WWL>Topics>>2-21-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on Gov. Jindal's unpopularity

2-21-14 12:10pm Don Dubuc: on Gov. Jindal's unpopularity

Feb 21, 2014|

Don Dubuc fills in for Garland and talks with attorney/blogger C.B. Forgotston about why Governor Bobby Jindal is so unpopular in his own state.

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On Fridays it's me Don Dubuque and the Garland Robinette good afternoon. On thanks for joining us this Friday. Appreciate your participation in the program we offer that and a couple of ways -- team up for different ways of five different ways. You can always pick up the old telephone and call us at 260187. Toll free number is 866. 889087. And we have a text message board which delegates should directly in the studio just simply text me a messages late 7870 we do lists that you text responsibly. No texting and driving you can also shoot me an email that's done and WWL. Dot com. And also we ask you to -- the operating opinion poll -- -- simply go to our web page at WW dot com. And now click on his right then -- the home page and it will be changing shortly I'm told. I was just to kind of wrap up last hour discussion 64% in favor of state regulations. All of a federal regulations that's 36%. If we asked you which would you abide by because we got two different sets confusing the go about with the feds tell you was legal ability go about with the state. And right now it's -- in favor of the State's 64 to 36. And that of course that's going to be an ongoing going discussion. Lotta issues at stake there was some really. Implications of even some other things as far as. State vs federal not just fishery issues but others. But where we still -- talk about the state Louisiana we're gonna talk this hour about the governor. Of the state of Louisiana. And ask you this question. Why is Bobby Jindal so unpopular in Louisiana. According to the advocate. As a pole there and I'm quoting this right the polls in North Carolina based public policy holding -- PPP. It draw a conclusion after surveying 635. Louisiana voters a couple of weeks ago. Came away with 53% of the respondents saying they disapprove of Bobby Jindal is job performance. That puts him in with the last -- accounting policies things change with President Obama they take these polls hourly. Outlast us saw his unfavorable -- 53%. Now granted he's got a lot of negative baggage at this point got the IRS scandal have been gauzy thing going on. Of course the use so far failure of obamacare to come through as promised. The economy jobs I mean as a lot of reasons why people would having negative. Opinion of President Obama but it's puzzling we get on a state level to Bobby Jindal. That no scandals that I'm aware of personal scandal -- have any insurance deals the the thing is the fear of Edwin Edwards of being found in bed with a lot boy dead -- doesn't apply to him. You know nothing to deal with casinos and insurance contracts and fraud and scandal nothing down -- at least -- we know of and I would be surprised if we did. But there's got to be some other underlying reasons why. 53% would say they have an unfavorable opinion his responses in he could care less about opinion polls what he does care about is jobs. Economy. You know the quality of life Wednesday Louisiana the future. He says it's great. What do you say evidently some people are not happy and we'll get an opinion poll up for you at WW dot com. In addition to cast your vote on it Adam question I would love to ask him of course you know in this is this. This theme has recurrent all through. Today's think tank program from the very start. When people stop talking to government officials administration's representatives elected officials and W one column. When they stopped showing up as public servants to explain and answer questions. And -- -- you know gotcha type thing -- trying to trick you up which human ambassador that we don't do that here. We asked legitimate questions yes some -- tops -- them hard but that's their job why would they not appear to to address these things. And we have not been able to get Bobby Jindal on this program the station for years is simply just doesn't do. He speaks -- press conference as an issue statements but as far as. One on one with reporters journalists in the public. It doesn't happen and maybe that's some reason may -- of people don't realize the great job that he says he's doing because we simply. Don't get to hear him say that. The other question I would love asking is national ambition you know as -- -- in the bin talked in although he's denied it for a long time. Saying was always happy where it was but he's not going to be of them as long because when his terms appeasement as soon as governor. What about. White House. President vice president his -- been thrown around there. I wonder if he will disk on those poll results he gets in -- that and I think he will make an attempt. Don't know what the public -- the plans -- for them when they agree with that enough but that remains to BC. But it trying to exploit this you to call me and -- -- what is -- about him that you don't like what is he doing wrong. In the oh I couldn't find anybody better to discuss this conceived before it got in the in the king of subversive blogs and he's often accused. Of being a Jindal hater because he comes out he points out some very. A poignant and in important issues that no state is lacking a lot of balls in the under the purview of the the government and he joins us now to kind of discuss this with the CB thanks for being. Well -- You're the perfect person that is. The name of the product out that that yes that most importantly