WWL>Topics>>2-20 2:30pm Jim Donelon, Affordable Healthcare

2-20 2:30pm Jim Donelon, Affordable Healthcare

Feb 20, 2014|

Affordable Healthcare – are you in compliance? The signup and enrollment dates loom large…do you have proof of insurance? Do you know the final deadline before you get a tax penalty? What exactly are those penalties? What if you signed up, but haven’t received your card yet? And, what options do you have if your health insurance policy is cancelled? Our guest: Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, who says the number of people in Louisiana who won’t be able to keep their current insurance coverage because of the federal health overhaul is now 62,000.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well again we have devoted another hour and a half to a very important topic that is Obama care the Affordable Care Act and we are now joined by. Louisiana's insurance commissioner Jim O'Donnell and I so appreciate you joining us again. We have some college of one and we just take it right off the top. Jim from Harvey. I have a question OK I have four children. And my employer provided insurance from my children. -- lie here were not proper dollar. This year or eat out because Obama here. You mean you're paying 2000 dollars more a year are. Only human. Can that be. A little -- very rich plan or his employer reduce the employer contribution for the dependent portion of the coverage. Jim O'Donnell in do you have an answer to that and. I didn't. I think the suggestion that there of the planners changed. It's probably the most. Accurate all -- so part. All of that could well be there as -- good result nobody. In enhanced benefits. Mandated by Obama here. In -- and two degree. Guarantee issue being the most expensive. But I also know like time limits and also guaranteed. All policies have maternity coverage. There's there's not a more well. Required enhancements book called widgets that that. There's no free lunch. In insurance are you all for more benefits that it is going to call was higher pretty. Would you all suggest to this man than that he go to the marketplace and perhaps on Monday less expensive one now he can't. He can't you'll qualify for itself because -- or offer some coverage Ole. Send -- images affordable. Now and it doesn't mean that he can't go to purchase a policy off the exchange -- that -- men may be cheaper than what is important you know probably one idea to stay a little policy himself and then send -- children had the children by an off exchange application. The children can buy at their own age of joining a platinum policy for -- two finals a month. A case of right around -- that. That would save him 18100 dollars easy less what he does it thank you very much for calling in -- back to our commissioner John Allen. Since we last talked what are you seeing and hearing. About the situation. Well are still. -- the opal well being. Reaction tune the world out of the Obama here -- Affordable Care Act is confusion. No question about it I used the term even back it up Opel will it. -- -- in September as we approach -- out. That -- complexity was bonds' ball well with all the store and stock option problems with with the the Internet. These web site. A web site it it's pretty true to operate probably. Initially and for quite some time. As you have been saying earlier in the local idiots were being -- -- now. I don't know but so efficiently effectively now folks who are trying to access outrage certain numbers spike. Significantly. In the -- you know we now about 33000. Policyholders who have gotten coverage. Group apparently sponsored web site. Nationwide that's 3.3 million. But that's -- lower than what had been projected. By your best. Or at this point all of the implementation. -- Still confusion. Not certain about what they have to do. Consumers relative to abort the penalty. -- vote to access coverage. A lot of questions that we would she be at the department relative to that comfort and some bonding that they're not pleased with the extra apple. Let me be in the net or well planned that they selected. All of law. So what do they do. -- already a real issue. That is a real issue and we're hearing for consumers with that problem on. Not -- are a huge volume. But often enough to to be concerned or as we try to help consumers are where there should. They should leave their contact the insurance company that signed up -- All -- insurance agent that's what those professional agents out there to do it -- you. Your your show earlier in the day. Or actually and in -- but it's seeing both -- and ultimately a written decision could have been made the decision. But it made a mistake. Helping them through the pots as well collecting that the state it's it can be corrected. Let me ask you I was reading something and I'm sorry I thought I had in front of me and I don't. But it was saying that eleven hospital eleven to eighteen major hospitals not in Louisiana and saying. But nationwide are not accepting obamacare. And I didn't name them and I was just curious if it's like the MD Anderson isn't that many those etc. now. Can hospitals. Refuse it. Our yeah let's break it refused