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2-20 2:10pm Angela, Affordable Healthcare

Feb 20, 2014|

Affordable Healthcare – are you in compliance? The signup and enrollment dates loom large…do you have proof of insurance? Do you know the final deadline before you get a tax penalty? What exactly are those penalties? What if you signed up, but haven’t received your card yet? And, what options do you have if your health insurance policy is cancelled? The experts to answered your questions, Gabe Janusa, Patrick Taylor and Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, who says the number of people in Louisiana who won’t be able to keep their current insurance coverage because of the federal health overhaul is now 62,000.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well we've spent the last hour talking about affordable care and we're gonna do the next hour talking about affordable care thanks in great part to gave -- with demand insurance benefits. And Patrick Taylor benefit planning group who had been our friends for the last four months getting us through a very complicated subject. They are both independent insurance people and not so sure given of their heart. Act at 235. Are going to be having the insurance commissioner on. Jim O'Donnell and so -- of any specific questions for him please give us a call at 260. 1870. We have a bunch of callers and I'd like to start with Josh Josh. Yes you had a comment or question or. Gold or regarding poll are trying to -- young people involved in order to pay off the warlord premiums would be utterly is that well -- -- -- people are getting insurance. Because you know they don't want it -- they'll need it. That -- legal entity that haven't. It is just like a way to extort people and it went right here -- -- -- -- -- every -- -- any discussion on the -- here sales -- I don't I don't it's really had never made it clear young people how it's about how he. Josh bomb when I was 2425. Years old I didn't think I needed health insurance either I had just started my business completely out of my down. And I head. Back to back kidney stones and hospital bills that were probably eight or 9000 dollars it put me in debt for years because I didn't have health insurance. My analogy is to your comment is is that you don't buy a car insurance after he wrecked the car. But I can top that a car insurance by telling my car I don't have -- oh yeah here. Being forced the paper's -- -- I'm not I'm glad it's happening in my late twenties not attached. Seven after eight years I've been a colleague of mine who wore it would've been out that anymore thousand dollars added you can stop five years ago. I understand completely -- keep in mind you not being forced to do anything. You know the federal government is just saying that if you don't do it you're going to be penalized 1% of your income -- That is going to go out you know over the course of the next three or four years as well well I think what are people need to do those in need to do the man that need to see if they qualify for Simpson and what the net -- would beef attempt on the -- bronze policy the very at least. And what you'll find some time is that maybe the cost of that policies that she last in the penalty that may they may have to panic. So really people need to do the -- It's inflows -- if you can get a policy for that amount of money go ahead by one. War you know -- by -- it's about when not only guarantee it you don't even have to by the brunch about a catastrophic. Plan became the substance of prime minister that's correct Josh thank you for your call very much let's go to Jean in Guerrero Jane. What I -- -- -- I'm doing good how are you confident on all excited about this this is my favorite topic. Top crest tomorrow. I think you're okay connect upbeat about my medical I I know what you're saying. After hearing that -- And I think he did not the issue on the -- -- but I wanna fight it but. I don't think it right they my -- you can't but it don't that I did that might urinate but good things about it that I think out now. Building up what about that they have they ever covered -- never happened and yet these new policies definitely do not -- or hearing -- for adults. And but but what about vision. And has no vision coverage even. They're feeling sorry for for minors. Dental for minors bubble bless your heart out all your life you bored hearing aids and -- had to. Yes and I'm very angry because. My character coming out we might hear an eighth. Bank bought back the original spot and kind. You can talk about the bet that not actually that bad. Talent you look at what I did -- that they -- -- in my -- I thought. I'm not a bad at the age but yeah that got. It. I don't know I'm it's very. Bless your heart is all I have to say I appreciate you calling in and not. If you ever talk into the insurance companies into would give us a call keep up the good -- You okay thank you very much. Our next caller mr. chill. Trinity -- bill and it in Africa and he'd still you must. Good because everybody is literate you listen note that. What Obama -- much better -- -- comfortable. Now with its