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WWL>Topics>>2-20 4:35pm Sports Talk: College Football Rule Change

2-20 4:35pm Sports Talk: College Football Rule Change

Feb 20, 2014|

Deke Bellavia talks to David Ching who covers LSU Football and the SEC for ESPN.com about a proposed snap rule change in college football.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

College football. Trying to decide moving forward if these of temple offenses. Are a detriment to the green in the form of due up -- it all up tempo offense create genuine health risks. Some coaches whole -- in favor of the rule that would adjust the play clock. Would say yes those who are not would say no proposed rule would prevent offenses from snapping the football with in the first and second after. The 42 play clock resets in turn allowed the defense to substitute even if the offense. Does not. Coaches of note that weren't supported this it's amazing and his two coaches who come on the ball and the B from the SEC's Ku and wanted to be -- the best program in Kosovo. In the fourth they -- -- into Alabama's the the best program -- football Alabama's Nick Saban arkansas' -- can be Loma. David King joins us now he covers the Southeastern Conference and LSU for espn.com. David. Thank you so much for the time is is this if this a big deal always is now is almost like a knee jerk reaction. But Dan -- Calhoun who -- of air force and also as chair of the rules committee. Comes -- says basically they need some more proof solid proof and in my question is do they have any proof at all. At that point I haven't. Haven't heard or seen anybody put before you know statistics that actually. Yes I say they'd you know sometimes when UC I think it's it's a two years ago when they were talk about that. The target rule and they and college football Nate they would come up a bit different show BS -- 51 somebody will come up they would give you. Okay let's go to video and they what's they would show you this is what's gonna this is what's going to be allowed this is what is. Illegal now. I've yet to see any show all -- you know what they show you -- and the whereas. Okay what this is one abolished that in this awake and getting in in a play what's in you don't mean -- I just don't see anything out there. Yeah the party rules that really gave compare him situationally. Nobody wants to be something that is paternal player -- when he talked about players like the every -- Munich and the players. That -- sometimes it kind of -- rule are lovely and -- -- -- you hit it. That you'd be put that taking our penalties companies and the the penalty in the Cardinals greatly in its a terrible rules are gonna get rid of it I think that was. Did someone ask him. I think they don't really realize how much they can impact the -- -- -- that a lot worse here that negated an ugly street that are. You might want to during the school. David. The coaches would you think -- that are in favor of maybe having his -- that would slow down he's a temple offense. Well that you mentioned stated in -- are the teams play early deliver -- -- eighties you know they would they wanna be able to shove it now. At their leisure. And coming up in Alabama want to see that -- -- these great players on the wanna be -- it is many of them. Are in you press. Okay. Slowed down. It is beneficial and it if you look around. I think there. They're -- that you probably. Expected to feel the same way you want that the gentleman Bradley now I would -- -- -- quickest hook up and believe that. I slowed down operatives is is the best thing for the sport and certainly the best thing for the team. David now as far this -- decent Thomas bring -- -- greater com interesting are the biggest players you'd have to say is what the University of Tennessee gave Butch Jones Manning. A top five class. And in the east it's -- it's. You know the one concept with a two -- in the east in the last -- early years. And people who don't follow Thomas closely that they may not they may traveled -- in South Carolina has been Vanderbilt. Other than that he got to Florida team went four games -- cashier and eleven entering the season the year before probably somewhere in between Tennessee was -- a bit better -- their record indicates but. How far as Tennessee a way. From Caribbean may be of eight man may be consistently team in the back where they wanna be seen by Dave that's a turn key program over there were a lot of support. Yeah. Just like any players until you get your quarterback is need to come in and compete. It at all and diplomat in Tennessee still hasn't figured out and made it meant jobs out there. Pretty young stool that Rollins and you could say that -- school you know keep the core of your earlier. And I think the parallel. Occurred and that it might be your -- for a -- that can really. Tibet where -- -- contending for that it is time. LSU the number two recruiting class that David in the country are some of these kids have -- hands most notably. Our fans don't really get excited to see him although I wanted to do chances seem will be the April 5 and the L club a spring game. But there's some guys that are gonna come in in August that will contribute right away what does it do for LA issue. And how much how much can these guys contribute to a team that. They've got some even had to come and back but quarterbacking is a big question that it seemed like this battles -- going to -- Yet it important to keep it shakes out here you know I really like -- about he prepared on eight. And you know obviously. You got -- -- -- -- haven't played pretty quick I think receiver you're gonna keep fresh and haven't quite -- as. Nobody here has proven themselves -- -- position besides the that are now on the draft. And then I think in the secondary probably -- -- on the -- got split secondary was not out and last year. Are very consistently. I wouldn't see from the young say he's the son and I get along and you're not extract patrols around. David how can folks thought your own tournament. -- -- What are the European change CH ING and the -- but it is also keep it. Stephen Rivers is gonna transfer are you will be eligible -- gonna complete. Anywhere way he's going David also a coach. With an Al west and that's atomic Kentucky now he's back a familiar face on specialty. Yeah I think they're probably -- pretty benefit they're cute it's this and knowledge level of the northern part of the state I think that that would be you've that would serve you very well. David thank you so much for the time a man we appreciate it. I heard it all right.

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