the plans are being offered. But not joining the networks. Of well the company's plans that are being sponsored. All in the job market plunged. And some grip on that. Not to any great extent that I'm aware we're not. Hearing complaints -- -- -- What we do you hear about. Providers not being in network -- they're not in the cheaper. Why that are available but they are indeed more expensive plans because frankly. Some of these providers. Upper -- and expertise or higher level here. Then -- the cheaper land is designed to book why. Okay another caller Michelle from Springfield. -- -- Hello yes this is Michelle. And. Hi. Guys like personal stories. -- keep. -- respected by Obama care actually my partner and myself -- middle class. Our insurance source cellular like -- to 700 dollar -- -- our portion. And my husband's lawyer over a thousand dollars and might actually more than more -- statement. And that really hurt a lot. I'm an adult and they've now had been to win about a chairmanship back. Beckett going through -- That was the tree. That six it's in the Medicare -- and a supplement. She can't teach -- and and it actually she takes every month to keep -- cancer from coming back to this 12100 dollar similar to that this happened actually. What I can suggest that. Told her that she had to start expert the injection at the -- it would no longer change forget. More than yours as a security to actually get much as -- -- They -- entities both you know can't check back or do I mean you know. Is there -- no alternative to that I'm asking -- to Ireland. -- -- I'm not a lawyer. But I never teaching your health insurance. Program that that it's gonna -- years for decades actually. Under by the federal government -- specifically. Well consumers. With Medicare issues and they can be reached at 1800. -- 5300. Is it that concern would like to reach out to us and we can look into it or. Sounds like she already has been has been told that there's no release available but I'm not I'm not certain the. That's 1802595300. Operate in some cases this group will help. A patient pays for an extraordinary medicine 12100 dollars a month. You're saying the group's senior health insurance yes well. All out there or subsidies not through the -- program Fisher program is strictly in preparation -- okay. Assistance. But it all our Medicare programs or. Our prime but is there and come based color so we're out to be alone in -- are out into the Medicare recipients to qualify up. Let me ask you let me ask you as the commissioner when she talks about her husband's jobs insurance went up from 700 to a thousand since Obama care. What was the cause of that. The enhanced benefits that are required couple okay outrage last year. Based on the fact that they -- -- participating would be compelled to participate. In the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. And in again next year most of -- regulators across the country. Are expecting additional increases. Because of the lord and anticipated. Got Bobby young healthier. Our population our country and frankly the old world take up 82%. Of those who and so on dot. For the Affordable Care Act plants nationwide. Are doing so India being. Subsidies with that. The the key number there is still young and young population. The 25 to. Are eighteen to 34. Age group where in Louisiana 28%. All of these Chinese the royalties which numbered now in our state 33000. Person is nationally or any -- percent. Although -- on eighteen to 34 -- That beat the overall numbers are down and demographics within the numbers are. Not encouraging I would say there is significantly all pro projections. But. But now if -- goals are not met for a world that. Then that will again spike in insurance cost next year it's companies filed it rates. For January and beyond. 2015 based on what there. There are book of business looks like and -- losses all are during this year. Well as we've been saying for the last -- this thing just continues to morph and change. And and this is not good if they can't get the young people in we cut a couple of callers before you called him who are young people and I don't wanna do it. You know that they may be forced ultimately by this penalty but if you know as we were talking if -- remove the penalty what is the motivation if you don't want to do it. Absolutely and not you know I urge you sharing earlier that. There may be another extension here as we approach. The march 31 deadline. I would be surprised. If that would change because all of these extensions. That let it domino affect throughout the program and I -- Didn't detrimental. To those who would. The -- that the program succeed. But. The the the store and stop there has caused not only confusion but. But how about the the value and and the responsibility. -- leading into this program it's it has so many problems in parent in. The administration very that the government is making all these last minute tweaks to it as answer trying to get it low -- Will commissioner Jim O'Donnell and I again thank you very much for calling in and we're gonna stay in touch. We always appreciate your insight into this thank you -- a miracle. -- -- -- -- --