insurance at the airport insurance but what -- you -- on him albeit it's. And it's been part amiga supporters are my family. And myself so what are your support of what I came out Obama -- I mean I think is the greatest thing -- -- -- -- dot he didn't like blood tests. In different you know they want their blood -- -- they're -- to do and days so I think well obviously so electability in the month. My insurance company began paper it and I still accorded 300 Allah be open at go to the doctor -- that gets -- look at -- So it could be that the smut out at any problem are looking at like 7800. That the -- In typical productive can't it's giggle continuing continued all over the -- going out but I would this affordable while I'm Kia. I'm not gonna have to worry about when I have the -- take blood tests should not be open about it it's something serious. Did you know with the personnel. And if you have probably can't go to dot that you can afford it that's the problem I mean a lot of people called a radio talk about the check through the Bob how much we -- on the front is a much -- real vacuum with a capital barbecue but it could be ended the day. It's adults say people who I can always put money. You don't like -- that's -- -- that a lot of money but I would. Now and your right yeah I think we tried to make the point that they're definitely benefits to this especially for those who have had illnesses that couldn't get the insurance. And what you're telling me is that. What is your what are you paying now vs what you were before. Okay I'll stand for nine -- -- -- -- -- -- -- one in the wild suvs can't. Architect its money and do other things. But there are a pain in the community a lot of people talk about that African Americans let it bead on it though -- shares dip below job. They give them that -- audio out but it won't get injured. You know people. Terrible back right here. There's there's this affordable this year in of people have a problem with it to people making money. -- -- -- -- basically you know so well to what you do it so everybody so we used to people who figured look forward this year. The -- Tony that BP been -- all these different. People around them that they eat up the money that's okay Tony. In another situation like. And maybe that would own children YouTube and you'll like what you want to think about the -- That you're a better situation in a debate about and I'll -- -- what's on the puppet being eclectic thought about it. Could the president -- in America is about real job that we've. -- -- -- thank you very much Jill thank you for everything you do NN thank you thank fair thing you do in your community T picture cuts and. Another. That's a voice that needs to be heard that's actually right and I think Patrick you've tolling and shows past. That some some clients of yours have cut their premiums and half. Like that now and not only cut their premiums and have to keep in mind if there if they're between a 100% 250% the federal poverty level that we've talked about before. They get to benefit from cost sharing which now not only are they receive in the subsidy. But their deductibles are reduced to maybe 200 dollars a year 400 dollars a year. They're based they'd basically have very little out of pocket exposure whatsoever. Without a point I'll set you know everybody's situation is different defenses -- chills outcome is different from what in the past. Now it was plans covering -- blood lab work whereas before it was the -- at the 2%. You know everybody's income is different -- situation is different. And -- arrest -- handing sexing outcome but. You know. Reach out to us give us a call amnesty would work so well for union -- And I want to say again gave number is 3090060. Patrick Taylor's numbers 8333434. And don't hesitate to call them and they've just been so helpful let's go to our caller you look. I'm so sorry that every time. But can't. Stats and you. I have this question is just smack him and nobody ever addressed this question. After -- done in regards to the insurance companies and the policy no matter where we obtained them how much they are. That decision themselves are there going to have part of blondes. As to which insurance coverage they're going to Serbs and patience that they're going to if I have dissension coming to my doctor says. I don't I don't. Take uses and accept decisions. The cry cry is have to go maybe some applause that he has I can't go to my -- A testament to go to a Baton Rouge two lost yet. So are you saying under -- under the Obama care if you have a silver playing -- plan whenever it is. A doctor can say I'm not working with Obama care. What I am what I am saying that they adopted by insurance coverage and insurance plans and insurance company said speaking of carriers. You know yes -- you have -- -- you have stopped you know I mean zillions off them. Under obamacare I'm sure that they use different writers -- You know this archive of the from brokers and out -- insurance companies that you pick and choose at the end good doctors themselves when I go to the doctor I think my doctor in accordance to -- credibility. To his knowledge