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Scoot Show 2-20 In Hous guest John Matin Davis

Feb 20, 2014|

Scoot talks to special in-house guest John Martin Davis former American Idol contestant. Listen in as they discuss John's journey while on American Idol. Also, John has a special treat for us as he plays some of his music for us.

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Good evening welcome back to our show you viewer to the north of New Orleans if -- to the west of New Orleans there is a very good possibility that you were in some very heavy rain. So be sure drive carefully and if you love to tailgate if you have turned tail -- into something refer to as time drafting. While -- -- NASCAR back off don't ever do it but especially at night like tonight I don't do -- -- heavy rain throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. And it's gonna move -- nor was a good news is it's going to be nicely by tomorrow and then a beautiful weekend for all the morning grow operating and the weather should be great for family draw. It's Friday Saturday and Sunday. A right there in Metairie right cross which -- veterans and -- -- Cowboy Mouth performs in front of on those guys are soul. Much fine in a life. Crowd sitting like daddy bully -- they will get you in the mood. I'm Wilson Phillips I have to admit -- a big crush on that China Phillips for a very very long time I'm looking forward to seeing them. Blood sweat and tears the music of Electric Light Orchestra and of course Amanda Shaw and the cute guys. There's a -- of you a pretty general opinion poll tonight do you think the FCC. Should work toward easing. Media bias. -- on both sides there's a lot of concern about media bias. And a lot of people fear the impact that the left liberal media will have on America they fear the impact that. A conservative talk show host and and Fox News will have on America. Should the FCC were to east media -- Give us your opinion by going to WW dot com we'll give you an update on that is attractive -- throughout our show tonight. On the -- like tonight is titled. Is Obama hoping to control the media. There is some movement with an FCC plan to go into the newsrooms of radio stations and TV stations. And find out how stories are selected. And find out if there's a perceived station by its. This makes me very. Nervous now there. They are holding back on the they were supposed to start I believe this week but they're holding off. On the plans until later in the spring at this point it's gonna starting Columbia, South Carolina and then spread to other newsrooms around the country. That's the subject of the -- blog I think it's a scary thing. And you can read it share with others give -- comedy if you like it's also part of our FaceBook conversation on our FaceBook page at WW radio and -- we'll get to it will be talking about that between ten. And midnight but right now to welcome to our studio. John Martin Davis sees with the John Martin Davis band also pleased with abandon my brother's in in mobile called midlife crisis. I'm John was a contestant on American Idol this season and was voted off and cannot talk about John welcome to our studio. Average of return on. Okay yes here. But thanks recovered yet salute -- -- I want people to have a taste of a few music and this is something new that you've done and called -- where -- begins yet this is are seeing often -- up on these march -- so -- -- -- little taste of that. Keep seeing him. Was down the hallway. You're very talented you made it to Hollywood was with American Idol. What we -- what was it like when you arrived in Hollywood. I -- was that. Really serial. You know you you watch you watch this show so many times. You never know it's like being in an and just make -- that -- is really cool thing. It's -- exciting you very nervous he had no idea what's gonna happen and -- this year you know. We had the -- episode where we get off the plane. And then immediately. We don't we start seeing and it's it was really cool very exciting like -- said and is a great experience for a that is everybody stay in the same place. You actually. You know we get off we get in there. They put us up and notes now and we're all kind of together. Throughout the whole process you have your -- room here to share with -- yeah -- -- rooms with really here and you complete -- sharing a -- with your competitor absolutely so you know you're really nice to -- -- -- -- you know like. This guy can be standing between me and Nancy wanted to go if he's -- -- was something you wanna put something in the air tonight and recipes thrown enough actually. Can you remember his name by the guy -- who has from mafia. So from a in the museum I can remember his name now. You're your genre is country yes how would you. How would you just -- they're they're they're -- different aspects of rock's a pretty different aspects of hip hop in three different aspects of a country how how would you define your music. And music is a right to -- country grass. Actually I -- American country grass and it's really a lot of what I have in my background as far as growing up column with bluegrass. And a lot of blues and so we like to take. The down. We like to come at it from the most organic. Spot as possible to say you know we're just gonna play music and yet country by Cisco. Bluegrass site we use a lot of fiddle. We use all real instruments like on our album. We were up in the most specials area basically record and how they -- -- back in the day and is really cool man we use all live instruments. We didn't even use