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2-21-14 1:10pm Angela: on Mardi Gras

Feb 21, 2014|

Angela talks with representatives of three Mardi Gras superkrewes: Endymion founder Ed Muniz, Orpheus co-founder Sonny Borey, and Dr. Stephen Hales, an official with Rex.

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Well it is a glorious Friday but more importantly. It's the first big weekend of Mardi Gras with parades rolling throughout our area. But none of them would roll if it weren't for the many behind the scenes who worked all year for the special two weeks. In our open -- segment we meet three great men who have devoted to big chunks of their lives to making Mardi Gras extra special. Ed and Eunice founder of condemning the rock and roll electric giant parade that rolled into the superdome for an extravaganza. -- Mori the co-founder of or fear that's who with all his incredible theatrical gifts creates a night before Mardi Gras event. With stars and music that rocks the convention center into the night. And since we couldn't get ahold of the founder of the Rex organization who is resting after that first big parade in 1872. Lucky to have doctor Steven hails who humbly calls himself an official with the Rex organization. But who all know was the man who is much a -- historian an educator as the as the man who brought. One of new orleans' oldest carnival groups to the Internet. This is a beautiful thing. To see the real leaders the special time of the year I'm very touched that you won't -- here because I do know how how much work goes into this. How you're being pulled an 87000 directions in the next. Week so it means a lot -- think we're superior now and I really mean and on its work work work. But I wanna start on finding out from the three have you. What what you're most special time of this processes. And. You know I enjoy them the whole organization. And putting it together. I often say parade is nothing more than funeral on the streets. And I also say that when you put on operated so much work just like directing or producing three musicals at one time. But it but it's a labor of -- avenues -- but I enjoyed tremendously. I'm the same way it is you look fault at all you along as if it's right at the car was Odom gone and in an opening to -- -- -- Guatemala this thing. And then a month later thought put non infectious thing and if it is ironic that you work one day right -- the other current 64 days. But if it's a labor of love if you know -- -- -- sellers took -- Yeah I love what -- then -- have said that I that I do want to bring best regards from our captain that. -- -- write the captains these organizations this is a year round. If it's not a full time job it's very nearly that. Like yet I love the heart of this I think sometimes because so many things are thrown from floats week. We lose track of a very unique art form in New Orleans where. Indeed we create art that's going to be seen by the public for only a few hours and that goes on year round so. Although the big day is is obviously money dropped to what I love as the year round. Watching these these parades come together. Those that white -- time when they painted over all the floats it's like having a bunch of artists canvases in an artist's studio and you watch them turn into rolling works of art. Open within doors and their role on the on the streets nobody else make works of art for that that brief little time let public see them. I think art aspect is extremely important I mean it is very important to us. That we have an old time look yet we had the bottom aspect to what we do to flowers the shimmer that that is very very important to be effective. Believe it's more important in the -- but from what what I mean I marvel one out when I go down the island. And I look at the floats around lined up in the beauty of these things I mean it's good that they're they're actually creations of war art -- report. In a centrist in sunny because your parade runs at night. Stephen hills parade Rex is a daytime parade the colors means so much correct -- vibrant senior talking about the shimmer. It it is it's it is breathtaking at times and I often wonder how he continued to in it it it every year gets better so how does that happen. Woman it's a year long process. All speaking a little while ago with some of the gentleman here. And we said we actually -- or Ash Wednesday. We have a meeting of all of our -- to our officers. After church we meet together at breakfast and sit down and we discussed what we did right what we did wrong but we can add to the raid when we should not have with a parade to make things pretty -- To make things better for our forum members the make things better for Oprah or Oprah viewers for the citizens of new loans. But but it's it's an exciting time and -- -- it is a year round occurrence it's not something that you do. Two months before parade I mean it's it's a whole year endeavor. You know I was watching last night on the news and your electric your electric lights. Every year you've added something and certainly the gigantic. What is the big one -- do you go to punch ready punch train beach -- -- punch train beach. -- magnificent. But -- you have taken. A different course almost even though it is a traditional parade you've added height and weight and -- and lights. Well you know it is amazing because when we thought it was so small. And and we look. Very proudly Korean won is most don't know. Please continue to be invited to come and baucus -- -- in in the fiftieth. And and that night when I want to him can we still have the ball -- auditorium at the first year that's 220 with a thing to do. One what did baucus alone at night and with Saudi. Excitement. Does that