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2-21 8:45am Tommy, Mardi Gras safety

Feb 21, 2014|

Tommy talks to Officer Janssen Valenica with NOPD's Crime Prevention & Safety Unit about tips on staying safe during Mardi Gras

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker WWL and I mention this every year but it happened again nine I washed -- -- -- always school. Couldn't quite make. Obviously Janzen Valencia joins us right now he's with -- TDs crime prevention and safety unit needs to talk about some of the new. Regulations and we're talking to you about an obedient general sure they've had some problems but overall I think that you tremendous job at money -- on. And if you don't think they do it then goes stand down where there's not an officer and women of you feel safer not good morning officer idea on good morning how you doing good he -- cynically sergeant or captain or officer will be far I don't. Thank you can't agents and yes -- tell me about the new regulations and what people need to be mindful of -- Orleans parish. We're gonna go or some basic things that the crime prevention unit put out on the Internet and it's basically the same rules it's just that we have to pay attention a lot of these things remember. -- we want safe Mardi Gras this year and therefore we have to try to keep and maintain these things for example. The parade you get a secure your -- make sure that you might -- On some lights if you have possibly a primary could setup to make sure things they become wanna come off at a different time. That's great could that give the impression at least that if somebody at home. Because remember a lot of these people are targeting homes when we're parade -- -- nobody here this is -- chance. That is a great point and I would imagine there even well. Those out there that would watch to see when the whole family lives with the -- in the kids in the ice chests and they know you know what here's an opportunity. It's perfectly at -- sitting watching elbowed loading up their cart and it worked out perfect. Now there's always somebody -- sometimes maybe doesn't of the parade may be because they don't wish to participate. You might wanna be your neighbor and say hey you know what by the way. In case something happens once you do me a favorite you can have a house BBC anything is give me a call. So that's another thing that the port and it's also good to keep in touch with your neighbors to know what's going on. Now beyond that we have also prepare and others in other areas like for example your children. You gotta make sure they go to the -- prior -- that could you know hard to find a -- along a parade ground. It's really hard and Natalie has to leave yourself okay. And accountable for the responsibility of trying to monitor that amount of food that we drink because again we drink a lot -- -- Now beyond that focusing again on the children we also have to think about. We have to have somewhere we can stick it a name and that is phone number in their pocket. In their -- in issues somewhere where -- in the lose. Why Indians and that they do get lost it is very important that he can identify himself look for a police officer and tell them look -- law. Which brings -- is something else it's very important for him to feel comfortable. Walking up the police officers say hi and law I don't know what my parents. And therefore he feels comfortable to protest in that we weakened guide him for relative maybe just make a phone call to the past look we're standing do you resent -- such and such location. Please -- media so that helps a lot. We'll have them phrase so the phrase Jansen and people who use it that police officer is gonna ditch if you don't behave probably not the best things and now -- never -- -- -- people do. They still -- in the you know it's like -- the enforcers so we can discipline the children and that's not the right attitude on the contrary what we need to do it hey if you have a problem approach him. Because he is the person that can help you can get you back if they speak we'll -- Forcing your right and that's my whole point that people tend to always -- human store if you walking around in the first thing they say the parent. Look if you miss Spain please I was gonna that you that -- he's terrified. And that's what we have to try to get away. And instead angle on the officer actually tries to hide from them. Exactly figuring that he because he did something wrong possibly he walked we've -- apparently wasn't supposed to. Now he's in trouble and he's gonna go to possibly jail which we know that can happen but at that point that's what's going to my cycle my got I was told that the walk away I did. Now I have a problem because this was on -- -- get Manning I'm gonna get punished those and we have to get away from that. Popular talking with officers -- -- the land -- with penalties crime prevention and safety unit. And some great points so far keep gone please okay. Parking let's start respecting our residents along these parade route remember it's hard enough when you live along the parade route that you have to go to worker come from work. So again if you see the driveway please please respect because again these maybe people that are not participating in something possibly people that's still have to make it to work at a certain time. So we can't do that we have to learn to respect rival could then what happens you parked in the driveway. Immediate target still the person quite got the car you know they did political Jakarta though because of the fact that you parked in the driveway we shouldn't. So let's learn to respect that. Double parking definitely not remember we may need an emergency -- to get through and it for blocking a street won't be able to get through. The neutral ground let's respectively -- -- that is not a place the park. It -- people have that special -- there's no partners but on the program that now what is designed to do. So let's respect that. Again we focusing on inspections remember in the event that we have to divert. The parade we have to change around because there's some type of incident lord forbid then we need -- intersections clear so these are blocking them with placing coordinate things. It's going to be at a rest try to tell you look we need you know this is we have fire truck coming what Everett. So again lists that consider these things that are very important for as parade route parking children but there's other things still armed. We have barricades for a reason -- to try to keep the control of the crowd why we watchers say you want to make sure nothing happens to -- So please don't jump the barricades in and run across the disrespectful it percent read that you need to cross at the opposite schools he. I need to get prosper -- light breeze and how can I do okay that they displayed is going to be at the location just leave it in its second he'll help you cross. Even if they do so. Keep that in mind -- people hunt brought to the wrong time -- we have a parade going. If they the issue so we don't want to start running between blow. It doesn't make that the people get and -- -- well Kenya's second maybe there might be breaking between working get chewed through. And so when I'm in a rush -- yet. I gotta get through I might Ariza on the other side let's shut everything down did you write a rush limited of the radio -- Absolutely -- added at the -- and then the -- the only one it's in Iran so. If we could eulogized everybody will be here -- I don't know Thanksgiving again. A deliberately hire a helicopter get Kabila's side not a problem -- don't -- them but I was incredible I keep going and -- Gay. Again things don't bring any person ladies please you know needle -- why is that temptation for somebody who's watching new. It may be pick pocket too. The possibly because you put it on the point you're so distracted trying to beat the blues beat. Somebody's gonna pick it up and they still don't do that that's not a good idea. Gentlemen definitely they'll carry -- -- do. Let's put it in the front why because in the crowd would people are pushing against you and everything you don't feel it and somebody camping spot treatment mixing you know what that was a while. A critical. So but when it's in the front it's very difficult to pull out. So let's think about that I remember you don't need to purchase you maybe your basic idea and -- cellphone which is another big concern. -- people get them in their hand you need to put it in your front pocket if you have a secure pouch that is. Something that you know you feel when it back in the fall definitely because a lot people have a -- putting in the back pocket to. Remember those iphones are -- And -- in against somebody bumped from behind in you don't notice that he knows how to pick pocket he could take that -- from. Now -- we don't want I know -- I understand I'm not trying to Italian in a rush the -- to. You have to go to traffic's a real quick -- -- address if you worldly -- -- the grace of god that keeps about a thousand kids from getting run over by floats every year when they. They run -- to get the trinkets a run up to the floats I'm guessing you should never let you can't really run up. To the -- the bill bill definitely run alongside the -- at a distance from the -- Don't follow the man either don't -- -- the writers. Somebody's intoxicated that would put in my shoulders as somebody you know child because they could fall and hurt themselves. Again these are basic things and it's somebody lost a child we do have like along the parade route where they're taken and they are secure until the parents pick them up. Opposite thank you so much help when you talk -- next round David recap some of -- and see how it's gone right you're great thank you -- -- chance in Valencia. But then LTD's crime prevention and safety unit.

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