clinic in the studio so today organic it's very. Jess that feel the music that's what we're trying to get across. And everything -- -- always trends in music and you know recently. Country has. Become. Such a crossover. Shaun run you know you look at today a country dance today and you can't really visually tell the difference between a country band and a rock in terms of hair styles and but the way -- they Acton. And just again the way the way they look at and much of the music is is real crossover music. But if that is reaching a saturation point then perhaps there's a need for more. Down to earth country if that's the right way to to put it. Absolutely. You know like. My goal is to absolutely be is -- myself and my music is possible and so. I think when you when you listen to the album we listen to us playing five. -- -- A lot of people have said you know like it's almost like. And there's no like timely -- to it is not a pop country it's not like. I can't technically say it's a classic country because it's not but it's really just. I think as an artist like and an arm band and what we do it's it's all about this I said organic is coming at it from the troops from. I journalist go to let's go to break with another another part of this of song we're live in -- -- it's a new single from the John Martin Davis spanned and -- she might be hearing about John Mark Davis was. Contestant on American Idol when we come back -- talk a little bit more about your experience for the American Idol if you would ask John a question as performer or as. Somebody who was on American Idol are numbers 26 cell. 1870. Toll free 866889. It's nearly seventy. And a text over his face -- except this is this your show live from New Orleans on Thursday nights and we'll be right back with more. John Mark Davis but if we -- -- well. Okay. -- event movie he. I've -- take you to his campaigning for Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott in the state of Texas City -- him. Really derogatory things about President Obama like he's a Communist. Nurtured some human Mungro. So that got us talking about Ted -- I thought they only had one hit but you know now it's coming back to I have to admit the early years when I was doing -- in the morning on FM. As early as ten years. Still can't afford to to me. And that was employed -- intended to played an -- Duke's. So that was another -- but that was a Ted Nugent solo it brilliantly dukes with Ted Nugent. And -- -- did a hell of a job on the that the leader that was journey to the center of my mind and I think that's from the late sixties but I remember in the early years of my career. Playing that in the morning on FM. Here's an update on our WWL party general opinion polls do you think the FCC should work toward easing media bias and we'll talk about this coming up. In the next hour 45% say no and 55% say yes you can give us your opinion by going to WW real dot com. And -- coming up at 10 o'clock we'll talk on more about this -- idea the FCC goes in to radio and television news stations. And talks to them about the process. By which they select new stories. And also whether the station has a perceived bias. And I also gonna bring us something called the Fairness Doctrine. Which was repealed under Ronald Reagan. And the Fairness Doctrine. Would make it very difficult for things to be they way the way they are in the media now. So is repealing the Fairness Doctrine a good thing or a bad thing we'll talk about that coming up in the next -- you can -- read the blog incher with others it's on our website at WWL. Dot com John -- Davis is in our studio he was a contestant on American nightly news part of his -- single from the John Martin Davis band where Livan begins. And Xena and -- own the team. Okay no need T get him. And you. So I remember. Preparing for an interview with -- Reba McEntire and she was their first country performer. I've interviewed. And I remember reading that with country music you have to live it. To sing it. Would you say that's accurate. I think it definitely helps for your writing. Nine media I was born in Tuscaloosa. But actually spent most of my childhood and high school and that really small town in Mississippi Albert came in. And yeah. -- death I live on that sent everything right about the day and they get those held -- you know you wanna you all right singing about places you've been in place as you've done. There's a lot of stories you can come up with that yet after eight. I think living it it just means more you'll be able to sing it with more. Realism more soul and passion because he singing about you you're seeing about what she did. Are you a contestant on American Idol so you went through the additions of what was it like going through the additions with that the judges sitting there. The other issues are really cool. You know actually we start with -- additions and some. In and like -- July. And you know he auditioned for all these people and yeah. How how do you get to the actual room where you want to because -- -- there's just this massive scene and how did they narrowed down to the people who actually get in front of the judges. And an -- through. It is. You have four rounds you know last round as you're actually confront this and I images. The first round is like a big -- -- basically and yes this view that seed UC. Just thousands and thousands of people in these auditoriums and Indies. You know sports -- and stuff like that. Did you know you go and you sing for people and and you get a team. Go through or you go home and that's and so -- basically you just go