to his service to what he's capable of just how I feel comfortable. If he accuses. Can he deny me. It if he does not under the. You know let's ask Patrick and that gave -- every inch every doctor if they wanna contact with the insurance carrier -- provided there could complete their paperwork. And I think the people need to be a way around there there are some narrow network plans that were not available prior to obamacare. So while essentially you know there are maybe four major carries that -- offering insurance on the exchange is also other insurance carriers offer insurance. Off the exchange and you want to look at the exact -- he selected and pulled the provider search or search for providers based on that plan he selected. I think there's a lot of misinformation out there about saying to your doctors -- -- it. And they're saying that we don't accept obamacare. That's not sure it's not -- Rudolph. You know again. If the if that doctor is contract to a blue cross for and is an indoor provider for blue cross with one of their specific plans. You know well guess what. And at that process that person buy insurance after January 1 without plan was subject to obamacare so. It's just misinformation. On let me interject some and -- and this is why it's so important to contact an agent before you pick a plan. You know let us help you make that decision because. All of these companies have -- game just said different networks with blue cross alone you have a connect -- connect network. You have appoint a service network you have a PPO network. It's very important understand art and understand who what what doctors are on those networks does that connect -- network is much smaller than a PPO network. We try to explain that to all our clients. You look I really appreciate the call is always let's go to Tony and -- guard. -- all alone. At -- Yes you had a comment or question. Well. I mean a lot of people better. -- Com and and you walk -- 21 well now. -- -- And every property. You can't help I am sure. -- It at -- as you walk. At all. All -- that bit. About your core is more. On it won't insure your op sure it. Good point I understand let them prior -- on the care there were as high risk pool in Louisiana repeat it and it. -- in -- was expensive it is no question about it and this Obama care act obviously does make insurance is affordable. If you within you know -- poverty levels. That. It would get him. I'll and it it out in the -- it all out there -- Out. So -- your -- Com what happened. Ma ma -- well. It's good. At -- and she bought all my. Are. All well Robert. -- ball. Angela -- making a great point here you know. He is so many people and you're you're an -- -- at the statistics earlier 55%. Of the people aren't even aware that there's a deadline on March 31 I think that was the numbers on -- so many people are not aware at that. It's guarantee obamacare is guaranteed issue you're not buying government health insurance you were buying insurance from an insurance company whether -- -- it's blue cross Humana Louisiana health care cooperative. But it it's so important to sit down and talk to and agents that they can explain all of the ins and outs of of this program Terri. And you know there's so many people walking around out there without health insurance and have preexisting conditions this this program marks. Thank you very much Tony and I'm glad your daughter's got some coverage now thank you a lot. And and what he was just saying much Patrick which is saying is true. From Bankrate dot com more than half of the American -- 5% still don't know that the deadline to sign up for health insurance is march 31. Very very important again if you don't sign up if you don't have approved of insurance. Can't get it to work. Or your company changes its mind about handling insurance and you have to have proof of insurance or. At tax time you're going to be I think find that -- going to be penalized. Either by 95 dollars this year or 1% of your salary and as Patrick says. Beautifully. Very few people will be paying 95 dollars the 1% of your salary is what you're going to be penalized correct and it's gonna come right out of your income tax return. What if you don't have an income tax richer. If you don't file income tax -- not going to be no but I mean what if you file that you just do it down -- the letter and they owe you five dollars the two of them 200. While I imagine -- forward into the following year. OK keep a mile like what Powell saying we're not really sure what's going to happen when with the IRS has -- really stolen information. We don't we don't know what's gonna happen when people father income taxes next year since this is why we -- having Patrick and gave back. Because it just keeps going and going and going. Another one I thought was very interest and we were talking about the younger Americans eighteen to 29. This according to them says they're most confused about the cutoff date and most likely think the government could push back the deadline. And frankly whose to say they won't get this right. It a wonder about that also and I don't think we're gonna learn until March 