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Feb 20, 2014|

The FCC, a government agency. Proposed an initiative last year to find out how radio and television broadcasters select news stories and do the stations have a perceived station bias…should they be concerned about this? PLUS: Rocker Ted Nugent is campaigning for Republican Gregg Abbott in the Texas governor’s race. While doing so he called President Obama a ‘communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel’….Abbott’s opponent is using Nugent’s comments to raise funds for her campaign…so who was Ted really hurting?

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We have some very severe weather moving toward the New Orleans area if you are to the north of New Orleans or to the west of -- you may be unit right now the line has moved through Lake Charles. Are right now hitting now -- from New Iberia into the use the Baton Rouge area then north to the Mississippi Louisiana State line and then. Pop into Mississippi it is not yet reached the immediate New Orleans area. But it is it is coming we're gonna talk to Karl Redondo chief meteorologist at channel four. Life after he gets off the year to 1030 tonight so -- this will have an update on the weather coming up here in just a few minutes. I this is the beginning of Mardi Gras season the good news is this is a fast moving cold front this gonna move through here. We're gonna have some severe weather tonight and there is rough weather for Saint John and saint Charles parish and also forward the metro New Orleans area itself. Be aware of that to gambled and update from Carl Redondo here in just a few minutes but it looks like it's going to be great for morning grew up reading this Friday Saturday and Sunday. Failing draw is in Metairie always a big event it's free Wilson Phillips Cowboy Mouth. Let's wouldn't tears the music if Electric Light Orchestra Amanda Shaw and cute guys. I don't think they're cute that's the name of the band is when it is clear that up. But she's always fun on stage it's again it's agreed to family event looks at the weekend's gonna be really nice for that and that is right across from lakeside on the neutral ground. As causeway and veterans highway Tommy -- gonna talk about how Mardi Gras kicks off this weekend all the new rules and regulations. And so will this make the parades better or worse and let me -- be done if somebody does violate these these new regulations. -- atomic -- talk about that tomorrow morning and every WL first news from sixth to tenth. And also open Mike with Angela -- Angeles and show tomorrow from one to four I -- have an open Mike with -- brought captains and officials so. It really gets under way and it's gonna be nonstop starting this weekend. And I see the the the structures the the grandstand structures old downtown ready to go also are out in memory so it's a very very exciting time here and hopefully the weather. We'll cooperate throughout this aborted -- IR WW a pretty general opinion poll is do you think the FCC. Should work toward easing media bias. I think about it should the FCC. The government agency. Worked toward easing. Media bias. We'll give you an update on that coming -- just -- few minutes give your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Also right announcing on radar. This -- again this line of thunderstorms -- it is moving it to Lafayette if you if you are not in the rain right now you're going to be it's very very heavy. A rain in the Lafayette area and also New Iberia -- toward Baton Rouge this has -- when I -- earlier tonight it was in Lake Charles so it is sorting moved him beyond the Lake Charles area. And and moving toward the New Orleans area it's our brother fast moving frontal system the good news is it's very definite. Soul once it's sweeps through here. It is going to be out here and and even though they're calling it a cold front it's not gonna really do that much a two hour temperatures is gonna cool things off because it was rather muggy today. But they were gonna get back to very very nice weather over the weekend and again we should be great for anything that you wanna get out -- duke. If you happen to be in any of the whether you and give us an update on where you are right now. Argument call our show our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 -- text Summers 87070. Please don't text is in -- -- driving if you have a designated texture in the car. Then -- beit -- means. Since attacks there was snow on -- -- experiencing right now rocker Ted Nugent is campaigning for Republican gubernatorial candidate and in Texas Greg Abbott. While on the campaign trail Ted Nugent. Had some interesting things to say about the president Ted Nugent. Really speaks his mind and I admire anybody who speaks their mind that doesn't mean I always agree with everything that comes out of -- thousand. Another. A fan of of Ted Nugent I respect that he has an opinion but. You know its technology is who is I think part of the problem forty represents part of the problem in America and that is. The tendencies. That we have to get really ugly. And hateful and just say. Ignorant stupid things while we're trying to put down the other side. And it happens on the right and the left here's what Ted Nugent had to say about President Obama is on the campaign trail for this Republican running for Texas governor. Obviously failed to galvanize and pride not shame enough for America. Did you ever vigilant not to let like Chicago. Communist -- and Communists educate. -- nurtured sub human mom. Like -- cart community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way. Into the top office party United States of America. And Wendy Davis and its opponent is using Ted Nugent