WWL>Topics>>2-21-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on offshore fishing

2-21-14 11:10am Don Dubuc: on offshore fishing

Feb 21, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries assistant secretary Randy Pausina about the fight between federal and state government over offshore fishing.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back into the think Danica thank you for all the very interesting text messages with regard to this. Red snapper issues that are coming in a fan of Tom I'll try to -- as many of them as -- -- some very very interesting. Are also asking you to participate and operating opinion poll question went fishing offshore. Will you all would you adhere to the federal regulations. By the state regulations explained the last half hour they are different. State being -- state waters extend out from not from three miles -- orbit from nine miles insure. Feds say no you've only got three miles. Inward to control what you do in the state also we opened the season today. Three day weekends except Memorial Day Labor Day they'll be four day weekends until further notice but it's a no he cancel -- captain and keep in snapper in federal waters offshore waters until June 1 you can only do -- to July 10. And we reserve the right to cut that back even further based on what you and other states do. That's where we are on this thing we're asking you will you adhere to a would you take the risk of getting. Citation written by -- -- say they're going to be out there and they will continue to enforce the three mile statute. On joining me now is Randy Pacino Louisiana department wants the fisheries assistant secretary Randi thanks for joining. I'm done good trying to get the the the Fed's. Response to the move that we made here in the state earlier this week and I'm gonna read to you that this statement that they gave me and we had to keep. Continually asked the question three or four times about someone to. Conduct an interview we asked the doctor Crabtree he couldn't make it and then we asked them to someone that would speak and we finally got a response from Kim Amendola who said no we are going to respectfully declined the interview but I will tell you what the statement is that they said. First -- addressed the issue of the state water boundaries. Saying that congress established they -- boundaries and thus only congress can officially make changes the Louisiana State waters to extend beyond three miles. We will continue to. To enforce federal regulations. Outside of three models sold as a challenge to Louisiana fisherman going between the three in a nine mile finish snapper. Saying we gonna write your ticket. Also asking them how might this move by Louisiana affect the season that they have set which is a forty day season's dawning on June 1. She says it's also too soon to address any adjustments to land of the already established. Forty day federal recreational season. As we are awaiting the final ruling from the judge on red snapper case specific to the federal recreational red snapper season. That ruling the outcome of a recent Gulf of Mexico fishery management council action to remove amendment thirty day requirement which currently requires federally permitted five -- to follow the more restrictive regulations. Whether fishing in state or federal wars. And state compatibility are all factors that may influence the movement of the federal season. Florida is also proposing. Incompatible regulations by having a 52 -- seasons so not surprisingly. Then not immediately jump and now with a quick response they gonna take their own sweet time in at some point on the snow. What they say weakened do what do you say Randy what was is the justification your answer. To the feds on both issues does the state boundary waters and also the justification for opening the season today for every weekend when they say. No we got to wait until June for -- Well much -- might just send and street Apache people are. Yeah but it's not the right. -- And we thank you guys for coming on now I said before you go out on. Found that whenever you're dealing with a government entities administration. Elected officials when they shot up and they stop talking and got to drag out statements from them and they won't come on to discuss. Perfectly legitimate questions. Am -- the antenna goes out and I think people become very suspicious alone again I think I know you don't right thing and addresses. -- all the first issue. You know we know. Is that common trend. Congress did ultra bad remarks that the monster mile limit at all at a -- it's the law it is what it is believed that it's right. All Florida and track and have not well you -- mr. Gelb of street. Our home. We're we're open to get a bill -- traction it was built look at each spot but we continued to. On symbolically claim on miles on and hope that -- want to date shall body it will. People continue to congress should carry a -- It'll it'll it'll continue to be on the -- skin and made vehicle perhaps one day in the it's a sharing -- sharing and we can't accept it now trio that patient out. I'm miles as well toward our generals were all work out true reduction and Richard contreras. What does -- -- -- by this. You know it just doesn't make any like almost two cents and you have five states. The same time I'll retreat -- it's it's terrible so right thing to do it and that really don't watch now. To -- for -- have a lot of happy people. Okay Randy on the second issue of the fact that -- -- starting to catch snap today and what we say is our waters they say no June 1. What is your answer to them when they say why -- you doing this on Dana even though we know it's flawed and I guess that is the answer in itself says that we shouldn't be opening in -- snap this. Well it is. It is -- and not a problem. -- -- -- great directors. -- I'll call eight traveler and tried to check a state by state delegate allocation. Of the recreational. All total annual church and -- Basically. Although we didn't. -- final approval we got we got pretty close. In all our Louisiana share -- that would have been short or 1415%. So we. And like -- and sure. So. -- you -- -- open day week or deputy year to finish all 48. EG. All we will talk to -- All 14%. So we feel that I'll write that George. And not sheet set so. August -- the -- that that we think are are now when that at forty days. The federal problem is apt to make a state by state allocation only -- -- show where we. Or -- allocation to what a person you think what -- article. And you agree with that are. Apple trees so. When -- sure that we we we like we -- percent. And we're gonna -- computer support. Not that. -- to stay with a gonna take a quick break him Obama shares some text with you also off phone lines are open to 601878668890878. Also 61% of years saying -- Angola state regulations fishing offshore. 