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02-22 1:10 pm The Food Show with Tom Fitzmorris

Feb 22, 2014|

WWL's Mr. Food, Tom Fitzmorris, talks food, recipes, cooking, restaurants, wine and dining with WWL callers.

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870 -- cycles medium wave. Fifty quadrillion. Megawatts of power burning holes through the few leaves that are still hanging on the trees there. They're weak and defenseless at this time. No harm done to your ears or your eardrums stories anything -- Unless you eat a little too much as a result of listening to this program which is the second course of the food show. On the -- seventy WWL and WWL 105 point three FM. And also. -- only little known resource but a very good one. WWL. FM 105 point three. HD. One. You this down from that is unbelievable. It's like. Sitting in front of except you don't have the links that. Are brought up. Right before we went to the news we had a million people lined up they old course on up during the news but William -- cranked back up again about wasting anymore time Donna is on. Donna welcome to the food. -- and doing. -- welcome. -- Call it pay all. Now has been. Now Brady her wedding never -- -- Wonderful. And how I'm ready but are there any are impaired. You worked out pretty good. And it on actor and and meet and get out and when. We currently cannot. -- is it company I'm so. And we were trying on and I immediately made. An -- OK get. -- to catch that rainy afterward. Okay. That there are few places you can do that pretty easily one of them is Andre he has. He he is open the whole time -- Z doesn't closed between lunch and dinner you just keeps going all afternoon. And he's about -- four blocks from the parade route. I'll I'll walk in he has a huge parking lot and he does not mind at all if you go over there. And come in for an early supper or you could even come after the parade as he stays open pretty late certainly Saturday he goes. And you can you can -- after the operated that -- you but he doesn't mind if you were uses parking lot while while you're at the parade. So that's -- -- and which menu. And you know it's a fun kind of place I suspect they get a little bit -- That time but. -- like I told you call and tell him to put that picture up and take care of -- is in the anniversary people deserve to be. -- -- Any more. -- and I went yeah. And then OR and. We both of those are terrific restaurants I would say even better than when I just told you about. That the -- I don't think you have a problem getting into I would get a reservation no matter where you go they're free in the get better food service anyway so you mean it's a good idea. -- -- post those -- is just terrific I know which side of veterans is the parade on listed on the lake side of the Riverside can't remember. I don't go to -- parades that much. But the anyway -- -- food is fantastic you'll you'll really have a great time but I would absolutely get a reservation if you're going there. -- -- in which would. Or if it -- me picking I would go I don't know gee that's a horde when the -- You you have three very good. Okay. Would that help and look good -- -- well I went -- and. Thank you and I -- my wife and I just celebrated our 25 anniversary last week in so I know you must be proud to note. And I have a good time and keep it up. Well thank you how -- it -- pastoral anniversary. I'll bet that you. But thank you my opinion. It's the food show this is it's more it's great to be here were you talking about eating here is -- in drew welcome. Are but you're wrong. Honor recipient of the crowd you know they outward -- and and it should be. All while -- are probably something that. Goes. Okay the it's step one is go to -- that thing. -- -- -- -- -- OK did you is this been cleaned and everything and it's you know border and everything in. Their -- okay that that helps a lot. But they are still one more thing I would look into. And I would inspect this bird really really well for any evidence of blocked shots having gotten into the meat. I can't if you take a bite on one of those things you can crack a tooth it's -- college are right now that we've gotten past that. The way I would do this is I would marinade over night. And maybe even longer than that you've got that time he got to produce store food storage bag. With some of fresh Rosemary dried if you don't have any fresh available. On a few pods of garlic. And does some red wine. Now. -- -- half a bottle of Italian salad dressing. Or don't I know that sounds funny but what it what it does. Is it. Tightens up the meat a little bit but at the same time makes it tender. -- deemed he really seriously gaming flavors that are in the air will be out there. Fast and I garlic victors in the year due march. And -- -- gadget you can just the way I would do it for this is put him on the counter and smash it with some heavy in Brooklyn and that's all you need to do you don't be up. And put it in the air let it marinate in the refrigerator push all the air out of the out of the bag and then put it on the shelf. And then the next day train in all lost their you know reconsider anything. -- -- -- erupt your oven to about 400 degrees and old pretty high but yeah but and then put the the duck on a rack of some kind. All right and I like best is that there's this V shape wrecked you can buy it supermarkets that cost like five bucks or Lance. I find very very handy anyway just sort of desolate there breast side down. That way all the juices school flow down toward the breast and keep the cooler because the brass really you don't want it to get as hot as the rest of the bird. And then you put it in the oven as soon as you close the door to the up and you lower the temperature to about 325. And then you let it go. It'll