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2-20 11:35am Garland, Obesity healthcare costs

Feb 20, 2014|

16 states are considering suing the food industry to pay for obesity related healthcare costs. Is this an issue of personal responsibility or food that is made to addict? Garland was joined by Sally Pipes, President & CEO of Pacific Research Institute and contributing writer to Forbes.com

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- organic -- personal responsibility. Noon. Or do we make him. Law firm out of Chicago has gone to sixteen state. Attorneys general. With the idea of suing the big food industry to report those soaring cost of obesity related health care. I think so far they've been told no by all sixteen states. But I've heard the lead lawyer Paul MacDonell on a number of shows over the last couple of weeks I think the effort is still there a lot of people say. The same way that the attack to be bigger. Tobacco began in nineteen Nolan used in the saying things are being said that scientific researchers that there -- the content can be backed up. Big companies have already done things to and senator Specter on the -- to -- break. While others say no we've we've Gupta reports we've got the doctors -- got the scientists and something should be don't dislike and cigarette. Off until hundred calls so -- president NC Euro Pacific research institute. Contributing writer to Forbes dot com Kelly welcome back to the showed thank -- good time as -- Well thank you are great aren't so what do you think. Should there be a loss to hundred no results. Well aren't as you mentioned in your introduction the ball about personal responsibility. But these ambulance chasing lawyers such as the mister McDonald. Who doubt they'd leak -- mr. Moore who's pushing off a bit now the biblical law firm that mr. McDonald and his firm. They -- their their ambulance taking to get. To get a case and I think basically the whole issue of obesity because it's been in the news a lot and as a new issue and the fact that it's been set up. Lawsuits -- I think sixteen states. On the contingency be basically does it takes the pressure rocked this state attorneys general. And it gives them the chance that they are bringing this you know into the public domain I think. You know it's it's it's really terrible thing I think I think it's going to be more difficult to gain traction -- and for the tobacco. The litigation cases but still it's another front against. The food and beverage industry and and really it's all about personal responsibility. People know I know myself that they don't have vehicle after I had. Attend a game and really thirsty it's probably worse than having you know gossip -- quarterback I want a Coke and I know what the army has. People know -- they do many French pride that he can really perversity committee corn chips or whatever. It's not good. But but they're making that conscious decision it's not up to government to tell us. What what we can -- how we live our lives and yet these attorneys are are trying to you know say that it. You know that that that the food industry and beverage industry are responsible for obesity they are making a product they -- the market for and and and and people need to take responsibility for what they what they eat and drink. I'm here in the claims. Not in Clinton historian looking at a Politico. This is obesity obesity related diseases have surpass smoking. As the major driver of health -- costs you know that's correct. But I do know that obesity you know is the problem and particularly among young people. -- and diabetes -- take two is you know one of the things that results from you know severe obesity. But you know her parents know. What what they should be serving are children children you know today children have so much -- to open their parents' parents are afraid to you know. Tell that -- they can't have them think they're predict the consequence that temper tantrums screaming. Or whatever. And so you know it's it's it's it's a shame. But definitely is a personal issue and that these cities are real because a lot of children today and and other. And older people can move into our separate from that -- in developing. -- stick to their developing cardiovascular problems. The other issue was to -- you know in the in in the case -- young people today exercise. You know. Walking and running in sports and things. There are certainly being surpassed. -- people sitting young people sitting watching television all day. Playing big -- on the computer. Setting and that there's been numbers story we've been saying that -- it's worse than smoking so you know we need to. Parents need to encourage their children you know to not that from the TV Europe at their computers being out respect to get out and and walk and run and play like -- -- handle that and I grew up and so. These are real diseases but I don't think it's the responsibility. The food and beverage industry the other thing is that it their losses gains -- in this industry. And and the food and beverage company's -- You know. Mr. McDonald at that could say well you know the full reduced state Medicaid in California that account costs. But also food and and and beverage companies they're going to increase the cost of their product. Because they have to cover the cost companies don't pay taxes we as individuals pay taxes that we will be -- opening higher prices for food food and beverages. Young that's what I told Barbara bits and analysts don't feel this way blood -- with qualifications while we're talking