taxes for years and years and years. That impact the and we want them to the graduate we want to go to school here and and our head in here in Louisiana graduate Mario and stay in the -- you know. So we need to that's what we have to make sure that we minimize impact and we do the right. And we do that we're again we're sustainable for years in the future. We'll talk to you both again I'm sure -- likely speaker of the house district 36 -- represented and mr. 36. That to Brian -- about you know professor of education leadership I appreciate your insert insights and your time. Out.

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