through all these different grounds. A producers and people on stuff like that. And finally. You know finally get to actually go into -- the round that you'd you'd see the judges for the first and stand in front for the first and then. You -- to be able to breathe for the first time what was it what was it like. Quentin had gone through this this process have of going through these different producers and then. You realize that you've you've made it as far as getting in front of the judges would that feel like. It's crazy own you know like after. The if by the second audition. I've set myself you know our I got this there's no way -- can be any mourners in Iowa this before that day Ike exchange resides -- site. Crazy and and then of course right before I stand in front of the actual judges. I mean it's -- site. -- never been -- and I and I don't know why because I've I've been performing whole -- and of the allot things and but that moment. It's so nerve -- but when you finally did instead of five and realize hey these people -- just real people. Like you and they love music as well and you know you start plan. And for me you know they started smile and -- about an old and it's a cool feeling you you actually relaxing night Aaliyah -- -- for people. They like it is so you know you're actually really be you're able sick calm yourself when you actually seen -- It's such a big step to just when you finally see that you like OK -- can breathe now I can do my thing in front of it is critical. Do you remember what you sang in front of them yeah that's anchored to the great. Did you do a little bit of that right now you just I've just like you are doing it for of the judges at that because this is nothing fancy about being a part of the judges. -- -- -- -- -- But it's often a little. Tennessee. -- room. -- Shall we count on June. About jewel demands. To me Lyndon. Only some. The gag you don't have alone bitch means to us -- he's not. Home and it's an impassive. Congress and and when I found out just. And I have known that I. To the game. And what -- -- reaction when they say when you finished. Like him and they really did they they -- -- group he liked everything about it so as it was it was a really positive experience to be analysts saying. You know I grew up listening and it's. Harry Connick junior at Christmas time and -- and Keith Urban as a country music fans you know Ali Keith -- night. The biggest country music person when I think any country music I think Keith Urban and. Sort of dancing in front of them for them to dig it different like it was greed is good. Well he's very talented Andrea I've I've I -- the lead I can see why they I can see -- -- -- picture a -- so you go through this process and so now you're selected to go to Hollywood so then. So so here you are in mobile -- from mobile while you're you're living in mobile -- -- -- what was the process from getting you to mobile to Hollywood. You know it's disappointing -- you know -- -- you get on the plane that's a class. Really didn't like the first practice. Now and -- you know. Hey you know -- okay. It was cool you know I you get on the plane and you get out there. And you get off the plane and then there there you. Tequila. The off the plane and there's cameras on you. And they told national committee you know the -- be ready. As she starts and so you know up the -- the game faces on your radio. So going from army going up in Tuscaloosa living in Brookhaven you're living in mobile now and all of a sudden you're in -- in Hollywood. You you're in Los Angeles at the airport via. -- a big big changes scenery from what I grew up in. If it was is crazy and I remember that was the second time I have been says. That no Los Angeles airport the first Thomas on the honeymoon and I was actually flying back from Los Angeles and so is my first time. -- in Los Angeles and you get off of playing this is like thousands of people everywhere and then the built in factor of the cameras everywhere and all these contestants everywhere and you realize. Wow. If you just joined us tonight this is the -- show and to John Mark Davis was on American Idol he always says he was he was voted off so. He can now talk about it and he lives in mobile and got to touch with him and he's he's on the show tonight has his guitar with him if we're talking about the behind the scenes of American Idol and also is very talented. A young performer and he's with the John Martin Davis stand also performs with the band called mid life crisis which my brother's in Indian mobile went from the miles. I've just how old are you Tony for tenure in a band called midlife crisis. So if if that's the crazy story. -- I play out for a repeat this as a musician you know you play as much as possible so what's planned for this -- gates. And just -- -- was in the electric guitar and -- and days. And it's only deeply keys for this classic rock and and he couldn't make it to the nature and so -- I hotly keys I'll I'll cover for this this week. So it's that one show. And and -- -- and -- these these cool all the news and they're playing classic rock band and it is killer and we have a lot of fun and we just bonded and you know we we love it's. It's fun it's it's really. The pitchers are hilarious when you see all these days and and me in the corner only keys if it. As soon as you join the band my brother said -- look at this really tell that your kind of Andy's unbelievable you can love it and I actually went to. I wanted to see him and and I didn't I don't terribly I don't I might have -- you briefly but yet he was