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Feb 20, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Good evening you just -- in our forecast that some heavy rain is gonna move through the two military with this -- coming through right now heavy rain in the entire. Lake Charles area up toward Alexandria. And then south of the city -- up around magnolia and called some very very heavy rain if -- it'd be sure and drive very very carefully. And if you tend to tailgate this would not be the best night to to tailgate I would recommend that you don't ever do that but if you're gonna do it don't do it on a night like tonight. This is gonna bring some weather through here but -- it's going to be nice by tomorrow and for the morning grow -- reading it should be a spectacular weekend we will keep -- touch with the with the weather PC anything if you're on the road tonight he -- -- reported to us our number is 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text numbers 87870. Don't text as if you're driving unless you have a designated text are coming up in the 9 o'clock hour we're gonna welcome an American Idol contestant. John Martin Davis he's got a a band he's in mobile. And he was on American Idol this year perhaps she saw -- very talented young guys. And he was voted off so now to talk about his experience. And I don't know about you but I'd like to know exactly what happens when you when he gets elected and you make it to Hollywood. What's it like when you get there what are the what are the conditions mean obviously it's it's a nice -- to state but what is -- like where you stay. What will ask him all those questions and you'll have a chance to ask any question she wants to know. I'm John Morton Davis coming up between nine and ten and I told -- to bring his guitar with a -- at an interesting interesting young guy. It's time for tonight's top candidates here the topic things we'd like you know as we begin our -- nights on WWL. Number eight. The Boston University student organization is asking the schools to cancel an upcoming concert by Robin -- Because of the singer's sexist lyrics. School officials say don't expect to cancel the concert. I guess if you don't like Robyn Dixon success lyrics and just don't go to his concert that. What about the rights of those who wanna hear sexist lyrics there was a petition says it was created by a group known as the humanist of Boston University. We got about 14100 to signatures. And -- said it is it dishonor to our feminist history to symbolically idolize Robin thick by allowing him to perform. His music and our university. Blurred lines celebrates having sex with women against their will. In against the university said the merged march 4 concert will probably take place. Our Robin -- did not have a comment. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Lawyer. Is suing the producers of the movie the wolf of Wall Street. Claiming that the character in the movie depicts him. And makes him look like a criminal. Drug user. Depraved. Degenerate. And or devoid of any moral morality or ethics. He's he's he's this is a lawyer who's claiming that the movie makes him look that he's a lawyer. I mean I guess it's kinda close to the truth some might argue. Is Amos and Andrew green and he was was part of this law firm in the 1990s. That is a part of this movie and the wolf of Wall Street. And the character is -- rug -- a -- off. And he claims that this puts him in a very negative light he's a criminal drug user degenerate depraved and door devoid of any morality and ethics and unfortunately that does describe some lawyers and by the way some talk show host as well. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Four teenagers were accused of kidnapping and torturing teen. They claim was a bully. And they claim that this person that they tortured and kidnapped and did bad things to -- called their friend gay on FaceBook. The fourteens actually are accused of carving a swastika. In the forehead of their classmate who they say was a -- So was this a case of the bully getting bullied. And it's also a case of the teenagers who don't like bullying. Bullying somebody. A three the teenagers will be charged as adults that's how serious this wise. -- general Montgomery fifteen years old lured the victim. Into a shed behind a house in southeast Portland. Or February the tenth. And she promised him drugs and sex. And it's it's sad but that's kind of hard for someone sixteen to turn down drugs and sex opening he went along -- it. He said that he was hit in the head with a crowbar once he got in -- shot in their hand chest and groin with a BB gun. And they allegedly carved a swastika. It is for him with a box cutter. The victim's mother says that he is -- didn't really emotionally and mentally traumatized. It's something he's gonna have to live with the especially if the score the swastika doesn't go away. Every time he looked in the mirror he's going to have that memory she said I'm almost ready to lose faith in humanity all this evil -- rule is running around us. And it's with or use. Well again I'd like to know little more about. The teenager whether or not he wishes he was actually a bully and and while I don't. Support this kind of attack against a bully. -- there's a message here. And the messages. That other people and an and you don't need to go this far. But other people need to start standing up for bullies this there's a public service announcement that I -- a lot of television and it's just really cute. John Guy I'm gonna say he's at ten years old and I'm just guessing and I don't think I'm really that good at age. And he he talks about him being bullied he's called game in his his mother's or or are his