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Scoot Show 2-20 10pm Media Regulations, Ted Nugent

Feb 21, 2014|

: the FCC, a government agency. Proposed an initiative last year to find out how radio and television broadcasters select news stories and do the stations have a perceived station bias…should they be concerned about this? PLUS: Rocker Ted Nugent is campaigning for Republican Gregg Abbott in the Texas governor’s race. While doing so he called President Obama a ‘communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel’….Abbott’s opponent is using Nugent’s comments to raise funds for her campaign…so who was Ted really hurting?

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Rain is moving in to be downtown area it is says starting to rain -- redundant told us that the rain was gonna dismiss heavy line of thunderstorms would be here. Somewhere around midnight to 1 o'clock it's gonna be out of here by -- tomorrow morning so that is good news that tomorrow's going to be a great day tomorrow night a nice night for parading. A little on the cool side human of denim jacket or sweater with yet. And then Saturday. Appears to be a very nice -- this front that's moving through here though made back up and move back over the area. I guess it would be warm front at that point. And that could come on Sundays so we're gonna continue to watch that situation but you know you'll always get the latest weather here WWL effect if you weather updates. You can now sign up for weather updates. The message and data rates apply but the service from us is free and it's available on any phone you don't have to have super Smart expensive phone. It's available for any cellphone. And all you have to do is text the word whether. 28787. Text the word whether. Too late 7870. And you'll get to weather alerts I've got one just a few moments ago because -- budget that's like -- a basement of the WL. Even when I'm earlier got an update on the at a tornado watch a tornado watch that is in effect for all southeast Louisiana including the new World -- until 3 o'clock this morning. And there is a possibility of a winds up to fifty miles per hour some of you may have already gone through this whether some of you might be unit right now so there is a possibility of severe weather. I guess for the next couple of hours and into the very early morning hours but he should be out of here by tomorrow morning which is good news. We're talking about a planned by the FCC in the the implementation of this plan. Has has been stalled it was supposed to go into effect right now but they're gonna hold off until later this spring and I think they're still trying to figure some things out. I hope there's enough. A criticism of this possibilities as possible FCC plan. Not to the point where it doesn't. Happened because it's really scary. The FCC an agency of the government. Proposing a plan to place officers. And radio and television newsrooms across the country to investigate the process by which stories are selected. And to perceive station by us. It's called the multi market studies critical information needs. And it would include interviewing station managers news directors journalist anchors -- reporters. About their noose philosophy. And that's really none of the government's business. The FCC was created to. Regulate the licensing. And the transition to broadcast but not. At any control over the content. Of media in fact. It's it's still very gray area when it comes to indecency. How much control does the FCC the government have over indecency. Because of much of it is actually protected by freedom of speech. And and you you it's really up to the community to determine what is acceptable. More sold in the government. Because if the government starts to. Have a say so over content. Starts to control content. Then that opens up the door. For the government to say well this kind of opinion is going to create this kind of and unrest in America so we're gonna have to we're gonna have to stifle that. I think it's a very very tough frightening thought. In 1949. Lawmakers in Washington were concerned. That the media could use its broadcast licenses to promote. A specific political agenda. To the American public. 1949. Now what I talk about this -- about Fox News and MSNBC. Think about the conservative talk show host figured out what is perceived as the liberal media so in 1949. Lawmakers were concerned. That broadcast outlets could use deer license could use that they -- broadcast facility. To promote a political agenda. The Fairness Doctrine. Which passed and became part of the broadcasting. World. The Fairness Doctrine mandated. -- the broadcast networks had to provide the opportunity to present viewpoints. From both sides of all key issues. In 1970s the SEC called the Fairness Doctrine the single most important requirement. Of operations. In the public interest. For granting. A license to a broadcast company. Conservative talk radio first began. Relative to gain. Popularity during the Reagan presidency. In 1987. With Reagan in the White House. The FCC voted for did nothing to repeal the Fairness Doctrine. And -- floodgates were open for the freedom. Two to