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2-21-14 2:10pm Angela: on the upcoming weekend in NOLA

Feb 21, 2014|

Angela and local entertainment correspondent Ian Hoch talk about what's going on around the city this weekend. They chat with Catherine Olivier of the Krewe of Barkus, movie guru Jude Borque, and actor Rickey Graham.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What a great pleasure to listen to those three men and our earlier hour talk about the putting together of Mardi Gras. And yes it is 364. Days of work for one perfect today. But they get such pleasure from -- and I think that's when I walk away from that whole hour. We're lucky to have them they love what they do and they make life for us very exciting this time of year. So well now that your plans for all the parades -- may we need to talk about what else you can do to fill your time this weekend. And with just the man who knows all and hope yes I know. We know everything and I -- this is now tradition with us we have to start with what are you going to do this weekend. Okay it's really exciting on tonight's I am going to go -- to the crescent park. The big park the riverfront park is finally opening. On a somewhat limited basis the by water neighbors' association sent out yet. -- in the -- been there's been on for almost a year. But nobody's been able -- -- so yesterday that mode then it's -- markets find the it's going to be opens go check that out since you walked my dog in the in new. -- -- -- You know I'm pretty I'm personally. I don't know -- -- -- the park but I equally and tonight. We're gonna go see cotton mouth canes down Frenchman street. We have houseguest is visiting. From from college days old college roommate it's back in town from Denver and she really wants to -- music. So we're going to go to Frenchman street -- -- and -- the thing with Frenchman street is that once you get -- planes can easily fall part you decide to decently last minutes. Who knows whether we'll actually get guilty that particular concert not we will be. Now in the streets paint the town red drinking dancing and and tomorrow. I'm having a big house party opera which -- history which is gonna come by 8 o'clock people aren't familiar that's. -- new wish science fiction fantasy themed blocking parade up and down in the water. It's too graphic on the Monday to create unity but goes into these costumes anything I think it really. Blows away. Anything else EC Marty Grammy group whose fund increase of all the pre filing creative but that the amount of work people plottage pockets. What's the word esoteric. Jokes. And and sort of means easy pop but people mailed out are costing. How they're mixing and matching -- -- different things and since it's so cool to agree on thing for anybody who love science fiction fans -- pop culture. You know it's it's huge night and so we have a big party related to that and then on Sunday income is currently in the. The takeover in -- you're an arrest on Sunday and highlight of my weekend is going to me. Bargain what do parkas down there are artists you should probably -- front that you it is the I look forward to Nolan knows how to look for -- and every single -- -- if -- -- put it on there. 15100. Magnificent. Loved animals some of them looking for homes because we have all the rescue groups and it's just enjoy and they have little. Scientists say adopt me -- and what they're having a wonderful time and I have done this for a thousand years. And every I've never seen a flight and I think has but he gets along really well absolutely well we're gonna talk about markets because we have captain Olivier. I think if there is a matriarch. Of the parades it is this moment. And capital of living and I go that way too many decades to open a. But it was all happy to tap. Out let me tell you -- watch the news news and I Islam. -- Marcus and clean Marcus. Being toasted and getting their workshop at gala to -- noon today. Yes you haven't become our annual. Tradition with speaking in the clean and it was amazing years ago we thought about doing that because we heard about all the other Koreans. The old crew of New Orleans heck he's you know they all at top restaurant. And that's Rebecca there -- like every year where the parade and you know we really should keep it for our king queen could face certainly -- it. And -- -- and will we talked outside a father first and we're gonna laugh. And they didn't execute very big way. And they were they so Pratt. And as they operate very -- true. Well you get. It is fantastic and sort of sent a very special weekend. For all dog lovers and dog's head. And I just have to say that I read the queen's -- the yes the clean story and that she had been used as bait in dog fights. Yeah -- Yeah and you know for all our picture. I couldn't believe that the -- -- been restructured. After oral surgery which is amazing. Southern animal foundation with current -- -- And and -- true. The surgery needed to have interpreter it's in perfect shape. But -- -- her personality. Is in April and she too weak -- disposition of our. There are angry she's not being -- seem to be it's based in -- despair like. Well and she is. She and her she's a -- She's definitely oil there and you that we -- To become or he's here now offer the -- -- Single time that's happened in my mark on that it's not in the brains and their green as market so. Well that we have between queen. -- Before. That company a very unique ear and then