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02-21 10pm Scoot Show, Mardi Gras, Miley Cyrus

Feb 22, 2014|

Scoot talks about: the new street rules for Mardi Gras, and Miley Cyrus new concerts; are they too sexually explicit?

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Good evening -- -- just getting started with the Scotia overnight we had the LSU Virginia Tech game on earlier and you might have been listening to that LSU beat Virginia Tech tonight. Nine to nothing. It's Friday night the first full weekend of Mardi Gras parades it is nonstop from now until Mardi Gras day. Very very pleasant night's you might wanna have it my jacket or sweater with you tonight -- tomorrow is gonna be really great. Little bit cool again tomorrow night chance of rain on Sunday says something they were watching. In fact if you wanna get weather updates especially this time of year when there's so much going on what is it you're no instantly what's going on with the weather. We've got free updates for you now messaging data rates apply but the updates are available -- free for months it's it's a free service from WWL. And it's available on every cell phone not not just the ultimate Smartphones -- the ultra expensive phones that on every Smartphone I mean every every cellphone you've got. So if you if you wanna get weather updates as simply text the word whether. Too late 77. Text the word whether. Too late 7870. And you get weather updates if you're out Sunday here your church Sunday you know what's going on you'll have to do. Don't and don't don't look at your phone in church but you'll know exactly what's going on with the weather and hopefully it's going to be a curiosity but. It was very pleasant tonight tomorrow is going to be great -- hopefully Sunday works out just fine. How you might be heading home right now from one of the praise and thanks for having to BW which you as you head home or head out tonight. On the show tonight Ted Nugent apologizes for what he said about President Obama. We talked about -- on the show last night I was critical of Ted -- I doubt that he was listening to the show decided you know. School which pretty hard a realist and I think of federal policy foot -- but will will bring an update on that. Also a former US lieutenant general says. Jesus is coming. And he's gonna be armed with an eight. And -- series he says it's in the Bible. He has interpreted something in revelation. That believes makes him believe that Jesus is coming and he will be armed with an eight. Also the snake. That killed the pastor of the church in Tennessee. Is gonna be returned to the worship service. This Sunday. And you know you wonder if that snake is thinking. Next. Also some parents are criticizing Miley Cyrus is -- tour and the concerts to sexual. It's too -- it's too provocative. And summer calling for the upcoming concerts. To all be canceled. Will that happen. -- blog tonight is titled Miley Cyrus concerts too sexy. It's so on our web page at WWL dot com -- -- -- and on the front page. It's also part of the conversation we're having on our FaceBook page and you can read it and share with others come -- -- if you like and be part of the conversation FaceBook are some of -- comments coming up in just a little while. But our FaceBook page is WWL. Radio Miley Cyrus concerts too sexy. And again some parents want this absolutely. Canceled the tour over is that gonna happen. If you wanna join us with a comment tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number 677. Here's our RWW a pretty jaguar opinion poll tonight how many parades will you go to this weekend. One. More than one. Or nine. If your opinion like going to our web sites WW real dot com. And if you at a parade tonight. Was everybody following the new rules you know some new rules in effect -- was anybody breaking any of the new rules. Was everybody behaving welcome and I wasn't. You know I like talk about the of the things that people and not that I want to be critical of people are critical parades but. It's nice to talk about some of the things that the people do that are very irritating and some of the things that people do that make the experience of going to a parade. Less enjoyable for for many if you. I like to talk about those things because first of all it feels good it's kind of cathartic to to talk about these things. But also. It may be -- sends a message to to some people who were doing stuff that's really irritating to others and maybe they're just oblivious to the fact that it's it's irritating to others. So was everybody behaving tonight any any problems. And what advice would you hand. For anybody who's experiencing morning draw for the very first time because it's nonstop from now toward -- Visas to -- she'll if you and join us with your thoughts in your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a tax numbers 877. For district hand Peter -- and to be WLA good evening. -- I didn't urgently. Callable courage is no victory. They had she's young gentleman. And there are probably fortunate and sixty. And very ignoring. Stopped in my speech. Shouldn't. I opened the underwear trying to church you -- Shouldn't. Assert my first well. And and and yelling obscenities. I mean and are fourteen and Kenya Euro young Jett who. I didn't think that was trot. Obviously they're not general. Obviously you know that's something Peter that's something that really does bother me -- -- anybody who knows me anybody who listens to the dispute showed it here in W if you -- knows that it I'm far from a crude. But when it comes to obscenity and