and that that really angers me. I don't know if you have that pictures now. Do have to confess to that the same day if you could what are some of the the reasons you think he's so unfavorable you know I guess to criticisms I've heard of -- Education. Hospitals. No transparency. Not really living up to his promise to balance the budget and of course Ngo thing and you and I know you've been on this and treasurer John get. That thing could be ended and shut down but it continues to go own and all. What do you think is the reason I hope we'll hear from some of our listeners and text is on what their reasons -- why they casting is something. Well a lot of things -- and is now -- surprisingly so I. I topped package I'm sure it's -- to visit. The that 35%. Of the people find him. As I mean the 53%. Unfavorable. Also there -- some people who you know don't know what they'll have an opinion or whatever but the activity. Has started percent. Unfavorable. Is it is astonishing to me because that it meant that many people -- state contracts. That doesn't always like to figure out -- have a favorable opinion. Are there people who's that have been asleep since he -- office in 2007. And just walk out we have. I remember all the things he's got a bit. Well. Of course apple is unscientific. PPP's is scientific although some people would say -- promised land because I think legal -- that left the here and there. But 71%. Of respondents to say it's unfavorable and won't notice that a net at a match as you thought. Exactly I think Europe probably more reflects. You know the the average citizen in this state because I did. I just can't run I just don't run across people. Who defend Bobby Jindal. And I used to have huge fight with -- when he is far from running. Well the second and ran in 2007. I mean people just shocked that I'm in support again because you reform. And not -- well you know tell me tell me why I actually vote for about I'll be open did you personally. Albanian name which -- and that -- to a person this was the ranch. Well he's Smart in and it's not going okay and what match. And guess what he's Smart enough of saint. That is a minimum requirements for me to be on the and paired police jury -- make stupid. Designers are in -- in -- so tell me -- why you think he's going to be. Well -- just the capacities he union Indonesia Rhodes scholars now that and frankly it. The more. His intelligence. That a lot of the more -- question whether. Having act -- -- as any relationship to being Smart. Concept like that to having -- he's means the ability to absorb and learn things the benchmark. Is -- ability to accomplish. Which in those CBI had actually hand a it was a PI hill office of for the new laws police department will remain anonymous that he actually I asked him one time. It was a setting -- at a party in line got to talk to him -- lesson. Is -- back in a really bad days of panel PD was a widening. Of people like I mean obviously dummies. You know I mean the things that they do he says we'll think about he says if there was more we couldn't catch him we can catch the dummies. They went right. Since he's they would -- it take a break come back against -- in Metairie he's got a comment on the unpopularity of Jindal and have got a ton -- text message with some suggestions some of heard before and some I have not -- for Augusta in the king of subversive bloggers is with us to discuss it -- and the think tank on WW. Walking back and apologize little technical glitch we're talking about the unpopularity. The on favorability of governor Bobby Jindal in the state Louisiana latest poll shows that 53% unfavorable rating. Our unscientific. Ready opinion poll says 69% of our listeners aren't have an unfavorable. Rating for governor Jindal while only 31%. Say it is favorable with a -- be forgotten and CB. Now we're gonna get to Phillips column -- I want to shift some of these text out of line in here about the some of the answers to questions we're asking. His one that's -- just because he doesn't care he's too arrogant. Another says Jindal gets a bad -- the spending too much time out of state and that cruises. Is another one -- -- doesn't care about the elderly in my opinion and the caregivers taking care of the elderly. As another one I'll call Bobby jingles office about forty times over the past few of them got exactly zero calls back. I believe that has a lot to do with his negative ratings. Is a shot at speaking of subversive bloggers tells him being a month ago I'll vote for many could fix him. And -- and is the one right after it though that says go get MCB. Another -- says Jindal -- 111000 new jobs to be created in construction. But when he thirteen actual number 19100. Source State Department of Labor. That's why I don't liking cells and untrue story. Another one says educated as loving and John White because of the work they're doing for primary and secondary education. He is one takes a shot at this radio station -- -- never has in the supporters. And get upset because office doesn't bother with you bashing him. Classic case of kill the messenger and we do not keep and regional support from coming on in stating an opinion on this station -- totally country. Is another one that says after Edwards and Blanco has nowhere to go but. Another says for your guest is the state better or worse than when Jindal took office. And they go on and on I don't -- whole film about any longer Philip. Thanks for calling in your policy be for gas. You're welcome. Our Smart. I ordered our. Church. I never arm because. It straight arrow. Are intelligent and had no prior political experience which -- -- -- -- Especially sports. I change my opinion