39% said federal regulations weigh in at WW well dot com will be right back this is the Friday edition of the thanked. And walking into the think -- W against the Garland -- we're talking about the red -- war going on between the -- in the state of Louisiana on the line with -- is Louisiana department Wallace and fisheries assistant secretary -- -- -- And Randy I'm getting an awful lot of text in -- and today have not gotten a single one that is criticizing Louisiana for the move that was announced about taking matters into own hands. Going non compliant with federal regulations and opening up state waters. On every weekend until further notice. And get a lot of people that are in support but none that are against them just to kind of recap what's going on again it kind of clear in my mind. In lieu of wood has got to be declared federal mismanagement of -- species we as a lot of reasons they've -- mop on the rigs they don't include. Essential fish habitat in the rigs to count them and then there's the methodology is flawed and they are very. Quick to admit that there -- at their management program is a flawed one. -- here in Louisiana we have decided to take matters into own hand you put in a recreational offshore landing permit which will discuss later which. Provides the data that we have so weakened better manage our own species. And we got a great track record in Louisiana managing speckled Trout -- fishy dead -- for around every insure species of fish. There's nothing that we say is over harvest and have to cut back the limits to all. Good healthy populations. We've also said -- field because it's only fair that we get in nine mile. Limit on our offshore -- waters like some of the other states. We're gonna manage our own fish within our own state waters thank you very much for your help but we think we'll do a better job but this is a big but. There's a vast amount of resource is beyond that nine miles. What is it gonna take for -- take that next step to tap into that. When we've got the federal government from its position actually paralyzing -- -- for doing things practice. -- the next step on it got the call cultural -- extra issues management council liable. And of course spirits -- up ahead. 1516 voting members and our home. Our regional management. And that's what you talk about it it's obvious you know delegation of authority to stage. Call it it's one of the bench through re Jewish management and and and and that it it's. It's 99% done. -- we haven't taken action yet choose. Our -- -- out all the scoping. You know that still aren't. Here and there -- all we're still working on state by state allocation. Of course our defense treated. A delegation already which means no longer simple majority vote. It is 834 -- So forward movement or we need to make sure that we approach everything -- -- -- total -- -- -- management. You know can be such a lot of these issues. -- and -- on its. -- I've been fortunate. Right well while we're working very hard towards regional management let's talk more -- immediate nature. Are you are cautioning. Louisiana fisherman fisherman -- fishing in Louisiana waters. To use their own personal judgment when fishing beyond the three mile boundary because. You expect in the in this this letter of this statement that they issued to certainly confirms that. That federal agents are going to be out there enforcing what they considered to be. Federal law which is no taking a snap outside of three miles so that's all one that you encouraging people do. Part -- we got to remind people about that recreational offshore landing -- its free. And this is the ticket the justification the data that this produced in order to to justify what you -- here. Figure actually right it was the most important piece or our strategy Ford Wallace. All you know a while to get into the goals tropical -- but it allows us troop. Quickly identify the population. At target and bridge for example. And allow us to get deduction -- site data is it is absolutely the most typical piece. We are terrified. All -- all of the phone -- and angry -- -- it. Are and what you did contact the are all questions Christian church each respond by telephone call. All you know which helped earned it -- without that operational anglers. All you know art science becomes should -- couldn't spare you which assault. Right well we wouldn't be enjoying these. Slightly liberalize limits without that. In people a lot of times complain among more bureaucracy and another from of this parliament is absolutely free in it has produced results already in in enabling us. To catch and keep more official a longer period time and more opportunity. Randy no -- thing I wanted to talk about was. The problem of the enforcing by federal agents out there and now you know as a state agency you can't tell people what to do. You can organize things but I can certainly put it out there and I think there needs to be an organization. Individual and group of individuals that are gonna stick with this and go out there and test the little test the waters. And find out what's gonna happen -- how will this be settled how old jugs and or possibly juries look at this the people have to go before them to face a fine. Well I think which you earlier he should ER I mean you know what should your country in the spot opposite with the Staley got a war just with the the legislation acted on that is what are our wallet mission our secretary. -- our belt -- what -- Washington State Louisiana and you know there origin are anglers. All I mean election in -- let's take action now. You know it's technical it's still called an optional battle by you know we sit -- -- -- we can't do all we can try to get stuff done and you know this is just. You know I don't say while Jack but it is symbolic act but hopefully we'll have results all our. All of Georgia it eventually want to it will not multiple and so you know just like our statements that we. We caution you that true spirit the potential that you will contribute its treasure or not our country well community. We caution you do that your lives in the top rocket ship around and do not let them. All of you know we're gonna keep on pushing what we think it's largely. Final question Randy and you may know this maybe you've heard from them I think I know the answer but I can't be positive so those couple people wanna know. What is CCA stance on the season on this action that you've taken have they given you an official response. One made a comment on this so when they actually and in part of it and in promoting and working with you on the team. She gave Ben an absolute 100% behind and pick should order this. -- they've been workers. All along one on our delegation. On the how shall. I'm -- it is. You represent Louisiana and ER percent recreational. All you know they called -- -- Legislation that you know we felt. Periodically and there are -- -- all of you know which it could I mention our commission college -- -- all equal. But usually aren't being very first order of this -- Very good Randi thanks have taken time away from you busy scheduled talk -- about this really appreciated and tomorrow more -- to have some good red snapper reports on what went on out there -- All currently. A bunch of people got -- yeah it is little breezy but -- -- if you gonna Randi thanks again appreciated. Our conference here. Hi Randy -- Louisiana department of wildlife and fisheries State Department taking matters into its own hand in them refuse and to answer the questions with regard to their actions are we come back after this can tell you a little bit about what's coming up next hour. And also update you on a pretty opinion poll question what do you think some people say they don't abide by those federal regulations. Either out of fear or respect on May be both. But a majority still say and -- -- with the state regulations backed check that out for you right after this timeout listening to the think tank on WW now.