push specific genders on the year without fear of any kind of have repercussions. Radio television stations as well as individual host are free to be politically -- -- While Americans on both sides object to district promotion of political views that they disagree with. The freedom to be conservative or liberal on the year is protected by the First Amendment as it should be. There are. There are people who believe that if you don't have an opinion they agree with that you really should not be on the air. They wanted they want a -- it and cut out that speed well that really. Totally defies the foundation of America and and and freedom of speech. And I don't understand how people can have that attitude. And -- To be real Americans. And see how you can claimed to be patriotic if you want to stifle. Freedom of speech. For those of you who don't like Fox News. That's okay. But if you if you want the FCC two. To. Ease the bias of Fox News then you'd have to support that for MSNBC. And you might be cheering on MSNBC. For those of you who don't think MSNBC should be so critical of of conservatives and Republicans and Fox News. To cut that out -- would mean that Fox News wouldn't be able to do what they do. Now I do think there's a change in America this is change coming. And I I've seen this in you know one of the things are done really -- my careers is try to pick up on on on trends and and so much of what happens in the media. Is cyclical. Originally it was the fear of the liberal media that created the need for conservative talk radio which led to Fox News Channel and other. Conservative outlets. And the popularity of Fox News then led the creation of an answer to that which was MSNBC. That's a classic example of how the free enterprise system works even with broadcast. But America's changing. And I see the dominant right and the dominant left leaning media. Losing favor with a mass audience. Which is the majority of America. The majority of America is not strictly right or strictly left. And they're becoming more vocal. And Fox News and MSNBC. Will be to adjust to changing America or face the loss of of audience. Trends in the media. Do go through cycles. And the saturation of hard core one sided rhetoric. I think is going to slowly give way to. The majority in this country. Having a stronger presence. However what I notice is when when a group starts to sense the loss of of power and prominence. It gets louder. Or what it says it becomes more dramatic. About face hoping that I noticed just really in the last couple of weeks. Is it's no longer. America's becoming socialist. Note now it's America's gonna become Communist. And do we have the comment from Ted Nugent. That let me share this with the ten digit is on the campaign trail for. A Republican running for governor in Texas his name is -- Greg Abbott. And while campaigning for Greg gambit. Here's what Ted Nugent had to say about President Obama. Obviously failed to galvanize and pride not shame -- enough for America. Did you ever vigilant not to let the Chicago. Communist regimes Communist educate. -- nurtured -- human mom. Like PG cart community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way. Into the top office coordinates Jason Wiemer. And not very eloquently put YouTube like totally agree with him -- I think it's a shame -- did it -- people on the campaign trail. -- resort to such hateful rhetoric but again this happens on both sides and I think Americans are becoming rather disgusted with this. But I find it interesting that is somebody and Kobe Communist on a on FaceBook. Blog that I wrote responding to a blog or does it -- of the Communist. As that a long time since anybody worried about anybody being a Communist and I have a feeling that most people who say that don't really understand what communism news. This country is not become Communist but I guess if proclaiming that we're heading towards socialism hasn't really turn this country all to one side. Then now the rhetoric is it up now we're becoming Communist. If you wanna join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Wait Saturday and a text -- -- 77 and here's an update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight. Do you think the FCC should work toward easing media bias. 44% say no and 56%. Say yes. You really want the FCC government agency to start to ease media bias. Isn't that more frightening than media bias. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com give an update on upcoming appeared just few minutes from New Orleans -- year on the script -- OK hello. I'm -- do agree that everything is dead and well you know is -- conservative you can get -- channel in that we -- just came to -- -- but what about you. I didn't claim I'm not look I'm not -- -- -- I'm not going to be saying to my -- legal words. That principle. And maybe not would would not be choice. But what about I don't know the word disappoint -- it to correct word but what about before when Fox News comes on like. Like that and getting him some kind of -- Says something like this show is national opinion. Paper on the news that something -- that. Would that work. Well -- I I am practically in his not note that