everybody's saying that clear and this year they are here. Get in the air and there are together and have not been an -- turn. Caretakers basically bringing them -- And tracking. Camera -- things that. Think -- -- will report Emma forever. That can be you have an incredible probably incredible partnership for a long term. I think that is literally today in the amount of love in the streets. With all of those animals whether they're owned or not. If those two can't get a home after this shame on month. And a hurdle to wobble whose king is precious. Is cute. And do you think about it I really it's true you can't agree there -- they're so happy and so full delight. -- there aren't going your your current account. Now everybody meets at Armstrong park. Yes yes we -- that Armstrong park on Sunday and great game whether Tripoli your grade we have a great term mean you know. We we opened a park pac 101030. And we start to -- -- party. -- food and drink in everything probably in and they let things for adoption decree -- way to get together with all -- -- we -- firm. And then the -- actually start at 2 o'clock. You know in the beginning that people never seen that we actually have -- -- like any parade clear thinking and clean with -- we've got there and all of that. And they weren't there aren't in Japan then a lot of on the country the current quarter because where you'll be back the -- are talking -- your. We have to mention that the toast to royal toast silver goblet and it's a beautiful. And we dimension and a PD leads. Yes they do that -- -- the it's only motorized vehicles that the -- at all in the parade and we go through typical black grad and it's just every year we're amazed it's. Actually -- -- get cooperation efforts to get through that at some point because the crowd to protect but hey why not this is quite -- spectacle. There's and I love this year's theme it's dogs Villa. Bark just licks the Crescent City. The al-Qaeda for what is that we can -- They're monsters spirit can at least treat -- the whole city. I had a pretty interesting moment after last year's park this parade where I I go to the Internet and night. I go to these web sites like -- and immature you know people heard of those split. Pictures from parkas and up on the Internet. Out of context and sort of CDs you know people are like what is this dog parade who's having this great costume dog parade. And so you see these these photos that are going viral on the Internet -- -- -- to jump in there and say that's our parade I was they're excellent. So that people we should just really appreciate how cool and special this parade is 'cause I don't think anybody else than America is doing any. And I was trying to explain to some more and the other day. Over the years I think you're in excess of twenty Currie believes time. And over the years we've got the so much coverage. You know internationally. Actually Wear pocket that occurred at the last that this is potentially -- -- -- usual thing that happens in the -- -- animal. In the capacity is fantastic in the army and it's it's a good. Upbeat saying and the hysterical some of the things that these people come a couple of homeless dog. And no -- everyday -- it. It really an and it's the the thought that goes into just like to -- as a -- to Colorado goes into that group of people with their dogs coming up with their own -- And just doing funny things it. -- it's a very happy event. -- and I appreciate the creativity. To occur that makes a question. But we want everybody to come out theory to stand on the street to go to Armstrong park and get some of the goodies but. Just be there and -- these dogs on and and they know they know this is their moment. Idiot that's -- Mardi Gras and and we love that we're able to work. Count down and -- Catherine I will see you on Sunday or you're -- great athlete that we could have -- there thank you so much. We'll take a break we're gonna come back and you know who's next our own -- -- -- Well we are back about what's happening this weekend beyond carnival and there's a lot happened. And sometimes it's a movie theaters and sometimes it's on your TV and so who do we go to you to find out our own June 8 -- you heard the drummer old dude. But -- well you don't do it. Afternoon that he then how I outline -- and did you have a chance to watch very much of how hard last weekend. We it was excruciating. It was a debacle. We invited people older but we ordered the pizza and it was offering. And -- -- Annan and the offering and everybody was really cool and patient about it play economy -- -- rip my face off. Well you know I have an alternative for a year. Red box red line and red roses this -- Your friend nick and red meat and go to red box. And we give you a couple of hints. Some things you may have seen some things you may have missed Angela I think you would love any one of these five red box winners. And com and indeed no one to Netflix throwback you know we have throwback Thursday on Facebook's. Why not Brokeback movies where we can go back on Netflix that people winners long. I got formerly popular Friday. That's -- right -- tag that. Like my outlook and outlook a couple of them but go to W red box. Here is three big winners that -- Oscar NASA's director Oscar front runners but -- Excellent movies personal prisoners. Hugh Jackman Jake Allen Paul Terrence Howard in a thriller it's a crying draw mom. A couple of enemies are enjoying it Thanksgiving morning at Thanksgiving