take a and now order. Depends on how big it is stick a meat thermometer into the five you wanna see your reading of about one EV. -- and the heat -- are there that -- so yeah. -- all of -- -- years ago. You know -- that's perfect but today the temperature internal temperature you want is about 175. In this guy. Okay one about 165 in the breast. And then at the end when you when you see you're getting close to that crank the heat back up to a -- 425. Just for about five minutes and what's gonna happen is that the skin will get really nice and crispy. But you're not doing it for long like five minutes at the most. And then and then there you are and though the marinade and all the sweet stuff what you do -- you can take that stuff that you marinated in in and you can build that into slots in opinion. Where some of the dripping from the -- in the oven. And and also use -- one that one little bit of sweetness to it. You can some kind of juice I have used over the past -- used. Apple juice -- views orange shoes I'd views. Cranberry -- believe it or not but I mix that with with orange juice it was pretty sweet you can use honey on this all kinds of things you can. The inspectors there. And I'm on -- it's not really seeking marriage is. Back. You could argue you absolutely could yet even take out the I would take out the wine component and replace it with -- orange juice that would work fine and then you save the marinade and you can be you know put in the pan and reduce it down and had a little this little Latin by the time the -- ready you have of of reduced kind of thick sauce you can. Slightly right on -- And Walter good material well we'll let you know -- -- comes -- okay well you want. Okay. What goes good with that hate. I'd have to put -- holed that being forced to take a break and we'll do battle with more of the hang on a minute what it will get back after first please this. And dude dude dude do whoop whoop whoop -- book hello it's the a food show on -- 870 WWL. I left Andrew behind because we had to get on with -- with a break but injuries still air. Yes. Okay we're where we we -- -- we place. In the -- and we are cute. Something that is that goes well. Ball okay. Well that the two classics to me or dirty rice. -- And it's absolutely -- just really goes well or for that matter wild rice. For a while if I'm we're doing wild rice -- do a wild rice and regular -- rice mix. While rice for a first the ball very expensive but it's hard to eat unless you have some regular rice in there and all falls off before you get to two greens at a time. Anyway the other thing. Is -- -- vegetables that have a little tinge of bitterness to him I think it offsets the -- especially if you have a sweet sauce. The one that comes to mind. Is this Italian vegetable called rock believed Iraq ball. -- Iraq. Well also known as broccoli rob Horry a -- or it isn't exactly a broccoli but it's in the same family and -- it's real good it but it has this little tinge of bitterness that I think is is really nice with something like what else you have on the -- It's -- looks like you know like a little baby broccoli. The numbers. 00 sure you know one -- All right well good luck with that. My pleasure -- it's -- -- here is history. Hey welcome -- bit. It was seen that movie of that with jeans. -- Stewart he. -- you where you were you a name for him. Actually know. What you know. It took a wild guess -- that well well welcome to our show. I thank you. -- -- a question today here is -- recipes from now let's talk. -- on high. You can't. That's not something that I've ever made I don't I don't think I've ever even heard what what is. -- -- It's it's a sweet. They would now on. Yeah. I have no idea. I would mill tons. Of runs on. I'll tell you this you eat it they're so neutral they have very little flavor of their own have disorder whose generic green flavor. And usually when we used ballots on that stood at a little body to something else like you know stuffing or -- that -- -- also pretty good fri I've discovered lately. No I've never even heard of that before let's throw this out to the crowd may be somebody out there has made it can give us some some pointers. -- he also glad that it. In my friendly discussion it and we did you find the recipe at least you know. Want them here or there might be a good reason for. -- That's. Keep listening it will see what we can turn out all right all right. All right guys here's eat and -- than welcome to the food. Eat them. Eight down by. Doing one -- okay. At. And then at the in my life -- and I'm we weren't. -- -- -- Two years. In India and Mexico for a honeymoon and now in order but it weekend and we would be Mexican food -- they have -- -- -- -- -- Oh it's terrific it's of little place it's a little cramped because it's this very small restaurant. But they have a huge menu and their very good they they've really. Without some unusual. Food 441 thing. They get a an extra star in my reading just for having mole he saw on which to me is one of the best losses in the world it's made out. Chocolate oddly enough it's not sweet though. Chocolate sesame seeds hot chili peppers -- a few other things you have it usually with chicken it's wonderful bit -- a really good pork -- that they marinate in this. Stuff that makes it read even if it's not read from being -- read from them from the spice. But big big menu good Margo -- is good everything you'll have a great time. It's all right when they're didn't say. I probably would make it to recommend. I mean I I don't believe that every state the truth. To. -- I think they're coming get -- Under and are you. All right well good luck that's it that's a good place -- like here's Doug Doug welcome. -- -- Iraq started that bird last night called you know it's -- and the loan. Yes