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WWL>Topics>>02-22 12:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

02-22 12:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Feb 22, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And continue to -- bump bump bump. It is seafood show in here we go again it's Jerry calling us over here on the the orange phone hello this year. I don't either come on and welcome. Yes -- talking yesterday about spotlight on the North Shore yeah I recall -- the yes. We were warned well one you are mentioned and Vanderbilt seafood. You know they haven't. Yeah and experience. And other places on highway one true it's called virtual. Whole you know I I know the place I don't know why didn't think of sending you there but I'll betcha they did today. Yeah and another one that surprised me I'm still medical errors and it -- to pick who lately and Madison real. That could be. That's that's an old old store. That has kind of a neighborhood business you know Madison -- a little bit isolated. So. Although it it seems amazing to me that. Being -- is everybody who lives around here doesn't have a boat and go fishing all the time and what would they need of fish market for but I I betcha they do come to -- him. And to answer the question you put one of them you know and her yeah. It is a liar either allow our old flat pastry. Little little bit cinnamon and a little bit of Kabul on it it's got kind of a crunchy texture so you Biden bite into it kind of flakes off. Is this anything like a pigs here. Who's down and cajun country they have they have -- called. Now -- -- Oreo Horry LB. The the Kosher. Like that -- that the look at. Yeah at least you don't have. Elephant hears that -- Well -- -- We we live to learn. Something else. All right well thank you thank you very much does for the for public news that I will filed at the back of my mind and probably never needed again but you never -- -- regular much. What would you say we know it is the food show here is Lori Lori welcome. Honey we are there in. Q I -- now living in Lafayette. The spotlight on in New Orleans but I'm coming here not agree on next week and then I had tickets to the hall area -- Dayton -- So I -- suggestions related to me well we can't call. Well you're very lucky in that. You aren't very close to a lot of restaurants in that they really York. Adjust in the immediate vicinity you -- as he made his steak house -- herb saint the diagonally across the street using new. Italian restaurant that I haven't tried yet because it's new. -- she beating you it's the idea IG and you know it's funny looking name me tell me it's a Sicilian dialect word for -- But it's a great place they have the wood fired pizza ovens and they do a lot of Austin but other things. And then you walk one block over oh we're on the other side of -- pointless. John Nash's most successful restaurant actually called Luke held UKE. In the hotel that's right behind one -- where it's very easy right. And I huge -- -- they also. I don't know who you who you walking around with but. Him they make a great hamburger there okay no kids well. Still. And then if you had either direction on pointers there worldwide restaurants now the down here in just. So what there's there's plenty to be found around you won't have a problem. And I -- out flat out -- familiar. The other question. I'm the electric at the end. -- pristine and wonderful extra -- a little pricey. -- not there's been placed on island tiny crawl and boiling point. So little neighborhood they pull it all by. And it clicked right I sat -- and thought it which -- night right. Okay we'll thank you very much. And thanks for. This is the food. More it's over here and use -- -- welcome to the show here once again it was announced. Either the money. Let -- I used colony and you actually Andre it is. And -- probably won't make picture in -- so you'll remember that. I'm sorry say it again. So all chicken -- so that's a great -- I love it. -- Right it's a bright picture. Yeah Obama or hand. A more often seen it with a -- the -- rather than breast that you could do just depressed if you. -- -- you put -- -- trumps. You know onions. Golly. You know brown gravy was actually -- -- it it was kind of a butter sauce this would this not really a brown sauce and it's more of a broader saws and this one other ingredient in the -- this almost always p.s. And it. Yeah it's kind of end and sometimes oftentimes in fact infect the more I'm thinking by the just about all the time. Some potatoes cut into cubes in the light they only brought on potatoes and all this is a toss together the peace in the and the garlic and mushrooms and everything. In that kind of buttery sort of sauce like almost like brown butter and then you dump the whole thing right on top of the chicken and that is chicken Clemens. -- -- wanted it to you while watching college Abacha to -- god and police picked up. -- to do. -- Salman Al -- a new place called Beers species ever. All yeah in fact the last the most -- talking to him I was there have been a couple of times in that seems like they are really you know role in that place. Right on the canal. What what. I thought so. Thank -- my pleasure -- you. It's the food show we have bruise -- is the name of the restaurant views on its out there on the new -- canal boat pretty close too. -- for Brian is here. And he has another thought on elephant years. -- orchestra and call in my -- that is what they used to be longs bakery on Carol an avenue whatever content is now. It used to be patient so. Shoe sole. -- clearly. Ultimately -- race August and they seem to be. Ranking up to to repair them on the spot. Was