comments. -- -- -- funds for our campaign and to get attention. You know a year ago there was a lot of talk about America becoming a socialist nation. I'm sorting in this must be something that his -- is taken off in social media. Now I'm hearing the word Communist. Being used. And I was called a kind of one of the of the FaceBook. Comments about a blog and I wrote I was here I was I was called a Communist. Which is of course absolutely absurd but I wonder if those who or. Just trying to bash the direction of this country and announcing this country's going -- and integrate directions a lot that needs to be fixed. And a lot the president needs to to change as well. But if if if threatening. Socialism. This president is -- lead us to socialist if that hasn't really caught off. Then. I guess. The rhetoric has -- now escalated to Communist. Now we're gonna become a Communist nation. Well this is part of what I think you is the hysteria. That is now. Sweeping America this hysteria -- these fuel. Buy on line comments. Social media comments. People finding little examples of this and that and projecting it over the the whole country saying. This is this beings were headed toward communism and again I just I hear that starting to pick up. I -- socialist. Wasn't scary enough or maybe didn't really catch -- wasn't frightening enough so now the rhetoric has been. Elevated to Communist. Now I don't know whether you've noticed this or not buy it. There is a sense. That the far right. And the far left. Are being taken over by a majority. That has not been as vocal. And neither side's gonna go down without kicking and screaming. No -- gonna go down without a tremendous fight. So. As there seems to be some movement away from. The right wing. Radio and TV rhetoric. And the left wing radio and TV rhetoric but there's much left wing on radio but I know -- It it it seems to see if people are are are clinging to -- to have their voice heard. Might making things seem even more dramatic. You know is a voice as a group starts to lose its numbers. Then. It starts to get louder and louder. And louder. Desperately trying to continue to be a factor. This good luck tonight deals with all of this it's titled is Obama hoping to control the media. It's on our website at WWL dot com you can read it and share. And it's also on our FaceBook page is part of our FaceBook conversation at WWL radio I'll get to -- some of those comments from our FaceBook page coming appeared. In just a few minutes Andrew -- to show good evening. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What's your question here my thought well. You know well we've been talking about a number of sinks at ninety and now we're talking about the. -- the FCC and this site -- FCC officials are going to radio and TV newsrooms to investigate the process by which stories are selected and whether or not there's a perceived station biased. Did you know I call the latter -- -- -- actually about your mug shot the government and the so it's really -- talking about social and and that just -- and I agree with the and that's where he didn't think that we're -- more with the Communist direction. That it's more that we we do practice trying to social and the corporate socialist. I would disagree with that -- and there are people who were going to look at obamacare -- say well we're becoming a socialist nation. Even with that. There are other factors to being a socialist nation that we -- nod and this audience we're moving toward communism is news is absolutely ignorant. And it ignorant and I feel it is -- stop a lot a year absolutely. You know there's a lot of economic. Uncertain as we all now are on her about salt standpoint in and -- throughout a lot of jobs. In and that is actually a year compounded by. I don't think people understand the real issue. And and that their degree. And you know pollution in and told somebody differently. And it's stopped the fight back at the wrong spot not just a Twitter. And social media just the news of the -- it is true you go. You know there's only a few states and if you play last real popular -- -- -- and -- -- move on law and regulations. Is what what is one of the places that you find to have more neutral. Nittany the only -- neutral Nasrallah. You know Bill Moyers. Yeah you did a -- -- Bill Moyers. Journal. The Bill Moyers journal while can you guys are great web site and maybe I'll repeat guests like here. Later that night burnout see you know he speaks the truth Egypt's while he comes from the heart. And he really apples thing -- animal. Moral framework that and resonates me. And bank would rather than it was a lot of. Enter -- 27 years old are you optimistic about the future. A man that's a tough question. Alitalia. In you know law I am optimistic -- now. And at least in my age group you know that you could look at all the polls and everything is actually pretty clearly. Our young people were were not afraid of socialism. Are counted as her ideas such as we know we should be afraid that we should be an early committee. You know we should be afraid. You know that the corporate. Corporate takeover. Not I'll be 22. Armageddon like you know corporate. Power right now is about control and if any thing. I think my generation that we need a little bit more government ally not like that and -- in part the part of government in Iraq lost the including more. Reasonable regulations on on certain things especially on -- And machine. That some sort of -- burden that has no social value. In English -- but the money around and money on him at all. It's interesting observation entry on -- -- -- thanks for -- technical issue. If you're -- stay -- if you wanna join us with your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And