WWL>Topics>>2-21-14 3:10pm Angela: with the Orleans Sheriff candidates

2-21-14 3:10pm Angela: with the Orleans Sheriff candidates

Feb 21, 2014|

Angela hosts a discussion between the two candidates for Orleans Parish Sheriff: incumbent Marlin Gusman and former sheriff Charles Foti.

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Well the runoff election for sheriff of New Orleans is not that far away. What makes this especially interesting is that both candidates have been share and want the job again. Charles voting we share for almost thirty years followed by Marlon Gutman who has served the last eight years. So we're just gonna cut right to the chase here I'm so appreciative of both of you would agree to come on on Friday very busy week. Your life is probably very very busy. So it means a lot to -- -- spending our. I want to encourage the listeners if you have any questions for either of these candidates don't hesitate to call us 2601870. But I'd like to really start with and I don't mean this to be facetious. Question on me is very serious. You've both had this job. Why do you want it again. And I'll start with. Well thanks Angela. Look when I took over. Eight years ago well right before Katrina. This was the eighth largest steel facility in the United States of America. Said then when I ran that it was too large. And we shouldn't have the largest jail. The -- to a jail in the middle of our city and that's what I've been working on ever since you know Katrina really. Put a a tremendous. Disaster on us. Devastated all the buildings. And we've been in the process of rebuilding. The right way. Not trying to just put the put everything back the way it was. Because that wasn't working you know we had a revolving door there people were coming in in going out and coming right back in England right back out again. So we've been successful I think in in breaking that cycle and I think we can be even more successful. We're getting out of the tenth that we've been in since Katrina. Were gonna move out of these. Dilapidated buildings you know buildings built in the 1920s buildings that were converted. Into jails and I think we're we're poised. To really have a safer. More secure facility. Where we can have better outcomes where we're going to be able to do things. That can help people that it made mistakes. Become better and that's really what I'm focused on that's why I wanna continue on. Charles. It's surprising news today. You run Teixeira because. Think Malone has done what job in demonstrating. Did you in east talk about the future of out and no ability but doing this particular time. As federal court. US Department of Justice. Southern poverty -- son I've said it day in place for excessive. Violence of inmates on inmates. Gang rapes no classification system and the list goes on and on. I think that can be change I think that we have a good work force over there they just need to be better trained they need to be motivated in the need to be. Molded into that he and that's working to a common goal. -- Looking at what their mission statement is within values -- and it's the same time educating the inmates. Addressing assumptions in -- of problems. Putting them in a position where they can go back into society. And get a job and supportive family because experiences. I'd like to Alaska and Clinton both shared vision of architecture that. What to prior to Katrina. When you walked into the jail what did you feel you inherited. Well look it was. When I walked -- it was over twelve different facilities. Spread over a three quarter Ramallah area absolutely not the way to have a jail not the way to build a jail. Separated by city blocks separated by residential. Community. It was a mess and we knew we had old buildings are closed one building before Katrina. Building there was over on -- in street used to house a female inmates. And you know forum for someone. You know like like Charles voted to say that. You know I'm I'm a bit administrator you look -- in this office through a period of declining. Population where. Other revenues were down. Yet we were still able to make ends meet. You talk about consent decrees he and more consent decrees. Then I had. And he had more violence and I had more escapes -- I -- and you know he must have amnesia. To say that he can come here and talk about bit I've been doing. And forget about what -- he's been doing. -- responded that. Yeah I think that he's being disingenuous in orbit because. The consent decree of talented verse Carol which -- -- -- he's he was under the same kind of most audible for both about turn. The -- that consent decree we had was when the fifth circuit. Appointed judge -- or Baton Rouge to take to go all of the deals on population. Although all of deals -- -- and president say in Louisiana and which we passed with flying -- -- He had his proud that I had mine my problem walk. That we we lived in a time where. Escalating. Drug usage and and sentencing. Escalating violence. Escalating perception of crime which resulted in the legislation in the state Louisiana's City Council and -- And the federal government. Loosening. Some time do you spend in jail. Plus. We groove will listed on an injustice. Shut down angle and we couldn't show for almost two years -- upon crisis and -- that we you know only ship. As as -- space available. Doing that we had to go to tents and we got to go to other things to. Make shootout city would say. We didn't grow because we wanted to grow we grew because that was the times. Before I left office to try and was going down you can see you can see that do it was a change. Business and substantially changed in the last couple years since we did. To fiscal problems that occurred on national local and state level. When we went to. You know he says that did buildings that he's talking about he's able to build because we we had gotten away and where he's building in new prison. We also went. And and pants to bond issue voted on a lot of people -- -- you'll -- a lot of stability album facilities and -- that he ought to. -- -- so -- -- which men met on demands are met the demands to safety the city. We've played -- ground war. For a good deal we do and employees we. In 2002. Respective. Appalled justice and all the standards and we