need to be on top of the news that they. I mean they are directly back to you know and but don't panic you know they do have opinions and marketed is saying we have opinion now are based on the and and then they should be any problem. Even if they said that Mary even if they presented a disclaimer there -- is still be people who would be upset and wouldn't think that that would be enough that they shouldn't have that strong of an opinion either on one side or or the other. I think the scariest thing in this country is. People don't pay attention to how the media. Attempts to manipulate them for the purpose of getting ratings and you know I I've argued that many times and it's it's too much studying of of media and in mass communication in general over the years. That had been in this business that I don't think anybody can actually be totally unbiased and totally objective. It's how you tell a story it's how you take facts and tell those facts it's body language it's inflection it's. It's little subtle things but. Even the didn't the network news AB CNBC and CBS. When I watch those newscast. -- I can sense certain bias. In in a certain direction and again it's the -- it's. How you decide. To tell a story hadn't even using. That the same fact that somebody else might do so I think it's human beings it's almost impossible for us to expect ourselves to be totally unbiased. So the important thing is for the audience to understand that when they consume the news. That's -- stated that they let him. -- statement about the -- -- that pay attention to that but I think it's -- they -- -- that the government should definitely but positive and -- -- and a even if they happen to that they never. The problem. Amended that people be fighting even if the government tried to control it. They don't back -- -- make everybody happy. Mary good told a show priceless thing here's a text don't understand -- you say Fox News is not -- newsworthy station but entertainment. They also believe -- watching several new stations. So I will know the full scope of news so often NBC or ABC. Only provides partial stories especially if it's on Obama or conservative story. If it happens if I happen to see fox they have the complete coverage of the news and we'll have a conservative. And negative speakers. Fox was the only station I saw they had experts explain in advance. And of obamacare. That he would not work the way the president said. And an and that's that that's true I'm I'm sure that's true. I never said fox is not newsworthy when it clears that up. But it's all entertainment. It doesn't mean that it's not serious. -- you can go to a party. I think some people misunderstand the term entertainment. Entertainment doesn't mean telling jokes are happy and fund and and it fictional stuff entertainment is what gets your attention. And -- if you go to a party and you have just heard something on the news. Sometimes a very serious news topic. Becomes. Part of the entertainment. Conversation part of the conversation that is entertaining people. At a cocktail party. So don't misunderstand the use of the term entertainment. I wish. The news felt the responsibility. To give us all the news in detail that we really need. But the news is designed to get your attention. And we the audience actually. Tells the media. Through what we do we actually tell the media what we want. And again a classic example was Andrea Mitchell very -- respected news person and MSNBC she's doing a story on MSNBC. On the NSA. She breaks into that story to give an update of the Justin Bieber arrest. Doesn't that kind of explained it. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back on WWL. You're not gonna cavity stars tonight's. -- -- front moving very cant see any stars tonight. There is a tornado watch in effect for all of southeast Louisiana including the greater new -- area until 3 o'clock in the morning. Severe weather moving through the area again that you might be -- it right now if you're not -- its beheading in in your direction. The good news is it's a definite line that doesn't last that long however. -- it does contain periods of very very heavy rain. And a possible wind gusts up to fifty miles an hour. So it is something to contend with especially if you're out on the highway especially if you're a high profile vehicle. On the twins fans of the -- weigh in and there's some situation like that just be extremely. Extremely cautious. Now we're talking tonight about this a plan the FCC has to place officers in radio television newsrooms to investigate how they how they decide on what stories to cover. And if there is a perceived bias. And it really scares me that the government is even implying that they need to know anything about decisions that are made concerning. What stories are are are covered. And I I really think that the idea of the government. Under a Democrat or a Republican president and my -- government in this case the FCC. Whether Democrat or a Republican is in the White House. The idea the government influencing the content of media or being. Concerned about. Content of the media and the selection of stories which is and maybe a code word for. Saying. Expression