it takes -- -- 7870. We have some very violent weather moving through Louisiana. And Mississippi right now you might be entered if you're to the north or west of -- of New Orleans. It's moving into the New Orleans area. We're gonna get an update coming up in just a few minutes live with -- or don't know if the channel four forecast center to be if you LTD. Instead -- cat scratch fever. On notice all know. It sounds like -- scratch fever this is stranglehold. The other to mention it this is the -- you know. And we're coming right back. I'm looking out of our studio and is here WW well and it's a very common downtown New Orleans however if you're to the north or west of this it may not become where you are. A tornado watches now in effect for all of southeast Louisiana until 3 o'clock this morning. There's a possibility of winds up to fifty miles per hour. And -- could be periods of very heavy rain. And lightning so be aware of that. The rain is coming if you're not -- yet eighties coming Rogen talked curler down -- -- in the channel for weather center in just a few minutes. And get an update our forecast. From -- David here on the -- showing every WL. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh -- you -- that -- -- voluntary news room in that late but what of value it it would be like what you'll -- Do you. -- use the -- did you go with it. Our David it's it's it's seems as if there is an -- this is the job of the SEC to attempt to make sure that communities are sore. And so it it seems like it's under the guise four we need to make sure the community is being served. But he scares me when a government agency the FCC is it is considering having any influence whatsoever or is. Even giving the impression of having any influence whatsoever over content in the media. But like what what I think -- committee -- I think it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Which is not about. President Obama or -- -- Well a -- to bash is the president on a daily basis which I think it is it is vying for a in a news outlet to do that if this is freedom of speech and and. It did its presidency. You'd think it would -- it it was people it's much looked like and it copied the -- that we -- he has been here. That we -- towards about it -- -- Obama not nothing. It. -- -- do you like what David do you watch any other channel. Because I got a lot of negative things -- -- in your a lot of negative things about Obama and CNN. Well I don't think you listening because the stories that there. Bill. It's the at all. I don't. Idol David I don't know what your due mostly to I appreciate going to show -- -- negative stories on policy and there are more negative stories about the president on on Fox News because that's what they do and its okay that they do that -- just recognize that that's that they do. Here's a text it was a rough night here. In middle Tennessee 4600 without power in Nashville and we do cover much of the country with our show -- night. So we're talking about heavy weather moving into the New Orleans area. You might be some heavy weather in different parts of the country because heavy weather is suited steel steel. Main story. From battery Arnold heroes who -- going to be WL. -- -- Caught the ball on a little bit. On the you can do whatever. -- do. -- you're right on by boat or more. And all equal. You know at all he's. He's the ultimate check. Quote the world. And now. Oh well. It. And I ordered. Who everywhere. Is it lower right well you know. So somebody -- figure battered economy. -- -- Our -- -- like you appreciate being in America and and while this country is not perfect there is much to appreciate about being and I appreciate your tickets on the -- show. -- for -- city Stephen year on Debbie WL. Today. Yeah different cultural actually your. Problem it. I -- organization likes like fox bashing the president every day. Well I mean who. But Ted Strickland can you write your paper -- -- a -- organization let me tell Canada England or. Who added that that's NC Stephen that's -- I think that's the the responsibility of the audience to recognize that it is entertainment do they call themselves in news channel but it they do present news. But it's designed to get ratings it's designed to get retention. And therefore. It's going to do the same things that entertainment does in order to attract your attention. In many ways Fox News and MSNBC. And conservative radio talk shows. Our. Echo chambers there they're simply speaking to the audience that -- that they are there they're not they're not they're changing minds because people art. Going there with an open mind going to I don't really know what to think so I think I'm gonna tune into fox -- I think I'm gonna be conservative. The great majority of people who watch Fox News have already determined that Fox News reflects the year they're few and I think in the same thing -- -- Maybe they should have some type of special -- -- -- like. Yeah your reservation you yeah yeah are you are you yell -- and entertainment news and you have you unbiased news. And not a lot of political. And you know your culture -- -- Don't take political approval -- the other. Well there many times -- I -- a political stance it might -- -- not. Why I understand every in every shows different every host has -- the opportunity in the freedom to do what they wanted to do with their show which is one thing that I love about -- working for -- WL. -- When I say that I don't have a problem with Fox News bashing the president they do it for for ratings. Or an and Roger -- the founder and CEO of Fox News even said during the campaign 2012. That he wanted to use his network to unseat the president. Well that's not objective. Now they have a right to do