one of those big food trucks. Sitting in saint Charles avenue with a quarter reports. And shoe soles as you know that's that's flaky -- that you make in the open its -- I think -- -- them. So might abuse. Doubt. All right well to anyway. Thank you. It is time for us that check in on the news so let's do it because done Ames has nothing else to do what we called -- season. It's like old times. -- nothing ever changes it just keeps on going to go. So this must be your favorite kind of way to cover of parade with nothing going on pretty much -- to -- -- It it did does make it a bit more easy on me mr. -- -- -- sure -- you know you don't have to think -- -- -- again how much think I rarely do I really don't ask my wife. That's. Well you know I can't help you there and they put the -- but at this time of year you know the -- thinking you do the that are absolutely in a way Andy you know alcohol helps that process. It's certainly seems to its -- you have for a lot of people it is. And judgments that don't ask me what I did on the with the broad in that regard but three years ago I know what you did little to grow in that regard about three years ago. You know I get a pass because it was would -- Of course yeah -- Well nice talking to send him a friend here that oral Robinson who -- who is doing our traffic reports and he has been doing that for a very long time. But -- balls started that whole traffic thing. All on this show and all the other shows that -- grew we're back on that station I was on that then. And he and I used to he used to come out of his traffic reports. And we would you shoot the breeze some time for Indian permanently -- -- it's -- -- everybody like that because it was funny he's very funny to 60. 2601872601870. We're talking about anything on your mind by eating -- restaurants of cooking about wine and all the rest of it. All the ways starting at the very beginning of at all. I know was for me the first time I realized that there was more to food tonight new and it was a big world of pleasure. Was when my -- I'm -- -- this is south sounds like some need a New Orleans story but in this case it's completely true. -- -- -- -- -- -- Took me toolbar. I was eleven years old he just wanted to -- with his buddies and he was stuck with -- for the -- kind of semi -- And he stuck me in the corner of the Playskool Clarence and lefties that is long gone and I had my first rose before boy. And when I had that I didn't want anything else for a long time. Men many many many years later I happen to be riding on veterans highway. I see there's a poor boy shall call rants so when men. Discovered that it was a guy with a high school with who -- this is all still sounds like a goofy New Orleans story that again totally true. And from that -- to this they have been making great support voice because they cook everything in house which is not something you find common. Our rents for boys 3939 veterans -- just has Cleary and they are open every day except Sunday for lunch. And all afternoon into the early evening news -- maybe even semi late evening hours. Right there Wednesday through Saturday. Koreans horrible ways. 260. Wait 72601870. We will return with more of our little show in just a moment after first please and just pick yourself up dust yourself off. Start all over again hello it's the food show and over here I think he's -- hell -- there welcome. -- -- I think it was my. Aunt and they cap balance. Are they they're open let's see -- they're closed on Monday. But all the rest of the week they open that I think 1130 or thereabouts they go straight through to 9 o'clock. Great tip your freshman and it's been many years has been there really Mississippi but they -- around rod. Street yeah. It's not around broad it's right on broad it's like our abroad abroad and saint Philip 1001. Is the exact addressed. But noble but half way you may be a little more than halfway between canal street -- esplanade. But parking it's easy to get sued it's it's there's some people get the feeling that it's not a good neighborhood but there's no problem with real. Thank you -- and I would -- did back then. Although it's good that this -- and strip is the one to get a -- you have enough people. Who wanna get a Porter house in split it if you get a big Porter house -- that's the best -- they do in my opinion. Great -- -- -- but thank the -- good. I think -- Yeah that's the Crescent City which not only has nothing but prime beef but they have everything that they sell. Is dry aged in the building. And that's been that way since 1934. Good place to 60. 1872601870. -- tell me where you've been -- any thoughts about Mardi -- street food. It seems to me as I mentioned earlier. That we ought to have better. Than what we have. There's one interesting thing going on though on saint Charles avenue I'll tell you about it than a minute there's an actual butcher shop that comes and finds you in brings you things. It it's they did they do -- Let's see who's -- be here I don't know it's as chippy chippy welcome to the pooch. It's not so that they can be done yeah it against the all been unity part view you have. Real food Marty -- I have no idea probably not I don't see why you should be. Well it always amazed me in this morning's -- energy audit out. All have better food or bulls sporting buckets -- all's well while certainly. -- -- Our I don't play it and it maybe it has something to do with the fact that it has to be mobile enemies view these are either trucks trailers one the other. And that's a little tougher to do in the ball stadium. You well everything is hard hard -- built in there. It's -- jets in position because it's ironic -- -- tours coming from. Where -- supporting law and there are pretty. -- supposedly at home yeah yes crazy absolutely. The flatly -- like oh on the walker is now the young ball in a great restaurant. Yeah big news bit to get it the year and it Randall OK -- -- -- -- cajun music. Look down at -- Okay. -- It's a -- -- And let's mostly -- together 123. Ball. 260 yeah I don't -- don't call me until 260. 