fear -- flying colors. We -- -- inspected numerous times by health. Health administration and be -- and we -- -- lose to someone of your consent decrees lawyers for a lack of medical. And generalize. It did -- consent decree came down was based. When detectives hero was. And we we go and tool and -- defers. Accreditation medical and almost -- there I think it was one of credited hopeful we will crowded. And so what we -- moving always fall -- -- meeting the demands. No they did we in that department just a scum and undermine the situation and say that we. Head violated all of these things that they said when he when he intervenes sudden -- -- loss -- loss. We're gonna take a break everyone stay with -- were talking to the two candidates for sheriff of New Orleans I'm Angela under the W well. We are talking with the two candidates for sheriff marlin -- and Charles floating. Both of whom have been -- and I think that's what time brings up many questions on both of your watches. Prisoners died. And I just want to know from each of view what can be done to prevent it. -- you know every day. You worry about. What will happen what can happen. The fact is is that we get people that are in there. No worst of physical condition new ones that don't go to the doctors. The ones that. You know have real. Medical issues. Whether it's. Kidney disease we of people on dialysis. Heart. Ailments. Lung ailments. We've only had 11. Person. Since I'd venture who died really from an act of violence one. So. You know you regret that you regret every life that's lost. You regret everything that happens. Unfortunately but you know it's it's a never ending battle with the -- we're not housing people that are. You know the the good people. You know these are people that have. Some have violent histories and some have mental issues so. You know I don't think anyone can tell you that that. There's something that you can do and and it'll be good. It's a fact of life. And just happens sometimes. -- -- I think it when you look at it GO population. You you talked about people that has had health problems their lifestyle is indicated that they pay him. Both physical health problem and sometimes in mental health problem at the same time. Plus the fact that the -- uses a dumping ground. For people and had mental health problems and who cannot be accepted will not be accepted because they homicidal -- silent at times news today. They seem to that charity house for one there emergency rooms. What you can do to to increase that is look at him proper program medical protocols -- -- of peer review of treatment and his opinion me. Bring it outside the peer assessment to look at what's happening. Have electronic medical records so he could have a good goods set of ideas of what they AM. That seems to take I'm not only when they come again it was time when he -- -- next time you you know what they do they. In. And in booking. They go through medical exam an undated certification process yet to within the first 1215 -- champions complete. Physical the size of those problems either. Told you when he came in that you observed. Someone else collagen and told -- do. To deal would did you pay attention would have his -- system. What is a request for services that come down when they -- whose semen that I have them on matters. Two he'd he'd he'd he'd do those type of things. Plus. As part of a process and any good. Health management system at present time you talk about wellness used on educating them on what has caused some problems. Dale lives times L lifestyle as. State overweight. They have. High blood five America at a relatively young age I mean idol impression -- exit of the most of those in line. At certain ages but they evidently. As he said before we have access and not a hit -- the time problem. Also you have to be very careful. A public health problems such as HIV. Tuberculosis. Strip on opposite factions those time infections that can be spread easily. In jail and also outside outside you. I just I think there's an image and I'm not talking about that the consent decrees and those are all facts that are but at least there's the public image. That for decades are jail system has been one violent. And to. Having some of these stance on not just saying violent deaths that suicides and an ill by illness and why hasn't there been any closer monitoring. From the time they walk -- to say. The skies in bad shape or this person is and a mental problems we have to bird dog that very closely. Content also not just with the deaths but the perception of these sexual attacks. And I'm I'm just curious. Not having been in the jail what does it look and where are the guards. When these sexual attacks happened. What is it the sell. All the guards not that far awakening not here's somebody scream. Are people guards not walking by checking them. Well here's the thing Percival. We have on staff. A career coordinator -- stance for a prison rape of women action coordinator. No we investigate every single allegation. Claim. Whether or substantiate or not substantiated. And every. Claim of rape whether it's substantiated or not substantiated. And we bring it to a third party. The sexual assault nurse examiner we do that our deputies do make rounds. No one of the real issues in these old deals jails built in the 1920s. Jails built in the sixties. Is that they -- of a Linear. Style. Which means that you know you really. The deputies stationed there and he might make which he makes -- trip somebody's got to come back. And when he comes back there's that period of time but we really don't have the the prevalence of sexual assaults what happens is when you have one. Then he gets blown out of proportion. And it it and makes it look like it's just prevalent all throughout the system. We investigate each and every one we have procedures in place. Through or electronic grievance. -- request that we put in so that inmates are able to communicate. Concerns. We actually do random. Samples. Where we go randomly and -- inmates hey what's going on is everything good whether they have a complainer and so we have an extensive. Methods -- -- approve any new session will be afraid to say I had a problem around the corner. On -- you know of course sometimes they're concerned about