WWL>Topics>>2-21-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on crime prevention

2-21-14 10:10am Don Dubuc: on crime prevention

Feb 21, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Brothers Against Crime organizer Captain Black about tips to keep yourself safe on the streets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it is a Friday so you've got Don Don -- -- the Friday edition of the -- -- include Colin -- will be back with you again next week. And our producer I say are we share Townsend Danny Angolan myself and Angela she does an excellent job in Washington really outdone itself and lining up a great program this Friday morning we're gonna come back in the end of this program in the well be from twelve to one CB forgot -- in the join us and you've been. Tuned in and listen to CB he's been very critical of governor Bobby Jindal well a lot of other people want to his unfavorable now. Or at 53%. Why is that he claims he looked at the things that matters and he doesn't. Paid much attention to the polls well with the state -- -- so wonderful. Why is -- so unpopular and how is at an impact. What may be a plan to run for higher office at CB to talk about that with you and also ask you. What is it about Bobby Jindal that makes him unfavorable view or easy. A favorable go. That coming up in our last hour. And 11 o'clock we're going to talk about a fisheries issue we've been following here for a number of years. Is been festering in it seems now this latest move by our department wants and -- kind of blows it wide open. This our state Louisiana has gone -- against the federal regulations for offshore waters with regard to red snapper. If you follow this at all you know the empirical evidence out there says we have a golf full of red snapper -- the scientific data that the feds are acting upon says no no no. They're still in trouble there in danger do overs harvested their over fished so they give us these little thirty and forty day season with a limit of two. While the state got out of that it's on its own studies its own research. And has opened it actually today there of people out there fishing reds -- although the feds say you can't do it till June we've got people in Louisiana waters doing it today when I say Louisiana waters that's yet another bone of contention. The state has asserted that we have. Authority. To regulate -- fisheries out to approximately nine miles. The feds say you've only got three so that's six mile area there is in contention. My question do you is going to be if you go fish and out -- -- rules leave you know abide by. The federal rules that say you can't fish to a June. Or the state rules that say you start -- and now. We'll talk to Randy casinos the assistant secretary of wildlife and fisheries also have a statement from the national marine fisheries service they declined. Two provide someone for the interview but I do have a statement with regard. To our latest move in Louisiana that coming up at eleven at this hour. Another very very interesting and very important topic. -- if you live in -- city unless you've been -- in a cave you've been out of town just coming back you have heard about a number of incidents. Involving young criminals in this city. These incidents of cyclists being attacked with baseball bats this is. Most unnerving type of attack. And I've heard of in a long long time mainly because there's no evidence that this was any reason it wasn't retaliation it wasn't robbery. It was simply some type of game may be that knockout game with baseball bats. Don't know. We're gonna kind of explore that with you what causes what basically in a lot of these cases we don't have age of the perpetrators we do know that they were young. We did have some of the perpetrators that caught as young as thirteen and fourteen wielding guns menacing people on the streets of violent attacking people. How all of these mines beat column. It's Monica. A violent uncaring. Produce a violent uncaring person like this and I'll. -- these -- -- events affect you is this gonna send more people to the permits section giving a concealed carry permit the firearms go to the range by a gun trained for it. Or maybe some other type of weapon that would give yourself some protection. While we just not go on the streets alone on May be not even come outside of your vehicle if you in New Orleans or we just plan to stay out of new walls all together. And that is shameful and said anywhere we'll talk to doctor George temple which he is a former cop. Criminologist department of sociology the only university. About how these little monsters is -- in the column are created. How do we control how we rehabilitate them candidly. And in the future how -- -- prevent more of them becoming like that. But before we get to that we have a very special guest in studio with this -- name is captain black a lot of you know him you have heard of him. He's gained a lot of popularity he's got a very unique perspective on the crime situation here in long ones in -- is it talk about it he actually. Is the organizer of a group called Brothers against crime which is attempting to do something about what we talk about captain black well. Thank you thank you and I'm also coordinator of home defense founders correctness is you know tell us about your organization certainly. The home defense foundation. For those who remain unknown. Is a group that stresses safety. Within your conference -- We're not trying to get people to be the death wish vigilante care. In the Charles Bronson movies. We're saying that if your comfort level means -- -- we have it if it means getting item around your house we have where. If you were interested in pursuing. A concealed carry permit we have licensed firearms safety instructions who can help