public. Especially in a morning gras parade I think that's just totally unnecessary because they're always a lot of kids around. And it's just it's it's it's unnecessary. Yes I agree with cute joke and I was talking with them I mean my name is you know that the and I was you know -- only have that would. Well I appreciate guys I appreciate you calling our show. I'm not exactly sure where or so ago put two. You know he may have just totally made that up Chris -- realized that it was kind of a crank call their toward the end. But there are 1416 year olds who are very -- And knowing. And they do shout obscenities and that's something. That I I I noticed years ago and it is always bothered me and I've talked about consistently. The root people. Along the parade route -- -- Libby -- -- WL. I wanna make a comment about Miley Cyrus on -- yeah. I am not. In favor. The overt sexuality yet she's portraying lately. However I do believe in freedom of speech and expression arts. And might might point expecting bad. Parents. You know that parents can. And on to calmer cancellation of a concert stage you need it. Not. Allow their kids out and acted. Yeah and imagine that actually acting like compared to -- instead of taking your kids because they wanna -- you make a decision to not take them because you don't think it's the right thing this is apparent. -- -- That's all the -- wanna. Right -- it's a good point I'm going to call if you wanna join us tonight our number is 2601870. Told 38668890. Point seven. In a text numbers eights and creates Havoc if you wanna join me on Twitter I'll I'll be taken some pictures from about this weekend parades or wherever. It's an -- scoots SEO OT -- scoot. WWL. Here is a text. That reads the best way to get the Miley Cyrus concert canceled is to just not buy a ticket. If enough people do not buy tickets. And they do not make any money they will stop having her concert. -- there is one aspect of this State's. Kind of suspicious to me. And I wanna share that with -- effect we'll we'll take a break here. And when we come back we'll we'll talk more about this the -- blog tonight so they were talking about Miley Cyrus concerts too sexy. There are some parents who want her entire tour cancel but there's something about this -- looking into this earlier today something about this that I find really interesting. And I -- at least bring it up as a possibility. We'll talk about that when we come back and again if you rejoice with your thoughts and comments tonight our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. It's every text -- -- 7870. This is the -- show like for New Orleans on a Friday night heading into weekend will be right back on W bureau. And even though our studio is soundproof -- still hear the parades as they finish up the -- chopper to this year. In the CBD. You may be just getting in your car heading home from a parade you might be heading out today today there's going to be some traffic out there -- so just. Be patient glad -- with -- tonight. -- WWL. I'm -- any here's RW if you are pretty general opinion poll tonight how many parades you gonna go to this weekend won more than one or not. 20% say they're gonna go to 114%. Say more than one and 66%. Say they're gonna go to non. -- will -- -- pull -- on our show so give us and updates with European by going to WW real dot com. -- -- talk about Miley Cyrus our concerts too sexy. Some parents -- -- the rest of her tour canceled. And so a lot of people think that that is ridiculous so we'll we'll talk about that in just a moment a Ted Richard has apologized. We talked about this on on the show last night. A Ted Nugent said I do apologize the first shall we take what he says. He really rambled on and on about it the president now at Ted Nugent is on the campaign trail. Four. Greg -- it. Who is apparently going to be the Republican nominee in the gubernatorial race in the state of Texas. Running against the Democrat Wendy Davis. Soul on the campaign trail for Greg -- Ted Nugent referred to Obama as a -- tight and said that he would see sub human Mungro. And did he kind of went on from there. -- -- and I was critical message -- ten digits to title to his opinion. But does it have to get so ugly. Does it have to be that hateful now if you're in a bar. And that's what you wanna say that's one thing but if you're on the campaign trail. Four. A gubernatorial candidate I don't think you'd do the image of the Republican Party any good. If you if you resort to ugly name calling. As opposed to. Something that would be slightly more. Respectable. Again. What do you say the message that you say -- certainly entitled to that and there's certainly ways to criticize. The president or anybody for that matter without being ugly and stupid about denied I thought Ted bishop was. Was stupid or saying what he said the -- said. So today to -- -- as I do apologize not necessarily to the president but on behalf. A much better men than myself and he said that on the conservative radio talk show. -- he has come under a lot of criticism from Democrats effect is his opponent. -- -- pursue departed Wendy Davis. -- actually used -- digits comments to. To raise funds and to bring attention to her campaign. A ten digits that he apologizes. For quote using the street fighter terminology of sub human Mungro. Instead of using more understandable language such as violator of his own. Constitution. He also apologized. Because he says he regrets that the language has reflected back on the Republican Party since I apologize for using the term. I would try to elevate. My