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02-21 11pm Scoot, MIley Cyrus and Mardi Gras

Feb 22, 2014|

Scoot talks about: Miley Cyrus; is her new concert too sexy? Mardi Gras; are you going to abide by the new street rules?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- It's the first weekend -- full nonstop Mardi -- operating and they were parades tonight -- took a look at out of the other side of our building near downtown. And I conceded his bumper to bumper on magazine trying to head toward uptown and head toward the interstates and and the West Bank so you just be patient I'll be at a great time at the parade. And it's that time of year win. It's crowded. Right this is Friday -- it's the beginning of the week and and on every show every Friday we. Always played a -- at least one time because this is what you've been working for. You be working for the weekend -- reach over. And crank it out. -- here's what we're talking about tonight the the new rules have gone into effect for Mardi Gras. Did did everybody follow the rules did you did you see any any problem tonight's I hope everybody was was following the rules but if you wanna talk about something that somebody did it. Really wasn't wasn't congruent with the new rules that are in effect you can call our show. I hope everybody behaves you know there's always going to be renegade teenagers and there obnoxious and did it's a shame that they have such a lack of respect for for other people that. You know I hear cursing and -- language and I know that some of this is part of being a teenager but. Even teenagers should be respectful family situations. And -- -- operates no matter where they are. You really are are partly family situation and so you know wait until -- along with your friends to let the following which fly -- there's there's there's nothing. There's nothing wrong with being as respectful of of other people a Ted Nugent has apologized we talked about this on the show last night to dutrow said. Among other things that President Obama was. A sub human Mungro. And and while many -- agree with that. He was on the campaign trail for great addict who's running for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Texas. It's officially on the campaign trail. He's saying really ugly hateful derogatory things but the president. There's a way to criticize the president without getting ugly but yet Ted Nugent is reflective of how. Hateful. A political debate is today. A -- digits as he apologizes for using that term. And he said I will try to elevate my vernacular to the level of those great men that I am learning from in the world politics. -- has apologized Ford and it's exactly what we talked about last night that it was inappropriate criticized the president for his policies criticized president because. You you don't you don't agree with him that's that's fine but does it have to get down to sub human Mungro. And and think about this yourself. Think about the times that you defended did George W. Bush when people were criticizing him you like George W. Bush show. You were very offended by. A derogatory comments about bush and believe me there were man this is not the first president who is received derogatory comments. So there's nothing wrong with trying to be a little more civil and cerebral with our political debate. Also tonight we've really talked about this this former US lieutenant general. Jerry Boykin. He was a speaking to the conservative group a family research council. And he said that he has this vision of the second coming of Christ. And Christ. Is packing an a and he goes back to revelation nineteen and said that the sword. From there. Today would be the ER fifty sorry if if Christ comes back as a warrior carrying a sword this sword today. Would be. And they are fifteen. And I do understand it is I think it is very logical. To. Updates. The image of Jesus into the world that we live in today for example you know Jesus Houston parables and he used contemporary things at the time to convey his messages. Who's to say they'd be Jesus wouldn't if he were here today fitness word did the beginning of of Jesus. Who's to say that he wouldn't be using contemporary type of music to. Spread his gospel also -- we've talked about a controversy with Miley Cyrus is concerts -- -- -- have come criticized Miley Cyrus saying that her concerts are too sexy. The errors just too much about sexual innuendo stuff on state -- simulates sex with a man wearing a Bill Clinton mask. She groups the backside of dancer moves provocatively in skimpy outfits on stage one of the outfits is a leotard with the design of a marijuana leaf. And or souvenirs that include forty dollar. Gold embellished rolling papers for pot smokers sold that the Miley Cyrus concert but she's 21. She is for as far as I know. Elevated getting -- smokes pot TV she's not doing anything illegal. And what she does on stages. Well I guess it's okay for 21 year old to act that