mother to lesbians. And so he he's bullied at school. And he says it really breaks my heart because he says nobody stands up for me. Nobody comes to my defense. And I guess. If you're -- did there's only so much you can do you know you gotta be tough and realize that bullying is is part of human experience it's part of life I was bullied you may have been. Bullied in in your life but it's actually kind of sad to think that there are far too many people who don't stand up to bullies. Now you might not to be able to stand up to a bully but may be several of you put it again I'm not. Promoting violence here and I'm not endorsing what these four teenagers have allegedly done to this this young guy who was accused of being a bully. But it would be nice if in general. More young people. Got together and stood up to the bullies and and made them. Feel like outcasts. Make the -- feel like their total outcast and maybe that would start to change their minds. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. BC news wrote headline this morning that ABC news now agrees was an awful headline. The headline read women olympians. Getting hurt on -- Sochi slopes. The suggestion that it's too tough. For women and I believe that one of the reasons that Shaun White. -- Got -- took himself out of -- the competition the that it still -- on ski slope. A competition. Was because it was it was very dangerous but that was the wrong thing for ABC news to do that much Joseph -- slopes women olympians getting -- like they can't like they can't handle it. I -- some tough female olympians and I don't know about you but I've been watching. We don't feared midnight I go home it's it's on NBC and even if I know who's won I still find it interesting in fact. Yesterday I was watching coral and you know how some sports just if she's so excited you just -- -- -- and and participate. I found myself watching curly and I I suddenly jumped up and started vigorously sweeping the kitchen floor. NBC's says that the Winter Olympics is say helping them as the with The Today Show beat ABC's Good Morning America. And dead tissue beats Good Morning America. On ABC for the first time in two years so you don't hear a lot of people saying that it's it's it's boring and they're not watching. I'm actually watching it and I love the the snowboard stuff especially -- -- snowboard cross where. You know you've got 45 borders Poland together because you know that's that's like Michigan NASCAR races to again like I find it exciting and you know even the -- figure skating stuff has been very very exciting in the US is doing pretty well. Actually so far and I realize it's not over yet. But so far -- has done a good job with the Olympics. And there was a lot of speculation that Russia was not going to be able to handle this and I know there were problems to the beginnings with some of the accommodations. But so far it looks like Russia has has done a good job now the Russians got knocked out of the hockey competition. And apparently I didn't see this but apparently. President Vladimir Putin's -- Visibly. Upset. -- you know if if our athletes lose in this country. You know they might not being under the same pressure as athletes who lose. In another country. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Years ago it was rejected that as the baby boomer generation aged. They would be sold many older drivers on the road. That this would lead to an increase in accidents. Well researchers now say that drivers seventy and older are less likely to be involved in traffic accidents. Than previous generations of older drivers. So. The researchers were -- and that's something to be proud of traffic fatalities all over the US have declined to levels not seen since the late 1940s. An accident rates have come down with other drivers as well. But since 1997. Older drivers have enjoyed the biggest declines. As measured by both fatality crash rates per driver and per vehicle. Miles driven. And the older drivers did better than the middle aged drivers a defined as drivers ages at 35 to 54. And from 1997 to 2012 fatal crash rates -- per licensed driver fell 42%. With older drivers and 30%. With middle aged drivers so. I think that's good news for the baby boomer generation. I guess we're. Moral life more attentive redefining what it means to be. And older driver. Number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Obviously failed to galvanize and pride not shame enough America. Ever vigilant not to laugh but Chicago. Communist raged Communist -- -- nurtured -- human mom. -- ET cart community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way. Into the top office coordinates Jason. And that was an eloquent statement from rocker Ted Nugent talking about President Obama and will will play that again later. Basically he called him a Communist nurtured sub human -- rolling. Related into. A gangsta. -- -- vision made this comment when he was campaigning for Republican gubernatorial candidate Texas Greg Abbott. While -- it was campaigning. -- digits calls president of Communist nurtured sub human Mungro. -- -- opponent Wendy Davis is using Ted Nugent comments to raise funds for for her campaign. And apparently it's working she's raising funds saying things like but this is an insult using Ted Nugent. To -- for to promote your campaign. Is an insult to every father every mother every family. In the state of Texas. Now. I don't know how many people are really paying attention to Ted Nugent. And this is part of the political hate that we here in debate today there are a lot of ways to disagree with the president. But if if somebody on. The left. And it says something that vicious. -- by president George W. Bush. Believe