meal. And then. They're -- little daughters go missing. And wanted us in the one -- and it is just. -- your seat the entire time well filmed in fact it is -- nominated for cinematography award. But acting is great to green writing the new twist and turns. So well made prisoners. Not for children but it excluding. Second movie that was the Sundance Film Festival from last year but that got a lot of audiences really. Applauded it it's called fruit failed station. It's a sentence -- schools story of a young man who won new you'd be. Was killed by the police it's a true story don't you know in the beginning what's gonna happen but what the movie is about. Is what was this young man well who once he and so we go through. A few days of his life. And I've found it's so poignant. Because in our cities you know -- live in that -- I lived in long to so many years. We -- stories of young men who. And this movie comic is on managed to know what there is a light there. And Oscar grant who has an actor who is coming to the wall and he's going to be filming the new fantastic four movie come. He team store and this got rave reviews was an. An outside chance of getting a nomination he could be huge store so from sales station. That is helpful and -- park right now. But for action people because we have lots of people out there who were -- They want good action. Bailout auto racing. Ron Howard directed to it's wonderful movie called were much. At a news -- yet. No I didn't know. I honestly I don't last like racing movie that I saw that I was interest it was like days of thunder so I -- dollars or maybe that's not for me but I understand it's quite good and I mean I trust Ron Howard completely so tell me about the movie isn't very good. It is idiot another true story and think that wants restored from a true story and a rivalry. Talk a little bit of the period piece. As a team in the you know Ron Howard when he directed movie he really. Put in a great team and so it is the production values great. The soundtrack is Craig. And Angela you know our little actor. Historic and for these days I think you're raving about him recently. Mean -- -- the idea. That he's in the Angeles up there. A couple of not so I. You reiterated that uses building we just say for it and rush. Song so awful and red box. People can catch up with captain Phillips. Tom Hanks movie and the blue jet then Capel said. So there's a lot of good things that are out there that people Ken kept on red box so Ian even though. You may notice that look at how courts. But I can't think you you a couple of one who look to two movies in Netflix you can catch up. -- favorite com. Cousins so many people you know in you had a kitten. As you're watching movies with then you -- to the people need to its outlook Netflix. -- movie better in the third. Enjoyable and in fact he you don't that kids to have fun with this being. -- really a lot of money you have not seen the video for the Oscar nominated song -- happy happy. -- oh yeah it's burning it up Hillary earlier -- beating the other day and Diane brought that up in the league now everybody's singing happy to each other as always it's got. The whole spirit of the movie so per a good cartoon on Netflix despicable me two. But here's our throwback movie the talented mr. Ripley what the movie that came member felonies. That I was few ideas for 1718. Q now. What brings that back up it's time. Well come that would seem more -- men who had passed away he was in this movie of the small little roll. And he's all these. Plain sort of rough characters but -- when he uses. Storage. Op Ivy League type character completely different in all of -- in the movies. That it's a big movie based on. Thriller novel. Matt Damon plays his character who truly morphed into other people and took a series of books. But it's stored Matt Damon -- lost. Philip Seymour Altman Jude Law Gwyneth Paltrow. All of them who have won Oscars for different performances. In law was nominated in this one. And it's directed by Anthony mean college who directed and won an Oscar toward The English Patient. So. In case people haven't seen it it's a throwback statement award check out. Account in the directly. You are yet. You have just done so very Gergen made our lives very easy yeah. Will get some red line. That'll make all of these movies even much more fun. Yeah right just in case I have by offering problem thought of the bottle and keeping -- lightweight. Few viewers sweetheart -- -- tell everybody that next week on Friday June will be here to tell us what's going on but then the following hour from the three to four. Judy is going to be with the whole hour with another man ever gonna talk Oscars so everyone will want turn into. Thank you mr. Jude. Looking forward to -- A great weekend. Adios amigo everyone stay with -- we're gonna continue but now we go to the newsroom and on -- Well it is Mardi Gras time and we're gonna have a big weekend of McGraw are we also have so much more going on. Especially in theater and who better to talk to them who has done. Just about everything when it comes to the written and directed reduced. Acted. The very talented Ricky Graham who it correct me if I'm wrong is this the twentieth anniversary of. And let it. -- accident that the 1991. It's going to be hampered our big celebration of -- that that -- there. Well I would not miss let me tell you something it is. I can I can go back and be sitting in this -- laughing laughter. And I