way if that's what she wants him if if if parents are upset with this. They shouldn't dose of -- demand that the concerts. Some parents are calling for the Miley Cyrus concerts to be canceled the future concert to be canceled. And maybe it's a case of parents taking -- their kids to the concert. And being embarrassed by what they saw. And then turning around and blaming it on Miley Cyrus and the promoters and the producers of the concert. And there have even been some rumors that the that did this venues it in in upcoming cities are. Are threatening to bow out threatening to cancel the concerts. Because there's so they're so racy however the producers and the promoters of the concert life nation. Issued this statement saying. There is no truth whatsoever to any stories or rumors of venues pulling out of the bankers tour it's -- with it as easy and not a nest so this could also be something that worries. And created by that the management and Miley Cyrus to try to increase. The ticket sales because fortune magazine reports that. The frenzy with Miley Cyrus really peaked the week of August 25. When she was following the MTV video music awards appearance where she got so much attention for her behavior on stage. And so the demand for tickets have leveled off. What a great way you do inspire more ticket sales but create a controversy that it's it's so sexual. That there are parents who -- calling for the tour to be canceled. Well it's not going to be canceled and if you don't think you cage should see that. Then don't take him and as we know quite often a parents feel helpless like oh what am I gonna do my kids were missing Miley Cyrus well you know you don't have to take him. If you don't want to and for those who were so freaked out over Miley Cyrus let's remember there was Madonna and we survived her. If you wanna join our show with a comet tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. -- a tech's number is a 77 -- like tonight is titled Miley Cyrus concerts too sexy. That's under the WL dot com -- front page and also under our opinions -- having a conversation about that on our FaceBook page and coming up in just a few minutes I'll start reading some of your comments. From the FaceBook page conversation but you can join in that conversation. And also are there. Are there any rules that you saw broken but it we were were people nice -- -- -- it was civic was it a good crowd out beat the weather was grade. I came to the station right before the -- I live on the other side of the the the parade downtown -- -- wanted to get here before the parade started site and can cross the line minority be here. So like I did go to any parades tonight. I'd probably take it a few in tomorrow. But yeah it was everybody behaving with everything -- If you gonna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's happening -- number is 87870. Here's a -- that reads no parking on both sides of saint Charles is simply stupid. The north. Or the non -- side is already three lanes one for parking and two for travel prime example of government over reaching. What are they moving a double wide trailer. Anywhere they bring in the space shuttle through here and honor her at trailer. I don't know if I understand exactly why they they have to do that. But I've you know I'm not -- a city planner and I don't understand all the intricacies of what it needs to be done I do like some of the new rules about. No privates. Portable toilets on the neutral ground or anywhere people wanna put him. I liked the idea of -- the latter's and to all of this stuff that people bring must be at least six feet back from the curb. I like latter's not being chain together and really just out of out of common respect. Put the -- back a little bit too because if you're up in the very front and and this is just an indication of how selfish. That people can be I've got the latter I'm -- to the front. Well nobody can get authority. So put the letter back -- it really -- should be back. And you know keep the kids out of the street. Because CF. If there's a tragedy and and somebody unfortunately gets hit by a floater its role and unfortunately sometimes that does happen. It's not like the parade is veering off into the crowd. The crowd is venturing out into the streets. And I realize it's -- draw but this is a great time to. 22 just. Teach your kids they don't get out in the street and and it again. Their only beats. Their only. Trinkets it's not like it's stuff that's relieved that valuable report delight I know it's it's fun to catch the stuff. But it's not worth taking a chance on something bad happening also there are so many people especially for -- and in pockets. They like to they like to stake out their territory. And I believe some people do this way in advance like maybe the day before. Maybe even earlier than that but but people will vote will rope off an area where they'll put a TARP down. Welcome bark things off with chairs or cones or whatever