me conservatives would be up in arms saying this is unacceptable you might disagree with the president but you should respect the office of the presidency. And I realize that there are people who say well you have to earn respect. Well what do you say to those people who didn't give George W. Bush a chance they were conservatives who said hey you might not agree with the president what you should respect the office of the presidency. And I don't know if you remember but there -- a lot of people who made fun of and just and -- and ridiculed George W. Bush. Mean he was burned in effigy. -- word stupid signs in the faces -- made. Depicting his face. There was a lot of hateful criticism of of George W. Bush. And now there is -- President Obama and against this is that the point we have reached when it comes to political discourse in America. Ted Richard can have whatever opinion he wants he can savor every what he has a right to say what he said. An even if you agree with him I know it's going to be hard for you say well that was inappropriate. But it really -- Inappropriate. To say it that way. And it might actually backfire against Greg Abbott and help out Wendy Davis -- the gubernatorial. Campaign in Texas is something we're all watching. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list this topics and things. The FCC. A government agency and. Has proposed an initiative. They did this last year. To find out how radio and television broadcasters select new stories. And do stations have they perceived station -- The FCC is responsible for regulating the the technical aspect of broadcasting and licensing its stations. But should not be involved in content and I I think this is kinda scary to -- blog tonight is. Is a President Obama hoping to control the media. WFCC is an agency of the federal government they are responsible to congress not the executive branch. But this proposed plan. Not always adopted last may and it's supposed to go into effect this spring now. In fairness to the president and the SEC. They have pulled back somewhat. On their plans to move forward with this. But this is really something very scary that America should definitely reactive. And you can read this -- blog you can. Give us your opinion and and please share with others it's on our website at WW LI dot com the proposal that was proposed back in made. He's been restored in Columbia, South Carolina and then spread to other newsrooms across the country it's titled the multi market study for critical. Information needs. And it includes interviewing station managers news directors journalists and anchors Antonia reporters. About their news philosophy. There's so that really scary about. The government being involved in content. And this is not unprecedented. In 1970s during the Watergate scandal when Richard Nixon was president and was the target of the scandal that would ultimately lead to his resignation. The FCC a government agency challenged the licenses of two television stations owned by the Washington Post. That was the newspaper. Of Woodward and Bernstein the two reporters that broke the Watergate scandal that ultimately led to the resignation of Richard Nixon. So here's the SEC a government agency was challenging the licenses of two television stations owned by that newspaper. That put the president in that really bad situation. Isn't that kind of scary. Now I realize that there are some of you who believe that. The left wing media the liberal media. -- should be up quieted with a hateful things that they say about conservatives. And I know that there are many of you who believe that. The conservative radio talk show host and Fox News that they should be quiet it. Because of the hateful bashing of the president on a daily basis. But isn't all of this part of freedom of speech. If you think it's fair for Fox News to do what it does then it's fair for MSNBC. To do what it does. If you think it's fair for MSNBC to do it does that it's here for -- to do you can't have it both ways. Which really fascinating to me -- right I hear this all the time in our conversations are on the show. Is that people who watch Fox News many of them think Fox News is fair and balanced. And many people who watch MSNBC -- MSNBC is fair and balanced. And it's it's really difficult guest to objectively. Look at something when you totally agree with it you you tend to give it the benefit of the doubt that all of this is this is all right. Any other way is wrong. But again if you support one you need to support the other. Is the FCC under President Obama positioning itself to threaten radio and television stations. That are critical of the administration but it again at the assistant fairy very frightening thought and there's a battle in this country now over the liberal media. And then now there's a battle over the conservative media those who are bashing the president and not giving him a chance to to do anything from the very beginning not giving him the chance. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text number is 87870. Against a blog is sent titles is President Obama hoping to control the media. You can read it chairman others it's a trending it to BWL dot com I'm -- coming right back with your comments. Your phone calls and your text. Next under the WL do you think the FCC should work towards easing. Media -- There's a lot of hate in the media. On on both sides should the FCC work to ease that. That's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll gives us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com would you update on that. As we -- -- -- throughout our show. Also on the scoop like tonight is seven -- is Obama hoping to control the media and that is under the W real dot com girls are having a conversation but it. On our FaceBook page which is WWL radio so you can engage in that conversation. And I'll read some of your comments on the show -- from -- salad here on WW LA good evening. -- I -- -- now. I enjoy your program so much -- had to go work at eight year old on but I wanted to. You didn't -- on it but. I don't need about a week or so ago and sun newspaper and the pitcher he went to the United States hockey team or did you know I didn't know about it. Yes you know also the image of him at the hockey team you let -- pages. Respect very nice -- picture and I also hockey team captain. And -- -- -- wanted look now they they -- planted on -- propel the united pocket change. Extracurricular. In the very nice humble and he did for the players for the united -- our team will. Later on our team on the night he beat Russia which you know is very nice -- tomko went to see that we need to do. Ridiculed. Those. We want to welcome to the -- -- -- that was braves -- A picture on the front page of a sudden be girls are in middle. Yeah that's nice. I think the Russians have done a good job a better job than a lot of people are expected. Yes this dead period definitely wrong food and leaders are ought to ask -- it is a good guy. He's got a better you know -- built -- -- place there where they've been and is that a soldier in seven years did you know that. I know I didn't know that but not -- -- all I want I want I want I wanna go back to you know I -- I think there are some things wrong with with -- and he's not his friendly to the US -- a lot of people would like him to be but they have done a good job with the Olympics and this is in the spirit of sportsmanship and not nations competing with each other. Indeed odd to me he may be on I think that you know he is really an Asian people and that killed. He built this whole arena everything there. It's seven years everything started out of mountain no doubt that isn't really judge not that there may. It's pretty I've -- a monument and down up like a -- yeah. -- you are you are you watching you watch in the Olympics. And it jogged over to my garage I get off an eight year old -- the radio every time -- get off. I think he did the other great program under when you're not part of basketball let them look. The genetic ratio gee what a good way god bless you -- Ourselves god bless you and -- listening if we're not ordered 8 o'clock it sometimes is because of LSU basketball or baseball or. A sporting event but do we are on right after that in in most occasions. Here is attacks to that reads are you kidding. The left said bush should be hung. No comparison with what this Texas candidates sent. Our soldiers died to protect us from communism this president is trying to bring us back in that direction. To me that is part of the hysteria. Of America you know I've I've heard socialism Obama's trying to make this a socialist nation. And I guess that hasn't resonated loudly enough so now people and I like a public Communist the other day because I -- it's something that was a critical of puzzle of -- got called a Communist. Which -- that was really interesting. So I guess since the idea of where we're becoming socialist hasn't really caught on May -- they're starting to elevate that rhetoric to know he's trying to make us. A Communist nation which. On he can't do. You might not liking as president but he can't do -- it here is a text on my reaction to curling. Is when did housework become an Olympic sport and if it was an Olympic sport back when I was young my mother. My mother would've won gold and my mother to -- she was a hell of a -- she really took care of that that kitchen for. There to me there's something really calming about curling and I don't know what it is I don't understand all the intricacies of it. But there's something coming about it I actually in enjoy watching it. And again I am just so motivated to get epic sweep -- -- -- -- Texas Howard you're on WWL. My content create what Fiat move in opposite the education system taught a course communism that we would take in. It's a little trial case. And in -- course they talked about the Communist duping people remember that word do. The president now has to -- It comes -- plants and fifty years ago pop. That Ted -- cynicism about. The president being leaned toward communism and is at -- they want to it you know. All studio right now chip dubbed Leo any -- -- about what yes. Communism are the ones. But popular news. -- -- network but the content is stupid what they taught me back fifty years awkward about this president to peanuts into some kind of socialist state. Well it's not gonna happen because our commitment and it's -- the only killing his two terms I know what. It's like what would dispute we've all output of all -- -- hot -- -- keep increased that he needs to be skillful. -- that's what's happening and and it must 66 -- as a part dot com because. Learn not powered out there aren't there were people very concerned about the bush administration -- in -- -- this is nothing of this is nothing this is nothing new we have survived this. And you know one thing that I I've I really took away from going to a Bill Clinton's first inauguration -- on WW all the time. And I did a show from the Mayflower Hotel in in DC during the inauguration. And I they were so many people from this area who hated Bill Clinton they just they were predicting the the the end of society as we know it in and how terrible this is going to be for the country and that he was too young and he didn't deserve to be a president they went on and on about that. When I went to DC came back I act I got a sense that that is young is we are relative to the