have won the first. What well check out state are contrary it. And the first lead. Are steps. At least and it gesture. And basically that Jack Straw that -- by June traction when. -- -- out here. So great shot out here in -- -- that you are. And deduction or something if -- probably get an extra at all to you next. Year. If you let him here and Jack Straw. After he cut taxes. And -- so. Increased a lot. Credit imposed are the options which I'm not real well I'd much after that the state started at that. And what are what which which happened at the cut and it's true to the average person at that extra. Person who form no extra pulling power and they send their kids to college there at that they. Or more. But people stretched probably. To the states blue so that's -- and we're all out. All right thanks hold them back. -- -- we got a lot of -- out there people send in -- always sticks and we heard phillips' comments and we can't comment on Williams missed. And I can't argue with any. Like reminders. That when Bobby Jindal first came into office 2000. We had about one point one billion dollar surplus. He quickly raised its standing -- -- and now that it has been downhill ever since. So. You know the money is the money comes in in the money is spent and Bobby Jindal continues to cut sources. He's. Despite having that billion dollars or the sort of -- he's cut our education about seven 800 million dollars. Where that money has gone. Nobody knows. But those -- the those the kind of big things and aggravated people because. Education. They overspending. So the the fact that we have. -- many. Local projects that are funded with state money. We still have NGOs in the budget. Not even that that don't even find. Public bodies therefore profit nonprofit groups. In years in year out. We here with -- don't have enough money from Medicaid. Don't have amassed enough money for education. But we still giving money to local groups like his junior league -- annual. You know there's also been a lot of criticism about using one time monies for renewing you know cost increases in expenses. Well that that's really come back on -- because that's what we do and Bobby Jindal borrowed money from different things right now. He's just about to break. An 800 million dollar trust fund that was sent out. For Medicaid eligible that's that's people who were not Medicare eligible. Over sixty. But -- -- or to pay for nursing care care. That was an 800 million dollars. So find. When Bobby Jindal came into office in 2000 and so out. It was set where all of leaving interest earnings would be used. To help. Offset the cost of these Medicaid eligible patients so they can stay in nursing now. That would bring in 54 million dollars just in interest in. Bobby Jindal in order to balance the budget because it is overspending. Begin borrowing money that's fine. Killed today. It has about 200 million dollars in it and generates six million dollars in interest earnings. That's 200 million dollars will be used to plug a hole. In the car I mean in the upcoming fiscal year budget. That begins July I want and then that will be wiped out and there's no mechanism. To replenish it because that was that was setup initially. 8800 million dollar federal grant. And there's no such grand anymore and the only way that it money list. Who was. Being added to it is through interest earnings and not taking -- But Bobby Jindal decided to to take that money. And that's a huge -- -- and it flies below the radar. The people don't actually it that -- people. That their family members are going to be kicked out of Washington. As they would receive view we come back wanna talk about you know -- doesn't have -- -- popularity in the state and also he doesn't really have home field advantage as far as becoming president from with the people here. In Louisiana think however on a national scale that may be surprising how many people are actually supporting him. And also he is not prepared statement in response to the result of those polls CB for Augusta what is. Will be right back after the news. And we're discussing the results of the public policy polling results on with regard to Bobby Jindal favorability here in the state Louisiana 53%. Say they have an unfavorable opinion I Leona unscientific WW well -- operating opinion poll. It's much greater we have gotten a total of 63%. Saying it's unfavorable the only 38% saying is favorable. Even Republicans. And as an active to this poll which aside from the numbers and easily give you'll bit of -- an overview of what they think that his one that says even among Republican primary voters here in Louisiana. Only 37%. One in the run for president. 51%. Of Republicans. Say he shoots it out. Huckabee instead as the top choice of GOP voters in the state. He's got 20% while Jindal has only thirteen so there is no certainly no home field advantage there in a run for the White House. His comment in a prepared statement about this poll says I don't care about polls. Here -- the types of numbers that matter to me. Jobs created graduation rates student test scores in number of kids formally trapped in failing schools who now getting an equal opportunity for good education. Those are the numbers that matter to me and to the people of Louisiana but or betting man I'd say. He's probably gonna pay attention to poll numbers if in fact he does make a run for office. -- -- job and -- James on hole of prologue to bring him in on line one James thanks for calling your policy be for gas and and -- talking about the unpopularity of Bobby Jindal of Louisiana which -- thoughts. Well thank you got pillows BB it. Folks that like to start out by recommending he -- website to