of of opinions. To me that he's more threatening. And the opinions on the right or the left. That you might so vehemently disagree with -- If you wanna join special comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And it -- a -- 77. A scoop like tonight is titled is Obama hoping to control the media. And that's on our FaceBook page W annual radio and is coming up in a few minutes having to get to some of your your comments it's really interesting to me you know people comment on FaceBook but they don't relieve read the blog. There were some relief -- economists about a blogger wrote to the other day about it was the blog -- last night. About a bill that was introduced in in Kansas by a Democrat in Wichita State representative. A -- Kansas. Would allow spanking a child up to ten times. Legal even if it leaves a mark even if it -- redness or Bruce's. The that would be that would be legal. And some of the responses. Critical of me because. I support. Well obviously they didn't take time redeployed because. I don't support it but then you know again. There are people who are just simply looking for reasons to criticize have been -- want the truth they don't really -- no -- -- thinker what you feel it went listen. They just want it simply react. So if you're gonna comment on FaceBook I mean that's fine. But I would appreciate if you would actually read. When I have to say first. Off for the West Bank teeth he earned a BWL. Yet that you -- I think the original leak two with the Fairness Doctrine. Wasn't just the matter of different opinions. But the money. -- I wouldn't quite battled. Born 57. But like in eighties when Ross Perot talking about what he was when the richest men in the world. And and they were talking about that only people that were reached -- could monthly the president. All senate on congress. Innately want to make shall. If somebody got so many hours of bad harm. If somebody was or obligation to indicate that same miles. Well that was that was more the equal time. And a clause which is is different from the Fairness Doctrine of the Fairness Doctrine was a little broader than that and it was. If if I if I talk about something on the show I would have to. Allows somebody with an opposing view to come wanna talk aboard as well we don't have that today. And I'm I'm I'm glad we don't I think the media should be freer especially if it's outside of the news. To talk about what they wanna talk about but the Fairness Doctrine -- did make it difficult for. Would be -- to Limbaugh's or for Fox News to do liked what we all do without offering. On an opportunity for an opposing view. Are you I act we can everybody and on radio or television could be totally. On the toll -- a -- once cited that is. Totally legal and the Fairness Doctrine was repealed in 1987. Right and outlook Google more audio reportage you talk a -- Andrea Mitchell. Remembered being -- wrap up. Yes about why he lost his job. I mean he's the one that reported it but just that new people didn't check up on that story it was a total hoax and the Iranian -- that. -- -- George Bush. The do it Dan. I don't know if that's the reason he lost his job that it is certainly was -- -- -- his his credibility. And ends and sometimes keep an alleged -- show it's sometimes. People in the media and I let the temptation to. Express their opinion and to bash somebody they disagree with sometimes they let that really get the best of us from mobile David you're under the WL. They did a good. It's the to get into that newsroom of these media organizations. In that -- of them it is socialism and as a cop. What is it that the government is structure. Our civil liberties about corporate and -- really ought to. But it -- yet. And yet so you have people like you and we need to step up and fight together against the Serbs in the this -- that he that they by Campbell they -- -- talking scandal. Those type of thing -- it. A -- of the church and all of these scandal of these institute which government steps. These are possible though liberties -- reasons because. You know but it but it is such that the liberty. When you have the government of venereal disease what -- once you get it's -- to Cuba and it just spread the -- You gotta admit in the but again. David I think it's a legitimate point I'm I'm going to call the show. This ID says that the FCC would somehow be interested in how. How news organizations or how radio show restore. A TV shows or Fox Network they're emissaries and other shorting and they're they're gonna start this -- they're scheduled to start despondent in May not happen hopefully it doesn't. But is scheduled to -- in Columbia, South Carolina and then. On -- spread out from there. But the idea that the government is interested in finding out how it's decided what stories are are part covered. Is bothersome now I guess one of the legitimate. Sites exist. Is something that the the FCC really is responsible for. And that is making sure that -- communities are served. And television stations and radio stations have a responsibility to serve the community and there are guidelines that we abide by here WWL and all of our account stations. There are guidelines that