world. We're still a well established enough nation that one president is not gonna ruin this country. That's great. It does and scooped up and -- You call me in the future I'll be doing the show you just call me in the future and it'll be fine here's a text do you understand what socialism miss. Yeah and there are a lot of people who think they understand what socialism is but they don't. Really understand -- they take little bits and pieces of things. And and and project and over at society in general and say well this means -- a social -- we're not a socialist nation. And we're certainly not a Communist nation. And if you zipper Communist nation or heading in that direction I would suggest that you look up the word on communism and this this would be for anybody who is too young to remember. Eastern Europe was Communist and Russia when it was the old Soviet Union -- the Communist red state. Interesting that they refer to a back -- isn't a red state not a blue state if you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 260. When he seventeenth toll free 8668890. Point 78. Enter text number. Is 87870. Coming up in the 9 o'clock hour we're gonna have John Martin Davis in our studio he's with a band called the John Morton Davis -- also places a band called midlife crisis in mobile. Young guy he was on American Idol. He's been voted off so now we can talk about the experience. And it -- know what goes on behind the scenes of what is it like when you make it to Hollywood and you become part of that production. And -- -- any secrets about Ryan Seacrest that we might wanna know so we'll have him live in the studio coming up. From nine to ten today on the -- she'll also discuss blog is titled is Obama hoping to control the media. It's on our FaceBook page at WWL radio is also trending and Debbie WL dot com read it shared. And give us your comments will be right back into the WL. And. I thought start -- digits I believe this is his his only hit it. He says some really crazy things. He's campaigning for Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg -- in Texas. While campaigning for advocates. Here's what Ted Nugent had to say about President Obama. Obviously failed to galvanize and pride not shame enough for America. Did you ever vigilant not to let the Chicago. Communist regimes Communist educate. -- just nurtured and solve human mom. -- Into the top office coordinates Jason. Tijuana with Ted Nugent really thinks name might have been holding back there really tell us what he thought. I'm -- competitor and Wendy Davis in Texas is using to -- its comments to raise funds for her campaign and trying to to get attention. Ted Nugent is not the most eloquent. Speaker. And see you wonder if this is gonna come back to heart agree gambit to in his race to become governor of Texas. If you and Joyner show with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text a receipt -- Saturday here's a -- reads it and who was Ted Nugent. Is -- an illegal immigrants. Beating the far right wing Republicans. And getting elected president twice. By reasonable thinking citizens of both parties is well worthy of respect by real Americans to honor our system of free elections. It's really interesting that so many people believe that so many people on the right believe that Obama doesn't deserve to be president. And and and people have looked for those. Things on social media to. To point out what it really wasn't fair there was impropriety here and -- really really shouldn't be president something happened he should really be part. Think about what all those people were saying win. George W. Bush lost the popular vote. And there was a hole. The whole controversy over that hanging chads in in Florida and whether or not bush actually won the election and it's like to court and we all went through that. And Al Gore. Lost but many people thought that honestly Al Gore won the presidency here's an update on our divvied up you -- so again I love the point out the hypocrisy if you if you. If you say hey look you might question. Bush being elected but it was a fair election and the courts decided and it's fair and it sets so respect ours our election system. And move -- you don't have to like him but he's our president. But those same people are taking their own advice when it comes to President Obama. Here's an update on our -- -- pretty jaguar opinion poll. Do you think the FCC should work toward easing media bias. 46%. Say no and 54%. Say yes. Scoop on tonight's title two is so Obama hoping to control the media that's also on our FaceBook page and under -- VW don't count. Front -- every -- -- WWO good evening. -- yeah right in. There. And work. Are you dark matter and I'll. Thirty prepared. Well anyway -- -- -- you know if word gets out that's you know people are gonna lose respect for me. Well are are a bit I mean how are as you look at two. You know you look terrible that sparked particular bit where all the all all of. Well you know that's it's got it that's kinda different for talk radio by two -- I love doing something a little different. Well my partner -- -- -- It's amazing that they bought -- probably do it focus boot because they're. -- respect our target Eric are. All very well the whole -- Is bigger -- bigger -- -- one that important in are both. Democrat. I mean I will agree that that would Jewish bush wouldn't. It'll leave there and rip off the ball completely. And they'll bit. What happened in part to some old. Our meeting with new to you there you know and all of these did it partly due good. Is it -- you know you're in Sweden crap inquiries. The committee in the -- with such -- -- department. You know and -- horrible are horrible are popping. About Obama to not