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Feb 21, 2014|

Dave talks about Mardi Gras time, fighting vending machines, and weekend weather

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WW LR's news on this the 21. Of February 2. 1014. Bears right very finally. Pride day and are you ready yeah are you ready. It's here yeah. Welcome into the hearts of the carnival season. As we get ready everyone's second line around the breakfast table -- in this hour. After -- second line wherever you it's awesome please. Not about a -- Why not why not -- -- -- got a -- -- don't have a tossup now the opera days that this. Traveled day. It's more this time a year and are you really light up. He you know the kid I -- -- mother in -- come and attack machine can away executive Martin and brave Baghdad kids -- -- braves Baghdad. Up close were talking mean dance teams. The whole night. Just a fantastic fantastic time of year. Where everyone gets -- lot of fun and I'm now those votes you'll permit it open hide inside and out anything to do it didn't grumble mumble and granted I might watch a little TV on and on Fat Tuesday and didn't act that's about it complain about the traffic delays in the crowds in the is that it. This is what makes it's so unique in those special people from all around the globe here and have fun with. The locals. Horrible now and now it's right here for a system apart again and man we commitments from way out to looks just about I mean you know we're talking in the sixties sunshine I'm lava. Now there's still some wet roads that there and there are those some spots that got some pretty heavy downpours now. That that hasn't standing waters so please do be careful and I was coming off of the I ten at the superdome makes it. And on that ramp because again you know -- -- puddle about. Is the about it when he feet wide. And thank goodness I'd slowed down on the -- because -- at that thing -- yeah. -- and real squirrelly. Cinematic controlled the line destined to be careful this morning but all that's idea. It is a few lingering out -- observers. On the perimeter -- on your. You can feel those where industry -- looking at the -- for a 33. Gusts now it's just terror and on through with that's good because it's. -- -- out all the bad stuff and you can. Fielded changed and maintenance seconds you step outside you can tell a cold front come through out it's not region now been you know and it. All winter long. There's a second -- I don't understand. Thank you David aside in about fifteen minutes or first news on this. Welcome depth prior day edition. To the early edition of WWL first it's here birthday weekend. Coming up we'll take a look at your weekend forecast of its forces he gallantly get David back here. Those NATO operated up all week and we'll see what's open and at the movies again -- box office prediction. Got all that to look forward to it more right here on the early edition of WWL prisoners thank you so much for starting your weekend with a five and 189 years prior. Day welcome to the weekend ladies and gentlemen thank you for asserting a right here on the early edition of WWL Thursday is as we've made it very clear I am a big man in lover of carnival and Mardi -- while I understand some of the negative side of it -- so low of just about all of the positive and I think the positive way he's. Out way outweighs the negative so. And are right RMI wrong idea love it or hated carnival season this year first big weekends of raids. -- on all over the region family graves going on in matter Regis so much to do -- so much fun to be pad. Do you -- partake. And all of the -- Diego and any of the balls -- hang out at the parades he would do anything special he would decorate your home ball Marty -- up. The you know with Tellme deal like it you love it to hated. One of those is looking forward to get non -- here's in his and taking a vacation during the carnival season. The forecast is pretty get this weekend. After storms last night in early this morning skies we'll start clearing that cold front moving men and cooler temperatures are riding 66 for a high later today. And eat -- temperatures looking cool for parades rolling. Will be in the fifties might wanna grab that light jacket in overnight lows around 39 on the North Shore and 48 south of the lake. Still looks beautiful for Saturday partly cloudy and high close to seventy. But Sunday we do have some showers mixing and should be prepared for that for Sunday parades 50% chance for rain with highs of 75. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura knocked out. And 53 degrees at those winds gusting near eighteen miles an hour. The only official reporting station and with rain now is down along the coast and Booth they'll wondered too whether little showers doubting the race. Sports time now on WW well and we welcome and Steve Geller for the Friday edition of WWL. First news. Ports. -- -- Feeling good kind of storm when I woke up but I think things have kind of -- it's all gone off Brandon. Cooler weather behind him ready for some parades take a little one -- Some of the -- home followed definitely -- out Saturday for fairly dry and Cesar. Do -- -- beat catch and it's easier in the matter advocate -- to catch lots of stuff that's really Jefferson parishes super user super sports guys Steve good morning everyone well. Over 300 college football players are in Indianapolis for this weekend's NFL com line. The saints will be keeping a close eye on the wide receiver talent. Since WW those might do to get it feels that the black and gold may very we will use their first round draft pick on the position. This team -- really didn't need of a stretch guy and they install flash you would get repayments and brought to the table plus so many years. It's the tour of abusing that guy that everybody you've got to be taught us so that he could stretch the field he's. While the NBA trade deadline passed in the pelicans decided to stick -- what they've got and made no moves. -- loans was rumored to be involved in numerous deals but coach Mike Williams says that just wasn't anything that benefited his squad. You like to make moves to improve your team this is not as easy as a reward things. The troops Bittermann. -- usually the ones you don't hear about all those ones go to talk to slow usually the way. There was a possible preview of the NBA finals last night LeBron James might have gotten a bloody nose but the thunder got walked on their home court. Miami throttled Oklahoma City 103 to 81 and James scored 33 points before getting struck in the face while driving to the basket in the fourth quarter. He will undergo more tests in Miami. There was also a big one in college hoops for the first time since 1990. Unranked North Carolina team has beaten a Duke Team ranked in the top five. The Tar Heels won their -- at a rose 74 to 66 over fifth ranked duke touching off a match on court celebration at Chapel Hill. At the Winter Olympics in Sochi it was a heartbreaker for our women's hockey team. Canada scored a power play goal in overtime 432 win over the United States. The US was up two nothing but Canada tied things up in the final minute of regulation before winning an OT. Canada has now won the last four women's gold hockey. Looking at today's medal count. Team USA leads all countries with 25 medals. Russia is second with 23 in the Netherlands are currently in third with 22. -- they have more on sports talk. If you're the Houston Texans. Who would you select the number one overall pick in this years draft. At six here the pelicans vs the bobcats a 1053 WWL FM. Then at 630 you have a choice as LSU baseball will take on Virginia Tech on 87 the AM I'm Steve Geller and it's early morning -- Or play three minutes after 5 AM the early edition WW Alfredsson is Dave on the go with the radio is there a clear number one player. In this draft. I would say no because you have guys like. Johnny -- Al and Teddy Bridgewater battle it out for the top. Quarterback in the draft in his policy taking consideration. Just beating clowning one of the best defensive players right now. I'm curious to see which way Houston will go but I have to feel that -- a lot of pressure in state to keep Johnny -- himself in Texas. Take Downey football legend needed quarterback over is definitely match up not getting the job that may well be the plan of attack for the Houston Texans -- the first the big question though for them is with a new coach they hired as men's they'll feed his style of offense. Maybe yes it themselves I'll thank -- -- -- he will let you bring your style back to sports and about point five minutes here I'm Debbie WL I am met them and that come up next a what do you weekend forecast. And the parades I tell you what's Roland tonight are at their party. The Mardi -- guys and we -- activists. Five point 86 at peace. I today. -- you know. Weekend now underway here on WW value forecast coming up after we check in with ours their party's V Mardi Gras guide to find out what Roland denied. Because fat Tuesday's late it's been more than a year since the final read the -- thirteen -- rolled a double -- on tap up down front nine. The crew of ocean on kicks off with his eighteenth annual parade entitled night out in the Big Easy. Try to catch new ocean on bracelets and say hello -- grand -- Damon Singleton Wayne Batman and Chelsea Smith missed black Louisiana. Following host Charlotte support for showing you clear up for incorporated -- strolling down the avenue. This female club moved in the West Bank way you're nearly doubled its membership to 650 room. The latest also with the fans had -- restrictions and want. Look for 21 closed nearly seventy units. And man to -- seven the 300 to remember movie roles it's 48 recession entitled under the good stuff several -- fans of march. Used to -- he's fan country. Or -- the Boudreau quote you -- even members create unique Carlson but that critics went church. In -- family brought itself was that environment issue on Kabul on my. This year's thirteenth annual Excalibur -- -- -- won a close as the title fight night. At the Renaissance -- running as -- grand Marshal of the command the confidence the Budweiser quadruple also which is that the 270 -- better. A