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2-21 7:45am Tommy, bathrooms at Mardi Gras?

Feb 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Max Gaudin, the co-founder of AirPnP, about his new service that aims to help parade-goers find bathrooms

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Many hundreds and hundred WL. Tommy Tiger Woods hit seven -- next. Fourteen the way her big weekend Mike -- coming up. And -- rust came out that song that really wasn't. Anywhere it's news. He then and then it got better. And we might be going back to where we work because he gets in your. Actions concerning Portland's double talk more about that. Later on -- -- you know exactly what you can what you can't do that Mexico it and joins us right now co-founder of air. Ian. NC yield side work. The start it does on line training for restaurants and -- is the thing for -- Max welcome. Is that the thing that we learned about them. Might have been suitable I think it at the coverage for the suitable it last year where you can check. Availability -- -- lines at restaurants in and make reservations and so forth. -- I don't know what Sony similar -- and friend of -- And it's not the same map but remember. I could let me talk about this because what is the name of the -- Are or Turkey and eight in European. So if you're familiar with their B&B. Where people went out there -- and home at the same -- -- vote for -- terms and where we're watching it from -- in the great. Can you would -- Well now this year private portable toilets are banned on public property including the neutral ground. And they went about it in -- I guess a different way rather assigning a person that has that they find their company so I'm hoping to be able to find a company that does that for. So you download this app and then you find out for example what church is is offering clean bathrooms -- amount to war. Cool led to use their Portland I don't quite get what we're doing here. At. This point I download the -- will find on -- acted. And I gotta go in the parade when we do what's gonna happen. Great though so it's available in the browser downloading -- available on -- orange order any thing at their peace and peace dot CO. And basically they're on the -- about your phone and you look familiar structure. And you go. You pay for it -- you see how much it costs and depending on the quality of the restaurant repay able price. By on top of the organizations businesses churches and allows resident to wrap their past earned as well strokes. If you offer prayer water on operator you can said the dollar price track -- -- You know what we got out of you'll find out and several thousand people find out -- bush used it. The interest say that Peters. A year or two ago fired back. Reason heaters. Are perfectly -- peers and -- in equipment dealers -- plate it would. What -- is so that's interesting to me that's fascinating and you'd make your money through advertising on the Omnia I was in an episode yet. At the -- publicly that he should you not been downloaded. An iPhone app so you don't. Cocco of the browser and basically. People pay up to the littler place that we're out of business courtroom. So not only do you have a stranger come and and use your bathroom which I'm not knocking it I'm just saying you also have to. Pay a percentage of that for having it listed. Yeah I -- you. You can. With -- in the in the street or page views so you know two dollars five dollar or better her you sit there and how it works and you keep all of. Wait so you don't get a -- may be some people do do that with a -- bandit Buick and and then. There is with them. That's an exit Eddie keeping track has anybody actually. Taken advantage of this apple and a tummy camps -- that that computer literate man. Or assured that you saw it. Not an iPhone app it. Basically we're we're we're new we're watching it today so everything it's a sign up to that wondering in front of people for -- great today. What I'd like to do -- check in with you again next next Friday to see how this is. Proceeding. Or Iowa good like it sounds like an interesting idea if somebody wants to -- is hearing this -- -- -- -- At least some Lisa seat for awhile I guess not Heidi whether they do. Yeah so that they want to become a doctor or an -- -- he's got co. And you can sign up that broke out we don't retreat in last year your permission your actor and we'll get back Q a corporate thing. -- any other plays on words you won't get insulin together. We're the only -- -- -- of our ports handle easily read they'll line. Up your luck on her. That it really corporate marketing copy order people Patrick you were so it's. It's a real business but also -- on people get excited about it. Well I'm telling you I think is a good time -- this because I think in unintended consequence. Of that no private portal that is going to be. People -- had a place to go but they do now and it's a mom. -- here's an -- and a hard time I'd get -- website at you saying and so too did tell us again where do you go. So it actually got the -- So people get compute dot com -- here he and he's not not eat the letter. I when it comes a rating. It restaurant she said you did that -- Yeah so so just like any any other open market. Doctor used the term you know an opportunity to your experience so. About stretching all right up. -- your experience in terms of the facilities. Exactly the -- experience the wait time so you know -- So another tribute they -- work after -- And just be clear this is again just about the facilities not about me in terms of experience any difficulty you may have had. I'm not Gloria it's strictly about the master. -- is a good idea how that works out for you able talked -- -- next Friday in and Eric. Dot CEO and I think. -- -- kid around about this -- kids I think that's a great thing because nothing will make it more miserable than if somebody years ago and and they don't and a place to -- You know that that's very true and you know most people -- -- -- lottery pick here in place -- -- and access -- afternoon so you know we're all -- from -- that. Absolutely thank you so much Max and -- and for people sign up they do one. -- they don't care if -- when he let their bets can be used. Yeah exactly -- just like they're PP dot CEO and we'll link you to become a doctor -- org and click on that aren't frontpage. A love innovative things and I think gig yet got a handle on something near Max thanks a lot -- money for a army.

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