you and there's a section that he has. And it sure he keeps it up to date called the LA misery index that's at Louisiana misery index. -- -- Results are are just abominable for the state you know recently we saw where. I believe the statements for the ninth -- fiftieth and some educational measures with fourth and eighth grades. And it just look at this worst in. Some of the worst and health fiftieth it would insult on and on a lot of that is under -- Jindal administration. But we're really do expect to name is Bobby Jindal in my opinion wasted an excellent Ivy League education. He received. A major in biology when he went to Brown University yet. This is exceptionally brilliant at least book wise governor of dollars is promoting. The unscientific. Fantasy of creationism. In some in some of the schools that funds. CBS we aired this 700 billion a -- higher education funding go well apparently about four million dollars in Europe the goes to Christian conservative voucher schools. Where little kids are lied to systematically. In told. That the earth. Is six to 101000 years old. And that dinosaurs and humans. Hung out together. At some time in the past. Now CPI thinks about you propose a law. In the legislature that it is it would be against the law to purposefully in systematically why. The school children. Because that's what's happening is some of these schools that we are funding in the money. Site and the way from higher education is going to core crops. And propaganda -- little kids it's wrong he's a failed governor and I'm glad he's term limited. Thanks. And I thank you Jane CV. -- the Colorado -- The problem in Louisiana has the planning what the truth is. It did have -- convict anybody that it it. Well you know that the drink around. Him. It's like this again a texted it sends me this which is really baffled me it's as good facts. But not much truth to what you -- a state. While I thought backs and truthful kind of synonymous at least along the same line. Well and and it gangs parts that you can just go look at my misery index and DP did that today. And everything that's listed down there. That places last in everything and it's good first and everything it's bad. Exist under Bobby Jindal and he's been here six years. Going into his seventh year and nothing has important amino. Updated whenever there's some changes that. You know it's. It's it has been improved and that's the measure of Bobby Jindal. That's not a poll. And as far as him not believing in polls. I'll say is that. You know what I call politicians and ignore polls don't believe in polls -- column losers. Good description. Got a lot more attacks in here here's one that says. Well we got a W. Jindal does he have a show on the Travel Channel that's a question. Is another one the fact that sort here. Yeah how right well it could have been two years ago to. Here's another one wanting to know why is he getting the blame on NGOs the legislature should take care of that what controlled does he actually -- on -- -- -- item veto every one and he has said that. If that's been his campaign promise that he you know that did not meet the standards set forth. Will be land item vetoes and I've gone through there a year in and year out and pointed out the ones. That don't meet the standards that Bobby Jindal sent and he didn't line item veto. That's what I remember -- -- -- -- -- will be back and we got some more calls on and attacks the Roland and I can't keep up with them. What is your opinion of governor Jindal is it favorable unfavorable. Cast that vote at WW -- dot com we'll be right. All right political writer James -- August satirical writer James Gill has dubbed against the king of subversive bloggers CB forgot to and he joins us now -- talking and discussing the unfavorable ratings that governor Bobby Jindal has gotten a national non national poll but it North Carolina based poll says that after serving and surveying. A 635. Louisiana voters between February 6 and February 9 with a margin America. Plus or minus three point 9% for the overall survey came back away with 53%. Say that they disapprove of gin -- job performance. Let's talk to -- on line one in the CBD Herman thanks for calling your policies CB forgot. The united doing today. -- them. I traveled the state often. I'm -- failed them under control manager and have children. All the different areas from Alexandria that we can't. Many -- should be. -- -- traveled the state for the last eighteen years. Through all the small towns that we can't and I can tell you -- I do -- actually any type of economic development. It's small. Rural Louisiana. Yes and urban areas New Orleans yet. That -- each. A little development. Because of the casinos. That -- No major development like child note development and when you thought Haiti's small cult like deal plan. Church point. -- -- -- -- Louisiana eccentric Fletcher there is no economic development and if you exceed the conditions Apollo. The majority of people live in the small towns. It would be -- view we have people still living in small shacks. In the small count in chanting. In barely live from paycheck to paycheck and living on government support. How do we solve that problem. All right thank you for you call you know one of our earlier Texas CB said that Jindal tolerant 111000 new jobs under the created actual number 19100 they -- the source of being the State Department of -- is that accurate or do you know. Well that they tend to. Multiply these Frenchman. They say that you know we've got this new plants come initially -- -- thirty people. And this spinoff will be 200 people and then ten years down the road it's going to employ a thousand people. So