27 of march 28 whether or not the deadlines going to be pushed back. I'm a -- that I think everybody needs to be aware that if you haven't enrolled and you wait till the last three or four days of the month to enroll. If they don't push back the enrollment date one of our greatest fears is is that the system's gonna get locked up in your not going to get in world. So we've all had five or six months to to work through this process and in a role everybody. Don't wait until the last few days to -- Do the enrollment completed in the volume B. So high in the surrounding the crash again kind of similar to -- was December 23 yes yes. But the but the good news as you started out on -- is that the system is so much better now totally. You know so that don't be terrified of it. Which of course I would be anyway that and don't be afraid if you. However when you when you sit down with somebody lock ourselves we actually go through that program with DC you don't have to figure it out. Which -- makes it's so sad it's a lot popular during the need to be -- with health care and a cup means they're both -- -- right hobby level. They may deal it's just a plea and off exchange application. I mean it's two pages you know basic -- defamation in signature and they walk up the office and happy. Well again we have devoted another hour and a half to a very important topic that is Obama care the Affordable Care Act and we're now joined by. Louisiana's insurance commissioner Jim O'Donnell and I so appreciate you joining us again. We have some caller -- what do we just take it right off the top. Jim from Harvey. Question OK I have four children. Are my employer provided insurance from my children. Aren't large here were not far apart though. This year or eat out. Because the Obama here. You mean you're paying 2000 dollars more a year. Or. Only -- You can that be. Are an -- a very rich plan or his employer reduce the import contribution for the dependent portion of the coverage. Jim O'Donnell in do you have an answer to that now. I didn't. I think the suggestion that -- the editors changed. It's probably the most. Accurate all those so part. Well that could well be there as a recruit result will be. In enhanced benefits. Mandated by Obama here. Advanced to two degree. Guarantee issue being the most expensive. But also know likes compliments. And also guaranteed. All policies have maternity coverage. There's there's no more well. Required enhancements but cartridges. That that expansive there's no free lunch. In insurance are you all for more benefits that it is going to call was higher -- Would you all suggest to this man than that he go to the marketplace and perhaps on Monday less expensive one now he can't. He can't you'll qualify for a -- is or offer some coverage Ole. -- now manages affordable. And it doesn't mean that he can't go to purchase a policy off the exchanged friend and my man may be cheaper than what is important probably -- -- to stay on the policy himself and -- send children had the children by an off exchange application. The children can buy at their -- age of two when he a platinum policy for -- two finals a month a case of right -- is that. That would save him 18100 dollars easy less what he does it thank you very much for calling in -- back to our commissioner John Allen. Since we last talked what are you seeing and hearing. About the situation. Well are still. -- the opal well being. Reaction June the world out of the Obama here or Affordable Care Act is confusion. No question about it I used the term even back it up well below what it. It's -- in September as we approach the rule -- that the complexity was bonds' ball. With all the store and stock option problems. With the the Internet. These web site. A web site it it's pretty true to operate our belief. Initially and for quite some time. As you have been saying earlier in the -- idiots were being -- -- now. I don't know but -- efficiently effectively. Now the folks who are trying to access -- children numbers sets by. Significantly. In the weeks -- we now about 33000. Policyholders who have gotten coverage group typically sponsored web site. Nationwide that report three million. But that's -- lower than what had been projected. By your best. Or at this point all of the implementation. Shall. Still confusion. Not certain about what they have to do. Consumers relative -- According -- penalty. Indeed vote to access coverage. A lot of questions that we would she be at the department relative to that -- and so on that they're not pleased with the example. Yet it may be in the net work well planned that racial did all of law. So what do they do. Does that to -- really issue. That is a real issue and we're hearing for consumers with that problem on. Not only are a huge volume. But often and -- you ought to be concerned or as we try to help consumers are where there should. They should -- contact the insurance company that signed up -- All out there -- insurance agent that's what those professional agents out there. Do it -- you have. Your your show earlier in the day. Or actually and as CNET Odyssey books on how to make a prudent decision