television stations abide by in this market and and around the country in terms of a serving the public. -- Wind there's interest in how will you decide what stories. To cover and is there -- a media bias that. That's -- to concern not a little a lot. Here's an update on our WW a pretty general opinion poll tonight do you think the FCC should work toward easing media bias. A majority 55% say yes. And 45% say no. Now if you think the FCC should work toward easing media bias. That would be on both sides. Not just one site. I wanna remind you this is the final week of our 1000 dollar nationwide cash contest. Have you joined RWW a cashed a not too late to do that sign up right now for the WWL cash contest alert. And we'll send you alerts a reminder about fifteen minutes before each code word is announced Honda VW well and then you just text the the word to cash. Now 877. If you text the word cash. Too late 77 -- we will send you those alerts. And you'll know the -- code word. As soon as it happens under the WL and and when you find at the code -- you. Generated WWL dot com slash cache and you could win a thousand dollars weekdays right before the top of the hour news and at 8 AM noon 3 PM. And six -- so if you haven't done it joined the Debian you'll cash club today message and data rates apply. Send the word cash text it to -- 7870. Here is attacks that Brees has stopped watching the news mum. Over a year ago. Here's a text step watching -- is over a year ago just got tired of hearing all the negativity. I feel helpless to do anything about it. My life has improved dramatically. Only problem is I never know what to Wear to work the next day LO well. If you and -- joiner show and economic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text number is 877. Not everybody in Hollywood likes President Obama. Filmmaker. Oliver Stone. Who admits that he voted for Obama twice. Is now bashing the president. Oliver Stone said Obama is a weak man. Speaking recently -- a panel discussion in Washington DC which was titled imperial over reach and the national security states. Oliver Stone spoke out instead Obama is a weak man. Still went on to say something happened because none of the things he promised transparency. A government that would reconsider the war on terror and these programs none of that happened none of it the man stunned -- With a lack of spine. He went on to criticize the president for not keeping his campaign promises. He said quote on everything he backed down. I was stunned. And that's from a perceived Hollywood liberal. Oliver Stone. If you're just joining us tonight -- -- remind you that there is a tornado watch in effect for New Orleans and all of southeast Louisiana. Until 3 o'clock in the morning there's a very heavy line of thunderstorms you may be in it right now it may have passed through U earlier tonight. But it's moving toward the meet New Orleans area I'm looking at our winners right now looks like there is some rain down Townsend streets look like their -- I don't see any rain pounding up against the -- the studio windows here. It's waited really as storming that usually happens. I'm -- don't know told us a little while ago that he thought it would reach New Orleans somewhere between. Midnight and 2 1 o'clock and I've. I've watched this thing move from I'd just on the other side of of Lake Charles all the way now to the New Orleans area. I've going on the year and 8 o'clock it was Soviet -- just around Lake Charles to the it was a intellectuals and in the Lake Charles area. And now it is just continuing to sweep across the state. Louisiana and Mississippi and if you're over in Alabama and Florida it will eventually get to you probably by tomorrow morning the good news is this is gonna all be out of here. By early tomorrow morning but there's a possibility of strong fifty mile an hour winds and periods of very very heavy rain. So if you're going to be on the causeway if you're going to be in the twin -- if you're. If you gonna be on some some open highway just just hang on to this during real because it's it could get to be. Although treacherous. If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 87870. Here is attacks. That reads the -- starts. It's about Fox News. Not all knowing it is not working. So you say fox is only. Is only for entertainment enough for news actually did say that and again. I feel like they need to work out a deal with day hearing aid company so like to -- and hearing aids for many of our listeners who don't really hear. What he's being sent. But that would only increased the volume and it wouldn't increase. The comprehension. He didn't say quite often don't say many of the things that people. Think that I it says that I didn't say Fox News was. -- not newsworthy witches what somebody mentioned and I didn't say that. Fox News it is. Is entertainment and and not news when I'm saying is news. Is entertainment. You bet. The noose is designed to get your attention. News is designed in the news channels are trying to attract an audience. More cell. Then sensing the responsibility to tell you what you need the year. It's the stories that. Are most likely to capture. The attention of a -- saudis and hold the attention mass audience. Not the stories that are most important to our lives. Now sometimes the most entertaining stories. Are important to our allies and you'll hear the stories. But again tonight I just I think this moment in time when Andrea Mitchell broke into -- on MSNBC broke into a story on the NSA for a date on the Justin Bieber. Are arrest. Coming in Andrea Mitchell show that just seem to just totally prove this point that news is is. Is designed to get an audience and that's what I mean when I -- news is entertainment. Again I don't miss under stand the interpretation of the word entertainment. Entertainment is something that captures your attention it entertains you. Does that mean it's jokes it doesn't mean it's -- high -- fun it doesn't mean it's you know break down and cried said serious drama. But it's designed to get your attention and what frightens me is that they're people in this country consuming the media that don't understand that. And if we understand that then we as an audience are less likely to be manipulated by the audience. This is the -- show. And we're coming right back into the WL I love this song this is a band called zed and it's Hayley Williams from the group pair are more singing the song called. Stay tonight's. Here's an update on -- WWL project opinion poll do you think the FCC should work toward easing media bias. 56%. Majority say yes and 44% say no giving your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Here's a Texas -- I work in the media and I don't want the FCC anywhere near mine newsroom. Amen to that. His attacks light rain at Saint Louis Armstrong airport. The rain is so moving through here expected to hit the downtown area between midnight and it's at 1 o'clock and depending on where you are you got to figure out where the where the rain is in it when it's gonna hit you. Let me get to some of these comments on our FaceBook page which used to be an annual radio comments to the blog that road is Obama. Hoping to control the media. Here's comment. From. Dawn to wake up people on he used to the point. Of having control of everything. Here is comment from David the Internet makes the Fairness Doctrine obsolete. Comment from. Two Reza. I'd make sure you couldn't buy candy with food stamps. -- -- how that fits into this isn't and other a FaceBook comment I'd vote for Obama over. And over again. Here's a FaceBook comment from Brandon hoping he already does have 99.9 percent of the media thinking he's the second coming. That is really. Really not true but it is that's the perception that a lot of people -- Here's a FaceBook comment for Randy they need to impeach this tyrant. His comments from -- our FaceBook page the government does not need to. Tell us what to watch. Again this is a turning on our FaceBook page which is of the WL radio. And also it's on our website WW dot com if you want to -- to comment on its it's there and we've got an opportunity for you to to give us your comments. Get toward your text here in just a moment from New Orleans Larry you're on WW LA good evening. There are you due to a goodly. -- One -- they're not -- -- -- -- democratic courted Republican port it to coordinate all these double order. You know nowhere during the break maybe we -- who have become common this country. They're want to sort of government they got that for the good oh people from there because we told -- about it via. Fitted -- very secure no hatred in their big -- well it's pitched it gets just will be killed you know. Where you really and -- here preparing -- -- he would -- -- -- Republican -- So I don't know maybe we might do they have in common its structure. -- Larry. You're right about to hate but instead of in in instead of instead of being hateful I think we should learn to celebrate our. Our our diversity in our differing opinions and there was a time when. That this country's always been divided never so clearly divided as it is today. But we should special we should celebrate this it's instead of thinking that this is the year the beginning of the end dispersant that a Communist countries concerned. You know that. Communism failed. Because it. It does it respond to the human spirit two. And to advance to to try to be better does that mean that you you try to be better than your neighbor but. Communism doesn't allow the human spirit to flourish now the Chinese have been able to maintain economies form of government. Because they have also allowed a free marketplace. And the old Soviet Union they didn't have a free marketplace and and so once once mass communications -- to really take over the world. And the big government of the old Soviet Union could no longer control information. To the people are people getting information from outside. Of of the country and outside of government control and they realize what was out there. Then there there was a rebellion that that started in and communism failed. But again the Chinese have been Smart in maintaining a Communist form of government. But also allowing a free market society I don't -- I don't think that's that's for us I just think we need to learn. And maybe we can learn. To. To celebrate. Differing