WWL>Topics>>2-21-14 10:35am Don Dubuc: on crime prevention

2-21-14 10:35am Don Dubuc: on crime prevention

Feb 21, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with criminologist Dr. George Capowich about how to protect yourself from crime.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And again wanna thank captain black for coming in the -- got a very unique perspective and he's on a mission to help solve the the dangerous crime situation here in the city of New Orleans now before we move on to the next aspect of this. This rash of latest violent attacks by young people in the city in the lowlands do wanna -- a couple text in here and clarify I'm. -- several of them kind of with the same theme asking. This one is saying. So he said that if you exercise your legal right he's got them all caps to open carry the police will look for reason to a rescue chip wants etc. Priceless and there's been several but basically awards to that same effect. It is and say that they would look for a reason to arrest you he basically says -- -- be prepared. To be questioned to be stopped detained asked a lot of questions. If someone reports they see a person carrying a gun and and you know although because it is your legal right in this state to do that. In those long -- convicted felon. It's not the wise this thing to do all the time because it is gonna draw a lot of attention to be particularly. A -- in the called time. I take and look it up ready opinion poll question. Asking you what will these latest violent attacks in New Orleans will it cause you to change your behavior. 70% said they would carry a concealed weapon in New Orleans. 31% said they would not travel alone. And this is surprising 52%. Saying that they would stay out of New Orleans all together. And that doesn't even apply the people who live there because they -- 48%. Now it's now 46 it's changing by the minute. Say that they would stay out new loans altogether cast your vote at WW dot com. What we're exploring this this rash of violent crimes this is very unnerving news of the baseball bat version of the knock out game. Youngsters or approaching people cyclist. One stop some. Distracts them while they stopped another would sneaks up behind him with a baseball bat. Fracturing skulls that fracturing jaws we know of at least two incidents captain blacks and he has information. That says that that could be possibly several more that people who were taken to the hospital with the same type of story and they have yet to be reported. We're trying to get to the bottom of this comment first of all we asked him to give a solo home defense foundations. Some tips for -- avoiding these confrontations and staying safe but now we -- We get into the minds of these these basically a lot of -- children. Toting guns and shooting people hitting the baseball -- And the most alarming upsetting thing is it's not for the purpose of retaliation. For drug war turf. It's not a robbery to take somebody's money -- credit cards -- -- It appears to be simply out of boredom in the game. And that is scared. Joining us now to talk about this is a criminologist also former cop he's at the department of sociology here annually university. Doctor George apple which doctor cap which thanks for joining. -- if you could know what do we know about these very young very violent juvenile -- moon. They only want what motivates him is it just them war. Are bringing him home visit just some type of attitude on anger that's within them. -- Well you know what we did though I mean. You know -- these kinds of incidents. Sometimes in the past they've been referred to -- wildly. In the media. The idea of these groups cargo program -- famous case back in the late eighties early ninety's were. Investment banker. And some pork. -- was -- rate in mysteries and some over to -- ultimately caught. Several of them. You know I mean I as horrific. In essentials is our. We do you know that there fairly rare. In the scope of things. Doesn't make any bad poor in terms of people sphere shortly in terms of the victims. You know and -- this kind of behavior. Without knowing the individuals. And being able to compare. Across cities in the kinds. Of people involved in this. They're always a set of factors that could be involved like you said earlier our show doesn't seem to be a robbery the retaliation minority else. The there -- the factors. In these kinds. And stuff. You know the kids involved and now undoubtedly know each other. From the same neighborhood. Drugs could be involved. You know there's also within. Social science studies. Crime in the news in general. Tom when we have a group particularly young people. Lots of researchers refer to what happens as a contagion. That is one to get distorted the -- -- owners follow all part of the group. And he room. Get. Taken up in the moment particularly. Younger. It is. And we. As horrific. Is the kinds of attacks are. He would use -- You know. Phenomenal on. People too young people who. Goal long expressing anger sometimes in its war. Real. The excitement. We -- there're more people adults and juveniles. Do Sheikh Al risk parole. Again and rushed out of the adrenaline flow. That. Is contagious groups and continues. So do you feel that room. Likely to seem more of these before we see less or do you think it may be peaking now that has gotten out to the median where are -- gonna. Beyond yeah I mean it's always difficult to predict. You know we've