woman handout individually decorated wooden shoes and don't look for the endless procession follows down residency here. -- right into animal. Or WWL radio and monitor our guide on Arthur hardy. Thank -- there what's the weather going to be like -- meteorologists skies are clearing today out there rain is moving out and some drier cooler weather removing and 66 -- temperature at this afternoon. And you really start to notice the difference tonight for evening parades will fall into the fifties and then overnight lows around 39 north of the lake and 48 on the South Shore. Still dry tomorrow with partly cloudy skies and a high close to seventy. But Sunday and fortunately we do you have -- showers mixing and for parade then for family -- just bring a poncho with a 50% chance for showers and highs of 75. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm urologists are. Tell all the rain is gone still windy you know 56 on the south or 53 north of the -- -- 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the 21 of February 2014. -- a TT. I asked Wellcome. -- I fans. Had a little second time -- Umbrella some some. Put it up -- OK okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now. It's Friday it's the first big weekend of -- fine. Raids on both sides of the played great weather fantastic weather with all that yucky overnight. -- movement on Heidi here cooler to start our Friday morning and -- when you're off. Kind of some people may wanna hide out and go see a movie this weekend now what do we got I was only a couple of brand new one. Opening. Tom tape. Is opening PG thirteen rated movie about days slave turned gladiator finds himself in a race against time. To save his true love who is in vitro. To a corrupt Roman senator -- and get 3-D go on and noted on the volcano in all lots Kiefer Sutherland starring in this one. And then there's three days to kill was Kevin Kevin Costner Seattle a lot of spots on the out one night and they've been promoting after weeks also PG thirteen and dying Secret Service agent trying to reconnect. With his estranged daughter's offered an experimental -- to save his life. In exchange for one on last assignment. -- nine -- against the current top five of the Lego movie about last night Robocop. Monuments men and endless love -- And that of her real tough call -- derby another weekend for a way to go. To drill a well I you know you don't think three days -- -- The juice as a little shaky for me there right on the yeah. I'm gonna go out and -- I'm gonna put another while ago wow yeah kind and I go does it again. Is David Atlantis is never got to the at a vending machines. And you've put your money any try to get what you want as they -- And the food and ball should. Happens all the time yeah. Well coming up I'll have a story. In the white college people while about exactly how not to handle that -- with this new year on his -- looked a bit of a favored vending machine food. It has -- and if you pass a vending machine and it's in the -- just out of -- it. Yeah I like she goes -- of -- -- -- excuse that man there and they talk about it director. Yeah I I could do a challenge that you cannot count one. And just put the -- way the only thing that drives me crazy is when I want -- -- -- and we have as the fire. Yeah I don't like you know like a coffee coming. It's it she goes or your weakness. There you're Kryptonite at that data by have you -- that moved down the hip shaker semi hit the machine to try and -- the yeah it's you know I've been criticized for going out. Pam pan am also and you know management comes -- -- -- -- -- -- need to up the machine. -- just trying to shake it loose and the program the topic rocket Alex exactly go to parties need you to hit hit and then that -- the McCain -- Then at that bagged a -- that it does it work here. Sometimes sometimes not coming up this guy didn't hit I don't think they hit it. Or this shake the machine -- -- took extreme measures. That coming up thank you David with doctor about twenty minutes more person is Chris Miller joins us live from the mall where. While more and more stories are either going to raise a minimum wage are thinking about it. Without lawmakers taken any action. I'm ahead of myself that was supposed to advance the. Suppose god that's gonna -- director of the Eyewitness News forecast an -- Unit Smart man. He didn't as a meteorologist Laura but now -- and happy Friday to re trying yeah. Actually go out Friday put me Friday carneval Friday and the rain is out of here but it is yes and. Strong thunderstorms overnight but those are all gone even coastal areas -- -- some -- some -- on Grand Island -- And even that is now out of here and behind it you can feel what we would have. Definitely cooler this morning mid fifties here on the south source of low fifties on the -- source -- it's not. A huge drastic difference but it's definitely cooler this morning and you're an -- it's dryer it's north winds. Pretty breezy at least for the started today bringing in some -- that drier air. And it's gusty windy yes today is that gonna stick around and do we need to issue and officials -- you know well we -- here's the resent. I feel like I may have failed -- our listeners yesterday -- actually it tweet from someone who's that. Hey it -- windy and they -- -- -- alert yesterday and here I am any wrap dress. With no start alert so -- we may need to issue wind kind of it to cover ourselves for yesterday did this woman indeed have a problem with her skirt blowing up over her way it's that well she said it was a wrap dress which I don't I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- weather stretches -- -- -- -- kind of over how to -- you know where one side overlaps over the other. And so you know that part in panic kick up -- little -- All right yeah I would note because the winds that gusted. Now I'd be pretty gusty out they Eric. -- -- -- Warner sure we'll. Meet you hear it here British group and we're here. It's going to -- meteorologist -- Battelle and Marilyn Monroe companies that would that spirit of you have now been warned if you're wearing a wrap dress -- that is how I skirt. Hoop skirt. On down anything make good moral -- costs you know yeah are now warned that it may blow up over your waist and expose whatever it is that underneath -- -- -- warned to watch women Wear skirts. Because they may blow up over the Airways today. Here's the deal though for parade later this seat in that the wind -- -- -- another that's only that concern you with parades and and winds. So it's not to be this gusty all day it's really just -- this morning Aaron today morning skirt and yes -- and what we have for the weekend yeah you know actually. Split forecast we're looking better Saturday -- Sunday but right now Saturday or missing mild highs around seventy partly cloudy. Nice weather for Saturday asked Sunday. Unfortunately you have some rain mixing in some showers and maybe even a few thunderstorms around beginning Sunday morning and kind of off and on during the day routers that he'd be on -- -- throughout the parade during the day and right it's as can be kind of it you know to see irritations I would thank you all about the family -- -- Sunday. Up markets is on Sunday to have the brain here at the -- took -- -- thing it's not gonna be a solid rain but they're definitely will be some showers and even some storms. -- Saturday the better of the two days Sunday some rain and then we'll work our way into next week. Closer to them being handled this -- this year yes it is indeed he ever promise a vending machine where you buy something that doesn't fall. -- now I don't buy a lot of things -- that -- what she got that you know your country not giving out but I will say. He is so you're eating that stuff gets right -- can really make you angry but don't do what this guy -- okay. You know Iowa judges ruled that Robert -- can't collect unemployment benefits after being fired from his job at a Polaris Industries warehouse. It happened after -- Kevin who's 27 did battle with the vending machine. He put in a dollar for clicks for a but it got snagged on a hook. After banging and rocking the machine the Kevin's got to fork lift lift the machine repeatedly and drop it on the concrete floor. He finally got three candy bars out since he was fired -- Kevin says he's heard the warehouse says all new vending machines. Bill would -- CBS news. -- get a Bartlett and then he. Just signed held episode that I've seen this before the twit spar. Only candy with a cookie try to -- I swear this is an episode ground -- that his life imitating art Baghdad and at this really happened. -- green yet get a forklift to break lose they can't -- finally got involved more than he paid for right and it paid for one factory unit of -- and gas and night Madden did some damage to the machine that. Slammed into a concrete probably sport live. Here's my -- -- Anderson it -- Illinois and my question. One with all of that at Beth -- the deal would everything. Still that spiral -- -- where it gets caught on the need to that. -- -- -- We can't come up with a better solution you know why that the best we can -- carrying medical disease is we're we're you know. Fifteen people at different you know how to stay here is why do we still have these three -- you know the machines that just don't call. -- you ever get the ball signing up to go live on Mars. And he can't he's been taken vending machine the death and funerals and a nineteen year like when you hit pressed the button. I'm like grimacing quite. Look at that please look at it please don't you like -- like I would have thought -- You know Fred 25 or whatever your -- you should be hearing -- got back. Yeah. Now we hear I went on I got your back -- up on a Friday morning I mean I'm kinda. I'm not condone this guy slam in the machine on the ground but -- cannot -- any frustration. I don't know unemployment benefits -- -- may get to question candy bars. Then I'll have a great weekend you are about -- -- and right from the Eyewitness News forecast its arts with Steve Geller coming up next. Text -- what be allowed to buy at a vending machines still believes that might actually. We needed to miss meteorologist Laura but failed to complain. Then we