they can't claiming that this is their property. Well that is now illegal. I don't know what the fine is for that but that is now illegal. I wonder though if the police are actually gonna take time to. Give citations to those people. Because if people don't fear punishment. Then they're gonna continue to do whatever it is that they're doing and they're not gonna worry about following the rules and you know while I think all these rules are are part most of these rules or are good rules. I wonder how how much the police are going to be paying attention to that when you think that there's so many other things that are even more important. For police to pay attention to. During a parade you know -- I want to look for. A possible violence I want to look for. What they perceive to be. The development of a bad situation. Not worrying about how far back latter years although I like the rule. I just don't want the police to focus too much on that. If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's Saturday. And a text number is 870. Here's an update on our WWL party -- opinion poll how many parades are you going to this weekend 118%. 14% we're gonna go to more than one and 68%. Aren't going to -- The -- opinion by going to WW dot com this is the -- show. On Friday nights and we're coming right back on -- VW well. The parades just started this weekend -- nonstop until money grow a day and I -- WL is your official -- draw information station you can listen for exclusive or third party parade previews. Every morning with Tommy Tucker 630 an 830 and under drive home during sports talk at 530. They'll tell you what crews are rolling what they're throwing at them any last minute changes. To check out all authorities exclusive parade previews on WWL. 630 and 8:30 in the morning with Tommy Tucker and during sports talk revolving Deke in the afternoon at 530. And you can also check out the podcast if you miss -- author -- author parties previews are online in our carnival digest. And that's it to be WL dot com so we've got your best connection to the greatest free show on earth. Debbie WL. Here's an update on our -- WL pretty jaguar opinion poll. How to raise you to go to this weekend. 18% say one and 14% say more than one and 60% say none. At all. You know if if you're not into it or you've seen it before it is the good opportunity to just hang out and and and do nothing. Other than. Going to the parades in the if you don't go to the parade it's it's very frustrates frustrating if you going to the parade in gonna have fun. It's frustrating to get caught up in -- in traffic and all the detours. It's even worse if you have to go somewhere else -- try to get to work. And -- You just can't get there. And I know -- really frustrated because there are a lot of people especially in the service industry IC it. And he every year. Trying to get across the parade wrote -- across the street the parades are going on but there are breaks in the parade. And it's a real challenge sometimes to just get across the street. And I'm not blaming the city for that I'd say it seems like there would be. A better way to facilitates. Those who need to get across the street is like I I I -- frustration every year downtown. -- with people who are are dressed apparently going to a service industry jobs waiter waitress bartender whatever. And they heavenly thought is this out and they just they can't get across the street and so there could end up being late. We're talking about a Miley Cyrus and -- -- you'll pretty jaguar opinion poll. -- know that we've -- we've given that the -- blog tonight is Miley Cyrus concerts too sexy. That's on our FaceBook and so in our what's on our FaceBook page -- you send us comments here just a moment it's also on our web -- to Debbie WL dot com. And the conversations going on on FaceBook now effect let's get to couple those FaceBook post right now. The question is would you take your kids to a Miley Cyrus concert. No. But I will pray for her soul. Here's another comment this is from the Kimberly. No wouldn't go to see -- if it was free. Here's a FaceBook comment from Bethany. Why pay a ton of money to see a half naked chick. When I can walk down Bourbon Street for free. That's a good point. Of course honestly. Not everybody in urban street is as cute is Miley Cyrus. This is from. Tommy on FaceBook know would not go across the street to see your free. Here is a comment from Diane. What do wasted career she. -- This is a comment from -- my kids are 26 and Tony but no. Still wouldn't take him. And this is coming from Evelyn on our FaceBook page are you crazy she's the nasty is most disgusting thing on TV right now. And for those who would. I pity you. Just as I do her. That's harsh you could join the FaceBook conversation by going to WWL radio on our FaceBook page. The scoop like is on there but volley Cyrus concerts too sexy if you just joined us we've been talking about this because. There there are stories out. About