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The Garden Show 2-22 7am, Gardening

Feb 22, 2014|

Join Dan Gill as he answers all of your gardening questions with precise expertise.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning and Mel and should be talking all while going on outside in your lawn and gardens and and -- all on the that you are wondering about the doctor that helped with Sharon permission I would load talked -- -- at a critical on a number again. It's 6017. The struggle in New Orleans calling your calling toll free at 866. 889. 0870. -- really lovely model week it's been so how does in this wild weather and on though. I was talking with some friends -- were trying to get some cool -- -- agenda. On the cool and vegetables and still play at this time of the year and that is going. You know just like a week -- looking really good power for going on like it'll -- out. Do you feel okay once they struggled and and easily outside world but until this year really hard freeze -- like your upper mid twenties happened in that. When you've got to plant that you know just -- on the -- out and got in the -- to -- things you wanted to. Trick in some communities and and Trent dragons which was to play in this time of the year renewable cold season. I'll -- -- that whole problem to be full color spring garden from now until. -- -- -- From the mainland and the earlier part of June -- direct Utley now on that long but. But mostly out of the spring season and those were pointing out coached well. A lot of -- -- optional for transplant took cabbage and broccoli and control over it's a Swiss chard. All potential or planting -- all the root crops and but you wouldn't get from under their -- which plan. Transplants and cabbage cabbage is party down in that changed. And party and the teen social like we're worried at least -- -- surely yet we have light freezes to get -- -- think in the upper -- We are on the -- they were just taken out of agreement ouster -- an -- Are sure there are true and -- your. They actually called so. That logic came from you know -- like a stretcher outlet the least little -- -- real world. And forty maybe it will come along. And given that. It's been a wonderful week of and to. Last week and then in this weekend this weekend. So again that's great time there -- still can't play it cool fees and things schools and -- -- -- -- -- the scoring and on the cool fees and vegetables as well as the end of February. We're getting to the end focus you are are. So in the next few weeks trying listing over Obama and I am in our garden and focusing more on spurring more fees and vegetables and things like tomatoes and peppers for instance and our spring warm season are bedding plant short little bedding plant -- -- curtains are through the summer and now what the eight. A wanna be in store so. If you think my uncles and instruct as we can agree camping out and -- trees. A pick that start slow and and -- -- the orgasm locally whether this weekend. -- no major for trouble in the actual entry were looking at any. Even in the light -- as being forecast to move into the coming week as well also. And I'm woods -- -- February is a little bit of this year month because you have some really hard freeze on. Like recently linger into. On the month of march so march is not a -- marchers blocked. Don't be an absolutely. Free from fear and the special during the war and down. We know won't have an issue evil -- freezes we begin a bit. And -- -- -- month would be and plant are more overseas and tender I'll materials. You'll want to nationals and bedding plant that would be upset. I would be literally light freeze any upper twenties and we're looking at a little bit of a pin and in the time that. -- right now and -- that we can play it cool is going to be great and why it happened. And great we can be cleaning up as well a lot of cleaning up to do. Are still high and calling -- still a subtropical damaged by a cold and with this warm weather. A touching the day this week. And certainly staying warm in the Lebanese. We've got begin negotiations -- the Fleischer in the air and cleaning up to -- be gone a little sore. Our basis patrols. Before much -- coming -- -- -- work revenue growth in -- covering all that that that materials so it is ignorant at the start focusing somewhat mapped. On the clean up this weekend as well. And I'm sure you're like me he's slept plenty of that to do. Delegates and call all -- Overcome -- first -- -- -- to call your garden question this morning. Apple -- -- -- should show only 78. With more shirt like that American morning and thanks are -- on the garden says this morning to you regarding -- -- call me and -- be -- I can't. -- -- and again that's 260. 187. B Lipton the following doctor grant. Calling from -- and figuring it morning. Words can't believe and -- -- that you. Recently planted land this year. The gleaming ball. Analysts see Asia and -- being in properties -- on the -- aspect. And anyway. Users couldn't cover up protected as -- -- land it this year. And has not done so littler and Billy anchored probably you know -- a lot of -- Atlanta schools now O'Hare we. It will you do point. You know wind -- law. And we Adams says -- Asian and you know it is like. You know it's like he's just a little bit qualities that we -- protected against. The -- rose and branches of the around. Big call with the globally -- -- certainly up there would probably be models also call. -- picnic date palms -- picnic at all and push that's why it's so beautiful small species -- always like -- because. -- is at all kinds of little small spaces. Aware of the palms Abidjan large but they are a hold sensitive -- -- colts into the -- that we grow and there are going to be badly damaged as we get down and -- -- even a free Tibet. I -- at the little twenties I had around forty degrees they almost always street today and few between. They're pretty much calmer so. If you all and after -- you know hopefully -- -- date palms. Think about what temperatures