didn't issue a skirt alert yesterday and they wore a skirt and then had issues with whatever is under there's dirt being exposed in the gusts of strong win. It's not like we failed to issue a tornado warning in you know you wash your house or something. Just -- fun silly -- that is it totally unofficial banged it. Guess it is important -- some people. Steve -- Alex Garcia Paris I'll leave that for the weekend yet a hook and these skills. Yes I understand. Sports diamond for that we say good morning and happy Friday -- the -- Well good morning and happy Friday everyone -- GM Mickey Loomis and coach Sean Payton are in Indianapolis. For this weekend's NFL come by with college players look to improve their draft stock. WW those might be -- yeah it feels that the black and gold may opt to select a wide receiver with their first round selection in May's draft. I think eventually genie steals your baby being the heir apparent alleged war as the slot guy witnessed he needs is that someone on the other side that can really get open down field. And stretch -- defense. Well the NBA trade deadline passed without much excitement and the pelicans roster has not changed. New Orleans chosen not to make any moves -- coach -- Williams says they're just wasn't anything right for the team. You always want improvements in blue. You always go back to decide it is just hard to make troops tunes are willing to give a good player who's you know willing to give up reporters. Sent -- he's got -- -- though. -- a possible preview of the NBA finals a bloody nose to LeBron James is about the only thing that went wrong for Miami last night. The heat superstar scored 33 point before suffering a bloody nose during a dunk and it lopsided 103 to 81 victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder. On OKC's home court. In college basketball markets page scored all of its thirteen points in the second half. The spark unranked North Carolina past fifth ranked duke 74 to 66 for the Tar Heels eight straight victory. Now duke has less than two days to prepare to host top ranked Syracuse which is coming off its first defeat of the season. In Sochi at the Winter Olympics the US men's hockey team we'll try to extract a measure of revenge against team Canada. When the North American neighbors meet today at 11 AM. Canada's men beat the US for years ago to win the gold and yesterday the Canadian women's staged a miracle comeback. Rallying from two goals down in the final four minutes of regulation to beat the US women's team three to two in overtime for the gold. The United States is atop the total Olympic Medal count right now 25 the breakdown his eight gold six silver and eleven bronze they have four on sports talk. If you're the Houston Texans who would you select the number one overall pick in this years draft. At six -- the pelicans vs the bobcats a 1053 WWL FM. At 630 you have a choice as LSU basketball baseball takes on Virginia Tech on 87 the AM I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning it's four guys -- did. -- on Steve Geller with you on your radio you know I was surprised yesterday. Day UN in Jordan and master can tell you were talking yesterday about start your mock drafts guests is it real time to start doing. We've actually been doing it probably for a month already reality. There's a great. Website right now where you can basically. Picked whatever team that you want to be which obviously were drafting the saints. And it will automatically go through in filter all the players and you get to go through every round and makes a really easy and it is what it's what's the website. Am I you know it's funny ideas how to link to a I don't know I'd better sign out and tell me before this program is over because people and I'm gonna want to mess I'll share that with coming up ladies and gentlemen again. Thirty -- crafting and getting ready and the -- -- until May but it's good to get yourself familiar with all these names impossible three months away. Football season never -- we know that. It. The gala party -- -- -- my grass and you have and generally and it might grasses Johnny football on number one. What's really funny no he's. -- going in the top five but I did -- once if you simulation. Where he felt that the saints at number 27 I could pass him do it. Have them you know study in the Drew Brees -- -- great. Generators of jobs aren't great if stocks benefits and it was -- given that web -- -- -- our listeners coming up after that as well as your weekend forecast and get text messages as well. Ladies and tell men. Happy fri -- thank you for starting with a yearly edition of WW -- is enough we have a wonderful weekend if you love parades and partying in Mardi -- well they allowed him. Soak it up if you don't. Well go permit yourself in and stay away from at all either way have a wonderful weekend. Some attacks -- 87870. On this vending machine things that I own several lending machine in the new models have a service system. That is a sensor that guarantees the -- drop they -- doesn't that she'd give you your money back.

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