and kept having made the decision. That made a mistake opening them through the pots as well collecting that the state -- it can be corrected. Let me ask you I was reading something and I'm sorry I thought I had in front of me and I don't. But it was saying that eleven hospital eleven to eighteen major hospitals not only seen him on saying. But nationwide are not accepting obamacare. And I didn't name them and I was just curious if it's like the MD Anderson isn't that many those etc. now. Can hospitals. Refuse it. Our guest but -- -- refused the client -- being awkward. But not joining the networks. Well well the company's appliance that are being sponsored. All in the job market plunged. And some grip on that. Not to any great extent that I'm aware we're not. Hearing complaints along those -- what we do you hear about. Providers not being in network users they're not in the cheaper. Plan that are available but they are indeed more expensive plans because frankly. Some of these waters upper body and expertise are higher level here. And then there and cheaper land is this on the book why. Okay another caller Michelle from Springfield. -- -- Hello yes this is Michelle. Hi. -- personal story. Not keep well respected by Obama care actually I am so -- middle class. Our insurance our children are like that to 700 dollar amount at our portion. And my husband employer. Over a thousand dollars and might actually more and more each statement. -- that really -- a lot. I'm an -- and it's now happened to win Obama chairmanship. Actually -- -- -- That was the tree. That six between me. Medicare. And a supplement. She can't change in treatment. And then actually she -- every -- to keep -- cancer from coming back to this 12100 dollar cooler that the that this happened actually. -- -- suggest that natural error that she had to start certainty injections it. The -- would no longer change forget. And definitely more than yours as a -- egyptians and since and I have. Entities. -- changing it back or do I mean you know. Is there -- no alternative to -- I'm asking -- to Ireland. -- I'm not a lawyer. But I never reaching your health insurance. Program that that it's been around years for decades actually. Under by the federal government -- specifically. Well consumers. With Medicare issues and they can be reached at 1800. Should stop behind to beat 300. If it that concern would like to reach out to watch it and we can look into it or. Sounds like she already has been has been told that there's no release available but I'm not. I'm not sure the. That's 1802595300. Operate in some cases this group will help. A patient pay for an extraordinary medicine 12100 dollars a month. You're saying the group's senior health insurance yes. Are out there or subsidies not group the ship program Fisher program is strictly in probation and okay. Assistance. But all of our Medicare programs for. Part but it buried come based color or shall would have to be alone -- -- are -- into the Medicare recipients to qualify up. Let me ask it let me ask you as the commissioner when she talks about her. Husbands jobs insurance went up from 702000. Since Obama care what was the cause of that. The enhanced benefits that are required Kabul okay outrage last year. Based on the fact that they were participating would be compelled to participate. In the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. And in again next year most of us regulators across the country. Are expecting additional increases because of the award in the anticipated. -- by the young healthier. Our population our country and frankly the old world take up. 2%. Of those who have signed up. For the Affordable Care Act plants nationwide. Are doing so India being. Subsidies with that. The the key no where there is still young -- young population. The 25 to. Are eighteen to thirty or age group where it -- 128%. Are all these Chinese Ian royalties which numbered now in our State's 33000. Person is nationally or any opt percent although -- eighteen to 34 you. That the the overall numbers are down and demographics within the numbers are. Not encouraging I would say there it is significantly all from projections. But. But not if -- goals are not met for world. Then that will again spike in insurance cost next year as companies file that rates. For January and beyond. 2015 based on what there there -- book of business looks like and you know losses all are during this year. Well as we've been saying for the last -- this thing just continues to morph and change. And and this is not good if they can't get the young people in and we cut a couple of callers before you called Dan who are young people and I don't wanna do it. You know that they may be forced ultimately by this penalty but if you know as we were talking if -- -- the penalty what is the motivation if you don't want to do it. Absolutely and not a -- are you saying earlier that. There may be another extension here as we approached by the march 31 deadline. I would be surprised. If that would change because all of these extensions. That domino affect throughout the program and I -- Didn't detrimental. To those who would. The -- that brought the program succeed. But. -- the the start and stop there has caused not only confusion but. How about the book value and in the advisability. Of joining into this program it's it has so many. Problems inherent in it. The administration -- that -- government. It is making all these last minute tweaks to it as as they're trying to get low brow. Well commissioner Jim O'Donnell and I again thank you very much for calling in and we're gonna stay in touch. We always appreciate your insight into this thank you -- -- Thank almost two hours never seems enough is just so important because it's happening right now. Patrick Taylor benefit planning group 8333434. Gabe junior said demand insurance and benefits. 