remember the -- came on the your your -- ship yes. And I had someone still has as a I -- and I predict it probably is that -- VHS tape and -- that was we had so much fun to beat you didn't get a word in edgewise that. And I was. When you've got people like -- Allen and -- -- goes on you just wanna listen to. You know it was great last night. We we actually opened last night. And then and there are people that have seen this show. At least ten and the audience it's filled with people in and again all -- the -- in respect so good. Only -- Rio did they know every single character up there you know Obama. Speech your mother it's should septic interest cell. You know. And -- that always the the bigger compliment when you come back and people were over again and lap like that -- received a purple. But that's it. -- -- somebody who might not mean it is about the mr. -- -- -- Right and I think what is it not mean it can't be on the back and one carnival crew. It's really proud. Apart -- war that kind of disappear. -- their goal all New Orleans. We're talking. It can catch phrases. References to places -- ended -- this year. You're just dropping your name crowd and maybe that. Cut it it's a whole the whole attitude and way of living that that. Big constantly changing over over the last since we first wrote. And that's why. I keep -- -- in 1995. Because it's actually become. Like a period. I know besides this is real New Orleans history -- So done with great -- And tumor like it but it workers that that would all grip and it. -- -- -- -- -- But I can hear -- -- -- -- you know we in and I was speaking in the commercial on. And you know you you our treasure on many levels in this community. Thank heaven you have state. I think that -- because clearly you -- gone to New York it could have done any of those things not that you have not done some traveling and in some new work. But that you choose to stay here and continue. To create. And perform. And make our our theater world better is a real. -- compliment to New Orleans. I don't know I don't know anyone anywhere even with with a large measure success in its -- star. -- A big Broadway. Stock I don't. Not anyone who can get -- much personal satisfaction. Is do it every day just got every day. -- and on the street. Who act like they know me. And that person you know when the spurt started actually brought the Obama started it it was kind disconcerting. And now is your most wonderful thing in the world court and come up and it likely do don't don't don't have a -- It. If I can't I can't tell you how grueling it is a heart warming it is a reassuring it is you know -- you know when you work. Do this for a living there's you know good times bad times. But the consistent thing that keeps -- -- is this wonderful wonderful audience but yet make -- be part. And a week -- there's there's somebody who says you know they liked what they do and they feel that they now it's. Just make everything work. Well that is because you value. You value that has something that you could have been a gazillion New York. Advance and and and we value. And I think that's shown by the audiences that -- weathered the have your own making likable and all but I've seen them into in -- -- I mean unbelievable. On stage much less which can ride in and create for others. Thank -- like an air so it ever. Everything out. There -- -- that it ever. Never. Ever had a real. I did -- I worked in restaurants in and let -- part of that restaurant managers and owners were so indulgent because you know I mean I pretty. We're -- week knowing I was trying to support my habit do the. -- got there where it came to a mutual a mutual decision between the end and the last place where the baby batter he just really try to. -- -- long -- is that you don't mind -- what actually the truth it was it was twenty years ago it was well now -- that's so cool. Well it's it's into people -- -- show that they ego economic. Yeah you gotta work as much as you do is that yeah you -- what do you think is the status of our our theater world post-Katrina. Well I tell you what there's there's there's two aspects. Two number one. There are so many beer companies so many people would -- -- in an influx of people that come from all over the country. Who. Literally who have been started. Theater company. That. All companies. Beaten by a company that no project also -- came gradually and -- -- fish he came to New Orleans. What it Katrina and the state orbit he had a company. -- all the companies that open up those. Small and he's on and on avenue in Gary Richard yeah what is expected to embrace. The hitter. They are they're so many people do theater. The other side is unfortunate that your audience happened -- we we -- the same audience and that we did before Katrina they now have more. War theater companies you know fighting for an army. Though it's exciting that on the other -- -- -- could -- -- to increase our theater audience. Your secret court. The other thing and it's good for the city but there's so many events now there were the two. Great National. League east of the city. Yeah I kind of takes away from the audience to that everyone is scrambling -- It's really hard to program a full season this year is having -- considerations for you know saints might be in the play in Austria where a chance to fester for friends of Mardi Gras and Mardi Gras and so -- And all but other than the problem is -- indictment annual opportunity open you have Arctic