opinions as opposed to being so hateful. What that got the pointer with the so much read that the country available in all -- sports are molded. For the United -- global network. But that they're from -- -- which people called in the and in the very people that -- bargain and so we rent for the press. Tribunal realized that probably and there -- all of its list of all the people in the Republican the year with all the you know I don't get it. And -- and just put real important people we. Are doing -- steal people to prohibit them for. Yeah. Larry. There are there or your your right that there are people who don't want this president to succeed there are people who would rather America. Fail right now than the president to succeed because they so dislike Obama. However you know Obama has made decisions had done things. That there are hitters and he has to stand up for those things it will in and only time will tell whether or not those things were good or bad I mean the next president. I think the stage is set right now because politics goes through cycles. I I've I've said this recently I think the stage is set for the Republicans to win the White House in 2016. But only if they. Only if they field a candidate that isn't into all this. Social issue businesslike. Abortion and a same sex marriage and if if they if they start to. Act like they want to inflict. They -- views on the masses they're not gonna win but I think the stage is set for the Republicans to win. So Obama is a Obama is going to be held accountable for the things that he does. And time will tell whether they're good or bad. Well -- what we live in a democracy. Society. And if we all of though what portable -- to elect the president feature respectively -- -- -- -- -- door and the right thing to the other. Well I I economy and and there not his mama told the old -- Obama to a bowl for a Republican. -- that there. He inherited them. Execute Grenoble beat you so you'll -- all of target president like negated everything that he tried to right. At port we came out with the Obama -- -- I didn't think it was too good but it would -- -- -- -- all but the people all port that the Colombian during helped put together a good he retrieved through. I don't know what poll being worried about which became what we'd be in the game because fund until. Larry that this sad thing is is that neither party wants. The other side nobody. Them Larry and logical to -- got to get to break here here's attacks howled as your board out tonight sixteen LOL place apart barracuda. It's about the media. Don't blame John Whitaker studio producer for the music. The the most part of I -- the music so you can you can blame me and I was once told that my taste in music is that the fifteen year old girl. So I don't know if I'd like stay the -- myself a couple of his new stuff -- out here. I -- hangover coming right back to wrap up our show on WWL. Is a -- update on our -- WL pretty general opinion poll tonight do you think the SEC should work toward easing media bias. 44% say no but a majority 56% say yes. I am looking at live radar right now Baton Rouge is Justin finishing up with a very very heavy rain. And I it's moving toward Donaldson feel like -- at right now is in this very heavy line of showers as the -- in Slidell. On this line is about to reach the metro New Orleans area down and -- Tim you know you're getting some rain -- Donaldson -- again is about to get -- with a the heaviest part of it time ledger was tonight but I had a blast the issue was always -- -- -- John Morton Davis. The American Idol contestant who is voted off fees from mobile area. His band is called the John Martin Davis span very talented young country singer also plays with the band and my Brothers in. I'm midlife crisis. And they're playing it to tropics to borrow in the mobile area on the causeway. And media plays an advantage as well so when thank you for coming in the studio and a lot of fun you -- go back on our. A podcaster at WW dot com and find part of and to listen to. To that part -- are we talking about American Idol. And I asked him it does Ryan Seacrest hang around with more guys or more girls casino there's that there's a question he said I eagerly hangs around the people intelligent. A lawyer is suing the producers of the movie the walls the wolf of Wall Street claiming that the character. That he says depicts him. Makes him look like a criminal drug user degenerate depraved and or devoid of morality and ethics. -- The -- a lawyer. Fourteen majors are accused of kidnapping and torturing a team. They claim bullied their friend and called their friend -- on FaceBook. The fourteenth apparently carved a swastika on the forehand of their classmates. They said was a bully. Is this a case of the bully finally getting bullied. And is this a case of somebody who doesn't like bullying. Then becoming a bully. Interesting. Oscar block tonight's also treading on our our FaceBook page is Obama hoping to control the media and I think there's some really interesting things to pay attention to here. I -- once the government anywhere near. The media -- John -- studio producer. Be careful have a great evening love -- New Orleans.