that type of celebration takes place. So that's the way to go and we and we moved and an intimate moment in the replicate. Closes the rumblings that this to -- you get so much more -- But. You know but the thing that amazes me to them always with -- view that -- work with a club -- And everyone on notice and -- him tremendously on -- Mosul. On anybody that -- -- callable global knowledge and only he has the next few people that that Inco on the leadership of clubs. Everyone I know is all -- -- they just love it and -- would get depressed. I don't know it's kind of hard court to have a that's a meeting on Ash Wednesday and how it's. If that's when everything is fresh in your mind mean that's one come up with some of our best ideas and we would think about things right in the middle of it. So now it's a complicated to discuss what you gonna do in future. -- pressure we've talked about the punch train beach float orchids and it another. Section to train. It is now extremely long not quite as long as it's extremely long but that one float holds 240 members. Which is really. It's amazed about I still moral Howard goes down the street in Mexico returns that does. But and it is it is a year long endeavor it's got something that you've got to do if you don't do it -- it could not planning constantly. Women can work well. And that it says it's not a cure lung and I'm sure you'll play in your themes -- in advance we already have all the designs and sketches done for next year than went in and we're everywhere we're working on up into 2018. That's going to be spectacularly years ago it -- this team. We're gonna take a break everyone please stay with us as we talked to the body -- Kolb and talk about now a dream came reality by activists. We're talking to really the makers of Monica and the unit who's the founder and head and demand. Sonny boy Lorie the co-founder of Orpheus and doctor Stephen hails him as one official with reaction has done so much with the educational program. And certainly with the Internet on the start with an -- because the story is fascinating you're young guy. It's in 1966. And you say gee let's recruited. If you don't even when I really -- -- -- -- -- a kid my mother who who passed away on his election and he has little -- a lot of money. And every migrant should take every for a couple of daddy applicable Morton in the -- cover of GO blown operate all of name and on the parade. Every night. And -- -- -- -- a day should put get a clones costume put me at some of the custom and take -- were -- mean. Among those of fanatical. And I got a mama. Is so when said. A -- told the on going. And the dudes wanna photos via the most of the years ago. And so. I I got married in a get out of -- -- and get on everything and we admired him -- to two against the and in -- -- my -- is one that you get back on what you know do well. It's just the what do you do as a division -- get back and told. On my dead as a Nokia. And another that -- about 11 on. A -- on a formal. Immediately left. No and a loyalist. They would literally from the wrong side of town. Due to a -- Was. Something like that so anyway. We found out of the crew of Carrollton. Edwards of this flow to crew called Adonis the Perino says the united. But they gave up it disbanded it. And a columnist acumen -- long since passed. If -- -- that number of them by twenty businessmen. And -- if not we're in my -- politics that seven at the time. That it wouldn't -- netted him because yes. And I think we got twenty Menem who would -- you put together group for you gentility broad and potentially broad area it. It won they would freeze in those days ago and for a and so. So mr. -- We would like to get around about it we get right to darkness it was 5000 dollars to -- all on of the floats fifty years ago. Customs cost. Eighteen dollars in my hands like of the high school -- 150. But would put it together of the unemployed for bristles. And and we ended the first race but from then on it was easy and in and filed a six years later as -- blade invited legal -- with baucus was dormant. You know some people like -- go to -- -- of of the house though. We we went into in into new format and to initiative movement would almost went on -- people. And we and we have stopped -- in numbers because the tickets and extravaganza. Paula at number as possible. -- -- again and we'll -- you know 181000. In the old covenant night I don't know we could if if we. We even use of force stadium clubs of state has pointed with an -- so. And we got Carrie Underwood -- That will -- -- that doesn't hurt at all thank you look like Jerry and I agree that I don't you know in another life feel loved and Carrie Underwood. You know would be you know a lot of money -- -- That she's had taken a lot of money for now the -- you've brought in some tremendous talent hot last year was great guy who's on. A blanking. -- -- -- On the music shall -- say that we had with Karen Kelly carry him to carry the -- would collect ultimately this is -- -- and -- be overruled Maroon 5. It was really Kid -- before an email. Children and then. With the name of the latest vote with. But. I can't think that's okay. Whenever that you know we can do that are able that you have to pay to put on. We actually. It is so it's a financial -- golf development -- -- battle was -- with two to they've known it would do and I this year we spend and close to million -- on -- lights that was with the real feeling. And -- we believe me that's common from a lot of things that I Evans who don't wanna money meant for public involved you. You've got a great combination. Sun at all -- Yes when you love you and Harry Connick junior that you minds together and said you know there's a vacancy. Yes it