vernacular. To the level of those great man. I'm learning from in the world of politics. Rick Perry Ted Cruz and Rand Paul all criticized. Tradition itself. -- even among. Conservatives. Who were critical of tradition and today he has apologized. If you're gonna -- for the comment about anything we talk about on the show are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Activity. In a text number is 877 is a -- reads Ted is right well he he may be right but if you're on. Campaign trail what does it have to be that ugly. Because it make you feel good. For effort for for something to be that vicious and then if you wanted to get that vicious that vicious than you you can't really complain about the host on MSNBC. That bash Republicans with. Ugly discourse. You know we we can disagree. It just doesn't have to be ugly. And if it has to resort to to being. Something it's ugly it's like you're resorting to the lowest common denominator and that does not suggest intelligence to me. That we live in a civil nation and there'll always be people who don't agree with the outcome of an election. It's been that way from the beginning of time. And there will be people I guarantee no matter who becomes the next president -- will be a large group of people in this country who will not like the new president. But there's no reason for our debates to get. As ugly as they have gotten it that doesn't need to be as much hate. As there have as did -- political debate in political discourse today. Miley Cyrus or her concerts too sexy. There are reports that some parents are complaining that -- irises. Sexual antics and her flesh revealing costumes on stage at a concert tour. Are just. Over overboard they're they're -- sexual and summer calling for her tour to be canceled. On her. -- tour that's the name of the tour bankers with a Z nine -- nest. Miley Cyrus simulates sex with a man wearing a Bill Clinton mask. Sort of taking on the role of Monica Lewinsky. She groups the backside of the dancer. And -- provocatively in skimpy outfits including one leotard with the design of a marijuana leaf. Souvenirs at the Miley Cyrus concert include forty dollar gold in village rolling papers. For pot smokers. Now let me try to understand -- parents. Bringing their kids to a Miley Cyrus concert. And they're complaining about sexual content. It's a Miley Cyrus concert. Or what part of that is a surprise to you. Now maybe it's the media especially social media that if if given people the feeling that they can complain about anything. And start a controversy that actually leads to change. If parents were taken their kids to a a kid friendly show the character suddenly began simulating sex acts. Acknowledging drugs during the show I can understand complaints and criticism of that. But we're talking about outrage over Miley Cyrus being too sexual onstage. That's -- -- Cyrus does that's who she is. She's Tony wants so it's perfectly legal. You know there's always the possibility deceptive you know I want to bring up there's always a possibility that Miley Cyrus is management. Has created this controversy to sell tickets to upcoming shows. The web site the fix. Reports quote her team including management record label -- and the entire tour staff including the director. Costume department and choreographers. Have been called for an emergency meeting as Arenas across the US threatened to pull out of the show. However executives for the promoter live nation issued this statement quote. There's no truth whatsoever to any stories or rumors. Of venues pulling out of the bangers tour. Forbes magazine reported that his -- he was Miley Cyrus actually -- the whole whole frenzy about Miley Cyrus recently. I'm peaked in the week of August when he -- following her. Attention granting performance if you will put it that way -- at the MTV video music awards. And -- demand for tickets recently have have gotten softer. I've fallen off. So what better way to inspire the sale of tickets and to create rumors that the concert is so sexual. And so adult oriented. That parents are complaining and venues are threatening to cancel the shows what better way to create publicity. The Celtic it's. Controversy sells. And it is the audiences. That feed the controversies that lead to increase in ticket sales. And when you think about the complaint happy world we all live -- no it is also reasonable to believe. Debts that they are parents who have complained about the sexual innuendoes of Miley Cyrus on her new concert tour. But what is it about -- Miley Cyrus concert that led -- to expect anything less. Complaining about the sexual nature of the concert. You know I guess even if even if it is expected. Gives parents an excuse to blame Miley Cyrus and the producers for exposing their kids to something they consider inappropriate. But the decision to take them to the concert. Was the parents' decision in the first place. And blaming something or someone else for the poor decisions made by individuals. It's part of a well established trend in America that we talk about which is just blaming others. It's never my fault so parents you know their kids -- ago they bring their kids there and they're upset with what they see and so they blame Miley Cyrus and the producers. -- that just doesn't make sense. So it is it's it's absurd to complain about something that lives up to its image on stage. Miley Cyrus has established the image of being a wild young female performer. With sexual overtones -- shows. And that's not a secret everybody knows that. So as one is nobody is forced. To go or forced to take