that there was this a patio -- on causeway and overlooked in mobile day. And I was really im impressed are so let's go back to American Idol is zero and is there any like caddie and just like backstage and around the hotel. You know -- actually. Everybody was so nice I think we -- realize the amount of service that we're under and. You know. I I kind of bonded with -- a couple of different people and we discount hung out together on. From what I could see and then the amount of time I was there are about as extremely supportive of each there you know. Later down the road who knows now I know I know. You're married effect your -- really Q wife Brooke is it with a here in the studio. But he did get the impression that -- some people might be broken up there. The -- It is there's as soon as its -- was on time it today as well again I mean hey I know that that's going on so mean. Yeah I didn't experience -- I was -- a part of that obviously. And I would not put that out of you know happened. Now what was your what was your daily schedule like carry you so year. Your ear on the show it's whenever you're out year they're there they're filming all kinds of stuff and we see that when rule when -- watch American Idol. What was a typical schedule like for you when you woke up in the morning archived breakfast luncheon to get when when you go to the studio. -- American I was great with always providing this great great practices great lunches we will wake up pretty area there around 7 o'clock. Get breakfast. When we were in Hollywood they had a practice term for us and so you can go in and if you wanted to rehearse your song. With a Mike and everything like that you know we would go you can rehearse on your own Freetown and stuff like that and so basically. They give us what they give us lunch and -- mean breakfast and then from breakfast with a -- immediately start shooting and you know. When I was there we are still. I think in the top 140. People so you got a lot of people a lot of contestant singing a lot of judging a lot of breaks going on so. You'd go to wherever we are doing and she didn't and he was it the Dobie theater and we would do it and McCain launched on it take you back eating lunch and then he'd go back when you turn against them. He obviously -- -- Yes it is actually really cool you really did they. You know everybody changing great. You know I never been an entry this is cool yeah. -- something. That surprised you about it having watched American Idol and then -- they're behind the scenes and you were living that part of a contestant. What's something about that whole experience at that surprise you that you didn't expect. -- A lot of surprising because opposite and wants -- show alive. But I think behind the scenes. What was. Really surprising. Was. It is ending going back and watching the show was just. How. Constantly they're filming. I mean it is always you always always when your evening they got people going around and filming -- constantly phone constantly filming. And so. I was really surprised especially now I've seen some an episode as an aside. And she and that's why are -- -- -- on time and you really don't when you when you're not -- -- You're always act you can always be pulled aside to be -- they can come up to anfield and -- a year -- eating iron. Hang -- now whatever so you're really eats away at your. To experience they're gonna do whatever they want and if they -- film unit found that stuff like that so that's a little getting used to obviously for someone coming from. You know just hanging out you know bill says all of a sudden there's people everywhere cameras and there's producers -- newer cameras and there's all these questions. And so it was. One thing for me was really just wanted to make sure I stay on top my game and with some I asked the question was going to be able to respond and Eleanor percent. How disappointed were you -- you didn't make it to the next. The next competition. It was pretty disappointing you know they didn't show my ended initially singing and that round and is really at this point because I was right -- -- song felt like Alice. Really nailing it. And I just remember Jennifer Lopez just cut me off for us and you know that was -- at that moment night. And it was disappointing and it says it's -- a couple of days from me just move on. Did you did you leave try to wage cut back to mobile right away and you can't use. You get cut you leave the next morning so they they make -- point -- for the next morning and again a first class has definitely found -- way that kind of a the -- Yet but you know. It was disappointing first but then. It is coming at me you know like I. I want to play organic music I want it to be eschew as possible so I want. My process to me being an artist in me being on this big stage is to be true and organic it's possible. So I'm actually I am. I'm definitely going to be happy in the long run -- its market. So what song were you doing wearing she cuts you off. I was doing -- markers art song. Conflict neatly and you know he's from down here and and Harry Connick junior from down here he was a great guy is super fun to be around their positive and so -- -- and I can do something like that and obviously it. John being that is okay being done performer and and being around people like that and an act and having that opportunity to be around. The the cameras and and to be on stage and to be. Singing and performing in that kind of -- setting coming from from mobile. That had to be such a great learning experience I'm sure -- a lot more confident now