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2-21 6:15am Tommy, Mardi Gras

Feb 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Arthur Hardy, the Editor and Publisher of the Mardi Gras Guide, about the parades, throws, and changes

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Now I understand aren't that party. Is that his night on my the primary sore is too -- say happy -- grow our our answer here or. Did you ever. Our -- out an -- in the tell me upload com this year parades different ground oats is 38. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or legally and are it's going to be a great market program would do on charts you let your sound is not so good but. You know tomorrow in the -- summer they can just -- -- hand raised on Wednesday. An ending that's incredible honor that goes confidential or bill -- memory -- to. I have never seen in the papers under age it's really new -- -- corrected debuting. Ugly Mars an alliance with -- which moves in the West Bank each bank commits a ruling. Should get some neat things happening this year and normally wouldn't wage in more than -- year's success story broke right. I was like what does more visitors from the town hall talked shares up. Our all our lives and most of the crews -- talked to him. Some of them -- membership ever record number of throws during tortures. You know we've lost -- -- -- but don't want to just couldn't put a good product and disregard what sand. Sheila that maybe they'll come back and looked up into their sophomore -- a -- -- really do. -- was there anybody that knows me know I would knows how will gladly take the blame when I mess up but the other thing -- know. Is that if if I was right by got a mullet you know it and you and I had a discussion about Allah. Gonna cross a river one year because -- street repairs and I said. And I think -- coming back. And you -- and they probably will I just think it's hard once just did you -- say. Once a parade gets a taste of that saint Charles avenue and allegiance fields and no disrespect is I'm always banker there is kind of hard to go back to de -- and. Yeah corporate picture Croatian troops Atlanta say a legion field. He had made a mistake I broad. Saint Charles and canal at least our -- and is an Arnold can certainly along route -- You Gordon every idea. Everybody. -- -- are bankrupt army and candidate in just a beautiful beautiful our our car. Double and reporters there and it's just it's a great legacy arrangement. Are just going to be a terrific speech and that. You know to uptown tonight quote on quote and -- There's probably you know. Strictly -- something that's a lot here's a panel mark shipman and bill groupie you don't read over there much it's just a Little League in the course. Guess what charts and members currently brought and I am sure how Obama option and then -- the wonderful. Channel right now. Outlook -- be there following members would assert they're -- and -- -- -- Wall Street but got a lot of good things happen including a new band contest -- rhythm on the battery. The idea -- to attract more. A band so Lester -- group social and Christian objectives in circulation earning gambled and argue that use in Paris orange. Not to -- the courage to -- winning bands in the band contest. Itself besides you know what. You know it has changed because an -- -- member -- the as the -- nominees to have a parade every night downtown and and some kind of group name moments I don't know murder. At the I don't remember any -- as an -- enough but the point is it seems like it's changed where there's been some consolidation and every night. I hate to say a -- money -- and almost is easy two or three parades assessment Ronnie. Yet they're not matter who sit. On the couch and just. That Monday June talk by choice. To give -- that happens after that but app shorter ones at double -- Triple worker. At Walt along market leakage. You know this Saturday and Sunday before her -- -- -- church itself some sort order -- And execute mentioned in. Your future mountain -- commendable and. They give a couple more minutes I can talking about news throws the anger -- -- on a covenant with you thank our authority there. The publisher of the money -- -- get it just about anyway and tell you that is the insult when notes and our ultimate. Are used to -- -- -- say the ultimate Mardi Gras guide and if you see one. Pick it up because it will give you every bit of information that you need and aren't there what's -- on on line when. Well it's we you know we're selling it and everybody just mean that they have this thing around our own and on so we'll -- that it's sort of prelude to each you can department downloadable ring and it's -- -- mark and I dot com. I thank -- out -- when we come back we'll talk about it as we said new throws and also Mardi Gras in the suburbs and how that's changed -- -- -- about. -- movement I think choctaws gone across rivers if -- West Bank here do you have any parades left and went. Same thing with him in the outlying areas six when he five timely to traffic. Robinson. I Tommy Tucker there's big weekend money drugs coming up Arthur hardy publisher the Mardi Gras guide in the online version at odds they're way way party unity and moderate or. -- -- guide that economy this man begins now this morning and I guess you don't sleeping until last Wednesday. That's about it over the Tom -- popped up and that's. Yeah your friend of ours and you'll find time to join us again -- -- so bombed suburban parades -- get some -- -- come -- when -- says nights of nemesis tomorrow and shell met another one says. I ask Arthur hardy -- had a crew of Bilge to the app which I guess is the one with the with the boats tell me about Lotte group yet is it. Bill bill cheers there were rumors in and aren't important and great track you down. Maybe they get in -- need to buy one week in -- that it's just -- -- -- not a partisan Phillips. Our ballclub suggestions and and that parade as the Romans in -- there's so many Cubans are now in the borders and -- You know and it's -- it's almost impossible to give -- borders -- more courage. Tommy Tucker with Arthur hardy publisher of the party front side and he's nice enough to spend some time. Suffering my idiocy this morning. And -- for those of us that grew up in the digital age you know you look at the Mardi Gras guide. Online -- -- -- Margaret guy dot com and it's you know -- that. You know computers were the wave learned it's a lot easier it's a lot easier for us but for people is one entrance and my own clumsy way that. Are not necessarily computers that -- a pretty easy site to navigate. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the road in the magazine issues. -- -- -- the news and our problems digital meters down oh. Yet has to be the Barnes & Noble model Lee and inhibits your -- whatever you want it back. Finished terribly -- never got -- never to get that. Mark court. -- which -- net they tell me about the new throws that we can look for from the different crews. Well you know every year -- somebody trust Bob so to end at its taxpayers but it's -- Miller issued -- cruise light in our. Are almost -- to start paying him did you get smarter uses and Nixon tarps and Hermes Medimmune Embarq as they do. So many different things and that is just part to keep up and stole lighted these seem to be the same slot auction items and incomes of specific items each -- Permit system -- took over and according to console at a specific. Bearing beads for each. Quote the other part to try and -- what she is nonsense each one has some. Collectible beats -- to get one from each. Well slaughtered animals there. Same thing with -- stated that so you would -- and then now one of the of the neatest thing saying. That's on the closing our grand Marshal or Sherri Clark he's being saluted. And they did it to a quarter inch. What looks like a bowl record would -- at all and our whole -- -- in its broad mr. dynamite idea and not surprisingly tossing his switch to more than Rosenberg crucial that they came up -- our state. On that throws in the information on that is that can you Sino land out on the and a tour. Yes and in magazines and considered technically it's not a it's just to download -- -- -- of democracy. So you downloaded on your phone and then if you had to -- you go to a news old they got the exact. -- table -- updated so far in the moderate it was dark crude Austral. In the course or cancel so we're able to tricks that. On the digital downloading and just put capsule -- -- sort you know. It's in the -- if you make a mistake or correct or not page and and so was going to change or there. Watermark concerns the issue goes well construction. Although it. In the enforcement of these new rules -- everybody's interest sixty. I -- and operators and you know widget channel zone and some look. Look you've never -- it you let me -- your area. -- Santo -- and keep me but you know that that's -- breyer's it is -- to governor lighted. On the -- grow in the older news should you know that's just go. -- in vehicles and but some of the other things you portal currency and the -- street bark and no errors. That's in Utah and force no matter if you agree with the rules on corruption enforcement is going to be TARP could shoot -- trauma under the almost a culture here. You know just opened up a little and give -- to plot to. Beat. We didn't it and I just don't do that. I hope everybody's been distraught sure a little bit niche visits albeit -- -- Arabs in the senate where I went straight to. Our objective to get it will do or -- What did you have to deal fancy NC culture. Or -- culture. Culture I'd like something else you know and I'm not trying to be funny when I say this but I think. An offshoot of the Portland -- going to be. Like many grants and no place that he I think -- people you know people got to go to go sell -- -- that's gonna force it. In a situation like the old days where you know you people north side street and nothing else. It -- could really just have to go to -- it's impossible to the city. Just to have an up or bullets in particular were largely to adjusters. Are so it's this is going to be -- -- continue to you know these things and like I have -- -- And -- I appreciate your time that it in in the a couple of minutes we got left let's talk about. Money grow in the suburbs does. You know it seems like there will was awhile where Marty on the questioning was pretty pretty Diego -- we -- extraordinary it's pretty -- their courage. For -- So what happens on the West Bank would of people that live there and and maybe some older folks that don't like to travel could you know talking about culture across rivers being still a big thing on across a river. Oh sure we know what Tennessee on the west. Well senator that the suit which -- more loans to our terms and Irish. It's a double murder incorporated. And and -- So there obviously -- world economic growth which account of the -- city of Gretna contractors itself -- well fourteen to reports. Is I don't know. Money your economy -- super cruise. Cannibalizing the smaller ones are mean and mean and Joseph Bartley could be just in terms of the economic principle or move market act a certain way. You are so -- vote you know reduce the economy's changing neighborhoods. Everybody wants to be on a slope that useful people and as a brilliant people so can do you know suggestions suggest. And he remembers that sent problem -- gondola and article watched Katrina. Nor shall wash urged. Everybody seems to wanna go down to long term and in maybe it's circle moment -- this change. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Can you imagine camaraderie except where the analysis -- so. Most in the next ten years portion of the youngest -- You will have no doubt quickly I would never ask you to -- favorite. Brandon King cake but I think I can ask -- this field or traditional. Damn right -- -- the ought to thank you so much taken her -- earned your right -- to editor and publisher of the money drug guide.

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