would look at all thought it would -- Harry was -- baucus. He he was he was baucus for their 25 anniversary and he was torn about. And he enjoyed it's so much he sits on let's get together let's let's all parade where it's open to everyone. And let's do it on Monday night we will continue the the the tourism in the city inner city keep people -- -- all the way through monument. It's possible let's let's work through we can do and to help well Barry and boy turn. We pulled the solely on the fact our first year we were hoping to get about -- members and our first year we won over 700. And and now we're we're we're up to over thirteen hundred members. And we sort of wanna keep it that way I have trouble dealing with their -- another -- was much less multiple warheads over the hill twice that -- But anyway that it's it's it's been a great experience. Something that the that we enjoy doing very very much. And you decide to do the extravagant that kind of thing exactly exactly well I was I was a member of boxing had at the time. In fact -- still number baucus of kept my membership. And buckets and we we copy it. And ambiance and baucus is format because it's such a great format mean it's it's probably one of the most enjoyable. Evenings you you have your parade which goes on all day long. And from there you go -- ball to -- to have to have pulled his experience visibly W phone that was the moment tonight well and other us that's exactly right thank god we get -- -- -- -- we can yes. That front it really works well but if you can't Zulu and Rex meeting and then people are -- -- and it just. Is a nice flow there works well actually works quite well yes and then we have four acts which just does it right. And and I love the fact that you do it right which you stay within a beautiful tradition. -- we do and it's I love during these descriptions of the founding moment as a frustrated historian if I go back in time I would have loved to been a fly on the wall in the lobby of the saint Charles hotel in the Rex founders a few weeks before carnival on 1872. Said that to him and we could make something smallest particles stuff and maybe we could get some people to come visit the city and very short notice they cooked up the whole idea of a king of carnival. No queen of carnival that first year and dead and managed it on that short notice to pull together ragtag parade there was several miles long and I mean New Orleans love to have to join a parade. And the that invention and that that really audacious vision is still -- historic anchor of a celebration it's gone up in all directions. And sometimes asked if and if people think of those founders and stayed businessmen they're really young men and they were they were excited about their city than near the city had real needs and this -- an opportunity to to give something that would. In fact grow beyond I think their of their imagination at that time -- -- asked if they'd approve of the the of these grand super parades and all and dead and absolutely they would -- intent is to start something that would grow and be a bit into the city that they loved. And these historic anchor is still important to that so. Rex that the king of carnival the symbols of current -- the colors of purple green and gold with than ever -- -- to love all those things. Bill back to that beginning in some wonderful imaginations and and visions of that time it. It's still enjoy every money -- day you know you're gonna see. But that the captains on horseback lieutenants and you're going to see the for -- you're gonna see. Frankly even the tradition that you have with the various events yes you know the Ross could I love all of them. It's that it's a deep tradition and and traditions are important you know things can kind of fly off in different directions if there isn't. I think a historic core and traditions -- There are elements of that the find their way into every celebration that does now what we call carnival the weeks of that are so important to the city. But I those are important images to me too I love the NC the king of carnival on his float. The Rex ball is. Historically was really almost more public with. Receptionist some years or 10151000 people there but we're not gonna go back to try to -- you guys with Europe. You're reading extravaganzas. But Rex has been historically the public face of carnival two Rex didn't invent carnival but it certainly. Brought it to me. In a different way with a more public. Celebration commitment you know what always -- we -- its open mics for everybody each of our people to. Send us what's on your mind and I loved it newness. Weather weather weather weather weather -- -- into thinking about all of the comment weather's so let me just before we go to another break. Do we have contingency plan that's what happens. -- you really can't make it could be you know because. What would -- what went on what bond baucus on Sunday night in agreement on 3 o'clock in the morning. This city is you know everybody thought back and it is remote duels with and a global. The Monica strong gives them and yes but this week and colonial -- -- governments -- one thing. Rex is the greatest without -- that you -- right now right. Beautiful and I guess you got to Oklahoma for the two and a half that we we we always salute our brother come go with the children when you see king rectum and on the street and it's a beautiful thing. I love the look in your face is we're gonna take another break we're actually -- into the newsroom where Chris Hillary's Crist. Will we are back with the merry men of -- graves were talking to -- Muniz and sunny -- and doctor Stephen hails him we're talking about. The sort of how they all began and what it means to the city and we went left on the -- We are at the mercy of whether we've been very lucky but it's then nip and -- at times and Stephen Hill you have the story about our beloved national Robert natural. It's of the royal meteorologists for so many years. 