you got to and that whole. Indicate how popular -- capacity that secure going to be about what an epic comeback if you're in the area were stayed in the amid the troops and localities. Elect and ordinary where you're grant. -- it's a great -- touching ago but -- well expected and in the Portland area on the war. And it admirably new look roster they're probably going to make at pebble granted truly believe frost actually predicts missile related straight. Yeah it's going to be a player slot can be OK good I can tell you where you pour into war and I would be optimistic. And what you want to Michigan football goes believe brown from certain Erica. You know recover or try green against all the brown -- -- to try -- -- -- -- but -- the fought off back to where they come out of the trunk. And then just be patient now can shake oddly enough Paul take as long as late show are different that that first new fall -- shall we were patient with them. -- we get there until about the end of July. To make sure they're dead before we decide -- -- politicians removed. So Graham I'd be optimistic picture globally and you can -- and other from new growth a year rather than later not modern -- it may be in in May. And and sure sure -- to Europe's -- for sure but like long trail. Gartner lifting who have wrote when he palms are there were not protected or even after they tried to covered in the place where god and the the change. And then build globally and just really I would be pessimistic triple -- he's in those periods but grandpa. Be optimistic. Taylor cross street mob money for groceries and he's back. Against the Indians blasted by a win that is not even skating -- got a queen Paul -- Wendell and and the broad -- and and it's and it looks great it is obviously as you know this situation with the way I. So luckily I -- everything to do with where something is a landscape are protected it is. They're not they may have covered -- -- and shut DeLeon and protect them better and maybe yours for the cover was blown away all contractors that work. In what Paul Marshall being that you including the fact it. It almost -- and their cold artist and we all are relatively attention -- the cold as well on the shore area. Probably clean can't come in good shape even -- -- -- sustained damaged -- on the more ordinary in danger anywhere we're not gonna change for Iran about the mid teens. I'm very worried about the queens are recovering and coming back regret thank you so much of a call. OK well let let Graham a couple of times so sword and a lot of people hold. -- to acquire a great threat. Anchored around -- should thing already next is Britain culled from -- possibly -- Mormon it. Morning Dan thank you. -- an app for my daughter on that law they just built that new home Gonzales Louisiana. They bought out wooded acre of land and and it. The -- treat -- who's been right now the standards in the have a beautiful but it about what acreage -- They had the tree removal. Contractor. When he bulldozed the land he greeted cut the thing for long term drainage. There management of war control. What right now is it as you can imagine that the route construction site great. But it. What would be there long term planning these cute kid -- put down right now to have a nice. Low maintenance flawed prologue time. Well you know -- to work at home in Chicago law. Bill -- OK you got to order every week and we have to go in every week would ever use the problem on. So I mean October constantly be on -- boat show interest and no. Huddle mode which are crimes -- -- back. The two most topical -- -- core area repeated it right now because that he doesn't below it is. Essentially acting as the equipment inject reportedly problems. Long. -- with the least amount. Or shall we can. Work me into a computer support here the other law and the law should I'll -- commonly used it doesn't record as much as we work blow me an animal law on. -- repeat the -- -- -- -- -- -- need to -- to look at budgeting and -- money. Maybe Marcus all but by all. Shot in law in the and one extreme leader that way. To establish long -- -- -- -- -- actually -- but in law and treaties Prosser -- Charl. It's just a difficult process especially a larger area. To do -- PC so I could tell that this the largest. Larger areas we have orders fraud immediately around. I can't afford the Colombian higher -- it's a huge slot. And they may want to look at maybe a feeding in from Britain or something away from from a house for the all the along -- -- actual clutch. But of course again you know. Want to target order in the summer just -- it will be yeah will be about the most important thing many do that. Right I curb your own plots years ago that the only beautiful but very high. That. It is our or ultra high in -- and hearing on the kind of long. Right and what about well should they bring in particular -- -- it'll make bedding later. -- certainly agree -- and so and everything -- or indirectly. At this point is they need at all. I'll write. It erupt instruction cut. You know that. Apparently dragging it. They need to talk currently that the outcome and put the shot down about a career either partly from the -- action. On the eat in or can that do not need the -- Our -- in industrial. From. -- -- oil from the the local shall communism bring that in another expert and Egyptian adversary. This year probably -- weird actually. Other via asylum. Well thank you so much and I appreciate -- Appreciate you calling -- in the a big job they're too good to try to give that to try to get them all go. To a gentle on the latest breaking news around the area. And the route that we appealed always anemic should pitcher on the news going on panda. Has. Almost all. -- Churchill they are more and good morning thanks in Jordan on the gardens of the sport gardening. You have regarding questions or there's some the wrong one and now war. The league that you you -- an hour ago I'm here to make sure the information you need. To make those plants grow if you want them to a political once again to 60170. Outside the local little New Orleans scrolling your vehicle fiction. 