you facilitate that. We get with every person and find out exactly. What is your concern what is your profit level that we try to match that with the proper tools. In training. We want people to be safe. Not any particular people but all people at any particular zip code but also colts. On Al -- I ask you about whether you have a law enforcement experience which I thought she did mind you speak and I was surprised to hear that you did not tell us about your background. In what major pursue this this vocation. So are growing and they in the city BC before -- You know -- used to seeing two parent councils used -- A better peaceful environment. Correction I'm from Savannah Georgia but this is that you need to -- -- at the American and Pacific. And things went from the Cosby Show to -- some movement. A low of torture and philosophy but also owns two of them reported lost -- was not gonna help you with. What was happening around Seoul starter with neighborhood watch. Helping my neighbors particularly confident a lot of -- older women in the in the city was when cracks -- when the bounces. It hit usually at a time where many of the men who I've grown up on to head sort of really. We have rules cynicism -- Single moms and a handful of wild men in the in the city dodging bullets and records. And from there started giving into a higher -- security start writing about. Security issues start to -- citizens on patrol -- on harming me in my point world's. How to we -- Without necessarily becoming government employees. How to we provide security for souls for communities. According to level law. So that was my back. Right about it. Speak about. Get out on the streets and doable by all means just on select one of the sheep waiting for the wolf. To eat at the back of the packages of Guam okay and to you get that tapping your shoulder. So that's -- in Russia. Very good to talk with captain black if you wanna join our conversation -- phone lines are open at 26 though. 1870 we have the toll free number at 866889. 087 and we do have an instant text board if you like the -- of text message we welcome that and 87870. Please remember though to text responsibly. -- texting and driving. He's a designated driver a few text and use a designated -- you if you drive. We'll be right back to take your calls and comments and get captain black's perspective on this latest rash of juvenile -- case. Children committing crimes in the city in the world we also got up ready opinion poll question asking you know. Well these latest incidents cause you to carry concealed weapon not travel alone. Always stay out of New Orleans altogether go to WW dot com and cast your vote. He writes I let me check on a result of operating opinion poll question asking you what the latest violent attacks in New Orleans mostly by very young even teenagers -- will you. Change your tactics about self protection you carry concealed weapons which could not travel alone we just I don't know loans altogether right now 13%. So they would carry concealed weapon 44%. Said would not travel alone and an equal amount another 44%. Wednesday they will stay out of the wall and altogether it's a pretty partners citizen tonight. People stay out all together but that is a large number of people in the surrounding communities that might be listening to us in studio witness is captain black. Home defense foundation he's also the organizes the -- against crime. I kept black tell me your perspective on this thing it is this city possibly becoming a form team for hardened criminals -- the older guys with the advent of what was seen. These -- may we need to be very honest Norman says a crime problem. And with a particular emphasis. On the attacks on by circles let's dispel a couple of notes have been able to dig in the missile little. Black and white people have been attacked and a lot of folks have been saying well. It's only white people were being targeted know the gentleman whose jaw was broken. He was black is shouldn't matter what do person's color is disparities being attacked we do understand that there are. Racial considerations of virtually everything so let's put I don't know what about the attack studios all the races attack if anybody has seen the composite sketch. Young black males -- why the police department. And or some media outlets do not want state. I couldn't -- bullet. You can't tell people that invisible man is running around attacking people because it does not each of them. Parameters. Against was defend themselves. Again you say -- you start stated the -- Of attackers is theorized that one might be as young as sixteen in the of wanna put old in quotes as old. Quote as eighteen. You know we RC and particularly. Living in the in the city. Your average combatant. The average person -- inflicting harm somebody else. He is not always some older person will talk more people who are barely old enough to save in some cases Arnold in the city and other old enough to vote deeply even had any interest in so doing. And we need to focus. On these issues not tap dance around and play politically correct games and say well. We won't release the information because we've got the festival events coming. Those other bit of information that has not been released. And we're still waiting for cooperation. Is there may be other victims people say that when they escorted their particular victim to the emergency room there were other people where. Who says they were attacked in the same -- And it has not been reported no notice. And again I support the police are not and and time police person. -- we need to be very arms for the public because the public the general public does not. The money. For private bodyguards. For the prominence for police details follow -- around also we need to know. What's