it in the same way that MSNBC has a right to attack the conservatives. And I -- MSNBC has been vigilant in attacking. A governor Chris Christie of New Jersey. I write and I -- that they they have are a right to do that so the audience the audience needs to be Smart enough to realize. That this is entertainment. And you're not getting an objective all the news. Had -- or not. And then -- and they're not a big target and often such guerrilla and well. And that's one of the things that we try to do with this that they show which is as somebody who is in the media I like to point out that. This business is about entertainment more than you think and and the network news at night is about getting ratings and that. That means that it's governed by the principles that govern entertainment -- -- got to get to weather update I appreciate you calling a show with your -- -- -- -- right now let's go live to the -- dual channel for weather center. We had a date with a Carl are under Karl we've got some rough weather moving in. Yeah Escude we're under a tornado watch for the entire area until 3 o'clock in the morning right now most of the stronger storms. RX cross areas awash in pairs more than -- develop pair shot. -- Saint Helena parish moving towards the northeast right now there are no warnings in our immediate area but there are some storms start to pop up around the North Shore. Eventually posturing and just west of Jefferson -- at saint Charles in Saint John pairs so we're seeing the more intense line extending from a near Cantwell a parish northern tangible or towards north of Baton Rouge and towards -- yet so this -- continue to think Southport. I think for the immediate South Shore you're looking more like -- midnight wanted to win this. Storms a line of storms -- move on through so there is a threat of severe weather for the entire area through tonight. I think the main threats going to be that damaging winds and smaller threat for tornadoes but that tornado watch goes until 3 o'clock tonight. -- does that tornado watch include New Orleans everybody okay all of southeast Louisiana yes that you know when I went on the year to 8 o'clock tonight this which -- really starting to hit Lake Charles and I look up now it's it's as well past Lake Charles and it seems to be moving rather quickly. Yes it's not gonna last very long this side are. Are all the series should be audio before the morning commute time so. We're not looking at a whole long prolonged event but there could be some heavier rain god dumping dumping with some of these storms but there'll be a lot of lightning at some gusty winds and hopefully no severe weather but that there is that threat at least for the remainder of the overnight. And while we have you here everybody sickened about the weekend in the failed to grow celebration Metairie in the morning operates what does it look like this weekend. Well I think up Friday mean parades are gonna be nice and cool fifties on the South -- 50s40s north of late Saturday looks great. Looks -- I will go -- -- fifties the sixties for the early parades and for the evening parade sixties -- fifties. Then Sunday and fortunately I think we have a better chance for showers and storms as this front that comes through tonight. We'll start moving back north port on Sundays Sunday. 60% chance for showers and storms are both the early and hourly parade and could that change it could change I mean -- I think they. Percentage of the timing may change but right now disappeared Sunday there will be a chance of rain back in the forecast but yes it can change this pattern that we're going to be in. It's gonna be a pattern that's gonna change quite often it's a fast flow and we're gonna have a chances for rain but that timing will vary from each forecast that I think with the guys we get a better handle on the movement of these disturbances. Our current alive -- itself or whether senator thanks for the update and it bureau. Of -- will say this -- get to a -- calls here in just a moment. We have been talking about this this plan by the FCC. Which is an agency of the government. Now they responsible the congress not the executive branch. But the FCC. The FCC officers are reported by the president. However. I think out of the I think there's five. Main offices could be wrong I think there's five main FCC officers. And only three of them can be from any presidency and party. This is this this fear that the president is coming down on the news media. This is nothing -- -- and there are people who think oh my god look Obama's doing that he's the first president knows this was a concern in the seventies. And actually been a concern in the past but in the in the 1970s. During the Watergate scandal. Richard Nixon was president and he was the target of this scandal. They would ultimately lead to his resignation. Well in 1970s the FCC under Richard Nixon. Challenged licenses of two television stations owned by the Washington Post. That was the newspaper of Woodward and Bernstein the two reporters in Washington. It broke the Watergate scandal which ultimately led to the resignation of Richard Nixon. So there was this at least sense of intimidation to some degree. From the president through. The FCC. And my opinion this is very clear. I don't care who's in the White House. The FCC. Should not control content. And I deal with this industry blog if you wanna reduce in -- and -- others and to join the conversation our FaceBook page which is WWL radio. And the blog is titled is Obama hoping to control the media. And you couldn't maybe check that out at WWL dot com from Indiana rich you're on the -- she'll. Anything cute you know I can't do it. I didn't would be laughable. And quite pathetic outlook about Vietnam