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2-20 6:35pm Sports Talk: Tulane Baseball

Feb 20, 2014|

Deke talks to Tulane Baseball Coach Rick Jones about the Tulane Baseball season so far.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What this team has gotten off to a hot start for no gets Arkansas Pine Bluff their roster this weekend to take on a the Louisiana take the bulldogs to go to a one to start last week in taking on. Southeast and Tulane coach Rick Jones John -- now Rick we spoke to you a week ago. And you're excited about seeing where his team was -- -- one of the things that stood out you thome was -- abundance of young players you had the most you've had to start off with. Since his second year. And intelligent at Tulane how to those guys do overall your thoughts on your first weekend series. Well you know being old and that was encouraging obviously -- and we should ultimately if you. We we we -- really really well. But about sport and pretty sound defensively. And on the Rockets as they want the most court. You know we had a couple read the needs in the -- in series. If we didn't score a lot. A lot of any what we did we did scratchy so it is Alan. And charity -- went to close in to close low scoring streak won one. But. Also a good thing also things obviously that we need to. You're better at what the other coach certainly its lead and you're looking -- it or not. I think it's pretty pretty much the way it goes -- -- sport but young club this year. Cultural could you tell us about Louisiana Tech. You know. Don't know a whole lot the just got the scouting report on him -- They've only played three games -- -- southeastern last week and -- and or games and and in so odd you know it is and we just we just it's raining here or has been raining here yet it. Is there any set to name but let's look at the ball or some up like that I've been in line -- some -- -- -- all of our. That is much shorter than. Shorter -- the ball and the long ball might have some impact. And I think they're gonna probably play that. And that modest in his they they they try to put some pressure on what everybody else does. Well I've really. Again we just kept the scouting reports so. Yeah we're about fifteen minutes really bear down on -- and and trying to make sure we get a little bit better deal or I'll check it more points out that you are the unless you're in the -- is. But but where did say coach to -- Polanco drew Jones is when his way for no taken all went to take this week in and Reston for a series said. That began that tomorrow would get CAA coach Jones now when you get all the phone will meet how much time do you it just that kind of size full. On a scout report Indian bringing to -- players -- do you guys all sit down take yesterday a process. Yeah we we sit down and we got through. You know there there Rockets and again when you don't have a whole lot like last week but I'm -- very you know they had so many new players you really -- -- recorded -- in. Our scouting reports started developing after the first day more or less but this you go through every hitter and if there's a returning player. What they did last year and what people can tell you about them acute that he trusted and we you know what you changed got a reports. -- each other that you know they have a relationship with all the similar problems we go through those things -- we go through. What we want lot of wives and what we wanted to do well it binge. -- -- -- you pitching rotation and India through our what's our best matchup here and -- we wanna do this early middle late -- So I -- no exact -- that you try to have a good idea of what you wanted to do and have as much information all that you know if there's got a lot of these -- the guys. We don't lobbyists. Then you know that's got that your. The debate so -- probably not pitched two and that sort of thing is you know you have a meal or -- -- adjusting as partners -- Chargers aren't. Where the ball when you know they have urgency to get. It also mean more. -- we have every at bat every Peter -- and we chart them and so they started just you'd need balance based on that. And it he would you're doing that early on somebody else's scouting report you got to make sure that you're you're you're you're on somebody pretty similar to what. There's -- -- report said. Or you may have somebody out of positions again not exact science you try to -- -- -- they're spending we should would have partners and our pitchers and go with -- And get him so much out what. -- baseball coach Rick Jones is a space to -- on the road this week in the course of a cold front coming in -- in the front of the oh -- wet weather of the roster right now that will be getting down here and -- later. This evening the way for note taken all morning to. Louisiana Tech the bulldogs face southeast and last week two -- -- in New Orleans. Arkansas pounder recap that's -- roster from an amateur and I am trying to read it in listening to a slightly to on the on the walker saint down but. Five seniors is that right just I've seen under for a. Yeah -- you know. But a lot when you winners of better players that that's certainly -- -- -- foul trouble I think. Plays more in the game that we are playing now you know and you're always looking for a balanced attack one mile. The play well and when you're probably well. This -- that might need more prevalent but has again I am more friendly confines boards that -- short here so. You know last week he would be you know or change no home on one ball scallop on wall and -- -- blown out -- conclude Tuesday. But that's what may be able to be so balanced attack back of that that some of our better clubs in the late nineties two thousands. But -- out and if you look at those -- You know we usually you know under one year but we also stole bases and talk about bounced back. You know every coach like that have got injured in this week in that make up in the life. Coach last week we were talking about the about the Jazz own here we talked about DP we talk about though the young man and a -- -- Mara and also are. Randy. Your thoughts on the -- and and is it -- rotation we've go this weekend. Well to go those -- it would kick field brought in last week he was very good but this urged college are all of the day. -- in his -- ever know how that's gonna go and you know he -- 78 pitches in in seven and struck out nine walked no one. Perhaps all money not into -- a good -- -- -- changes water up. Couldn't get more happy with -- well almost Randy after he got loosened up on Saturday. Settled in that for its sixth inning he was is very dominant the past alternate in and a lot of Chinese. And and in. Corey had. And a little bit about a bit of about a plot holes on Sunday. Not a great start settled in in the sport in what was even what really helped -- -- Massey who's been. Out for over a year now in this Ian are you last year. Came in and gave a really big -- it. In three into the press on -- he's -- good feel we're working on you make it startled on people's. Rick gave NN I know we talked about it but when you look at it hate it if we talk about the timetable is it. And we got a point to always that way you know about conference they wanna -- but ideally rotation and lineup say Yunnan Indian you know who who -- immediate. A guy as you put the end that you want to or not not saying yet you know you toe injury in there but -- stamp on what. What would you like to have some you know maybe some some things at a pretty much silence since well before congress as it before. And -- -- and indeed if the first time we've ever like opera we in the early again. And so it's a little bit of a child but it also believe in that also. The reason we're doing this is because who -- we have. Apartment in San Francisco which we are going to a few weeks with the university now or new universe and just go -- Arkansas. In happens it's scheduled to yours and advance. And we really used pepper -- as it is collapsed. That we just audience but when topic USA. Went through so much transition and added some baseball when schools. If we went to a party in proper schedule and so. We appealed to the property as it is anyway we it. We could keep its important that we intact. In Illinois and that was the play this week in a copper in the second week in and so that's what we're doing it won't be done again. But yeah. We are still a work in process and and progress and so there are going to be some things that you know wish you'd -- -- learning how -- we in the we will but it the strength of them. So you know that's the way to look at. Tulane baseball coach Rick Jones early want to open -- conference play against the the Louisiana Tech bulldogs this week in and -- game 1 tomorrow evening the -- before -- The bulldogs all wanted to -- Jones. Thank you so much for us minutes of time when they appreciated him a TDs weekend. -- --