their kids to a -- Cyrus concert against their will. And every parent should accept the responsibility. Of the decisions that they make. And not -- performers and producers for successfully making an established image come to life on stage. And responding to the complaints about her new shows Miley Cyrus I've said it perfectly she treated. You can't say I didn't warn -- now sit back and enjoy the show savior complaints. For the fast food restaurant drive through when they forget. The Fries. Miley Cyrus. Are you surprised that her concerts are sexy. If you gonna join our show with your comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. At a text numbers 878 Saturday here's a text that -- -- gold in relished smoking papers. Talk about your money going up in smoke at forty dollars for gold embellished. I don't know exactly what that means gold embellished. Smoking papers and I'm sure that a lot of people will be upset with that Miley Cyrus herself is debated HE. Smoked pot and enjoys it safely with with Lady Gaga. And is outrageous is in many people might think that is. Let's remember that the generation that is now the establishment. The baby boomer generation. There's a generation that. As it as a group first made. Marijuana much more acceptable even it was never legal much more acceptable in the sixties. And the seventies. We knew that they were performers that we liked and looked up to that smoked pot. In fact if there were a lot of people who admired them because they smoked pot and they were into things like that. I'm not endorsing marijuana. I'm just simply pointing out that this is not new this is not something that is that. Freakish in -- usual that this young stars words. Admit that they. That they smoked pot and appointed as -- I guess this is really the challenge with with every parent. Is to. Teach your kids that no matter what they're exposed to the are expected to act a certain way. And she's 21. And she is not doing anything well he smoking pot that is illegal but in terms of her stage -- she's not doing anything. Illegal as far as I know and just the other day. That we talked about this Fisher just the other day was the anniversary in 1969. I'm Jim Morse and the doors. Being arrested. For exposing himself and simulating. Self gratification. On station Miami. Now. If somebody did that if -- hip hop artist did that today what would you think of that hip hop artist. And did you Morrison's actions. Affect you mean you might not seen it in the world was different and we didn't see things is as as as quickly as we as we see them today. Now with the with the media but we knew that we heard that it happened it was in the news. He was. He actually. Where is I believe he was appealing that that charge. When he died in in Paris. So again and all of this did -- a re among rock stars is really. Nothing new. And quite often I have referred to myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation because I don't always agree with the hypocrisy of of my generation. It doesn't mean that I support pod. It just means that when you -- young generation. Don't Judge Judy is if you're generation didn't go through many of the same thing it's -- to join a shooter right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text number is 87870. A -- like tonight is titled Miley Cyrus and Miley Cyrus concerts too sexy. And that's on our website at WWL dot com under our opinions you can read it and share -- common -- if you like. It's also part of the conversation on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio. And -- to Samir concerts here are some of your comments in just a moment. From mid city David you're on the -- show under the WL. Hey -- and David. It is on -- becoming what. A -- things should be a little girl. Well that. I agree I agree with you David Charlotte is that type seasons is she is she's a very cute sexy. When he -- Euro. They'll look. -- And it's part of that go -- go. Out. Outlook. Year to get out there and put. It. I I don't remember that but it doesn't supply. And think that is -- -- about it this is what I love to talk about on the show because the generation that is now the establishment. Is he is critical of young generation. As if they never went through some of these things is if all of this stuff these -- received suggestive lyrics are new or. Or do what is new or sex is new it's it's not do. Yeah I mean she did it. Hurt. And what do you do. Need you know. -- broke. The career and be quiet. What about the course that. That's what it. -- and beautiful. And art and so. Answer it's a really good point and I haven't seen Miley Cyrus where anything did I haven't seen in the past -- haven't seen on -- beach effective seat -- on -- on on a public speech. I also think it's it's interesting that there's criticism without shorter shorts are if you look at old even the black and white. Like why also it's of gilligan's earlier. Mary wins. Awards are as short and defining if you will as any shorts -- anybody -- today. That there really navy is being out. I David I enjoyed our conversation and thanks to listen to Debbie WL -- 95 you gonna join us with your -- to our number is 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890870. And a text number is 8787. Here's attacks there when asked recently why. -- responded. Have you seen my record sales. They are buying my music done. Jack and for those who somehow think that Miley Cyrus is are wrecking ball. Herself. That she's gonna somehow destroy a young generation. Young generations survive to Madonna. So why wouldn't they survive. Miley