it parents very upset with the provocative nature. Of the the show her new tour which is called the -- tour. Not that it matters but it's bangers with -- C united -- nest. And some parents are actually calling for future concerts to be canceled. And there was this this apparent threat from venues. That. They were going to to cancel the shows. By -- nation the promoters have said that is absolutely not true and he's -- rumors and I couldn't help but think that. You know who's to say that. This is not something that -- cooked up by the management. To increase in ticket sales because again what what better way to. -- it's the concert is so sexual it's so bad it's so naughty and provocative that. They might cancel future show it's on its gonna make people wanna I wanna go even more. Here's a Texan reads how cynical is it -- you'd think that Miley Cyrus and her management. Would try to conjure up fake controversy to sell tickets. But you're probably right. If you would join our show with your comments tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 87870. Canada. Won a third. Straight Olympic title in men's curling today. Overwhelming the brits ended the brits have a lot of competitors in the curling competition men and women. But that Canada beat the brits ninety 289 to three yen Namibia -- 93 was a victory. I. At the ice cube. In Sochi Russia. And Canada beat Sweden for the women's title. On Thursday. I don't know what it is about curling I don't understand all of it I don't understand the intricacies of it. I enjoy watching it. And this week when I got no appeared midnight and I've gone home and and watch the Olympics and and I I enjoy the Olympics -- I enjoyed today whenever did it it comes up summer or winter. But I actually there's something about curling that I find so relaxing. It just seems so calm. And so relaxing and just slide that rock down the ice and then they start only vigorous sweeping and everything. I don't understand all of it but I find it I find it rather relaxing a lot of people find it very boring factor crushing -- has sent. As a comment or FaceBook page a blog about how of the Olympics are boring and what needs to be done to make it a little more exciting. I can understand doing some things to make it more exciting for example. If you don't have a -- in India by Athlon they have guns. Well maybe the crawler guys could have guns to. Or maybe make it you know it that the cross country the cross country skiing can be competitive. Kinda boring at times maybe if they had guns and if somebody gets ahead of the good shoot somebody. -- I don't know maybe that would make it'll divorcee anyway to check that out. With the Kristian garic comets on that. But -- website WW dot com. To western states. With some of the nation's lowest smoking rates are considering cracking down even more by racing the age of buying cigarettes. 221. Utah and Colorado. Have lawmakers in both states. That voted in favor of proposals yesterday. To treat tobacco like alcohol. And taken away from eighteen to twenty girls. -- well you know people younger than eighteen and twenty year. Getting cigarettes and an uncle that's saying it's right but it certainly is a reality. The proposals face a couple of more votes though they haven't gone through yet but this is the farthest that they did so far in attempt to curb. A smoking by teenagers what would -- would racing the age of buying cigarettes too to Tony one would that. Cut back on teen smoking. When you've got. T I don't know how old you were when you first started smoking and you may not be smoking now but a lot of kids. I say that referring to teenagers lot of teenagers. Experimenting with with smoking cigarettes it was a popular thing to do elect -- it's right. I didn't smoke until I was eighteen I spoke for about a year my life and then. I tell you to what made me quit. This is an absolute truth. I had a date with this girl now -- just better -- -- back to my apartment and I was eighteen. And she had just smoked a cigarette. And we started kissing. And I thought you know. I want my mouse ever taste like her her mouth and I thought it was disgusting so that's the that's the reason that I I honestly that's what inspired me to quit spy type to this day. I remember that moment. But unfortunately young people -- always an experiment with things like -- it it doesn't mean -- -- right producer reality. I'm not sure that raising. The the age to buy cigarettes or tobacco products 21 he's going to prevent if if if you have experience with smoking if you smoke when you -- do you think. Raising the the age to buy tobacco to Tony when do you think that's gonna cut back on. On teen smoking and you know the other problem that I have I mean in some ways I have a problem with even the drinking age. Have been raised to anyone that's selling is never gonna go back. But I was growing up in in New Orleans you can drink at eighteen. I had a fake IDs so I was in bars in the French