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2-20 4:20pm Sports Talk: College Football Rule Change

Feb 20, 2014|

Deke Bellavia talks to Senior Analyst for bamaonline.com Travis Reier about a proposed snap rule change in college football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Travis prior. Who's a senior analyst for Alabama Alabama on line dot com. Jones is now a proposed rule would have prevented old would prevent offense in college football from snapping the ball with in the first and second. After the 42 late clock -- -- it would allow defense to substitute. Even if the offense does not and reportedly two coaches in the Southeastern Conference -- B LaMont. And Nick -- Were in favor urging him to support such a -- talking about players safety. Consent to Travis I would imagine that this fall fall more coaches. That are in favor of what. A coach below my coach Saban today but they've all that well since then names already out it is and it's I don't at the throw money into what does that make -- -- -- brown grew as a. -- Pretty early to pick one out there yet the biggest one year ago. It is like you need and army if you that the coaches to go up there and -- like that that date and try. Basically -- on the injury. Duties and any -- perceive to be the that general bowl ring true. You almost got one show. I can't -- Travis hat and I'll go back to old miss game two years ago I think Alabama got some guys banged up but I guess these -- How paced offense -- it has has Alabama is it was it difficult to calamity injuries. What would what would prompt that it is that more just get that coach save his philosophy and the outcome I'm tired of paying him pitching here. If you had some players have been injured against some of these the. You know -- I wonder about the injury or not and I really would like to see more. Data that actually support. And I think that's going to be important. As as we move along with this proposed rule I think at some point. It's gonna have to be more than distorted the injury court which believe right now I went to the they're worried at all because you know. Still carry a lot of weight you don't Ole lie that you all that supported and it's going to be interesting to -- the odd thing is also. Out will be a totally out about it. Operate out. That are traditional more and their approach and especially on the defensive the ball. Other than a battle for anything making and the try to -- An edge because. So it became a little. And support the -- almost -- I'm not part of that that's -- like a good. You know the reason the other country he would count -- fight that Emery of Ottawa has court how much struggled to get it. I don't know. There are other good ball game and at all in general and -- Albert Albert during a practice partner and he can help him a ball that it -- today. In the fourth quarter at -- -- -- today. And it really. Well there -- be. Yeah afternoon game and you know that was a situation -- -- is that you know you don't have gone back to their game when he did home run it. Alabama was back in control but -- that would be one of the -- Talked about obviously for the ages Travis now after the heels of the number one recruiting class of the but it they're straight season now what does -- Alabama. Have only talk at the 2015. On three today where -- was off to a good start it's almost now. Travis that you know when you go into a signing day -- three weeks ago was signing date. It's like well when when when you're at the congratulate these key is coming you wanna -- have a handful of people already on the books are not close the TN a doesn't. For the following year. -- Especially with the spring evaluation period taken away LP on the head coaches speak to the -- -- you know guys like -- while. There are making even earlier about waist and long is because they're rewarded and that Internet time and be number one ball at that. That they now and that and what would be followed when -- get so yeah out there or now party of commitment. You're dealt and this thing what you can and this is a whole lot of errors like in the 2014. Collapsed. You know let -- be because Alabama you know a couple of games and talk over a little. Will they take that coach Parcells they are making some adjustments. But in the overall game. Like LA. And darn it you can get bigger faster or did you go bigger faster are you at their arm and you that are ideal to just do you. -- what is Alabama's thoughts Primeau. -- look at. Probably the around -- little more -- come out with the official date. But -- -- will be April liking but typically have a week practiced and Cory or boring break. -- come back for the final three weeks go on making sure you look at somewhere else. March 16 seventeenth. They'll get underway Ian and again. You are going to be because. Our quarterback situation obviously at the near. The gala people expect the -- that job it's huge surgery Coker are going to be out there until the summer. Travis was all it was all up on the site. All -- we still -- -- as you alluded to be with all the offers in the cute outfit changes -- typical board. A lot offers go now right now for Alabama targets so. It seemed like we update our hourly basis every day you can get that that being able online dot com. -- portion of the sports doctor. Happiness volley onto it and I'll fly ball. Trap. Or ER ER Travis forward Travis -- Travis always a pleasant man thank you so much for the time. I thank again.

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