3090060. They're like angels in my life and probably lives of many if you have any questions for them they are here for you. And they can really as they say simplify and it was good to hear the commissioner Jim O'Donnell in saying that. Go to an independent insurance person and help clear the way I think that's the message. What is missiles there's a new entity out there called navigators are certified application counselors that are out there that are. Helping people in role. And chances are if you bought two or enrolled in insurance and medical clinic a library community senator or college campus store. Something might that you may have work with one of the bush folks. And out but still to this day we have some concerns that you buy a policy prior to February 15. That policy that you purchase if it was subject to a cost share reduction. The benefit that you thought you're getting Maine and actually be that benefit you actually got. Which would be in enrollment error on the navigators part so. I'm at the end of the day the questions I would have for the public would be would you take medical advice from a doctor that didn't in the medical school. Or widget set legal counsel my lawyer that didn't pass the -- Or maybe would you seek insurance advice about insuring your car home -- as from a non licensed property casualty agent. Would you pay your taxes prepared from a person that is not an accountant general -- north CPA. Or would you rollover your 401K. With the individual that wasn't properly licensed as a financial professional and to the people that lost a lot in Katrina. You know would you go to day which you build a home with a non licensed contractor. The bottom line is you go to the professional go to -- -- licensed insurance professional license insurance agent. If he did work with a navigator Havel went so you can go to. Demand benefits dot com slash forms that we can become your agent. And represent new for the rest of the county and beyond and there is no cost whatsoever to you as a consumer for us being net. -- that's very important point let's get our last caller Jay in Slidell. Payers are what are -- worst -- -- this whole thing has been a bachelor over the last few years but never thought it would get to this point. It's a very unprecedented. Well it's very shall allow our government. -- forces to purchase -- -- Aired it should be very scary president -- to me and I think that we should -- all our our cheaters in US congressmen. With emails and phone calls. -- ball letters and show that -- or whatever I have to do to note that by and large. With -- the vast majority of the people this country you've got what it's actually repeal it because we're heading there very slippery slope. And I I think you're not alone in that far but I do ask we have heard from so many people that this plan has saved them I mean they did have a weakened as a preexisting condition. Or their child did and that's saved them. Absolutely we absolutely need got what we can't -- like everybody else. I appreciate that called her very much your final thoughts gentlemen who have one minute. You know we have basically forty days to get to get through this enrollment and please give us are called once in my numbers say 33343410. Patrick Taylor and gave Jim Newsome gave to -- to -- insurance and benefits until the numbers 5043 and 9006. Era. We're gonna wait another month -- gonna have both these guys back. Again that you deadline right now was march 31 that you have to have proved so that may change we don't know. But that's about it. Kind of doubt OK but other things we will just will be back will be back in a month with these two men. And again all of their things to freeze so give him a call. If you have any questions whatsoever but as you said. Perfectly. You wanna go to a professional. Thank you gentlemen it is cash contest time. It's the 1000 dollar cash contest in the code word this hour is value the de LUE. Enter that code word that debit Honeywell dot com slash cache or click on the contest link. On our website for your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide. It's just a simple and where the you're in your office computer surfing at home or on your Smartphone or tablet you can win anywhere. Listen for the next code word right before the top our news at 6 PM. Good luck from Smart radio Entercom and WWL. And now let's go to the newsroom and Chris Miller.