and I've been an in -- any at restaurants -- -- until meeting just tried some you know oh pleasantly surprised. It was all or seen -- of course. Like have you heard what is what is it. It was that don't have a picnic just reading the Vietnam -- -- instead ground meat. -- it would teams. In -- saw Paul and I. -- -- She knows that's on a minute I -- it's trusting -- and I'll come back you know will talk about it some more but I take -- A break here for well some news for one thing -- probably traffic reports to. That. Well that was a break wells that because in the time I was away. We have some information about one phone call that we have on them go back to it and just the second year. And then also about melatonin pie which is something I never thought about before and now that I have looked it up. And I have -- -- have a recipe here thank you Dave. It is -- I wish I hadn't. To tell you the truth but let's see let me get back over here to lead dog. Douglas -- where were you were in some restaurant in Baton Rouge have actually a fairly famous one. What's its name again. Of famous it is gene knows yeah he of people in Baton Rouge know it very well. And you had something called power and Cheney eight NC height and -- That means literally little orange. Because when you make them they they look from a distance anyway like in Orange because it's mostly rice. Sometimes is a little bit red sauce in there is usually in the middle some cheese it's kind of Bakes out and sort of melts through all the rice greens. And on the outside of their their bread crumbs and it's usually fried and served as an appetizer. And there -- a lot of restaurants that serve that the -- say the best I've had around the world -- that Faust knows post those on veterans adorned -- So why that's what is our -- -- Now I mean right now a lot of the day. But I've never seen it all use it on as a you know it's. It's interesting that that the if you ever go to Italy you might run into this but they call it by a different name will be here that this is no joke. The -- that dish is called in Italy is. -- So we all telefono oh which translates into telephone wires. And the reason they call it that is that when you take a bite out of the middle of the cheese. When you pull it over to your mouth the -- makes these little fest dunes -- -- of string neat little cheese things. And they -- reminds some of telephone wires for some -- Arrigo well listen thank you very much -- nice talking -- you it's the food show in glitzy ballots on pie you'll be here. -- -- -- there aren't sure. I had never got it let it 870. Happen the all your shield public -- football. On the kid brought up on those right here. Yeah that's an old cookbook -- wonder if it's available right now is the use the Entergy gave the rights to -- to the united way in the every now and then they'll have they'll sell a bunch of them and then we won't see him for -- -- this is wanna pay the years. All right well thanks for the source Leo welcome. They -- -- we'll come back with more -- a moment but first please this. -- BP. He Jon knew there. John. John can you hear me. And there's a -- if I'm sorry. You know I don't know what country drop in our structure our -- -- -- I have been there in a long time and they've changed they've had a lot of chefs who come and -- -- who have gone on to be very good shots so the people who run it seemed to do pretty good job with -- but I. And so I haven't been there recently enough and have never been to a brunch there. Yeah. Without it was great I'll -- wonder what -- it up into it. It is -- don't have one who's no haven't been there lately we have too many restaurants -- -- enough of me now. Is this. My wife says is way way way too much so. Right. Thank you see it 26. Cents at 187 here is Doug Doug welcome. Archaic I go to the market -- shall try. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But can take it. 300. What. -- The first time -- -- eight -- in my life that's exactly what I thought it taste just like liver cheese but then when you look at how the two things are made there you know ones ingredients. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I I. Like -- -- You. Or. So. Which it get it you don't expect it I've enjoyed people. Like what those accumulated all the time. I thought -- just like you don't see it too much anymore. But what you wanna do is go to the deli department of a pretty big supermarket usually they wind up having it or if you wanna get to be put together a specialist in on this. There's a great sandwich shop but they also function as a daily. On on magazine street at the corner of Jackson the name of it is spines. STI Ike and apostrophe Stein's -- I guarantee you he has liver -- I guarantee you he has done. Well -- all. Right now are on it now it's Bob Bob and get. Back on the and bargain about it each thank you. Thank you see. It's huge show I'm Tom Fitzmorris. And over here is Paul. Paul welcome. I don't are important and slide open right up for the parade in a good suggestion for someplace to recruit. -- Opening night. He on -- I don't know where the parade is gonna be. In slide also I don't know what you're running into in terms of traffic but if you'll permit me to move past that. All the places I would go to. I would I think my first pick would be a fairly new restaurant but one that has a lot of moxie behind. It's called sapphire. It's on. A highway eleven about though on the seat to a three blocks. The -- side of the train station. It's hit in the back of L shape shopping center it's exactly where the old white kitchen used to be if that means anything to. And the the people who own this it's the son of the man who used to run restaurant and -- -- saint Claude avenue which was a great great restaurant for a long long time and they they shut it down after Katrina. But they're doing a lot of the food that they used to do over there which includes quite a bit of seafood they do a wonderful job with that that's where I would -- you would Slidell. All right thank you see -- excel. 