because of what you've learned going through that experience. Absolutely absolutely. You know being able to stand in front of people you look at -- so much it really helped me to say national I just had to be myself and I'm gonna do my thing. And because. That's all like India and and to be able to get on stage at Dobie theater humongous theater beautiful theater and to be there looking out. And our cameras and all the things and images look past this stuff and do I left to do. Was such a great thing -- now when I go back. And what I'm doing these things around mobile and and we're planning and and and Tuscaloosa were planned. In Baton Rouge next month and you know to be on display around I can bring that confidence and I can just say no way no matter where I am. In the world singing -- playing and I can do it with that same. Passionate saying that continues take -- to break with the song that you were playing -- -- percents on that you are playing where and Jennifer Lopez still is you know. You guys are definitely. The. John we have our number we have developers to get -- number. You know -- this year. Because I I call right now on the air as to why why Sheen. Cutting off. The John. Morton Davis spans. And John Mark Davis is in our studio and he's an American Idol. And this is what he played wing tearful Lopez cutting off and then it was over for him for American Idol however he certainly there -- a lot from. How long -- it sounds. Combed seeing him. How neat it sounds you today can need. Powell had you know is -- Me is that this movie he knows -- long and is being. -- -- Just keep going as we go to break if you enjoy has been coming in our numbers 2601. Point 78. Toll free 8668890. Sending text him it's him it's him and I'm still which. -- the yeah. Stand for -- all America contestants like -- -- studio Zulu and ability then. And. Who won't turn these soon. -- key. -- Is President Obama hoping to control the media that Cisco would blog tonight we're talking about is also a conversation on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio. If you go to our FaceBook page and -- it and they give us your comments are read some of those comments where talk about that between Tenet did night. That this is a really an important issue in America the SEC an agency of the government. As a proposed plan to place officers from the FCC in radio and TV station newsrooms. To investigate the process by which stories are selected and proceed station -- and is also brings back memories of the Fairness Doctrine. Which was repealed under Reagan I believe 1987. Now the Fairness Doctrine. Would really be in conflict with a lot of what goes on radio and TV today so we'll talk about that coming up in the next hour. I here's our Debbie if you are pretty general opinion poll. Do you think the FCC should work toward easing media bias. 41% say no and 59% say yes really you with the FCC to try to ease media bias. Think about what you're saying. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and we'll give you an update on that coming up. In the next hour. John Morton Davis is in our studio he's with the John Martin Davis -- if you get a chance to go here very talented young guy he says in mobile. And pan is a bit on American Idol was voted off so now he can. To talk to us about the experience if you wanna join us with a comment or question our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text number. Is 87870. From mobile his nickname as animal in the band midlife crisis it's my brother miles you know. You know. Our parents would be so proud of you having a nickname of animal. Get I guess we will bring that would anyway. -- -- downgrade by the Politico and and say that -- -- Wanna know about all of us old news about the mobile. But -- you know and it practiced John -- oh and I am Q have you ever heard Alice Cooper. Eighteen and strong and union not sure -- Only aggravate. -- do have a question and you talked about Eric Koch and her line that -- the and the -- never actually cheaper and with Jennifer Lopez. Like junior and talked about. Added you know like we've talked about so in times like Eric on a junior such an awesome. Just before American awesome musician. He knows this stuff he writes. He doesn't only write music but he -- he composes. And and that's that's an awesome thing and especially from someone like I thought I got a mind. My college degree is in music and so I don't know what that means but also -- -- Key third and man what a great person. You know his life story is so crazy. And what he's been through for him to be able to do -- he doesn't write like he doesn't play like he does in the past Nate puts in. His live concerts is amazing to see him -- it was so great you know he was such a nice genuine guy. Exactly what I hoped that he was. Jennifer Lopez. You know I don't know a lot about Jennifer Lopez. I don't know what song she sees -- do you know she's a great actress I've seen -- movies. That's I can -- -- I don't know about great. She's got a nice booty club. May have -- the idea I mean. It was cool I think out of the three. She would have been my. One and I could've gone my whole life without ever meeting -- totally okay. And -- all wrong. Well are not in the hearts -- Yeah. Well you know it's it's enjoyed plan within and among what goes to atrocities and Natalie you feel like when you're sitting in -- -- songs and -- that Motown star and that sort of -- genuine. Genuine talent and you referred to as organic -- -- that you. Justify it a true that is and how much of your music and excellent. Whether song I'm