187 on food show here on thirteen 53 WL. -- If I I did it again that night well. Can't blame me try doing it yourself all weeklong -- in the same thing and and you come on a different station and it takes a brain power than him. We are doing. In interest in -- this week on Tuesday. An arrest and I think there's reed who's. It's I can tell you this there was no parade around the rest as we had the move it off our usual day which is Wednesday. To avoid the parades you know don't have a problem with that. This coming Tuesday the name of the restaurant is apple he EPO LL IE in. The that was built in a double I think it's a -- double its double house of some -- because the front dining room. Oftentimes when cottages become restaurants they tend to be little cramped in the rooms are too small -- what they've done here is they've knocked down a lot of walls so this a big open area feels very -- very comfortable. But it is great food to. We're starting off with a -- yet of rabbit this is sort of a kind of like -- tape but not exactly -- Christine you and some homey pickles and fewer things. Roasted corn -- part though let's little pies made with warning crib. There were moving on second course you have a choice of those who smoked chicken and sausage gumbo or an heirloom tomato salad with the feta cheese and a few other things. Third record as honey glazed -- -- -- dark. With white beans and Collard greens and a few other items or -- answered group or with corn much you'll with a lot of corn -- this -- but I love it. In March -- tomatoes and green beans slaw and for dessert real much -- putting. With -- constant -- -- sauce and it is so yeah sweet potato pancakes. With melted milk ice. So we have four courses for wines. 75 dollars that includes tax -- wine and everything. And it's gonna go at -- believe that this one Tuesday if you like to know more about this. Go to my view web -- no menu dot com and OM BE and you'd dot com. And what we get to do is do we have big tables when she won the table by yourself or with. And another couple when it read we can range but the most fun I think. Is the big tables of Saxony where we get to make new friends that I move around tables table -- so at last get a chance to meet you. That's this Tuesday go to no menu dot com and click on -- club. For all the info and we will come back with more of the food show in a moment but first please this mean they do Judy dude did we doubt that -- Obama. Hello hello it's the food Schoen. The big 870 WW LWWL. 105 point three FM Tom Fitzmorris. Your friendly neighborhood restaurant critic. And we would love to talk with you about where you've been meeting where you're thinking of going. If I can help you with a recipe if there's anything you want to know about food in any way please. Note this. There is no upper limit or lower limit to this or any other -- Olympic. If if there's something that you love you you tell us about it because we're all looking for things like that. And you eat different food from. The food that I eat it and and and everybody else the -- comic strip not long ago where that is one of the it was at a table in a restaurant. And one of the people sitting at the table ask the waiter. Whether a certain dish was any good. And the waiter says. It is a good dish but only when tasted with my mile. Which makes sense because we all have different different ideas about that. But we share them all together here and even if you think what you have on your mind is a stupid question -- a silly question. A question naturally everybody knows or that nobody cares about. Please I'm begging you call me with that because those have always proven to be the best calls we get the whole -- to a 6018. Stephanie. You can dollar Dayal told free to. 8668890. Rates have -- where is everybody today. Are there a bunch of people on hold in this thing isn't working our way. The role of the parades I don't know -- You know I of all people ought to know that it. You know Osbourne and -- True story and I was delivered by a jazz musician who's wondering you know what what what will those people do not at the break. Four actually -- know the answer to that they cancel Mardi Gras here. Korean war 260. 260. When he -- -- call right now you get right and I mean really it's so easy most of the time we've got a big backup. Any of these life when you're doing too cute -- and future -- Someone called a minute ago when wanted to know when I was going to be. At the Crescent City steak house on Mardi Gras mode with the way it works. Is that as soon as they get off the year which I think they do. At 2 o'clock it's usually at the end of Rex sometimes we see a few -- depending on how things roll. And then I go off at 2 o'clock and then a head restraint on over I get there about 230 or thereabouts. And I'm usually still there when the sun goes down. 26 -- they've all these phones are ringing but I don't see anything at what point only have thirty seconds -- that's how it always goes. Uranium with a full board calls. And I can't talk indium. WWL radio New Orleans WWL FM -- New Orleans where the news is next over most of these same frequencies from CBS the Columbia broadcasting system I hope you'll stay -- we have another. Hour and a half of the food show.

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