Quarter at seventy. It was a different time. But I was I guess a normal -- but not probably as Adam just admitting that was. It was a reality then. I thought I was mature enough to drink at eighteen. And I think in a lot of ways young people briefed -- on more mature at an earlier age now. And if you can I mean we've had this discussion on our show before if you can. If you can go to war. At the age of eighteen. If you he would marry you make decisions that are adult type decisions at the age of eighteen. Then -- wanna smoke and drink at eighteen. If you gonna smoke and drink and and not everybody needs to smoke and drink. Thank you did related no benefits to either one but to people are gonna do it I'd I'd I'd just opposed to raising the the smoking aged 21 not that I promote smoking but I think it always comes down to individual responsibility. And it it's not the availability of cigarettes. That's the problem it's the desire to smoke that is the problem. And if you think about how many. Can get pot. And it's not even legal. So isn't it kind of a waste of time to talk about raising. The -- -- a buying cigarettes. From eighteen to 21. If you wanna join our shooter right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. In a -- number is 87870. Also you can majority and FaceBook -- postings on the FaceBook page -- on the year. In if you want to contact me through an email and have a conversation. My email address is -- SC OT. Acts -- WL dot com. I'm sure you heard about this though last week it was a big story this week there was still a preacher. It is part of a reality show is -- is sitting Jamie Kreutz. And he's part of this. Snake. Salvation ministry. In Tennessee. And you know where they they dance around and they handle snakes and it says something I don't. Understand and all but everybody's treated celebrate the way they -- accelerate what elitist I was bitten by a rattlesnake. He's dead. He -- The snake that -- him. Killed him is gonna be returned to the church service this Sunday for the service and I'm wondering is this snake thinking and it's mind next. So you see these people jostle their. I mean I wouldn't I wouldn't it a rattlesnake. And you've got them their their balancing these rattlesnakes in their arms their flinging them around place there that would like a giant -- -- their their playing -- And I'm wondering why more people don't die will disguise apparently been bitten several times as the first time he died. His son Cody who takes over the at the ministry it's it's some relatively small church you mean this is there a rather. Unique practice sold flow. There are those who bring it back to the Bible. They say that there's a part of the by affecting this is in mark. Wears his believers will take up serpents. And so they they believe that it's in the Bible it's necessary to. -- make snakes part of your your work you know when I go to church on on Sunday that's what the last thing I want the city. You know I mean -- to go open and gave communion or participate in in the service and party -- sneak in here. But he sun made it's it's part of their their beliefs and part of their their service as a brother. Small church it's the full gospel tabernacle. In Jesus name church in Middlesbrough Kentucky. And what's interesting about Middlesbrough Kentucky that was that the the town. In which that I forget the exact ages but I know that's something we talked about a show. There was a case of a five year old who had gotten a hold of of a gun hit the Tony to that he was given for his birthday. And he shot in the mother walked off the porch. For a few moments. And he shot and killed his two year old sister Annie and I don't think charges were ever filed an -- I always believe that parents should be charged in the case like that anyway that was the town where this happened in Kentucky but I just to sit for Steve these people are just so. So -- don't playing with snakes during their -- Okay all right so you take up the circuit. Does it say in the pilot yet to take a poisonous one. Honey wipe out kinks and why not a garter snake. Or maybe one of those plumber snakes. You know kind of be dirty but it would be kind of harmless. I did join our show tonight -- your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. Text number it's 87870. But I FaceBook page would you take your kids to a Miley Cyrus concert. And the -- blog is about the Miley Cyrus concerts. Being too sexy for some parents who are complaining. Here's a post on our FaceBook page to -- WL radio trashy acts. And not entertaining. You know. Many people in the establishment today. We're part of a generation and the establishment then. Said that the bands that we lights were trashy and not entertain me kind of scary that same comments are being made. This is this good show. And we'll be back under the WL. If you are heading to Mardi Gras parades this weekend and there are a bunch of make sure that you've got -- WL on. Lock your radio under the