theater company there and open something up at the same time. Because that's when you have to do. Yeah well -- glad you're doing this for the nineteenth time and it does the ball and all and it is this weekend Friday Saturday Sunday at the river town theater. We love you Ricky Graham and we will definitely be in the audience next year only congratulations on your Big Easy nomination. Thank you can't audit report counts you know -- people you know -- sounding at Fort Dix won. Ninety port city -- the kick it and is not have a great time. River town Peters thank you -- so much. We'll be right back this is Angela on WW well. We are talking about a fun weekend ahead and and we are talking earlier with captain Olivier about Marcus which is such a special I'd love wonderful event that the city should be very proud -- use it. Started with humble beginnings just a group of people that -- we ought to do this occurred and now it is 15100. But something else that's happening along the way -- and who was on my very first show here and was on recently talking about the culinary institute which -- others reforming. Email me that soap which is one of restaurants and artistry an a lot of this -- mention this not as a commercial but more. As. They have like top -- him yes small their opening. Their their courtyard. Before and after the parade please come by with your dog with your daughter and they'll have little treat some thing you can take your dog just so yes. I think this is a very thought out thoughtful thing thank you team all that's so sweet thanks T yes and nine you're also gonna talk about a. OK you know I failed to mention it earlier because of personal accurately excited about two -- but there is another parade happens before that it's also pretty new to this scene -- called the crew of T Rex yes and it's it's -- it's a miniature. Mardi Gras parade and it is so. Flipping and adorable and she also with the creativity in on. You know these people they're dragging and they're like the size of the shoe box yes and and they light up they just look like all the other big regular size Mardi Gras floats that -- -- there's glitter in -- Little little figurines on them and they hand out miniature throws like to handle a tiny little I mean it looks like you figure maybe anything your little baby beads a little. Baby fliers with tiny little information about this tiny parade. And so that's that's a really fun parade that should you know it's it's hasn't quite been. Discovered in the way the park a searcher baucus has so it -- under the sun to do on Saturday. You know he shouldn't have very much difficulty parking that's a really. Fun cool and weird parade to see when you know I apple grammys -- little shoe box foreclosures but I think it is absolutely stare at pictures don't they couldn't could possibly do justice and you're right it is hysterical it's a hysterical parade that kind of pokes fun at the hole. Mardi Gras experience in a really sweet respectful honoring way so go check out the crew -- I salute at Saturday afternoon and payroll. Five Mary well just some other little things that are happening. We must not forget our neighbors in Lafayette the Lafayette. I'm sorry the New York voices Grammy warming quartet will perform with the Lafayette. Jazz ensemble and that's going to beat tonight on -- hall so you might wanna be there and have the university's. 28 piece big group and I'm like yes and I should say such a beautiful cultural center. Tonight is going to be there on cinema and it is the trials of Mohammed only. -- document yes which would be -- also need to get over that whole area is really popping yet there's a lot of stuff to go check out -- major popping up with them. Also for -- for a few people who were starting businesses her. Are still wanting to learn about business. Jericho which is now in plot when Jefferson -- is host a small business. Pitched development workshop so you have an ID one pitcher business to someone. There's an art to act -- gonna have a and it's free to free seminar it's going to be Wednesday. The 26 east bank regional library. Which is on Napoleon avenue -- from nine to ten -- So which freed the -- got a call ahead to Genco. And I think it helps people that's really I've met so many people over the years that are they even have kind of blue collar jobs but they always wanted to do something else you know and -- really intelligent driven people take just pages have never sat down and tried to be a millionaire give me your money there is an -- to that. So it's really great to jet -- helping people feel it is I wanna thank you for helping me now and I also want to say very very quickly that in the Nextel Barbara going to have. Both of the sheriff's candidates. So please stay with this there were audits on the debate it's a big discussion and I hope that you join us. Cash contest it's gonna come up in just a minute we're coming at -- got to take one more break in and I love that we do this together. Look at it and don't forget cache content facts -- out. It's the 1000 dollar cash contest the code word this hour is bonus BO and you best. And that coat boarded up WL dot com slash cash. Or click on the contest link on our website for your chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide. And it's just a simple and where the year -- your office computer surfing at home or on your Smartphone or tablet you can win anywhere. Listen for the next code word -- before the top our news at 6 PM.