889087. India next is -- calling computer age that you Morton. -- money. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Possibility freezing -- -- -- usually we ended march. Is the time that we can safely begin -- -- Vegetables and -- speaker's chances of freezes -- you know hard for -- -- -- -- -- to Li -- -- if you. Are spread out and rolling it. -- play in my and a few weeks if you like demise in the grounds and that he complained in -- -- and -- them -- in the Clinton in the ground there. OK good well thank you -- -- things simple if you are. The next we. -- an extra on good morning. Heroes from -- in my -- orders were good morning. -- hand. Armament to go like man. I have and you Wear head to hit the tree cut down. And it did and it is between my sidewalk is crazy. And question is it's total. Blood cell lines if spray does -- -- fifteen -- -- -- roundup and kill it. And then I can. They in fact. Topic that and I have my quiet -- plane aquarius. But my question is if I spray roundup. Won't do -- still come through eventually. -- -- -- -- -- -- You are completely be your position issue you've been told not just is. We call -- -- -- -- -- undesirable they're you don't want is going to dry out right now the issue which will be you know. It simply awful if you like what was going receipt of all trolling me here so you wanna kill them off and you know probably in Italy and that area. To establish new law along that stretch so used around -- kill all our rational we killer what you want -- -- -- that -- all. And again earlier news out there and because you put his shot -- does not -- the -- should go back. Ensure by the -- break until well what's better and it got back. Also along you feel kind of stuff growing up in that area because round that does not always in the soil. We don't want to because -- -- poisoned soil and temperature too long graft done it literature -- -- -- around does or what shall it be active ingredient is killed -- fortune there but it definitely behind -- -- protection. To -- we -- -- popping up and -- and backhand I am not going to be an issue because you're laying on the year. Could you outbreak to ground out there like did -- did we hit -- tried to break -- not that I would Roosevelt that won't be laid -- we like bully that's fraud. On the ice -- oil. So you don't leave a legal matter bit stuff spirit -- -- on -- -- -- -- of anything better to raped and those materials -- as much you can hand. RI okay and then particularly in showdown. No grace and a good morning broad cultural technical glitch there but we're moving along and doing it now Gupta upbeat on the line next. Good morning I'll be able to make euphoria that ultimately -- -- Let -- complete these -- him. And it was that this could do it -- do it there but now we're seeing the end of January -- Mean we are still really. In the ideal for planting trees and we -- transplant. Untreated controls what -- still chilly the whole aisle when there's still a relatively dormant. And you that the group achieved in existence till the end of February. So you're still and they at a good point here but I would get it. -- sooner rather than later this week it'll be afraid I'm going to get that. But it's not about Clinton at the -- shock. And -- all right I'll talk. He was that if we should opt. Out. And bought the equipment around right now -- right that correct. I'm saying that Kool Aid and vegetables like cabbage and broccoli us was solid data that -- crops like generates well. Trying to settle ambitious obstacle. You can vegetables this has a great legally get to that in etched into the probably need to get into at this point. Well -- vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers squash is still the only side of carpooling with bones. -- -- You can email me anytime I'm happy with your gardening questions about it newsletter. The only issue actually got the call -- culture. And -- -- -- to regard quarterly quarterly newsletter. To get him to search for L -- Shatner. Culture here are just horticulture. Rangel can read all the culture as indeed letter to keep you up to date on what you need to be doing in your garden. But it can all be going -- our question of the week -- pretty email mean. To ensure email questions. McGregor we -- and sugar. Operation Jakarta and I'll be I'll thanks so much. Record Gartner article about how much RJR that little Toronto on bullying totally darling Morton. Good morning am I have two questions. Can I use that -- roses and I may have the means containers. And can I have several that I can I use it as saying. The part you -- in -- -- -- as you can but normally it's usually. It -- to dump that kept popping now. And it was still fresh new popping next. A -- waiting. We used for containers are special exit. So oil embargo ardent sugary like they were illusion there Chordiant matter. And over and organic matter breaks down BK is in that structure that we needed that allow it to drain freely and absolutely. Nothing about old mansion and the bad percentage lost a lot of good good structure that we look for apple to to drain for which we need to containers so. All it is to get to blow and it was -- freshmen to -- -- make it helps improve the structure and do it a little shall issue -- -- that in your compost -- -- -- can go into your compost and used to enrich and improve. But -- -- growing in the ground like flower beds or vegetable gardens and actually of the really great use and great way to recycle. Old talking expect that -- clean you use it -- a little bit but it was so fresh potting mix up. And having that equipment on the bottom -- -- -- -- in the exit Philly then no end to cancer. But -- the other okay yet Clinton. Ended material. -- shall upon missile peculiar popped back up again and reply euros okay. My wrote a lot of -- you know spot and it. -- encourage. Borrowing. At what you cut your roses back yet. Her move that wait. What you think you