W 870 AM 01053 FM. For according to a traffic updates every twenty minutes it's the group WWL will tell you where the parades are rolling in what's going on every Tony minutes. And we'll help you get two year parade or your other destination. On time where your money going formation station WWL -- FM. And dot com tomorrow at 230 it's the crew of for a -- says that's an uptown parade a sport it tomorrow evening at 6 o'clock. -- -- is and it is 645. Uptown tomorrow Caesar at 6 o'clock tomorrow in Metairie. The weather is going to be spectacular for rates tomorrow. A tomorrow morning at 1145. On the West Bank it's Adonis and the knights of nemesis the ninth annual might have nemesis rules at 1 o'clock in Saint Bernard tomorrow afternoon against could be just a great -- to to be out. It's the crew of -- train this is going to be a town that's it till 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon -- chalk talk is uptown and to a clock. I hope of getting -- all of them. And then. On the on the North Shore in Covington at 6 o'clock in its. The crew of Olympia. And then the titans the mystic crew of of tightens rules in Slidell. At 630 in an era rates again on Sunday and yet we get the full schedule on our website at WWL dot com what remind you about. About family draw. In Metairie it's free it's fun. Cowboy Mouth Amanda Shaw. We're so the big -- opening up on the first date today. And tomorrow's going to be a great day for family -- -- to go on all day. And into the night -- and to be back on Sunday -- Wilson Phillips and let's twenty years that music of Electric Light Orchestra. Among those big names that are going to be this year. If you wanna join our show tonight with a comment about anything we're talking about. Numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. We Stephanie or text number is 87870. As time of year there are a lot of people who have gone through which so many times that they just don't feel the need to go to a parade and then there are others. Who does matter how many times they've been to a parade they just. They just love going it's absolutely part of their heritage part of their culture. And part of their life. If you go to go to a parade let's do the best we can to just be considerate. Of each other. And if you see something that's inappropriate. Really inappropriate. In -- reported to the nearest police officer. I'm not gonna suggest. That you go up and talk to somebody doing something that's inappropriate. There were times that I can be. Someone assertive and if somebody's doing something wrong LCD -- to do on -- sometimes I'll I'll say something I'd like to recommend that to you because you never know what's gonna happen you have to assess the situation. At the moment and in your surroundings to determine whether or not you should she should say something. But sometimes I I don't think there's anything wrong with letting somebody else know hey you know what stopped it. We've been talking about to Miley Cyrus and the controversy about her concerts being too sexual. I don't rule out the possibility that this is something that -- Created by management. -- to increase sales and you know one of the problems with somebody like Miley Cyrus is. Where'd she go from here. You can only get so. Sexual. Before you can't go any further. Me because you can only go so far. And if you if you go that far at this point where she go from here it's going to be interesting to see how she said she does have talent. And and I would I would think that that Miley Cyrus is gonna do this now. But as she matures. And she's going to evolve into another type of performer. Madonna has always been. Sexual and maybe Miley Cyrus will always have that is her. Her her signature. Saying that she she does serve at the the main part of her image but you know she is talented she can sing. And she can't dance. And she might actually. Evolve into a more mature performer. From our FaceBook page you get a conversation going on about whether or not you would take your kids. To see Miley Cyrus and I here's a comment from -- our FaceBook page. A she's a grown woman listened -- -- voice it's real. And her show is going to be phenomenal. Also or fans -- 1112 anymore most of them around my age 1718. Unlike most pop artists nowadays she's actually good. She makes me sexual. Or whatnot. But her voice is wonderful. It's always about always not always about the appearance. Because she is so. Visual. Sometimes it's hard for people to to notice her voice but she does have a good voice and I have respect for her as. As -- talent. Here's a FaceBook posts from Carl a sexual overtones is putting it mildly. Yeah -- like I cover some of the things that -- -- in the -- blog and again that's over we're excited to -- W overcome and also on our FaceBook page which is WWL radio. Here's a comment from -- she needs to peace banked. You see it at the age of Tony one and spanking takes on an entirely different meaning here's attacks. That