going on and where it's going. Well before we get into the point that I'm gonna ask you about what you suggest to deal with this from the home defense foundation point of view. What time of these attacks across these kids. -- no holiday break in curfew. One of them was almost say at the magic are -- the witching hour news anywhere near 2 in the morning is is -- interest. I had a home a failed home invasion back home what's 2 in the morning. Other cases where you -- have been in the media. Hopper for world. Two in the mornings I was the first one of one I don't recall. The time for but. We need to just be very clear as a community that it doesn't matter what time. You know we as American citizens on north south cornered some of you being here it is as America's citizens we do have a right. To leave our homes and go about our business without being molested without having our jaws fractured and -- skulls fraction. And that's not a racial issue it's a safety issue. I don't know how to make you feel -- when -- somebody says. They Dylan there at that time by themselves. It's like that almost put the blame on the victims has got a right to -- ample we. What does she think -- guy's -- story away from the -- you need to be in the pastor you know the wolves obvious your fault no I mean if we if we're gonna pair of a prosperous city in Norman's a beautiful place called the real I've got inserted but yes we have jokers. Has some of these programs have guns and sadly has BC recently. Some of them have baseball -- and we the public need to know exactly what's going on. I've seen here as someone text and in asking about open to. And then that triggers some and I heard actually this morning on a television show that was an LPD spokesperson given some advice about morning Ross safety and was asked what he sees somebody with a weapon wouldn't need to. When you call the police and the police are gonna come minute -- but -- person may be well within their right. There analyze the double in the details yes Louisiana is an open carry state however. When you're inside a municipality. Simply because. This is an open carry state does not mean that the please do not have a right to challenge. And heaven forbid. If you happen to have any issues and maybe you didn't pay a ticket. You know if there happens to be in a test for an hour for you that you did not take care of -- open caring and guess what. You may have a bad day and even if you don't have anything pending. Used to. Be in place in the situation where that office. Or for instance you try to goalless probably the establishment and they don't recognize your right to open carry which some will -- state law you will probably find yourself in an unpleasant situation. -- I'm sure you will. Captain Lackey who would tell us from home defense foundation -- perspective what tips or advice you know solving this problem improving the problem to win with his becomes less of a threat. These attacks become less prevalent there's a lot of talk a lot of work needs to be done that for the individual that wants to take it matters in his own hands and an end. Be more protective of himself what do you suggest certainly. Maybe some people it's time for them to -- if -- may be some not. What about cell phones everybody's got cameras now too you know when you feel like you're in this situation term on -- provide some evidence of what's going on. You know lighted areas I don't know tell me what what would you tell the. What we recommend and ironically. Some of our members our founder. Particularly -- themselves bicycles. Don't stop. You know you're not under any constitutional obligation. To talk to any strange. For any reason if you do not choose to. Try to stay. As close as you can through the flow of traffic. So that it lessens the opportunity for people to jump out at you from behind trees or perhaps part vehicles. Ride in pairs if you can. Be very mindful when you're going to darkly lit one isolated errors. Considerable time when you go well because and remember -- is a very. Bicycle and sense of community lots of people commute. Not just for recreational purposes so a lot of fools get back and forth to work so a lot of people. Go to buy their groceries. So basic awareness. Understanding. No one has a right to come near you if you did not invite them it doesn't mean be paranoid. And I'm gonna step also of my home defense foundation. Had for a second discern. You don't have to be politically correct. Now I'm black so I'm not saying that you need to spaz out -- return receive black people. But they have released a composite scares. If you think that someone was coming towards you who happens to resume the composite sketch. It does not make you a monster. To be cautious because guess what. If it was skin has doing this I would be a -- If somebody had a -- on Nazi tattoo in the middle of a sport they're walking toward me and I did in -- register a monologue. Exactly. Just about out of time but before you go some almost to find out more about home defense foundation and -- gets meetings comes. Certainly -- DF Nolo dot or if you go cross site you will notice that our. Tuesday meeting that we have every month has been amended for Mardi Gras for Thursday. March 6. At 7 PM and air Berlin as located in the freezer on nine north Caroline street. Get some good food while -- -- -- and and and the suicide the Winn-Dixie. Shopping center and you can go to a stiff Nolo dot or Agee and it's all on my home page -- a lot of phone number if someone's not. Media and Internet sanity is not a problem 504. 214308. To rest my personal so. -- give -- -- black thank you it's always a pleasure to speak with him look forward to on next visit thank you -- some people thanks again. Captain black of the home defense foundation.