know we need to get that done early February and it's very important -- between containers otherwise -- Large and scraggly and over -- reluctantly watching Compaq. And what she what we're a little containers in particular -- for human particulars are important to remember the cultural. About one after. Egypt to assert their right. -- rounded out late January or early February -- -- -- -- -- it leaves this time of the year February forgiveness thanks announcement are roses to look -- green and beautiful the way they will later on but do remember are cutting back is important actually to restore growth and lots of flowers and that's especially in -- is wrong or so around. -- about reasonable hold that spot or yellow leaves or whatever which is a minor issue here in February do you think you get those cutback darling -- could have helped the problem. Yes it is America's luck -- your life. They haven't that you can't get to date hey thank you so much -- I'll think -- Colin appreciate it got. But right now aren't we peek at next caller calling from every piquant morning and morning and I you know and -- great things they do for you -- Look at look at the tree planting and I was so it was on eastern part of it looks like a Christmas street church teaches. Pitched the clinching elderly -- couple. -- -- -- -- I didn't find. No island is ready island in the tropical South Pacific and being dark tropical -- first they are native to. More -- street climates like trying to AG and hole IE you know it is felt that. -- iron there occasionally used -- container plants -- able lamps. But sometimes out here -- -- in the ground probably shouldn't get so political damage could. -- -- -- -- Okay you were right in -- pot plant and I put it in the ground and make crucial beautiful and it's about each with salts. But now the top wrong truce to -- he's got to. And it bent -- we had done. Or is dead heat seeking treatment are off. Willie -- keep growing it thinks. Generating growing -- its socket and a growing but it political -- and majestic layered. Beautiful single song book obsolete them. There or it's going to be illegal -- from the amount it'll have a different way of growing and it actually. It was Earl -- so fast and so beautiful site now percentages -- don't know yet and it's cold and everybody out there listening. Patiently as a tropical like that. Integral in a familiar. You know I shall plant -- like multiple columns and Shia party it is but we do plan to tropical capital as we know it well even in the short and his call to cheer leading images so let's take that and straw and except -- where. Look at that don't have to cut down and ego -- Obviously penis probably old enough to kill it. So now that you have a warning. These trees in the tropics to -- -- feet tall and that big here but the bigger again -- series -- -- you know we're all winners. Even bigger and what we need to -- -- metal structure that thing down so maybe he should UNMR. Our party tree and the hard part is going to be taking out trees and it'll eventually. Gets colder until we -- accountable when I get into the teens occasion into law and order and routine is gonna kill the column -- -- to keep it. It's one integral tropical genders and seniors because that's no big deal but when -- start -- large growing outlook. Local treatment landscape has been enhanced real issues that they get really big. -- -- -- -- -- And straight can skew more quick question. Up against the break. Or people who. Call. Break right now those are not looking on your stage and we'll show rudder too good morning things are jointly -- on the guards are on in he'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 2601870. Is the number that you need to call it the -- and the first up the issue calling from him and -- according. But it Japan. You. Appreciate you and I have two questions like you know as well. You need a week ago -- about them. -- damage to my sister's strange hobby that I. And damage. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- From the coming summer. A valuation is not something like walked out right now and just go look at our -- and relational and through march Capel may even ended June. Our citrus trees mentioned growth in the screen older machine that -- collapse and die in the mid summer period actually at this point everybody up -- -- on the -- force especially here where they get really cold. I'll look -- trees but leave them alone for the time being watched him grow to come out in the spring. Be optimistic if you see it but don't be overly optimistic because you can't rest. Sure what the trees until we get through July now round about July -- -- the trees anything that collapsed and died or anything there sprouted out at that time. Maybe currency delaying the permanent which you do -- -- -- image until around about the month of -- actual well all of the cold image to expert itself. Also be cautious about sprouts. Coming up from the base of the trunk. There they root stock at the base in the trunk which is quite different from the pictures that -- -- whether it's a little longer to lower or her breakthrough. Spread out situation growing from the base of the tropical retreat or any treatment only shouldn't squelch from the base of the trunk. Go sprouts are undesirable to -- and sprouts from the beta trial. Dig it out and get -- a trinkets are still alive on the -- but still should also -- -- -- -- to be pro golf immediately so true in the upper part of the -- escalate until July. But -- -- the -- from the basic retreat from that stock the area. Don't should be removed immediately. Thanks Lou thank you grow at an awful question that is. -- of crab apple -- blended. Four years ago for a home. Stick to predict. All about three of five years and and oftentimes -- You need more than one crab apple -- get -- -- production as well so be patient -- -- give it three years since you what it does for you we have to make it do good for you. -- -- -- -- -- --

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