about over thinking about and lawyers in particular one permit from Chicago when they're gathering performs. Or pitching to a state attorney general sixteen states. -- an idea of -- the food industry. And ordered to pay you for a really soaring obesity related health care cost and end it if somebody. Or sleep four a category -- flies with consumer I am I'd probably say -- Terry. So Lola -- Gibson's. Believed in personal responsibility. And personally I think this is a ridiculous idea but. The pursuing -- their show and inch tell you what I think and then tried to disprove what I think the Florida came up. We just -- a doctoral on the verifiable and I've read for years. We can't forget obamacare we cannot sustain our health care cost. In its current configuration. One of the biggest cost is obesity in particular diabetes. What these lawyers are proposing. That whatever level responsibilities. Some food manufacturers -- determined. On investigation. And Evans -- speculation. Is their fair share of reimbursement to the states to Bora the cost of Medicaid and itself. So when our -- that is so brocail one hand we can't afford what we've got. And one of the biggest contributors. Is obese at. And the end time it's a group of people and you moved approach to grab people tell me today. That the reason we have only about 10% over a population smoking. Is because cigarette revenues words used to educate notes on how bad the product. I've got to question myself. OK garlic if you don't like that is what your answer to paying. -- system that we cannot sustain. And as always when a course from myself and I give myself confused who come open knowing interest. Go to via experts from -- outselling -- presidency you don't. Pacific research institute contributing writer Forbes dot com so they tell me where I'm wrong when I say we -- find -- -- -- -- for all this stuff. In this may be one of the least painful wounds and may be productive. Well I guess I want -- I would. I would dispute you know what what you have to say -- we have to get people. Engage in particularly parents and and the people themselves. In thinking about what they're eating how much they're exercising and all of that it was just another way. For government to raise money. -- -- We educated people who -- Well I mean. Active through people like myself writing op -- through radio or television having expert. Talk about that -- and the food and beverage industry has really. -- against a lot of healthier products than they used to -- they've responded to do the market because they're seeing. You know. As senator seeing stories and think they have responded to the mark. Don't remember -- they've got over the past decade 20000. Healthier products. Voluntarily removed pulled cal recruit from schools. A indicted self regulation for marketing to get. -- back in the California court. A few years -- band I'm having pop machines in schools. And so they know what people found was that in high school kids would leave the school ground and goes down the street -- -- -- Coker got an -- You know at the local 7-Eleven or whatever so you know it's all about educating people but. There's no question that that the cost of our health care in this country at high was spending about you know -- -- 18% of our gross domestic product on health care. But you know by filling food and drug companies is not the way to bring the costs down. -- -- If you're online let me bring more liberal listeners will run out and -- I think he's got a good cushion Charles rooms Celek by each project got. Okay art you. Pretty accurate you could go to. And you world class should physician and researcher but they were doctored -- older and are currently content here and then rouge. And you may want to get him back against -- Arctic and you know there's no government -- actually just a couple. There is some evidence that I can outside the journal unjust about that knowledgeable about it. But three leaders experiments were done to show that. -- every living being -- you know plan not planned but animal is gaining weight. Even mice that are used in experiments under very very controlled conditions. Are gaining weight -- -- sections of course so there's something going on in the world. That you know I don't know enough about what you might want to talk to doctored her and -- about that. Appreciate that something will -- sort of -- up really short and I'm certainly your your last thoughts on the. Well I think you know we're working more and more of these -- -- I think it needs companies by the ambulance chasing lawyer and I think. You know we want -- you know we want to promote definitely good health that we want companies to be able to provide jobs to be able to be created you know 85% of new jobs there. Greeted by. Small start -- companies you know Microsoft apple they all started you know in garages and a little -- the little. -- little tiny -- enterprises but Leo we know it's it's if we keep suing people who aren't going to go into business is going to create jobs. We need to build healthy robust economy in this country and having lost his -- food and beverage companies it is not the way to solve the healthcare crisis. Bocelli has stood in the beginning it was against lawsuit Bennett challenged myself again -- respond again doctor whose bunt in the pursuit of power. And got to Syria and I'm still in the category of I don't think the -- who -- -- and -- appreciate your calling him very much and hopefully. Will do sure on this again and give me another call. Add to our. Governor bill bigger celebrity -- and 53.