Cyrus. Here's a -- to and he ran an article the New York Daily News and so then there were comments posted after the story here's a comment. It's. It's very sad. That this very talented young woman. Has the idea. That in order to be popular she must engage in these disgusting innuendoes. Her career will be over before it starts. If she continues. With this disgusting behavior. She needs to look at herself in the new year. To see just how stupid she years. Well. You know I think that's probably a very good point. You don't Madonna never really made very much a personal duty. Again I'm not endorsing. Things that are provocative. But it is part of life. It's it's it's part of growing up in -- Tony what she's old enough to do provocative things onstage and I find it interesting it did so many people have been so critical of the former Disney stars. They didn't do this when they were Disney stars but everybody is entitled to grow up and I think our last caller mix of really good point about it. Everybody is entitled. To grow up. And so don't freak out if if you're young teenagers. Look up to Miley Cyrus. And if the are starting to emulate her behavior that you consider inappropriate. Don't blame the music. Don't blame the concert. Teach. Your children right from wrong. And I know that's really an interesting concept because so many parents today just feel absolutely helpless hold my god what am I gonna do what what what can I do. You know the generation that is now the establishment. They grow up at a time you know what our parents held us accountable for our behavior no matter what we saw. And relative to the times we saw things that were as outrageous as they are too young generation today. So don't be afraid to use the power you have it's apparent. And teach. Responsibility and right from wrong. And -- two shelty UK's from reality because they're gonna see it somewhere sometime so prepare them to. Be responsible regardless of what they're exposed to. Here's our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight how great race we go to this weekend won more than one or nine. It was your opinion by going to be appealed outcome that would give an update on that coming up here in just a few moments. Abort your -- are coming up if you wanna join us for the -- tonight our number is 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. Text -- receipts every seven. Cyrus is really cute and they're people who don't -- be admitted but she's she's talented. She may not be the most talented person to ever grace the stage but the girl considering she's got moves and she's got talent. This is Cisco show and we'll be right back under -- WL. I here's a song called their -- he's got a guy and may be somebody needs to redo this with. They named Jesus. Jesus. -- ago on. -- about how this would work with -- the word Jesus. -- -- a former lieutenant general. The United States Jerry Boykin. Told the conservative family research council. That. He has a vision of the second coming of Christ and Jesus. Bloodstained. Toting a gun specifically. Jesus in the second coming will be packing and a ar fifteen. Assault rifle. And he goes to revelation nineteen and says he's coming back is a lawyer carrying a sword he said I've checked this out and this sort he'll be carrying. When he comes back will be -- fifteen. So this is not a metaphor. A -- today. Is that they are fifteen. So. I guess maybe did the visuals that we have of Jesus coming back I guess some of those could be changed to Jesus. Packing packing heat. Here's an update on a WWO party general opinion poll how many parades you get to go to this weekend. 20%. Say one. 13% seem more than one as the diehards. And 67% responding to our polls say nine. -- your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com and there's always something new and our website if you need any information about. A carnival time in the parade schedule -- and carnival digest our authorities parade previews we've got all of that on our website. At WW dot com also the this schedule and all the information on family gras which kicked off tonight with Amanda Shaw and Cowboy Mouth and I do work on the show tonight so did you get to go to that -- on them that -- and head out there this week and I really hope I get a chance C Wilson Phillips. 'cause I always had a crush on on on them mainly China -- but I got the but the music was was due to affect a Jack let's go to the next break with -- Wilson Phillips on. Cheating you could -- one they had good harmonies. You know they came from good stock the Beach Boys in the Mamas and pompous. So they're going to be in town of blood sweat tears and the music of Electric Light Orchestra and many many others it's free and it's fun it's. On the neutral ground right there to next to lakeside causeway and veterans highway in Metairie. And I and raced past there's -- give yourself election time to find there a good place to park and just go out and enjoyed it tomorrow is gonna be beautiful day for family draw. In -- hopefully Sunday turns out to be a great day as well so we got all of that on our website also the big chief Deke Bellavia -- got a blog about L issue -- Tulane baseball. And -- both of them remain perfect right now LSU won earlier we had that game here in WW will they be Virginia Tech nine to nothing. Also still trending is a blog that I wrote yesterday is Obama hoping to control the media. And Kristian -- guy asks is it time to overhaul the boring Olympic Games also Angela hill asks who should be New Orleans next year off. Should it be sheer moral and -- Or should it