vet. And I. Laughed my head off every -- get duplicate. Opened my I'll fly away and the waves the flag -- he -- -- content it is standard that you would think. He checked in other military service during Vietnam I -- the next -- and a real reporter. I interviewed him -- ask him that question. Rich people do change I'm not. I'm not defending Ted Nugent but people do change and I wonder is that Ted Nugent has regrets about that I mean that would be something interesting for a reporter to ask him. Yeah it would -- rich chicken hawk on the line get your high in under the term. I think that the battered -- which and it felt like it technically correct job -- -- will actually beat them. -- -- it's actually an idea black -- It's fair to bring an average of -- going to call as -- trusting in Indiana. I want to remind you if you're just joining us tonight that there is a tornado tornado watch in effect for all of southeast Louisiana including the New Orleans area. There is severe weather moving through Louisiana and Mississippi you might be unit right now. If you're not in its it's it's it's coming and it looks like the immediate New Orleans area. Will start to get this time line of heavy thunderstorms that could include winds up to fifty miles an hour and carries a very very heavy rain. Around midnight 1 o'clock. But it should be out of here by eight. By morning and it looks like it's going to be a nice Friday and Saturday maybe a chance of rain on Sunday but so we'll keep in touch with with all of that. The talk of Mardi Gras and the new regulations all of that begins tomorrow morning with Tommy Tucker and to be WL first news six to ten. Also Angeles going to be talking about -- -- on this first big weekend. A body grow operating Angela and open lines financial hill. Under VW -- from went for tomorrow afternoon. This is this -- show and we're coming right back into the WL it's common downtown New Orleans but he won't be that way for a long a very strong their system is moving through here tornado watch in effect for all of southeast Louisiana including the new World Series until 3 o'clock this morning. A severe weather with damaging winds sent up to fifty miles an hour and fear and periods of very heavy rain are possible. A Stewart doing the best we can to keep you in touch with the weather but again that's their recent world Syria. It about an hour fifteen minutes 222 hours in in fifteen minutes -- somewhere between midnight and 4 o'clock but again it's going to be out of here by the morning which is is good news. We talked about what Tommy and Garland what Tommy and Angela we'll talk about tomorrow a -- on the Garland -- think tank with guest host Don Dubuque I don't gonna talk about. These two incidents with the cycle is being attacked with young people with baseball -- What causes somebody to become such a violent and caring thug. And -- -- these events affect you you carry a concealed firearm or other weapon to protect yourself. And do you not entered the streets alone. Or outside of a vehicle. It's one of the things that -- people talk about tomorrow morning climb into the think tank tomorrow ten to one on WWL. We continue to talk about this. This plan by the FCC to place officers in radio and TV station newsrooms. To investigate the process by which stories are selected. And a perceived station -- really haven't had a chance to get in the this year but I also. Wanna talk about the Fairness Doctrine. And a Fairness Doctrine was repealed. I believe it was 1987. Under Ronald Reagan. And the Fairness Doctrine. Would really make it very difficult for Fox News or MSNBC to do what they do. Now I don't agree with everything that a biased network does but I believe in their right to do it. The thing that scares me is that there are people who actually believe that Fox News is fair and balanced. Now because of your political perspective you might think it is but it is it. Now that's not criticism that's just an honest observation it's not fair and balanced but in my opinion that's okay. Just don't buy into the idea that it's the only true fair and balanced network because it's not and the no spin zone is not a no spin zone. I mean just just watch it again it's okay that it's a no spin zone -- okay that they call a pit actually they should call it that because that's -- -- ideas. But as you know there's false advertising. Throughout our society. -- people declined to be something they're not things claimed to be something they're not that's. That's not that unusual. It is unfortunate. That that people and products and things can claim to be something they're not. On MSNBC. Is. It is not balanced they're not they're not unbiased they're very biased. But isn't that okay. And do you want the FCC to do more to the news media bias that's -- WW a pretty general opinion poll give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com. Here is a text and -- Reid said the media needs to be free. And I added that the being in terms of the charging but in terms of being free to do what they want this is our basis for freedom. And is. Detestable as I find fox as unbalanced in jaded as I see it. They have a right to slant things I would wish the Talking Heads have some fought her understanding. Of what the repeat. This is how freedom is lost. Again to join our show tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And it -- number is 877 or your -- are coming up from the world's Janice you're under the WL. And that how you think we pretty much can and I tell you bring him into law. It is well what I have to be ready. What I'm saying on my him a look around them which -- -- -- in my home and I hate to deal yet I'm being data mind. And bad day and we -- sending email now. I think. That -- I'd