familiar -- when I was your age or. One of your song and then look at -- living -- -- again and again. It just bring me back to that time and place wanna. -- eloquent about the pickup truck that built the station wagon like a brother -- Pelé entries. My house often than vote for the content. It's and grade and enjoy and to show them on -- -- I have a brother nicknamed animal. You know I did my parents are looking down artists. Brother I'm sure they're very proud of you launcher. Dance looking down on me going -- my god where did go wrong. Or did I go wrong. Well. I'm sure he'd love to be you -- data as a political discussions with pretty tight told him we get along well. -- I actually didn't. But that nickname and it is one of our -- -- 1%. -- -- good -- everything and so I somewhere where you -- -- plane tomorrow night. Tropic -- she saw a few months ago I was really. All because inside this alligator kind of came up and and we heard we were dropping food down to the alligator is incredible when -- areas just right off debate. And I told that story when I got back on the air the next Monday and some ice and -- don't do that because that just brings him closer and -- it could mean that they -- sort attacking. A small animals and and and people. But it was critical to drop downs and ins and Simi things like a chicken links. You should feel like -- doing -- negotiating again or animal. And that animals in a lot of us one delegates to -- complete -- -- -- right so on have fun tomorrow night and thanks for calling in now have to see this weekend. Thank you Brian. My brother in mobile. Let let let's let's let's if you if you could do journey -- it's not easy to do Steve Perry if you can do journey. Giving a little journey right -- a -- break. And a year -- -- I know it's not easy to do journey. Acoustic like this but it it I got to ask you to. -- Well and kids and good. Bad. News even. And as soon. This year and -- And then. And you. -- -- And and and and. This is the -- showed John Martin AMIS and John Mark Davis -- and mid life crisis in mobile is in our studio it was -- an American Idol. Did you gone. We'll be right back into the interview room. And blew them off. And it soon. In the and it come to us and it. -- Then singled home where eleven begins its single like John Mark Davis John -- Davis fans. Anderson -- contestant on American Idol was voted off and now has been able to talk about it I Johnson our studio to tell us about the single. Yet and see those. Is a song we recorded it's it's going to be hard. We'll have a much her release in March we had an opportunity Gila says don't take studios right outside of muscle shoals Alabama and Decatur Alabama with that. The legendary producer Johnny Sam and John assailant produce. Everything on members. He's apart -- staff and -- garments that doing on the stuff. He's actually the drummer for -- enjoyed their first the very first ban. He produce it and we had some great. People come and play on we have will McFarlin play lexicon he he has been electric guitar player for Bonnie -- for the last five years. In cease Thurmond came -- plate he's been he's done stuff for everybody written with Scott Boyer he's played for Hank junior. We had that bill Bill Stewart can't play -- on. He played down on the Greg -- stuff that -- seed David -- just absolute fantastic bass player -- -- everything he's an original swapper. So. You know it is is a really really really cool experience are really excited about -- single I would just release it on iTunes. You can go on YouTube. And we got a music video for so you can go searches on YouTube just relive it begins to come up and he's awesome you know nineties. And you gonna be playing -- mine my brother. Absolutely animal tomorrow it to tropics of the call telling him I think tomorrow I'd take a backseat and a tacit backing up Blakey is an -- -- out of and it. And in animals and back in just in -- text from -- -- additional chicken on the bone. How great is your show tonight every Thursday night should be music related of course Thursday night is sometimes. Our only night off really great show. A couple of other people wish you the best of luck. Before he goes and she were behind the scenes in American Idol I did Ryan Seacrest hang around guys or girls. He hung around people who do with told. It is a Unita go here and I actually got a chance sitting out there and -- a couple of towns on one. Very cool dude you know he went to school and in Georgia's and so we talked a little bit about. You know to some common ground we had down here in this -- -- as one nicest people I'm now on the -- Generally appreciate it time to come -- good luck with your career and stay in touch for us and good -- play my brother Maher and I. I appreciate you being with us they saw us they sent me -- the -- and John Mark Davis -- John Mark Davis -- also would midlife crisis in -- I heard that you and your wife go feed the homeless -- tent city mobile. We do we have a we have an opera Cokie among the poor and -- and we're around the streets of -- bill -- and folks in and have a post again it's where they need in India what needs and I definitely country music here and nice guys. Certainly gonna discuss. Thanks Africa an image that you are coming up after the news we're gonna talk about this him a plan I don't know when it's gonna take effect but. The FCC wants to go in and bring officers into newsrooms in radio stations and television stations. To determine how they select stories and to determine station -- we'll talk about that when we come back on this coach you know WL.