retaliation but there's ways around that. You know they'll say hey look. I need to talk to you vote. You know we'll say it's for a visit or -- an attorney visited and it's not connected to any investigation. So we we actively actively work on that. And do our very best to make sure that everyone. Is an -- here in our care custody control -- -- And the same thing with suicides you know people come in. They go through an extensive questionnaire. We asked them how are they doing how they're making out. And -- so it's it's. But after Katrina. There was a prevalence and an increased. In this community. Across the lake in New Orleans over. And the jail this it's really a microcosm in some respects -- what goes on outside. Maybe. Exacerbated a little bit. But -- believe me we do our very best and we work hard and we get better every day. But it's it's it's it's it's a daunting task. -- official -- Korea. Counseling talk about witches tied as a result in a consent it it as a result of consent decree -- -- -- factory. The federal court found. Both in the findings -- evidence at. That did there was a lack of a medical stale there was a lack of people providing these type of services and they also said. Pedigree system wasn't being monitored who wasn't being followed. In me he talks about lineage yields only two deals. Three -- as -- possibly will -- little OPP house and he. Album insisted the fourth government facilities. And the -- community correctional -- all -- -- It in pod areas when it way to do it deputy was. Could see all of the deals cells that one time and they -- play communications TE one GO socially -- to see what was going. One in particular. In that particular deal. I think is always a problem. As people intake did in twos and to a system. A lot of times. -- -- people about with this system is it today depressed anxiety in Knight Dana really -- yet. He would do in their issues posed to look at that and view -- a classification system -- actually use -- income and some. Some obviously come and that in distress but was -- physical distress. Now for us so you have to take those steps necessary to do that. We also. We talked an inmate on a daily basis to see news happening that you it will tell you lose and in new group integrated system. That tells you what is. He'll write ups tell you what's happening in geocities and take the necessary actions to to do to combat that -- with that type. Stay with -- everyone I appreciate our callers holding on we're going to go to the newsroom and only come back we'll take those calls now let's go to John names. We're talking to the two men who are vying for the sheriff's position in New Orleans Marlon dutchman be present share and Charles -- who served as sheriff. For over thirty years. And wanna thank both of them for being here let's go to war college -- -- holding a long time let's start with Craig Craig. Court report our air 12 crank up that didn't have put their heads it's okay. Your question. Record record that helped here I remember. Just what it took it still do here. In 1990. Hold on one more time I'm so sorry -- We're gonna get our engineer inherit it or they're not getting the sound and it's important -- hear your questions. Okay can you hear now. I don't think usher photo can McCain. Can you hear now yes OK thank you very much for your patience. What they don't care issues. I remember in 2000 it was. Today or where quick HIV. -- in -- were forced to Wear done -- And mentally ill patients were shackled to a grid. -- -- still there's still done there're there're any of that changed with the and you consent decree or did they do -- Certainly has not happened under my watch. I wouldn't do it wouldn't tolerated. And that's just you know not something that that we think. Would ever be appropriate under any circumstances. Picture -- Not that Paramount. -- you know it you went through. Holds his. He went through lots of changes over time as you went from -- -- to do ones that we -- father and you know I was -- that we took tennis there and stop. -- if somebody was HIV positive that you didn't identify them. The HIV positive we did do that now. They will they'll move do we have special task force with charity hospital when he received a medicine. They voted to win scrubs and a date we we brought oil collars up there and they pick pink to win as describes as they wanted to -- But why were -- for extra work done so. You know nobody would step -- built on -- have a noted you as someone would stun belt as if -- -- -- -- If they would dangerous prisoner and it would be and transported. To another facility on -- being transported. 22 court. -- -- -- -- -- Thanks for holding. Getting it's just we have some tension level in heels here. Well. I'll call though I'd be scared people where. It. And we and a comparable -- -- of music. Can you can't -- bars -- All. Eric mobile -- -- Katrina happened so not Erica prayer for the business unit. That we should -- -- is. And he deserves. Four more years -- -- you can make you -- is the netbook you'd be real. That people with aids is being held under authorities need to be. So that the problem indeed it based on C. Fred chair in my opinion. Who can make it right that. So and I -- aware. That -- for. About a year ago so. You know. Appreciate it -- -- been on all the officers there have all been very professional -- -- India before where. And I they did they deserve. I'm I'm not sure what mr. have been three year -- The example and fight and fight and fight so. Arthur I appreciate this call very much and thank you again for holding we're gonna move on to. Jest just in New Orleans. I. The question is directed arms for thirty. -- burger and in 1995. There was a situation where. -- a group of school children they were in grade but we're -- the GAO and and they were elected by another deputy in in me on the laundry room atoms on the papers and my question is whatever that situation with whatever I mean is it. Years ago you mentioned your card and disappear and as it was what the books so much concerned with how the court it's happening like that. To children and our -- And deputy and it did and it -- failed them -- Ali on the ground water room. An album -- -- would be do you recall that on the stability. No I don't went if it was it was