all Obama. And I'm not normal. Get in you know are opening bit a lot pay -- you know they prepared that are pretty -- -- percent -- You know what it comes back to the United States would you walk into pay -- -- Do credits. You know -- don't agree on this there on obamacare. At all or. -- probably on net but I'm hoping the worst president that ever came. You know in the history 20 all -- the culprit carbon that be. I ever I don't think we're socialist either it doesn't mean that the government doesn't always try to get bigger but government has tried to get bigger under Republican presidents as well it's it's. It's it's a monster government is a monster and I it's -- survived it it almost has to become bigger. And bigger and bigger and and you know and and then there are. Then there are conservatives who were asking the government to get involved in personal decisions like same sex marriage. And debt could only expand the government and and that's something that really defy racism conservative ideology which is the power to the individual to make a personal decisions without government involvement. Everett and political show thanks for listing if you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. H seventy. And a text overstate 7879. Here is taxed. That reads. I'm pretty sure Ted Nugent had more than one hit -- just a Ted Nugent hater. All right well please text me or call me and tell me why Ted Ted and Ted -- other big it was because all I can think of his cat's scratch fever. -- a radio longtime doesn't mean it's and -- haven't slipped by me I'm not a Ted Nugent hater. I don't like it's. I don't care for the guy but he east leaders speak what he he wants to say it each got their freedom of speech I don't. Denied that -- have. I just don't care for the guy a piece of -- these kind of a loud mouth but he doesn't come off as being very intelligent. I'm -- we'll be back into the WL I got a sixty years saying that says Ted Nugent song strange hold was he hits. Okay we're gonna check that out I don't remember the song but there's a lot of songs that aren't really wasn't that familiar with. Also we've got a phone call. For -- necessary assistance program directors also in the year a lot during nesting season and said the -- did -- was with the band called day and yankees. And they had a few hits but as far as I know Ted -- only had one -- as a president a solo performer a from Metairie share a year -- a BW -- good evening. Good points that I cannot call I had to content you want about the need. I -- to pick up knees are every day and fox is one that I try never to miss the one reason they have more disease. And it's not always what you hear on the other networks so that's why not try to get just thought you know another thing is about socialism communism and fascism. It turned the -- is the but I can tell you right now if anybody doesn't know how the government. Brought their country down to that. In Germany and in Russia is not going to be able to recognize what might be going on subsite in our own country. But if they -- the history of what happened happened did. But that would be able to recognize that otherwise you can't do. And it is divided deserved as our country is as much. As much hate is there is in political discourse is much. As is the two sides don't get along in Washington DC. Those other countries did that fell to Communist chances -- -- and in countries like Germany that fell today the power Hitler. They didn't have the political structure that we have in this country and and while we totally. While we totally it might disagree with a president who was in the White House in any given time I've. I don't think that says president is to lead us down at Rowan and and there's there is with every growing years seems like they're the paranoia. Increases in terms of things that happened leading us down that road. Well I think some parallels. And it makes me kind of therapist bank was. Got up -- the political we -- that. And just the conduct another -- PP doctor really can't get it informed opinion about what's going on in this country that's sort of the way I feel about it. There are some land it seems to me. -- what's on the UC. -- one thing if something. Wrong with the SEC I totally agree with that something's wrong with -- -- And but but this is not the first time this has come up the mean is this this kind of concern came up during the Nixon administration to. Yeah I think you're right it is that this thing to be a concentration has been going on now and it also seem to start with butch -- helping to get started. With bush went up against the noticed something. Had radically change in this country. A lot a lot of people believe that things change radically with the the passing of the the Patriot Act. And now we have -- there. Oh wouldn't that -- national defense authorization act which is surely. That -- chilling -- he talked about very much but that's just. -- I -- I don't ever want to come off as being naive I don't think I'm naive. But I also don't go out of my way to feel paranoid. I hope I'm right I had an in your wrong a right to neglect to call this year or -- -- -- I hear is a text. Vanilla Ice also had a hit it doesn't mean I give a blank. About what do you say about politics night cat scratch fever peaked at number thirty in the singles chart. And here's a text this song strange told by Ted Nugent. Free for all. Fred -- great white buffalo. Storm. Stranglehold -- strangled messrs. stranglehold aren't stranglehold according to John -- -- producer was he hits. So Ted Nugent I -- head into that doesn't matter what matters is what he's saying now about. A lot of different things in politics I'm studio will be right back into VW well.