1995 we were waiting to roll pouring down rain awful. Nash Roberts I'll never forget the cooped up in a little office there in the -- With. Early generation computer monitor and raw speed of of satellite pants and nowadays the computer's telling everything. National sitting there with this with his with his wristwatch and a ruler. Measuring these bands on the radar screen and the captain in the first year of his captaincy wondering if he'd be the first captain forever to not have a parade role. In consultation and Nash came out he basically says look if you leave the then you're at exactly this time forget the band snow bands this year. Roll out of -- been three point pandering gets the assembly point. The -- gonna stop. You just move as quick as you can -- you'll get through the parade route. And get on back on the buses back against the star rain again and he absolutely heavily and that parade role than I'll never forget Nash with as little ruler and is -- -- -- figure out when that. When that window was. Famous for his marks a lot because -- plans for once used a computer generated back. But that's a wonderful story and you know and speaking as broadcasters. For all those years it was rain sleet or snow we were out there. -- you all would be there. -- you haven't tapped danced a long time until. -- hasn't arrived. Let's talk very briefly about a this year the city council's make some recommendations of some changes and and -- your thoughts on that. I think a good girl good at because in the neutral enforcement because. Normally them do that dated as probably -- 100000 people. If the federal is it that -- a lot of Grumman in -- -- because they are I hope they do. And I think a lot of ought to be pushed by nobody ought to edit them Ohio. -- -- a lot of it is you're above the crowd gonna be in front Akron. But I but one and I hope they do an instrument to be Indian police to figure out how to do it. Well a lot of the recommendations actually came from the -- moderate or advisory council. All the -- got together and we and we talked about what would improve on -- what can we make academic -- sleeper. How can we make you better for our writers and that's why we put in things like no throwing back at the floats yes the latter's six feet away. Intersections must be clear -- barbecue pits or anything of that nature so UMass has to get through this problem. But all these things with -- it would help improve the cooperation of all of all the captains as well as the council and the mayor's office. You know we don't want Marty going to be that wonderful event in this safe is it can be united I've also applaud those recommendations and changes and I know. Our captain spends a lot of time with our membership to encourage. When we're throwing things to two people to be careful how we do that I mean that the practice and they easily adjust our -- yeah. Into this thing about throwing back to the -- start. It's been loyal for a number of years now but it's gotten worse over the years coming in and some of our members or did it hurt oh by the -- back at them. And and somehow -- note that the police have a lot on the plate try to enforce. Really important things but hopefully that this will be one of the things that they were this year you know and in in my district make you want to people who example. For everyone else to file suit. -- you know would we did it lets you total punch train beach float. A wonderful little -- to put forward big float that level -- who played -- to train -- and not at the of these the V chip. And then when they ruled to have the would. Of those seen somebody beat -- people thought it was wonderful features through. I think you could probably still can call to -- I believe so I believe that on purpose of the everybody said let's do it for the throat. Nobody on afloat people would would throw. But especially college kids up at them that they see people through and I think it's all right but it's it's really a dangerous dangerous -- Rogers yes it is. Equally dangerous are rioters throwing major -- it's correct correct and really what we're trying to address that. It's this group's concern. How how do you say you should not throw. Growth would be well it could be. Gross of beads of very small millimeter where would hurt anyone who just -- is very difficult to come up with an -- actual rule vehicle during -- you put people out of toilet right. That is not an and the changes pig you really -- And -- that's that's a nutritional create. As long as I have an important list like this group in front you have -- how many and experienced that you can look back on now go well we survived them -- -- afloat that didn't float or. Something a bandage and a lack. I guess the very first year that we that we ruled. And we've built smoking merry we had no exception and be the smoking meritless. So obviously would put the right times and I think during the run evaporated the smoke you very much had -- you can't plateau doctors through cultural. We learned after that we learned after that. -- A modest thing we've learned the hard way -- that if it is drizzling out there and we still roll. That the the plume -- come often baseball caps go on we do sort of thing we re a -- lieutenants. -- -- -- -- baseball cap to some of the other pollutants that the only other near -- mouth lessen their cost to malfunctioned. That first part of Europe. Post-Katrina win. We have all put parades together and floats back together best we've recruited the -- -- and took about five feet of water. And all those velvet lieutenants customs so for all that time we clean up this -- we can. So who everybody's -- on the horses that morning and everything starts tearing his own that velvet did not like being -- -- That particular leader of the -- the kingdom of carnival was held together by a lot of -- a lot of duct tape but it was a magnificent spirit that was. Special special market absolutely it was just it was a very emotional. You know it's like we're back we can do this -- that people its temperature still living in -- time to put on it right you don't get. It was so in symbolic and important people came back Karrie all the really important that we and that yes okay let's take another break we'll be right back. With the guys who put together Monica right after this. Well once again we're back we're talking -- -- this is the big weekend for the beginning of the weekend. A really two weeks of great great fun. And it put together by great groups of people. I'll led by Ed Muniz within -- and Sonny boy -- with them Orpheus and doctor Steven -- with Rex. Let's talk about what's special this year with your individual. And I'm -- I'm wearing these giant pearl. I got some great cups I've got direct to blow it but tell me what you think it's special coming up. Or. Well I mean again we we've added another float through the smoke humor which would be great. We have great lineup celebrities were also honoring. Fats Domino as our on our parade Marshal this year he sought -- and rod with a baby grand piano place laws -- on the run. The -- a beautiful as usual I mean we are very very pleased to have Quentin Tarantino. Is one of our our celebrity's this year. The Dixie cups ago arrived on the dollar trolley which has greatly. Loved. One to. But but but it's it's it's it's a fun fun experience and we're hoping that that -- to come -- for -- enjoy operate. Well you know you have you gave me one in 3-D -- these are special yes I think -- or you've done this the first you're doing. First year and again we have a special -- two putts. The record the records on the -- 2000 them thrown so this will be a -- -- -- A little barrel. He could well. -- -- Well we got Carrie Underwood of course of the extent this year. She will not be running in the parade because the show not stolen until about twelve amid 1120s at night in the superdome. And and if you go out especially do what food and haven't. She comes and and do you what. The voices risk is that she's she's a perfectionist which was an issue -- of this show. We got two other guys that are rotten. And we didn't try to you know people listen ghoulish Hillary is -- this year we have a day when Norman reduce. Who's on the walking did. And ironically that is -- one on AMC removing him in at 31 million viewers one week so. Phenomenal and another guy the young man from Covington who was on a show called vampire dollars yes and this is big stuff you know I don't look at it because a tool of the and one note we've been able lobbed over whether they're gonna get them. But they you know we've got a great bands come in and -- a college -- ties Talladega is conduct. The citadel. And many many good battle of millions as well as of the float. So. But but they get to the likes to -- a -- -- everything -- is all the money were put into it. Almost wanna make -- start later. So 2 thoughts at 4 o'clock is to be and allow before it gets dog but we can't do that because of the dome dome we've got to be in a dome. The bodies there and so it'll be used to I failed and I. We're also have all rotting John Schneider. One of the original due 2002 which is really big factories and he's opening up in Atlanta who owns a a studio movie studio until you actually right. And we have James -- day who's on site. The that the cable network's psych program. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think our celebrity writers likely going to be the king of carnival. That's all you don't have Internet -- -- but it did affect the I and you -- this is Mitchell is a very well kept secret I can truthfully say I don't know who that the king of carnival will be. Who beyond that though locally through template. It'll be beautiful parade theme this year is the gods of all ages and that -- -- interest in -- them will be recognizable. Long. Beautiful beautiful figures on these floats in each of the -- now have. -- specific deeds with that emblem that. Beautiful sculpture inference and captured -- beats him. We did this last year for the first time and a lot of people. Tried very very hard to collect the -- that so. Won't be quite the same as Fats Domino. -- -- A very special collections represents really lovely designs and floats. You know I've actually and I'm sure you have to met people who have albums. Of Rex. Literally. All of the -- balloons in order and it's a phenomenal thing he did they ever contact you and say may I donate her. I think Dublin's indeed many single handedly your lead to the destruction of many addicts in the -- -- -- so that these -- bit Rex originated the balloon that over fifty years ago. And I don't know how many hundreds of millions have been thrown since that. Yeah people collect them and then you don't quite know what to do with them but it's it's a beautiful tradition and and one that originated there and those sorts of moments that somebody has an idea. Mr. sharp went to the captain that. Thought it was really nice that the king of carnival to throw money to his -- that his subjects and and came up with the aluminum double and then and the rest is very color. History and that the process that you go through to choose what's so special every year I find fascinating too little stuffed lieutenants. Things