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2-21 7:15am Tommy, Family Gras

Feb 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Violet Peters, the President & CEO of the Jefferson Parish Convention and Visitors Bureau, about Family Gras

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Violet Peters joins us right now the president and CEO of the Jefferson Parish convention and visitors bureau to talk about money growing Jefferson Parish. And family grow on the morning violet. And you Dylan. Did not want. A -- pumped up stoked in ready. Who are we ready and it and have a great weekend tell me all about it. Well you know we start with local labor and -- shot went out and we will -- Saturday starting and the court. Mac -- that went out. The world right at the family and then on that anymore and we we start with. That one man. Chat create I don't know the we don't have the -- formerly aren't -- what you see on air at. And from there aren't. We that will get -- that have to keep hope. -- will will. -- at around 3 o'clock on Saturday. Terrible -- -- that there and then you've got email with or extra ball remembered. Dealer in Antalya there again. Something like forty and -- one -- 100 yet not yet. The battle lower. Of course -- well at what another being. -- A lot of it ship it all the while local. Are on the national me. And we have bullets here featuring both by which that they and America content that it. President and -- for -- -- may remember back and then we cat. 08. Global illegally. It is make and then let it out what shall take -- back -- the repeal it. Yeah. Yeah that -- -- -- Now it is going to be in Spanish and added element in The Herald on Sunday. Evening to write better and let me pick up orchestra. Which is a magnificent parade if you haven't seen. Is it a bit this fabulous Linda Al -- and keep -- You pack your -- all on the street and put on a great show really. Heading past you know -- -- grow a couple of times it seems like what is it no parade on Sunday this year violent. I don't know that that's gonna really matter because it seemed like no disrespect to whomever it was it was parading but. What people were to sit in the concert that they were the parade that was pass and. Well cotton -- there -- definitely. Comes out back at of family -- You know we really stellar lineup went on -- -- -- what -- point oh and prayed. About it that are damaged -- Think it definitely of people are coming out there. I'd have you moved the location of -- this year just enhanced the area where it happens. We have not do it and the air has been at it now beaten the -- There's no -- on the maintenance ground area it all you were a little bit. Although grass and it should keep iPad and it looked like one big eat across. Ground. And it -- against Matt that -- now become a touch all yearlong equipment out and he. Pay at the back in all of the carnival cruise that a -- read it -- and -- I was completely out there it ain't it cool doing it here. I parking com duties lakeside is friendly with better don't target lakeside raise those ago what he's supposed to. Not a -- That you can't find what I tell people is park where you would normally park if you look at Torrey. And that you are at a park and parking lot pick and into the it Manhattan apartment I'm that would probably awake I. Don't you know -- great -- In any starting times on Fridays Saturday and Sunday. I don't. Today grounds open it. And that side and from our ground open it and appreciate it. Eleven and on Sunday at ground opened at eleven should start at 1130. I'm looking at some of these CLO songs and and again -- -- because in my age my music is more the eighties and the seventies but. Among the PLO's songs don't bring me down top ten turn to stone can't get it out of my head. Mr. blue sky strange magic do year's sweet talking woman telephone line evil woman and Livan thing if you had to pick one -- what would -- be. My probably helped a line by. But at high it you know not if you're an idiot and pop machine you're out there -- you'll recognize the song. While there are ugly rumors out there violet that -- you know actually were classic rock when those songs where where. Oh but then those are ugly vicious rumors that -- firmly -- much idealists on his duty but they have so many. And also you again blood sweat and tears would -- by a she got a winner of the voice great shows all three days website where people go to find out more. I get you ready -- now little video of thank you so much pilot having a great weekend it.

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