187 he looks Steve we do one more before we we brick room here. If you've ever broken Rooney what does that mean Pete welcome to the Fuzhou. Like you're part of our job on -- stop all. Can't wait got and there wouldn't get there. I've never been there everybody's who goes there seems they'll like it it doesn't look like much from the outside the hardest part of it. Is figuring out how to get too because if you there's only one exit coming off of cause we -- for that'll put you there and if you miss it. You have to go all the way across veterans. They've come all the way back and then do another -- turn that you're takes you almost airline highway. But I've heard that it's pretty good but I have an. At what and so are our people and why we went skinny. -- your opinion on okay yeah well thank you. C will come back but more the food show in just a moment after first if you will that's. But don't -- to -- pop up -- -- -- hello hello it is the food show thirteen fifty don't know big 87 W double ago. Leon welcome. I. Well. At all. It. They were British. I mean. And then you should match it and they do Rio. Definitely do way. Your -- He -- that's specifically he wasn't looking for Friday if so. Please. But thanks well. -- -- -- -- -- -- 187. -- show is sponsored by and one's. Going on there -- called me last week he says on that he's. Was being awarded yours in losing weight with -- -- -- anyway Gaudin ones in the try to make reservations. But this Friday. And it's and they were told that no matter what and they -- come and they would not be able to go. And the reason that was easy to explain the Friday before Marty -- Is they went all the Mardi Gras parade groups the old ones that really old ones. When you. Look back in the history. Marty Klein. Homeless which was founded in the 1850s. And Rex was bound to be 1870s. And long long time ago. But the amazing thing. Is that when even the oldest of them just started rolling and once had already been in business for a decade or more. And they still bar. And they've always been home to a lot of the great old line crews. Have. Rooms dedicated to most of those wrecks on -- room. Twelfth night revelers movement more than in the upper east room to. Howell and -- Mardi Gras is a great place to go to stick your head in and take take a look. And then come back after it's all over because they sure do it's who owed him that you -- during like they also believe in and around the corner. Have this little stream in and sandwich and ice cream and coffee shop it's it will place its nice. Where they are making wonderful king -- it's up and get a slice horrible -- And -- the thirteenth Saint Louis street since 1840 in all the world there is only one and now it's the legally Michael hero in the blue might well. -- -- -- -- -- -- I wanted to. You if you had been to the -- -- where are all vulnerable in your street. So -- -- it's been getting better every time -- go -- they are now. Spent the number -- years over -- and morals he was the top -- or admirals for quite a few artists and but who else was already good even before he showed up. OK -- -- covenant to channel my work there because -- At all. Yeah and try to work its way up to ship. You know our church where. -- it -- -- yeah yeah Baltimore although. Created some additional -- so. Will be big crooked he worked he worked for -- for years in -- And -- that makes strong water -- awful. Culprit Prada. And -- the secret route look. Yeah there and the two people that own it will only recently got married I was at the pleasant deceit. There anyway nice nice folks and a terrific restaurant in of an assault funky soul rest that's been arrest absence. Almost a hundred years that and they it's really a neat place but I think it's terrific four starts with me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 1870. We needed a break to. -- All of that. If you call right now you'll get right into we have just enough time to. -- a few ideas past few. The 260187. ER. This coming Tuesday. Week before -- grow we will be. Doing when apart each club dinners. At a recycle -- believe this is Psycho -- the best new restaurant last year -- bistro has a great feeling to lots of space light it's not too noisy. And first class -- farmers shift. A good guy buys lots of local ingredients anyway we're doing a 75 dollar four course for wine. All inclusive dinner and its text reading this Tuesday the menu is on line that know me and you dot com you can -- -- Read over the -- detail. And sign up if you want in the way these things work. Is that a move around from table to table and get a chance to spend time with everybody which is a lot of fun. For me it really news. And then though a week later on Mardi Gras itself after -- off the year at the about 2 o'clock in the afternoon and you know we're all. We go over to the Crescent City steakhouse and we have what do you always done over there 1 morning. The farewell to state dinner always loved doing. Especially you know restaurant -- old -- that go back in 1934. Started holes is in. All things that. You could join is there any time after about it's about 2:33 o'clock. If you want them that guaranteeing -- -- deceit because boy do they -- that police on -- grow these days. State and we have another half hour of the food -- coming up next. Over most of these same frequencies. They happen to be WWL radio in New Orleans WW let them in New Orleans and HD one and more of the food shall after CBS the Columbia broadcasting system.

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