like that that are real. The united I'll admit to some nostalgia. When we show people around -- then that we have a large panoramic. Image of canal street in 1913 and it's this sea of people just like -- seeing now. And the Rex floats rolling down one side of canal. And their beautiful new members opposing them and to think she knows when you look at it first everybody stressed yes they have perhaps the women have their gloves on I mean it's it's big deal. But there's not a single arm up. Nobody's trying to catch and I think there's no place -- anything. People came from all over the world to see. Rolling art tableau illustrating that theme and and just beautifully designed beautifully costumed and and that was that was art that's when -- -- Now we have enough foolish enough to not throw things we're we're gonna do it we try to be very inventive and -- new things every year that. I do hope people paused and looked at the lovely art that's represented then. And in all of these parades and not Altman the gentleman here put parades on the street that are spectacular and then absolutely. Add to the carnival tradition and I think some organizations don't have the resources to do that but then it's art and its rolling -- and we love it and -- set a very important thing that you know it's healthy now. We have gone through some periods when we've lost an and I think even art art and I discussed that some the women's cruise right now are very. Big very big -- scenario we're losing some on the West Bank. Very briefly your thoughts on where will be ten years from now. In mind. I think that's really kind of hard to predict it comes in cycles. Originally at all -- parade downtown and you suddenly going to neighborhoods. On the -- down town again. I think and wants right now -- -- extremely healthy healthy moderate growth calendar. In fact I might get to a point where it's little cute belt but we have to -- it's wrong on night. But I think it's very hard to -- who. It evolves -- evolves. I think ten years from now we're going to be getting close to the 150 anniversary of the first Rex parade says that because. That'll be great that the 28 team will be agreement. Yes the wilderness and will be very very special as fuel our you're just you. I hope you know how -- -- appreciated. This is a tremendous amount of work -- tremendous amount of talent. And a lot of heart and cannot do it for big bucks you're doing all the right reasons so liberal love is a labor -- -- at least it's a great production. I mean and that is that is important -- you know. It's a labor of love -- -- the facility. I've seen studies them he you know and and and other places of work. One money grow weekend from Friday of Hermes and the other prison Friday to Rex. It it has an impact of -- Super -- And we have it every year this promo locals. Remember that and perhaps that's the way we wrap this up thank you good luck no rain it will really beautiful -- -- thank you all I think you will always writer. Again we are talking about Mardi Gras this year we're not even waiting for an anymore it is here and it's going to be a glorious weekend and the next two weeks. We would we would be remiss in not mention somebody who has just added so much to so many and that is Henri Schindler. On -- the wonderful historian a carnival and a wonderful. -- without but -- -- did with with -- with other organizations I think we would of lost most of our tradition I think he really that is. Recognized and help. Continue artistic traditions that. Really make the celebration so rich now all the parades don't look alike and they shouldn't but. There is a look to a historic and traditional carnival and then on -- is artistic director of the. He works in a minute ago president had an. I'm quite sure what we would do an unreal so does the battle on it is it is very obviously he knows the things he knows and keep separatist -- And that's that is absolutely incredible we also have to talk about the NO PD because. Bless their hearts this last year I think -- raked over the -- is not enough of them their all kinds of morale issues but the bottom line is they're tops that. Greatest cross controlled default in the world to read recognized everywhere they go big they call on the give advice -- -- a big event that is suitable someplace so when. President of the United States selected to go to hometown they called the walls police because of the crowd control of money ever. -- -- But it's also because we as a people for the most part really know how to play. -- how to do it right and not. People's correct correct there's just no celebration like this where the streets fill with that many citizens one of the nicest feelings about carnival is it's that time this whole city and all its different colors. Bullets of different socio economic groups. We're on the street together and that that happens with with happiness with peace rarely disturbed than. I do get the -- PD and credit these of these men and women do a remarkable job and I think New Orleans has a tradition of coming out to celebrate this unique. Holiday. And it's not -- global you'll find it anywhere else. So tell me one more time where WB. Stephen -- on my described it. I'll be helping. Some of the press that the -- stand in downtown that the Intercontinental the reviewing stand doing the same and he wears a top hat and you're going to be on the float some. A big cowgirl you get your well yes. And your audio afloat -- for the fortieth a lot about Obama Margaret Beckett got the big idea but I'll definitely -- -- float to -- Had a wonderful ride each and everyone and thank you again. We will be -- with this we're gonna have Ian welcome market talking about what else is happening beyond money. List.