it was investigated it from the standpoint of the it was an allegation made some time and that person that this allegation that it. Made against is is is now -- top stand for and as terrible as his office so we both of us. Think that he did not do that and there was no proof that it did happen it was investigated by the DA's office. Still -- leave -- At that that's ridiculous you know that's ridiculous a lot. The fact is that a lot was swept under the rug during Prodi's administration. Everybody knows that everybody's aware of that. For him to try to say that the somebody working for me now who participated in sweeping thumping on the road is just ridiculous that in thing out there. In person not as a east Lebanon Iran has that it was investigated by the DA's office is that person. Is still employed by use directive -- today hate to stop this everybody hold on we'll be right back as we continue our talk with a two sheriffs candidates right after -- Marlin Stutzman Charles -- our guest today both vying for the office of sheriff both having held the office. The federal monitor came out with a report recently. And saying many things but among the many things is that. Low pay for the deputies. And it's roughly 21000 dollars how can that be resolved. Where you gonna get money to pay people more. To hopefully hire better people. Well Angela you know and I took over. -- pay. Was right above minimum wage for about six dollars and 58 cents an hour -- raised it. To nine dollars. 39 cents an hour now just raise -- -- to twelve dollars and some change. But it needs to be higher. You know for us tonight just attract -- to be able to retain. We have to be competitive with the other law enforcement jurisdictions. In this community in this region. We've been working -- something that. Has affected. Our operations you know turn over is just commend us. And you know with that. You get the money that the city doesn't have anymore money -- and a budget what we've been working with the city and we've been working with the city and with the mayor to develop. Some alternative. And some new funding sources. And I think we have a really good good shot at doing that. That takes. Coordination it takes cooperation. It takes the sort of transparency that you have to have to let people know. Where everything is that where you spend the money and how effective you can be in in using the resources that you give -- given. Sure -- but would you urge you to get more money to pay better wages. Like you you have the -- -- -- -- you talk about a six budget you have to go to the city and make his case. Wanted to. Proposal that's on details on the house after the election. That uses in Asia we come home when news. With the law enforcement district and the tax that we go -- general public to see if they would vote. And changed bond issue from being spent on on. Construction. To be used operating expenses. That would mean to people who did decide who won the prop you know loses series decided anyone do that. It would have to be fully Cox is -- fact of how to money was being spent way it was -- spent. And Japanese goods Stewart whose money it was coming through. I think that the other deal is that you have to -- -- deputies. Want and deserve more -- they didn't work they -- -- -- be treated fairly. They need they need him promotional opportunities you have to make it so it you can see it's not what chief's -- It's way you go. You know how well you go peace talks about it time everybody -- was -- even remember. Many many dog is about reason police police department he can remember many many August by raising the pay city city workers. So -- you know you have to deal within. The framework of the environment that you limited. They deserve the -- They should be professional. Patient care of those type of training courses that make them professional. Dead dead as they get more training get more job responsibility. Get more money. And it did more promotional opportunities to -- a Korean player if you go back -- when I took over Russia team and the pension system. Say about the money over the years to purchase. Repurchase -- -- time yesterday -- have a pension system and jointly chairs purchases. So -- who have fully cognizant of of that do rule did that in women -- -- for the show our office play in his success. And making it a safe place where -- is -- fuel. Protective of public and also protected in -- from home and training them to. Readjust to civilian life when he released from -- You know you've pretty much just says what I think a lot of the public and I'm doing this anecdotally. Is that over the years and assistant. To either it's to both of that there hasn't been that image of Clinton has been safe. For the inmates. That that some have gotten out that there hasn't been the transparency. That there should be. These are not just idle thoughts these -- this is a strong feeling among the population how do you overcome that where you know. I can't believe we're gonna take another break I swear we're going to be right back. We have the candidates for sheriff marlin -- and Charles podium -- if you can briefly address what we just talked about. Which is the perception for decades has been that the New Orleans prison has not been a great place. And it hasn't been run well it has not been transparent. And it has been violent four inmates at -- so how do we change that course. Well the fact is is that for decades. Under Charles -- it was under a cloak of secrecy. Very little information given about budget. Very little information given about the events then. Things that transpired behind there. There were actually situations where the the council had to say hey look you need to disclose. When people escape. Potential it's gonna change if I was single contingent. Charles voting. I think that did what you have to do it is. On monetary issues yet -- to put the pope's. -- -- Every quarter. On on Internet so that people could see him -- to do continue every quarter of performed so -- prompted to do you. In the process and in Japan us who has been. Per Diem because that's the latest city want to pay it. And they gave fix judges who -- go OK I hate that. Or having to end this I appreciate both of you being here good luck to you both and don't forget to vote.