be former sheriff. Charles bode. All of that is set in a podcast and all of that stuff and more on our web site. And -- WL dot com we get to a few of these says text here is a text reads scoot I know a few twenty somethings it would tool Miley Cyrus concert. And according to them there are rap concerts that are worse. Why don't rappers get this type of coverage. It's because. Miley Cyrus is a young. Icahn. Superstar to a lot of young people and and -- the argument can be made that that's so our our rap stars. It's I think this is an interesting part of of the approaches of the media and and things that did catch on it's it's bigger news if it's Miley Cyrus than it is if it's if it's a rapper. And I'm not saying that that's fair. But what he's bigger news will always get the attention of the media over something that is not as -- news. Here's a Texan Reid says stripped my daughter's room of everything to do with Miley Cyrus. And she is not allowed to watch or listen to her she's eight and it's my choice is apparent. And if she's eight years old and if you know your child I think that's a good choice. The thing that I love most about this is that you're making decisions apparent. And their -- so many parents who feel helpless what can I do my child likes Miley Cyrus what it. What can you do what he could start by doing with the smothered it. Here's a text that -- -- so tired of people in this world thinking they are high and mighty. If they don't like the layperson dresses for the concert. Then don't take their children. These are costumes. It's not just Miley Cyrus it was Madonna share etc. etc. etc. Here's the text of Miley Cyrus is beautiful. And does have talent who cares. If she's just being herself. It's not like it hurts us. And I would agree with that. There are people who absolutely panic. When they'd see some of the things in the world today but you know I can take you back in time when things were not nearly as. Blatant and graphic as they are today. But we didn't think about sex. Any less. -- people thinking about sex today. It's just something that is part of humanity. And EU can't deny it. What you should do and we should all do is expect ourselves and our kids. To be responsible. With their. Natural sexual. Disorders. If you're gonna join our -- right to our number is 2601870. Tool free 8668890. Point seven. Text number is 877. I'd I'd like these I'd like these girls Wilson Phillips are they going to be in town and be part of family draw this weekend. This is the -- -- it's a Friday night's. We're heading into the weekend Mardi Gras parade started tonight and it's nonstop until Mardi Gras day. And we'll be right back. On -- WL. How many parades are you gonna go to lose this weekend. Just one. More than one or nine. That's a WW a pretty general opinion it'll give us your opinion like going to our website WWL dot com. Also if you love this time is here and you're headed to the parades would ever you're going to a parade keep your radio locked. Demi WL 870 AM -- 1053 FM we've got your morning -- traffic reports every twenty minutes. The crew WWL tell you where the crews -- rolling what they're throwing every twenty minutes to help you get to your parade. Or your other destination on time because not everybody's going to -- but sometimes you get caught up in parade traffic or you get detoured because of the parade. We are year article information station WWL in a fan and dot com there are some -- new rules that have gone into effect to passed by the City Council. It is down in the -- -- the throw beads back court to throw anything back at the writers on the float. And that now carries 250 dollar fine. I guess the question is it if so why does that are or are they gonna be arrested or -- police have. More important things to worry about. I don't know replied as she could get away with it today I'd I'd like to think that we. It is instead of always. Rebelling and and and breaking the law. I like to think that we can all kind of come together and realize that you know we're all in this together white why can't we just try to do the right thing. And you can understand that throwing beads back at the parade is. Not a good idea. Also try to -- portable toilets. Are now banned on on public property including the neutral ground she can't bring out your portable body had just set it up on the neutral ground -- -- public property. And the companies that place toilets on a private property. They will be signed a 250 dollars. Parking on both sides of saint Charles this is something its new both sides of saint Charles and both sides of Napoleon avenue. Is prohibited. Starting two hours before it operate. Latter's. Tents. Grills all of that kind of stuff that people set up must be at least six feet back from the curb. And letters cannot be hooked together with chains. And that's just in case there's an emergency so people can actually. Get through word you know get to the person that needs emergency assistance. It is also now illegal to rope off a private area. Whether you do it with ropes or heart -- Shares horror whatever you can't rope off your price that's not your property. And you can't rope off and declare it is George now. Lot of people do that for and Demi and and baucus and some of the day parades they go way ahead sometimes I think people go the day before and set stuff up. That is now illegal but I don't know what the fine would be for that also it is against a law now to sell the the snap and pop firecrackers. Because they don't want to scare the horses. All right this is this -- showing we'll be right back.