they add that in there. That there's no way to prove or disprove those numbers. You know they come from the government so the media dutifully rights. Never ask any questions and so that's what we get -- But if it's somebody ever bothered to answer those. Numbers. Altogether. That we've been promised. And we would stand out that. We have more jobs in this state and we have people and we didn't have people in this state or too young to be in the workforce or too low. So it it doesn't make sense but it they keep put them out there and another thing they did. They talk about we have 101000 construction jobs that the new Allah issue hospital in and you'll. And that and that's probably true that may be less and but then they talked about over in southwest Louisiana we've got to create another 101000. Construction jobs and three years. Well it's the same 101000 construction jobs they're not -- but the media never ask the question are those. Same construction people just going to move. -- almost LSU out Nicklaus and his -- than those jobs and along and. Exactly lit but -- there's always probably -- at 101000 construction jobs and losing but when the politicians talk about it. They add them together. In other words the 101000 himself let loose again at 101000 new loans it would have either 20000. Construction jobs and and the fact is that it that it's a migratory workforce. And. Some of those jobs will be leaving to go to taxes and other places they go wherever the jobs. Family and friends. That that did that kind of work. And they travel where over the job so. Now let's move on to Angie she's into -- Andrea thank you for calling you know in the think tanks. And need. Well I. I'll got hurt. That people. -- -- A lot out of -- -- -- -- -- But let me try it. And out or it didn't all of our. -- And you we and we kind of lost it there I'm not really make in much of a sense of what she was saying all I think she had a good point there. CB were you able to get. Well less maintenance and. Yeah I got parts of them enough to really comment we're gonna take a break here we come back. Got some more calls to get to a whole bunch attacks -- -- board kind of took the life of its own moment. Theory of evolution and took up that top Manuel talked about that but that's for another day today we're talking about a specific poll that says governor Bobby Jindal. Is unfavorable here to Louisiana residents. My 53%. Will be right back against his CB for gas and and you listen to the think tank on WW well. -- our poll here at WW dollars getting very close to the up DP people it's on now 62%. Unfavorable ratings of governor Bobby Jindal 38% favorable. 53% was in the DPP that's an unfavorable -- this is CB for gas and we're talking about some of the reasons while asking union an awful lot of text and I'm getting one text ads accusing us of the only. Positive. Call for governor Jindal we've come off. Surprise surprise I guess that was Angelo who we could not understand and all slept. It was not Angela aren't positive. Anyway CB let's go to captain -- he's Collins and they've been on -- Wayne thanks Colin. Yeah. Pretty eclectic remarkable. To the captain. And he stole. From a lot like the victories. -- -- -- Almost two weeks. -- actually. Directly. I'd like everybody else smaller. And so now. Turned out that a lot of it is and partners. Yeah well thank you -- just come elaborate on what -- talking about is so rigs to reefs it was dedicated in quotations dedicated money. Put up by oil company's full removal of rigs they save money by. Leaving them out there that money was dedicated to creating artificial reefs Bobby Jindal sought to take that money used for other purposes. And -- in conflict with what his campaign was to be the the sportsman's governor and imminently that kind of flew in the face of that -- -- just got a couple of minutes and -- One thing alone on that it's close to here -- and and we talked about it before. Bobby Jindal is planned -- taking fifty million dollars in coastal restoration money. Out of the from the coastal -- putting an end. -- and taking it out of the coast of -- washing it through another fun and using it for state operating costs. Just as we look concerned about it's happening that's part of the fiscal year starting July wants that ties and a balance. He's he's insisting they united to bounce about it. While that sounds like another story for another show. CB thanks for joining us if you would give out your website actually a lot of information and people wanna you wanna be miserable it can check out tried again. Are you if you want the troops either wanted it. It's WWW. Forgot and that's spelled a -- war GO TE ST aliens dot. All right thank you again so we appreciate everytime you come. I say they forgot in the king of subversive bloggers disease known and I tomorrow while will be in the is that she national forest at 5 AM we called -- generally is the outdoor show. Gonna -- about some really wonderful opportunities some really unique habitat up there -- some -- -- fishing opportunities. And guess what it's all free taxpayers have paid for. Will be doing that -- coming up immediately following the news it'll be open Mike. Mardi Gras captains and officials with Angela hill. Also -- as separate animal lovers of grace he's just a common bird dogged. She was that the -- the what do you call that the person at least a parade. I forget what it is there anyways she was that in Marty pause and boy she was really proud of that also mall and Grossman and Charles bode. I'm going to be in studio to talk about leadership future of crime punishment reform the Crescent City. Stay tuned for that -- -- an open mind here in the big 87 WW.