write what I say they could. I don't know -- -- you know I -- that noted that the NSA is doing it by. And down. Going into huge mountain. And not countenance them. Full -- county -- -- and -- open. I'm Ali said when I would do enough. Chatted and we don't have to worry about being taken -- from outside we can do -- about the unity in anything. It again the content that happens it will be done with -- -- my -- I -- and I got up again and I can yeah. Think you frequently tell somebody. Remember like some dignitaries. No -- that I can do without. Not so. -- and that is in the -- like that it -- slope and it happened from. The but it it it it it would you even. Well Obama's not going to be president 2016. After 2016. Well I don't know what he's going to be doing between out it kinda gets out well. He's got a good job Iraq and take this guy has yet that. -- I've got to get to break but before I dive I got. Before I go to the break. What is it that your writing in emails are seeing on the phone -- -- afraid that the. Yeah. And I can't. -- why. I don't approve of the country could be in hand I certainly nobody's gonna get even and they understand we. For your free to say that nobody is gonna do anything about. When they're gonna have been one that I have the kid. When was that. Couple years ago whatever election I don't remember they haven't people who they said that I have not said that Powell from and I hit. Well like -- about first of all fairness you use you gotta. You gotta be really really careful about. Which you who. Which you pay attention to social media. Certain web sites. Certainly got to be really really careful about what you pay attention to UN monitors to polling places. It just sounds like one of those hysterical. Emails that went out to the right people and then it was a perpetuated through social media. And then suddenly it becomes reality. I'd tell I'd love for all of you to start doing start sending me emails. That you work that your sent. Then it's. You -- -- true or not true emails that are designed to rile you up to to make you panic. Because a lot of them are really not true. Or they're from a long long time ago and all of a sudden brought up again and recycled again as if it's going on right now. And it's not. Social media and the Internet have created. And environments in which it's very easy to create hysteria and panic. This is the -- show. Like from New Orleans and we'll be right back on -- BWO you know I I feel so naive because it wasn't until grant of fast when I was actually on the side of the stage -- with The Doobie Brothers and credit fest. It occurred to me why they're named The Doobie Brothers. It's like a doobie and their brought. Again again I don't really stupid when I came to that that a moment of epiphany here's a -- reached fifty years ago Castro was disarmed by Kennedy. Wingers -- right wingers claimed he was going to follow the Pope. Lincoln freed the slaves conservative wingers split the union -- -- Communist when women were given the right to vote. And again when Social Security was passed they -- the biggest users. And the claim we are not related to monkeys but we share all but if you chromosomes. Despite seeing God's majesty in space they refuse to accept time and physics. Criticism of right wingers if you and enjoy special economic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and a tax receipts and he said he. A coming up after the news at 11 o'clock will both talk a little bit about the Fairness Doctrine edit it it might be something that you're too young to remember Morgan might be something that you have forgotten about. Let's think about the Fairness Doctrine in the context of the media today. That in this idea that the FCC wants to investigate how stories are selected and weather stations have. A biased it's a state from -- dale -- WWL. Yeah food. Yes just -- the Coleman you're talking about right now. You know it's the so it's it's incredible that. -- you are special people realized that the immediate area. If you do you watch all the network channels ABC CBS. -- ABC CBS MB CC NN. That you look at him as we all these people for many many years out between. What are -- A lot of what -- -- what makes you think I don't think the media's unfair. Are -- at the -- was saying that you know the media it is not a medium rare rare occurrence in the reporting. All -- all the past few years and years where it's. There're -- -- -- stories the last. And they make more pre open right. And that happened over and over again nobody questioned them and date its people desperate -- -- network channel. Get some channels don't -- -- by its reporting and not speak everytime they open them -- -- on the tour report. You'll see -- that's their car -- took to the left and that the court. -- we talk about and so we talk about this all the time on the show I'm I'm I'm very aware that the media is unfair. But what I'm saying is fair. It's fair for fox to be right it's fair for there to be liberal media it's fair for the media to be by you might not like it too but in our and our system of freedom of speech. It's fair for the media to be biased right or left. Argue that that's. So important -- Communist country what that'll let you know that because they've. All newspaper look at what an imminent right now and that. Who went on Cuba but -- -- to. To do it ought to look at the media in this country and look at what they don't. There are completely. You know albeit -- which brought -- frequently acting like to beat their correspondents. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I've got to get to a news frank here I'm glad you brought that up a lot of people agree with you we'll continue this discussion right after the news and having WL.