got at least two cases there were confirmed. And has the police captains earlier on your show you know there may be more. Should there. Interviewing victims to find out what happens so they go one how to classify. And follow up. You know could it happen again shore. You know how likely it is I would have to say it's probably not that likely. By you know it's certainly possible particularly with this group if they continued. Hang around together and be out about on supervised. And you -- can happen. We talk -- doctor George Kapalua it's a former police officer criminologist department sociology at glioma in adversity. We come back from his break bills they would mean bills on his cellphone he's got a comedies like to make if you would to our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890878. If you care to -- -- attacks it comes right here -- studio that's 87870. Will be right back and listening. To the Friday edition of the think tank on WW well. I got lots attacks coming in also phone lines are open at 2601870. 866889087. -- our guest is doctor George capital which. A criminologist department of sociology -- only university were exploring the minds if we can of these teenage. Basically violent monsters that are. Meeting people with baseball bats fracturing jaws fracturing skulls. -- no other reason the pure gaming pleasure of it scary stuff let's bring -- in on his cell phone bills on line one bill thank you for calling. Hey Don appreciate it Michael. But how does it say it and so apology. It's like a cancer and it caused by. These these young ladies in the ghetto. Having babies for a meal ticket. And until we want to acknowledge. And deal with. That is never gonna change. The mayor as an initiative called -- of her life. And not although well intended I think I think he should come up what one called no effort death. And they should get these these drugs in the actually. Drugs guns and ammo in bats an empty plates in the city where they can does have that -- killing each other and in it that would get rid of the problem after Katrina we flushed the toilet and we saw that there was no murders for a period of six months. And what time are we need to -- again. Well I don't think Katrina caused those solved anything I think it basically exposed it thank you for you comments bill. Doctor temple which on his comments. You know when you say does that mean. How well you know Ukraine did -- can -- be rehabilitated. What is their reaction when their caught and in someone actually finally systems and think about what -- doing on the remorseful on. -- have a tendency to move up to the next level. Well you know -- get it varies some or remorseful looking at their previous cases. -- man. Turner cooperated with the police that they could phone line the other members. The group. And beetle and some of them will. Successfully be rehabilitated. And solemn assuming that caught well. You know I think guys are certainly understand the callers so frustrations. Hand. And perhaps anger -- concerns all of us who live here. You know I guess which saved -- You know his suggestion. News. A bit extreme. And win and you start thinking about -- social responses to problems like this just. You know we the as a democratic society. We have to have standards that is higher than what. -- criminals or acting -- and so we can't you know we we as doctors our society's standpoint. To say what will adopt the same. Moral outlook. And basically you know let them killed themselves. That's not happen. And it's not an appropriate response spine in the community. It's. If it gets down to the same level that we deplore the first place with this kind of behavior except now it's just. Government or community action and I just think that's -- answer. Well other than what some of the things captain black loses talking about that's you know kind of taking self defense into your own hands -- mean -- -- -- so launch. The police cannot control that you know I remember now when I was a kid you word about a -- and off a -- shall but schooling came looking for. Now explicit scene like. We have any way to keep tabs on these kids are up 24 hours a day and another school agreements checked in on them. The violate curfews and notice that they see and they may stop the model is it that massive that we. Simply can't use the police department control. No I don't think so I mean that the police. You know do routinely. Pick up young people who -- out after -- issue. There or senators. Two brain. The Asian people to wait for parents or guardians. There's an assessment. In terms of the the kinds -- services. That might be appropriate for. Young person in the family. You know police are gonna get everyone news out. Over. Perhaps core issue. And you know summit as does. Fall on. Gambling and parental responsibility. In terms so knowing where. Your children -- And you know fourteen year old should. In most cases. Probably don't have much business being on the street out like that one true -- in the morning. On supervisors to. You know there are exceptions within the curfew law so. Teenagers who work for example in the hospitality industry they often get awfully good work late to ensure there are exceptions to accommodate those people. But I -- depletion to pick up from war with and they do pick up a curfew violators on a regular basis but -- -- are gonna get -- -- doctors gap which thanks for joining us who really appreciated you're welcome pleasure.