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2-20 6:10pm Sports Talk: LSU Baseball

Feb 20, 2014|

Deke talks to LSU Baseball Coach Paul Mainieri about LSU baseball's season so far.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good eating you up as our number three I was sports talk I'm Deke Bellavia welcoming -- tomorrow evening at UCLA -- Tigers. For -- after a big victory cemetery last night over southeast and they take on Virginia Tech which on the network at 630 and 7 PM first pitch right here. On tiger radio WWL's top guys not welcome in coach. By the by you being a coach domineering coach and Mary earlier in the week we talked about going on a rope -- I caught -- in a big loud intense environment that's what it wasn't him last night and those who -- there. Saw a hell of a game -- your team really came through when he was tied 22 coach in the six and become -- -- full -- take us through that stretch we team kind of broke things open. On a day. At a record crowd there at the stadium. And they were well they were into the game -- and every right to the southeasterly and -- got a -- change and -- -- well they got to -- to the elderly and I believe we came back and got a big two out double by Tyler Moore to tie the game and injured by doctor cantor and came through with that. A big two out single -- to score more to it -- bluntly -- actually -- again and try it out there and kind of a bizarre innings loaded the bases with nobody out and the pitcher to a ball away from the catcher went to the -- stop. And our runner came home from third in the amateur record that being at the second and third. Catcher it is it seemed in disgust at not walking the ball and the ball away from the dew on the grass. Just went and threw the ball into the but the umpire had never created trying to. So the one into the -- got to apply it. And our our runner third Adrian oh. From you know. The second -- on the third dictate so that those that -- there which scored a couple of runs we added a couple of more sweet. Nice little seven to three lead our bullpen early is a tremendous job at the end of the game. Coach -- talk about does the abundance of plays have been able to play all over the week he would do the first three games at the double set against. You're known as Grambling a crime rabbits and other players and is that them played it the young pitocin -- -- last night where -- hale. It came up had a good game are reading about him. Last night that talk about double what you've seen thus far opponent to a series that against a team that comes from a good conference -- -- do you take out of ACC. But O'Connor hale didn't midnight he's good ballplayers -- AM PT at the conference. I junior college conference -- -- Florida last year and drove in a buy insurance quotes from the road so I expected that he'd come through for -- It's put him in the four hole in a couple of big hit or so. You know I think -- you're gonna do a good job I really -- -- Kramer Robert and as well as you mentioned he played tremendously. On Sunday against Grambling so we're gonna try to keep -- get him in their game is in some experience but. You know right now -- at the starting second baseman he turned -- tremendous double play besides getting three hit. Between the double because you know looking good you know we played -- games but couldn't be more pleased -- we were we partners certainly a lot of room for improvement. -- I do believe we're going to bet a lot better than we are right now usually end I've seen -- in -- 32 years of coaching in the last aspect. To commodity hitting it just takes time to try to get your timing and your confidence. Ever hitters are not state pitchers and pitchers on their team. An inner squad scrimmage and sent last summer. So you know it thirteenth -- 1520. And there's you know and take a little bit -- bit. As time goes on I think that they'll become more familiar unfamiliar players that makes any sense and and relax a little bit just kind of what became confident that you were playing really good -- center to which it's been stolen we've run the bases well. You know I get everybody their feet wet and did grow with this seat in the got a big challenge this weekend. At Virginia Tech permanent mark and I hit it followed by Toledo and Texas so it's such a lot of exciting. And I -- -- at the box which it. Coach we know you got -- run a couple minutes give give us a little low scatter report on but do you take what you see when you when you break him down in it prepare -- team for this game. Well luckily it's Virginia Tech I get a bit last year they hosted a regional which means they were one of the top sixteen teams in the country. And that they lost to Oklahoma in the super regional -- are in the regional. Oklahoma that the wood in the in the super regional against them. I think her -- they beat -- -- what you put. -- Oklahoma -- Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Virginia. And then it it's the super regional at Virginia Tech has one of the top. Five or six teams in the AC in a lot of people think the ace CC challenge is the FEC. Poor. That status that and the top based -- conference in the country so if you're playing one of the better teams definitely immunity cancel. The -- pitching to them last year. Beat Florida State twice during the course of the year. One time shot and so you noted that he's outstanding pitcher he's seen here. You know he's been a lot of these games so we certainly our work cut out 40 against him. But it challenger I think thirteen Israel -- the Portland and quite strike it. Challenge we need right now. LSU coach prominent coach and an area thank you so much for the time to look you know Tigers this weekend against the on the oh.