I'm not text and FaceBook commented to reads Sayed says said. Rafer and that is from -- again you can join that conversation our FaceBook page. And it's WWL. Radio. If you wanna join us tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Tech's number is 87874. -- share an email I've guide from a listener. About. The definition of gangster rap and there's some really interesting aspects of this this email. That are so typical of some listeners who. Hear what they morning here and don't really hear what's being sent. Because they're looking for reasons to criticize -- that's -- just the way people are. I'll share this with you will be compact. I'm -- it's Friday night we're heading into the weekend morning grow operating is. Underway and it's not stop until Mardi Gras day. And will be back on -- WL. Miley Cyrus. As gut telling you might not like what she does but as long as you're not forced to go to -- concerts. Let her do it. Skewed like tonight is about the controversy with the Miley Cyrus a concert tour witches. Called the bangers tour we're also talking about this on FaceBook and here's FaceBook comment. From Donna which you take your kids to Miley Cyrus absolutely I would absolutely not take my child to her consort. And shame on any parent that does. Here's a comment from John. To be honest. She's not a tween pop star anymore and she clearly does not market herself to kids nor did she actually brought them as her fan base anymore. She's clearly trying to distance herself from Hannah Montana in the most desperate ways possible. So if some parents would think of taking their kids to a Miley Cyrus concert. To see Miley Cyrus of today the problem isn't Miley. It's the parents. And I don't totally agree with that comment. Is like I say in the blog it. I -- this is another example of if this really is true and I'm sure there repairs to complain about this and it's reasonable to think that. Their parents even if they know what they're going to which still. -- try to complain -- get some publicity for their complaints to the point where. They would actually cause a concert to be canceled that is not going to happen so if you have tickets -- you wanna get tickets to a Miley Cyrus concert go ahead bind because. The promoter live nation says. That these are rumors and it's not there really -- cause any concerts to be canceled. But I find it interesting that the parents would we take their kids to. This kind of concert knowing what they're taking their kids to and it is no secret about. Who and what's. Miley Cyrus is. She is. A sexually provocative young star. And there have always been those kind of stars at least as long as I can remember from my generation growing up. And that's what she does. So if you go to the concert. And you're shocked. Because Miley Cyrus is being Miley Cyrus. I hated. -- she she brings her image to life on stage. If she does that. What is there to complain about it. Unless of course you're a parent and you say well you know I had to bring my kids in this is the way a lot of parents think. I had to bring my kids because they wanted to go. It's like well what you know what we're re gonna do with all these suites that are advertised on television because my kids want them. In order happen to parents saying what guess what it. Right now you can hand it may be later. Not every day not all the time. So you know exert your control or repaired and looking at our our FaceBook page where -- of the bloggers posted. And I'm looking at the picture. That they put out of Miley Cyrus. It's. It's a rather sexy picture -- to say the least. Here's an email that I got from listeners says so Webster meaning the Webster dictionary. Webster dictionary defines gangster rap as rap music explicitly portraying the violence and drug use of urban gang life. It also show of defiance -- As a gangster. Could somebody explain the difference to me since Webster's sees no difference. Done meaning Michael -- the 47 year old who shot and killed. Seventeen year old over an argument about music done called it exactly right. When he called. I Jordan Davis's seventeen year old a -- A few weeks ago the times Picayune had a story in the Sunday paper by four women who were robbed in the Garden District all four perpetrators were described as. Young black men in buddies. And then here comes the big cliche that I am so sick of hearing if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck. It's a -- This is so typical of -- thinking of so many people. It's almost as if when I say Michael -- did the wrong thing. By shooting somebody over loud music. And referred to them as thugs. And I say how did -- know they were thugs it's almost as if this person actually thinks that I would support. The perpetrators. In -- he's that would would rob. For women uptown I mean that's absurd. If you wanna send an email communicate to an email my email address is scoot it WWL dot com when the -- Jack Harris have a great evening. One -- New Orleans.